[60 Minutes Australia] Αποκαλύπτοντας Το Διεθνές Κύκλωμα Εμπορίου Λευκής Σαρκός Του Εβραίου Σιωνιστή Τζέφρυ Επστάιν ~ Exposing Zionist Jew Jeffrey Epstein’s International Sex Trafficking Ring…! (Video)

USA – Killuminati The Movie…! [Documentary] (Video)


100+ Doctors Demand Assange Receive Safe Passage To Hospital “Before It Is Too Late”…! (Photo)

A group of over 100 doctors on Monday urged the Australian government to end its “refusal to act” in the case of Julian Assange and insist the British government release the WikiLeaks founder from prison so he can be safely sent to an Australian hospital before “it is too late.”

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David Icke About UK Election Result – What it Really Means…! (Video)

[Flashback] Πατήρ Γεώργιος Μεταλληνός Για Τον Άγιο Σπυρίδωνα…! (Video)

Ο ομότιμος καθηγητής της Θεολογικής Σχολής των Αθηνών, πρωτοπρεσβύτερος πατήρ Γεώργιος Μεταλληνός, μιλάει για τον Άγιο Σπυρίδωνα, το γεγονός ότι το λείψανό του είναι άφθαρτο και το ποια είναι η ζωή του Αγίου. Εκφωνήθηκε στις 11/12/1997.

England: Hundreds Of Violent Antifa Protesters Mercenaries Of George Soros Clash With Police Outside Downing Street In London…! (Videos)

DOWNLOADS: War Office, London, Great Britain – Field Service Manual, 1913: Army Medical Service (Expeditionary Force).…! #1.323 (PDF)

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Ελληνοτουρκικά: Κατάσταση Έκτακτης Ανάγκης…! (Video)


Global Warming Protesters Members Of “Extinction Rebellion” Are Being Paid £400 Per Week By George Soros To Protest…! (Videos + Photo)

George Soros should be arrested and thrown in prison and have all of his money and assets forfeited to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of dealing with these radical leftists protesters.

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