RBN — Deanna Spingola Interviews Dean W. Arnold…! [Saturday, 5/16/2020] (Audio)

Deanna’s great guest this afternoon was Dean W. Arnold. Dean is the author of Unknown Empire: The True Story of Mysterious Ethiopia and the Future Ark of CivilizationThe Cherokee PrincesOld Money, New South, and Hillary and Vince. Books by Dean W. Arnold, Dean’s Website

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Incendiary Radio With Robert Reyvolt – Dr. James Fetzer…! [5/3/2020] (Audio)

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[Flashback] Όλε Ντάμεγκαρντ: “Τρόμος” – Με Δουλεύετε; ~ Ole Dammegard: “Terror” – Are You Kidding Me…? (Video)

At the Open Mind Conference 2016, Ole Dammegard discussed the templates and methods normally used in false flag operations. This year, he is back again with another angle on the subject.

RBN — Deanna Spingola Interviews Deborah G. Stevenson And Sheila Matthews…! [Saturday, 7/18/2015] (Audios)

Deanna Spingola’s guest for the first hour of broadcast is Deborah G. Stevenson, the Executive Director of the National Home Education Legal Defense, that seeks to protect and defend the rights of families who wish to educate in freedom.

Relevant Links: http://midnightbeach.com/hs/Web_Pages.res.html,http://welltrainedmind.com/, http://schoolandstate.org/home.htm


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Deanna Spingola’s guest for hour two is Sheila Matthews, the co-founder, along with Patricia Weathers, of AbleChild.
Dr. Carver denied AbleChild’s request for information, claiming that records were private documents. He said that “AbleChild was not among a small group of individuals to whom the Medical Examiner had chosen to supply the requested information, that revealing the information could have been disseminated outside the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) based on an unarticulated system of preferences.”


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“Spingola And Friends” — Deanna Spingola Interviews Keith Johnson…! [Saturday, 6/27/2015] (Audio)

School shooting and the aftermath that followed including but not limited to the deluge of so called evidence.

Keith Johnson an independent investigator and former freelance writer for American Free Press, now a contributing writer for OpEd News joined Deanna for hours two and three. Keith is also a critic and debunker of conspiracy theories, particularly those pertaining to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. He publishes atNewtown Post-Examiner.

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“Spingola And Friends” – Deanna Spingola interviews Keith Johnson…! [Monday, 5/11/2015] (Audio)

In this pre-recorded interview Keith Johnson returned to talk about the many popular Sandy Hook myths that are widely disseminated within the “alternative” media. Deanna and Keith also discussed a recent article posted at American Free Press, Sandy Hook: Still Looking for Answers.

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Related: Newtown Post-Examiner, Keith’s Sandy Hook videos.
Keith’s short interview with Peter R. Teahen.


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“Spingola And Friends”…! [Thursday, 4/30/2015] (Audio)

Keith Johnson, publisher of the Newtown Post-Examiner talks about the Sandy Hook hoaxers in general and about his recently-released videos, Wolfgang Halbig’s FOIA “Security System” Blunder! and Sandy Hook: Wolfgang Halbig’s Far Away Eyes, both part of his WOLFgang Watch series. One might even refer to Wolfgang Halbig as the High Priest of the Hoaxer movement. He is certainly taking the focus off of the real victims.
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“Spingola And Friends”…! [Thursday, 4/09/2015] (Audios)

Deanna Spingola talks about numerous issues and events, including Sandy Hook. The title of today’s program is, “Okay, let’s talk about Sandy Hook”. Please view Deanna’s Sandy Hook Research and Notes particularly the page titled Wolfgang Halbig Asks Deanna to Stop Asking Questions and Critiquing Smallstorm’s Video Delphi/Censorship Operation. After all, truth does not fear investigation! Deanna recommends that people listen to her program from February 20th, 2014 about Sandy Hook.


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