Saving The Earth Or Saving The Capitalist Global Elite? The Hidden Truth Behind Today’s Staged Youth Climate Campaigns…! (Audio)

Τί Πραγματικά Συμβαίνει Στην Γαλλία Με Το Κίνημα Κίτρινου Γιλέκου; ~ What’s Really Happening In France With Yellow Vest Movement…? (Video)

Bilderberg Meeting 2018 Στην Ιταλία – Περισσότερη Ρωσική Διασύνδεση ~ Bilderberg Meeting 2018 In Italy – More Russian Connection…! (Video)

Russia is a product of the Jewish infiltrated west. This is a fact. But we know that the masses continue to live in ignorance, and this allows the elite to keep on playing the game. The following interview exposes how companies associated with the Bilderberg Group have deep connections to Russia. Keep in mind that all the tensions that the superpowers create, guarantee their stability and continuous profit flow.

Ιταλία: O Στηβ Μπάνον Προειδοποιεί, “Ξένες Δυνάμεις, Ξένο Κεφάλαιο Και Ξένα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης” Έθεσαν Την Ιταλία Σε “Κρίση Κυριαρχίας” ~ Italy: Steve Bannon Warns, “Foreign Powers, Foreign Capital And Foreign Media” Placed Italy In A “Crisis Of Sovereignty”…! (Video)

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that foreign powers, foreign capital and foreign media placed Italy in a crisis of sovereignty“… speaking in Rome on Monday.

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