USA – Killuminati The Movie…! [Documentary] (Video)


[Flashback] USA: The Corpsewood Manor Murders, 1982…! [Documentary] (Videos + Photo)

A dark shocking story…

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“Θεού Θέα”, Γέρων Εφραίμ Της Αριζόνας…! [Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video)

Η ζωή και το έργο του μακαριστού Γέροντα Εφραίμ της Αριζόνα στην Αμερική.

Οι Ρίζες Του Χριστιανικού Σιωνισμού: Η Σατανική Αποστασία Της Βίβλου Του Σκόφιλντ ~ The Roots Of Christian Zionism: The Scofield Bible’s Satanic Apostasy…! (Video + Photo)

Ever wonder why so many Christians support America’s many wars, especially in the Middle East? A new Christianity has emerged from the 20th century called Christian Zionism, or what could be called “Angry Evangelicalism” or “Dispensationalism on Steroids.”

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MOSSAD And Sri Lanka’s Church Bombings: Geostrategic Terrorism And Drugs In The Empire Of Chaos…! (Photo)

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin – In 1983, the Tamil Tigers for the Liberation of Elaam (TTLE), started a civil war in Sri Lanka in order to gain independence. The Sinhalese government brought in 50 Mossad officers to train the military in counter-insurgency. In 1984 and 1985, the Israelis trained both sides in the civil war in military bases near Tel-Aviv. The Mossad used Indian intelligence, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as an intermediary. The money was laundered through the infamous BCCI Bank – a major source of financing for international terrorism. The international drug trade was a key source of financing for a civil war in a developing country organised by world powers.

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Η Αμερικανική Κατοχή – Πρίγκιπες Του Γιέν: Το Μεταπολεμικό Θαύμα Της Ιαπωνίας Και Η Τεχνητή Κατάρρευση ~ The US Occupation – Princes Of The Yen: Japan’s Post War Miracle And The Enginered Crash…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video – Full Movie)

Νότιος Αφρική: Ο Σιωνιστής Λευκός Προδότης Πιλκ Μπόθα, Νεκρός Στα 86 Του ~ South Africa: Zionist White Traitor Pik Botha, Dead At 86…! (Video + Photo)

Εν Λόγω Αληθείας – Δρ. Γεώργιος Νεκτάριος Λόης: Γένεση Και Πλοκή Του Σκοπιανού Ζητήματος…! (Video)

DOWNLOADS: Bilderberg – Bilderberg Meeting 1985, Conference Report, Participant List Rye Brook, United States…! #1.037 (PDF)

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