USA: Apps Sending Your Photos To FBI…! (Video)

Σατανική Τεχνολογία: Εξ Αποστάσεως Έλεγχος Του Νου Και Του Ανθρωπίνου Νευρικού Συστήματος ~ Satanic Technology: Remote Control Of The Brain And Human Nervous System…! (Photo)

The USA and the European Union invest since the beginning of the millenium billions of dollars and euros into brain research. As a result of this research perfect maps of the brain were developed, including the areas of the brain that control the activity of different body organs or parts where higher brain activities, such as speech and thoughts, are taking place. The brain activities corresponding to different actions in those areas were also deciphered.

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Το Σιωνιστικό Σχέδιο Να Καταλάβει Τον Κόσμο ~ The Zionist Plan To Take Over The World…! (Video)