USA: Chris Hedges Brilliant Speech…! (Video)

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Τί Πραγματικά Συμβαίνει Στη Γαλλία; ~ What Is Really Happening In France…? (Videos)

USA: Global Warming Propagandists Want A $49 Dollar Per Gallon Gas Tax…! (Video)

Starts at 39:50 minutes into Tucker Carlson interview.

Ατζέντα 21: Γενετική Και Ευγονική – Αποπληθυσμός Μέσω Γενετικά Μεταλλαγμένων Προϊόντων, Φαρμάκων, Εμβολίων ~ Agenda 21: Genetics And Eugenics – Depopultation Through GMOs, Drugs, Vaccines…! (Videos)


[And one video which includes Zionist puppet Alex Jones….]

ΗΠΑ: Πως Δισεκατομμυριούχοι Σιωνιστές Εξαγοράζουν Μια Εκλογή ~ USA: How Billionaires Zionists Buy An Election…! (Video)

Οι “Επιστήμονες” Έκαναν Σφάλμα: Οι Ωκεανοί Μετά Ταύτα Ίσως Να Μην Θερμαίνονται Γρηγορότερα ~ “Scientists” Made A Mistake: The Oceans May Not Be Warming Faster After All…! (Photo)

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5G Corporate Grail…! (Photo)

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Το 1984 Του Τζωρτζ Όργουελ Πραγματοποιείται Από Google Και YouTube ~ George Orwell’s 1984 Is Performed By Google And YouTube…! (Video)

Ανεξάρτητη Έρευνα Αποκαλύπτει Την Απάτη Στα Δεδομένα Παγκόσμιας Υπερθέρμανσης ~ Independent Audit Exposes The Fraud In Global Warming Data…! (Photo)

An independent audit of the key temperature dataset that is being used by climate models has exposed more than 70 problems with the data which render it “unfit for global studies.” Problems include zero degree temperatures in the Caribbean, 82 degree C temperatures in Colombia and ship-based recordings taken 100km inland. The audit has concluded that the studies are deliberately exaggerating temperatures to support a theory of global warming utilizing global averages that are far less certain than what is being forecast.

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Το Σιωνιστικό CNN Κτυπήθηκε Από Τον Ιδρυτή Του Weather Channel Τζον Κόλμαν Για Την Απάτη Της Κλιματικής Αλλαγής ~ Zioniat CNN Slammed By The Founder Of Weather Channel John Coleman Over Climate Change Fraud…! (Video)

“We Went Too Far”: National Geographic Admits There Was No Evidence Starving Polar Bear In Video Watched By 2.5 Billion Was Dying Due To Climate Change…! (Photo)

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