[⚠️ HORRIFIC War Crimes / ΤΡΟΜΑΚΤΙΚΑ Εγκλήματα Πολέμου ⚠️] Σοκαριστικό Βίντεο-Ντοκουμέντο: Συρία – Ρώσοι Μισθοφόροι Του PMC Wagner Group Διασκεδάζουν Τσακίζοντας Τα Άκρα Ενός Αιχμαλώτου Με Μια Βαριοπούλα ~ Shocking Video-Document: Syria – Russian Mercenaries Of The PMC Wagner Group Enjoying By Smashing The Limbs Of A Captive With A Sledgehammer…! (Video + Photo)

The following shocking video has been uploaded to the russian social media… and shows Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group in Syria, enjoying by smashing the limbs of a Syrian POW with a sledgehammer to cheerful music…! 

The “Wagner Group” is a russian private military company controlled by the well-known Zionist Criminal Oligarch Jew Yevgeny Prigozhin who is close friend of Zionist Oligarch War Criminal Jew Vladimir Putin.

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