USA – Rick Sanchez: Am I Anti-Semitic For This Report…? (Video)

Israeli human rights activist and author Miko Peled joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the “racist ideology” of Zionism and how accusations of antisemitism are often employed to deflect legitimate criticism of Israel and its disturbing role in US foreign policy.

Η Κατάληψη Του Αμερικανικού Νου ~ The Occupation Of The American Mind…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video – 45 Minute Version)

Zionist Jewish Power Rolls Over Washington…! (Photo)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has just completed its annual summit in Washington. It claims that 18,000 supporters attended the event, which concluded with a day of lobbying Congress by the attendees. Numerous American politicians addressed the gathering and it is completely reasonable to observe that the meeting constituted the most powerful gathering of people dedicated to promoting the interests of a foreign nation ever witnessed in any country in the history of the world.

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ΗΠΑ – Παιδόφιλος Σιωνιστής Τζέφρυ Επστάιν: Μέρος Κάτι Πολύ Μεγαλύτερου ~ USA – Pedophile Zionist Jeffrey Epstein: Part Of Something Much Larger…! (Photo)

by David Sims

IT IS my opinion that Jeffrey Epstein is part of a Jewish conspiracy to control the US government. Not all of their leverage has to do with campaign financing and the financial improprieties thereunto pertaining. Some of it comes from blackmail for illegal drug trading, gun-smuggling, insider trading, treason, and the rape of children.

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[Flashback] USA: Congressman James Traficant Takes On AIPAC And Gets Thrown In Prison…! (Video)

USA: Major 2020 Candidates Abandon AIPAC Conference…! (Video)

ΗΠΑ: Ο Λούις Φάρακαν Συμβουλεύει Την Εκπρόσωπο Του Κονγκρέσου Ίλχαν Ομάρ ~ USA: Louis Farrakhan Gives Advice To Rep. Ilhan Omar…! (Videos + Photo)

Synagogue of Satan – Farrahkhan says Omar has “nothing to apologize for” with regard to her “anti-Semitic” comments.

Ντέιβιντ Άικ: Ισραήλ – Η Πραγματικότητα Και Η Προπαγάνδα ~ David Icke: Israel – The Reality And The Propaganda…! (Video)