USA: 9/11, Trillion$ – Follow The Money! [HD Documentary] (Video – Full Movie)

Forget for one moment everything you’ve been told about September 11, 2001. #911 was a CRIME. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators…

DOWNLOADS: Department Of Homeland Security, USA – Introduction Brief To The ISCe Satellite And Communications Conference…! #1.201 (PDF)

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Χρήματα Από Αίμα: Γνωρίστε Τις 20 Κορυφαίες Εταιρείες Που Κερδίζουν Από Ατελείωτο Πόλεμο ~ Blood Money: Meet The Top 20 Companies Profiting From Endless War…! (Photo)

Military spending is growing around the world and in 2017 it increased by 1.1 percent, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

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