[Flashback] Benjamin Netanyahu: “Israel Must Become A World Power And Only MOSSAD Can Make It Happen”…! (Photos)

“The Mossad has an irreplaceably vital, central role in our ability to build Israel’s regional and global powers. Ultimately, this guarantees our existence.” — Benjamin Netanyahu

24SEP15 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Intelligence Affairs Minister Yisrael Katz and Mossad Director Tamir Pardo attended a festive holiday toast at the Mossad to mark 65 years since it was established.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

“We cannot solve the fundamental problems of the Middle East. They are revealed in all their power, and today our enemy is twofold: It is Shiite radical Islam led by Iran and its proxies and the Sunni [radical Islam], which for now is led by ISIS. They are fighting each other, but it is an accepted norm that we have no place in the Islamic world, as they see it. Their alliances change, rise and fall and rise again and spread their tentacles in different directions – and we are on the inside.

There is one certain rule: No one makes a pact with the weak. The real defense of our country during its years of existence and the 65 years of the existence of the Mossad that we mark today, that is the power of the State of Israel. This is the power we cultivate.

Facing this changing world, Israel must be a major power, not just a regional power, but in certain areas a world power. This only deepens and enhances our ability to leverage our relations with elements in the region and elements outside the region. We are in completely new fields. Most important amongst them, but certainly not exclusively, is cyber, which is changing our world at great speed. And Israel is a cyber superpower, no less.

The Mossad has an irreplaceably vital, central role in our ability to build Israel’s regional and global powers. Ultimately, this guarantees our existence.

I see very big opportunities for our continued development, to enhance our capabilities. I also see the actions of our adversaries and enemies. And our test is to preempt them. This we do, but it is a daily struggle, of which you play a most important role. I cannot list here all of the Mossad’s achievements, all the bad things that we prevented, or the bad things that will be prevented, or all of the great victories that have been achieved and that will be achieved. I can only thank each and every one of you for the effort, for the willingness, for commitment to Israel’s existence.

What we have achieved in the past 100 years is nothing short of a miracle. But we also know that miracles are finite. The Almighty and history do not give them freely. We must create them time and again. And I rely on you to continue this work. I ask you to also thank your families that are burdened with this weight and to tell them in the name of the people and State of Israel: Thank you very much and may you all be blessed with a good year.”

Mossad Director Tamir Pardo said:
“In a world of rapid change, in a volatile world the likes of which we have never known, we have been able to adapt to the new threats in all areas of our organization’s responsibility, for the security of the State of Israel. We have been able to duplicate many diverse capabilities in the Mossad, into one arrowhead that serves one measurable and qualitative purpose. All this does not come from nothing. Our ability has been built on a foundation of 65 years, capabilities built layer upon layer.”


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