England: Facial Recognition Tech Tested By UK Police Was Wrong 96% Of The Time According To Big Brother Watch…! (Photo)

Facial recognition is highly flawed. Activist Post has consistently reported numerous studies finding that the technology’s accuracy isn’t all it’s marketed to be. Now, a watchdog observing UK Metropolitan Police trials has stated the technology has misidentified members of the public, including a 14-year-old black child in a school uniform who was stopped and fingerprinted by police, as potential criminals in as much as 96 percent of scans, according to Big Brother Watch in a press release…

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George Orwell: 1984 – The Principles Of Newspeak…! (Audio Book)

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5G Γεγονός Αφανισμού Αποκαλυψης ~ 5G Apocalypse Extinction Event…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video – Full Movie + Photo)

Full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible!

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ΗΠΑ: Η Κυβέρνηση Του Μίσιγκαν Δημιουργεί Βάση Δεδομένων “Εγκλήματος Σκέψης” Για Να Σηματοδοτεί Εκείνους Που Είναι Ενάντιοι Σε Όλα Τα Επίσημα Ψεύδη ~ USA: Michigan Government To Create “Thought Criminal” Database To Flag Those Who Contradict All Official Lies…! (Photo)

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Παραπολιτικά 90,1 FM – Ραδιοφωνική Εκπομπή “Ο Εξαρχείων”, Ανδρέας Μαζαράκης: Μεσαίωνας Παγκοσμιοποίησης…! [5/9/2019] (Audios)

Παγκόσμια Δομή Εξουσίας ~ Global Power Structure…! (Photo)

Όλε Ντάμεγκαρντ Και Ο Άλφρεντ Λάμπρεμοντ Βέμπρε Ζητούν Να Αναρωτηθείς Για Το Συμβάν Στην Κράισττσερτς ~ Ole Dammegard And Alfred Lambremont Webre Ask You To Question About The Christchurch Event…! (Video)

BREAKING! CENSORED VIDEO: Mosque Shooting In New Zealand Analysis With False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard – Revealing The Agenda…! (Audio + Photos)

BREAKING! CENSORED VIDEO: Mosque Shooting In NZ Analysis With False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard.

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Σατανική Τεχνολογία: Εξ Αποστάσεως Έλεγχος Του Νου Και Του Ανθρωπίνου Νευρικού Συστήματος ~ Satanic Technology: Remote Control Of The Brain And Human Nervous System…! (Photo)

The USA and the European Union invest since the beginning of the millenium billions of dollars and euros into brain research. As a result of this research perfect maps of the brain were developed, including the areas of the brain that control the activity of different body organs or parts where higher brain activities, such as speech and thoughts, are taking place. The brain activities corresponding to different actions in those areas were also deciphered.

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