Dr. David Duke And Andrew Hitchcock Proving New Data About The Jeffery Epstein Mossad Zionist Spy Sex Blackmail Ring…! (Audio)

Dr. David Duke and British author and broadcaster Andrew Hitchcock revealed new details in the Epstein Mossad kosher certification scandal. If this doesn’t start to wake people up to the stench of Zionist control of Western societies, probably nothing will!

Παραπολιτικά 90,1 FM – Ραδιοφωνική Εκπομπή “Ο Εξαρχείων”, Ανδρέας Μαζαράκης…! [1/4/2019] (Audio)

Mastercard And Microsoft Have A Frightening Plan To Create Universal “Digital Identities”…! (Photos)

Sometimes a business inadvertently drops the pretense and just tells the world its real intentions. We saw this yesterday, when Amazon bragged about how it “allowed” an employee to lose 100 pounds by endlessly delivering boxes. Amazon saw this as a heartwarming tale about how great it is to work for the e-commerce juggernaut. It completely missed the subtext: Who needs a gym when someone can physically labor for their corporate overlord and lose weight?

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Σοκαριστικό Βίντεο-Ντοκουμέντο: Λατινική Αμερική – Η Πολιτιστική Παράνοια Του Αμαζονίου, Όπου Κάθε Χρόνο, Εκατοντάδες Παιδιά Θάβονται Ζωντανά ~ Shocking Video-Document: Latin America – The Amazonian Cultural Madness, Where Every Year, Hundreds Of Children Are Buried Alive…! (Video)

Το Σιωνιστικό Σχέδιο Να Καταλάβει Τον Κόσμο ~ The Zionist Plan To Take Over The World…! (Video)