[Flashback] Ρωσία – Ο Σιωνιστής Μασόνος Ολιγάρχης Κομμουνιστής Πράκτορας Της KGB Και Οικουμενιστής, Πατριάρχης Κύριλλος: “Εβραίοι, Χριστιανοί Και Μουσουλμάνοι, Λατρεύουν Τον Ίδιο Θεό” ~ Russia – Zionist Mason Oligarch Communist KGB Agent And Ecumenist Patriarch Kirill: “Jews, Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God”…! (Video + Photos)

90 year old  of Mount Athos warns the flock of the KGB (FSB), ecumenical, and masonic tyranny of the Soviet Satanist-controlled Moscow Patriarchate of Eastern Orthodoxy, with footage of “Patriarch” Kirill stating that “Jews, Muslims, Christians, all worship the same God”.

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Έχεις Το Δικαίωμα Να Παραμείνεις Πρόβατο ~ You Have The Right To Remain A Sheep…! (Photo)

Σοφία Κιόρογλου: Η Λέπρα Των Εσχάτων Ημερών ~ Sofia Kioroglou: The Leprosy Of The Last Days…! (Video)

[Απάτη Κορονοϊού / COVID-19 Hoax] Ο Κορονοϊός, Επεξηγήθηκε Το 1990 ~ COVID-19 Explained In 1990…! (PDF + Photo)

Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper, page 167: “Several Top Secret recommendations were made by Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome. He advocated that a plague be introduced that would have same effect as the famous Black Death of history. The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the auto immune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible. The orders were given to develop the microbe and to develop a prophylactic, and a cure. The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by vaccine. The prophylactic was to be used by the ruling elite. The cure will be administered to the survivors when it is decided that enough people have died. The cure will be announced as newly developed when in fact it has existed from the beginning. This plan is a part of Global 2000.”

DOWNLOADS: Milton William Cooper – “Behold A Pale Horse”…! #1.556 (PDF)

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[Flashback] ΗΠΑ: Παρουσίαση Του Μίλτον Γουίλιαμ Κούπερ Στο Πόρτερβιλ To 1997 ~ USA: Milton William Cooper’s Presentation At Porterville In 1997…! (Video + Photo)

Truth can be extremely elusive and while Milton William Cooper didn’t have all the answers, his two day seminar presented in 1997 at Porterville, CA provided a huge head start.

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Μελ Γκίμπσον – Αποκαλύψεις Για Την Σατανική Εβραϊκή Ελίτ Και Αντιδράσεις Των Διεφθαρμένων ΜΜΕ ~ Mel Gibson – Revelations About The Dark Jewish Elite And Reactions Of The Corrupted Media…! (Video + Photo)

Jewish Blood Sacrifices of Hollywood and the so called Elites. Have “Eyes to See” these shocking Revelations and “Ears to Hear” so that we all may save our future of all of our children.

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Ρωσία – Ο Σιωνιστής Σατανιστής Ολιγάρχης Εβραίος Εγκληματίας Πολέμου Βλαντίμιρ Πούτιν, Φοράει Για Προστασία Σατανικό Καμπαλιστικό Κόκκινο Κορδόνι Στο Δεξί Του Χέρι ~ Russia – Zionist Satanist Oligarch War Criminal Jew Vladimir Putin, Wears For Protection Satanic Kabbalistic Red String At His Right Arm…! (Video + Photos)

Vladimir Putin wears Satanic Kabbalah talisman, a red string on his right arm, which is visible in the above video from the 2:13–2:56 minute mark, taken from video broadcast at the opening of the Eurasianist ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia in May 18, 2016.

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Ρωσία: Σατανική Καμπαλιστική Τάξη Βγαλμένη Από Το Χάος Του Σιωνιστή Εβραίου Ολιγάρχη Βλαντίμιρ Πούτιν ~ Russia: Satanic Kabbalistic Order Out Of Chaos Of Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin…! (Photos)

Brunco Macaes, The Dawn of Eurasia; on the trail of the New World Order, pages 196-199 – excerpt::

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Σατανισμός: Καμπάλα, Η Διαιώνιση Του Κακού ~ Satanism: Kabbalah, The Perpetuation Of Evil…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Videos)