USA: 9/11, Trillion$ – Follow The Money! [HD Documentary] (Video – Full Movie)

Forget for one moment everything you’ve been told about September 11, 2001. #911 was a CRIME. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators…

Η Γερμανία Κινείται Στο Να Συνεχίσει Να Εκπαιδεύει Σαουδάραβες Στρατιώτες Που Διαπράττουν Γενοκτονία Στην Υεμένη ~ Germany Moves To Continue Training Saudi Soldiers Committing Genocide In Yemen…! (Photo)

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US Votes To Sanction Syria Reconstruction…! (Video)

The House unanimously passed a bill to impose new sanctions on anyone they consider a supporter of Syria’s energy, airspace and business sectors. Manila Chan sits down with former pentagon official Michael Maloof to discuss how this could affect Syria’s fight against ISIS and US-Syria diplomacy.

Deutsche Bank Is Done! Is This The Lehman Brothers 2.0…? (Video)

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the continued crash of Deutsche Bank as the once major bank is shrunken down to the size of a small lender. With a market capitalization of only a quarter of Santander’s, Deutsche Bank has seen better times. Their share value continuously hits record lows as the bank is forced to redo a living will for the Federal Reserve, is caught up in multiple scandals, has a massive derivative exposure and lays off 10% of its staff. The bank has attempted over and over again to rebrand themselves but they are simply preparing for the inevitable at this point. The day they close their doors. The crash of Deutsche Bank will be a domino effect felt around the world. A much larger crash than that of the Lehman Brothers with a radius of contagion much larger as well. We at WAM have been warning of the crash of Deutsche Bank for 3 years while everyone pretended that the bank will certainly prevail and make a comeback. Well, it doesn’t look like that’s happening in our lifetime. As the stock market continues to be shaken up by years of investor confidence and speculation, followed by uncertainty and a realization that it has no real fundamental value, this is a shock that is sending panic around the world as the everything bubble bursts. So it won’t just be Germany and the United States. This will be most countries in the world that will deal with this coming down turn.

Μαρκ Άντονυ Τέιλορ: Διεθνείς Τραπεζίτες, Πολύτιμα Μέταλλα Και Κυκλώματα Παιδοφιλίας ~ Mark Anthony Taylor: International Bankers, Precious Metals And Pedophilia Rings…! (Video)

Mark Anthony Taylor is David, and Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, HSBC and UBS are Goliath in this story about precious metals price rigging. Taylor is single-handedly trying to sue big banks to get back the money he lost due to the well known silver price manipulation schemes of Deutsche Bank and its collusion with other international banks. Taylor’s research has led him to the discovery of some tight connections between CEO’s of some of these criminal international banks – and well known criminals and convicted pedophiles like Zionist Jew Jeffrey Epstein.

Απελπισμένη Η Deutsche Bank Να Συγχωνευθεί Με Την Commerzbank ~ Desperate Deutsche Bank To Merge With Commerzbank…! (Video)

Γουλφ Ρίχτερ – Η Deutsche Bank Είναι Πολύ Μεγάλη, Η Κατάρρευσή Της Δύναται Να Γκρεμίσει Την Γερμανική Οικονομία ~ Wolf Richter – Deutsche Bank Is Big Enough, Its Collapse Could Bring Down The German Economy…! (Video)

Γερμανία: Η Κήρυξη Πολέμου Και Το Μποϋκοτάζ Το 1933 – Πως Άρχισαν Όλα ~ Germany: War Declaration And Boycott 1933 – How All Began ~ Deutschland: Kriegserklärung Und Boykott 1933 – Wie Alles Begann…! [Νέο Ντοκυμαντέρ / New Documentary / Neuer Dokumentarfilm 2018] (Video)

Υποβλήθηκε Μήνυση Στην Deutsche Bank Σε Ιταλικό Δικαστήριο Για Διεύθυνση “Διεθνούς Εγκληματικής Οργάνωσης” ~ Deutsche Bank Sued For Running An “International Criminal Organization” In Italian Court…! (Photo)

Having been accused, and found guilty, of rigging and manipulating virtually every possible asset class, perhaps it was inevitable that Deutsche Bank, currently on trial in Milan for helping Banca Monte dei Paschi conceal losses (as first reported last October in “Deutsche Bank Charged By Italy For Market Manipulation, Creating False Accounts“) is now facing accusations that it was actually running an international criminal organization at the time.

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