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Ντέιβιντ Χόγκαν: Ο Πρόεδρος Ρούζβελτ Και Η Προέλευση Του Πολέμου Του 1939 –David Hoggan: President Roosevelt And The Origins of the 1939 War

President Roosevelt And The Origins Of The 1939 War


By David L. Hoggan

Editor’s Note:

This article is excerpted from David L. Hoggan’s book The Forced War: The Origins and Originators of World War II, which was published in hardcover in December 1983 by the Institute for Historical Review. Professor Hoggan’s treatment of the Roosevelt/American role in his book is not limited to one section, but runs rather through the course of the narrative as that role develops. Here we have culled the pertinent sections, providing a running commentary (italicized) which fills in the chronological gaps and gives the essential background, as presented by the author, of European events against which Roosevelt moved. The treatment of President Roosevelt in The Forced War begins in earnest in the year 1938, and that is where this article takes up the story. Crucial both to Professor Hoggan’s portrayal of Roosevelt and his general thesis as to war responsibility is his assertion that in October 1938, after the Munich conference, personal control of British foreign policy passed from Prime Minister Chamberlain to his Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax, who thereupon waged an unremitting campaign to force a war with Germany.

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