Christian Persecution Grows Massively In Nepal At The Hands Of Hindu Terrorists…! (Photo)

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Netflix Under Liberal Fire For Including Straight Character In New Show…! (Photo)

Netflix has come under fire after featuring a straight character in a new show.

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Watch The Sick Betrayal Of The West And The Truth By A Panel Of The Influential In The USA…! (Video)

The Afghan woman courageously says in one sentence what Islam really is. She doesn’t spare a single adjective and listen to the mealy mouth, relativist and even in the case of McMaster, the 100% near word for word, Muslim Brotherhood line on terrorism and islam.

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Dr. David Duke And Aty Invictus – Was Zionist Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Island A MOSSAD Operation…? (Audio)

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Multicultural Enrichment: “Get Used To It” – Sweden Is Experiencing A “Small Scale War”…! (Photo)

Swedish author Björn Ranelid warns that the level of crime and violence the previously sedate country is experiencing amounts to a “small scale war”.

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England – John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead To An Orwellian Nightmare…! (Video)

Cultural Marxism: The Destruction Of Catholic Ireland As Liberals Embrace Islam At Every Opportunity…! (Video)

England: George Galloway Accused Of Anti-Semitism On BBC…! (Video)