[Flashback] Το Ισραήλ Διέπραξε Τις Τρομοκρατικές Επιθέσεις Της 9/11 ~ Israel Did The Terrorist Attacks On 9/11…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Videos + Photo)

The false flag “terrorist” attacks on 9/11/2001 in New York, committed by MOSSAD agents with the co-operation of CIA, FBI and NSA.

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Deplorables: Trump, Brexit And The Demonised Masses…! [Documentary] (Video)

England: Nigel Farage Is Back, And As Populist As Ever, He Launches His “Brexit Party”‘s European Parliament Election Campaign And Now He Needs To Become A Statesman…! (Videos + Photo)

To a predictable MSM barrage of ridicule, dismissal and risible critique yesterday, Nigel Farage officially launched his Brexit Party – with a major rally set to take place in Birmingham tomorrow. Apart from a media set largely biased against him, the BP leader faces the major obstacles of FPTP, the potential for a Brexit vote split by UKIP, and the probability of Tory voters abstaining rather than voting for the Brexit Party. In addition, Tory and Labour WA negotiators may leave the Independence vote with an impossible hill to climb.

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Ο Ιστός Της Αράχνης: Η Δεύτερη Αυτοκρατορία Της Βρετανίας – Το Σίτι Του Λονδίνου ~ The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire – City of London…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video)

Παλαιστίνη: Γιατί Οι Παλαιστίνιοι Πολίτες Συνεχίζουν Να Διακινδυνεύουν Την Ζωές Τους Στον Συνοριακό Φράκτη Της Γάζας; ~ Palestine: Why Palestinian Civilias Continue To Risk Their Lives At Border Fence Of Gaza…? (Video)

In total at least 181 Palestinian civilians have been murdered and over 17,000 wounded by the criminal Israeli occupation forces,  since protest started on 30th of March…

[Flashback] Αγγλία: Δημοσιογράφος Εκνευρίζεται Και Μας Λέει Τα Πραγματικά Νέα ~ England: Reporter Gets Angry And Tells Us The Real News…! (Video)

Σπάζοντας Την Ομερτά Της Λέσχης Μπούλινγκντον: Οι Μυστικές Ζωές Των Ανθρώπων Που Διοικούν Την Βρετανία ~ Breaking The Bullingdon Club Omertà: Secret Lives Of The Men Who Run Britain…! (Photo)

Bullingdon Club

By Nick Mutch

Vandalism, blood, and hookers. A Daily Beast investigation exposes the best-kept secrets of Britain’s most powerful men; the hidden archive; the club’s latest outbreak of destruction; new heavyweight members named and Prime Minister David Cameron’s hushed-up past.

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