Dr. David Duke And Andrew Hitchcock Proving New Data About The Jeffery Epstein Mossad Zionist Spy Sex Blackmail Ring…! (Audio)

Dr. David Duke and British author and broadcaster Andrew Hitchcock revealed new details in the Epstein Mossad kosher certification scandal. If this doesn’t start to wake people up to the stench of Zionist control of Western societies, probably nothing will!

Άντριου Κ. Χίτσκοκ: Συναγωγή Του Σατανά 1878-2006 — Andrew C. Hitchcock: Synagogue Of Satan 1878-2006…! (Full Video)

This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive treatment of the history of Zionism, Rothschilds role in its rise and control, birth of Israel and, finally,  the genesis of a World Government, but all just previously mentioned.  After a brief run down of history from from 1880 to 1935, this covers the period from 1936 through 2006 and its been updated several times as additional information has been made available.  Some of this we knew, but to what extent and depth, we did not know, but now we do. 

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“Spingola And Friends”…! [Monday, 3/30/2015] (Audio)

Deanna Spingola is joined after about 30 minutes in to the broadcast byAndrew Carrington Hitchcock from the UK to discuss his recent article, Jewish Genocide Of The White Race – CASE CLOSED. Andrew is also the author of The Synagogue of Satan and In The Name Of Yahweh.

Deanna also mentioned: Disclosures From an Insider (2006)


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