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By Colin Jordan



























































Part 4 – FOLK





















































Stopping a Rebel Party


















Part 1


“Democracy” has been made at the close of the Twentieth Century the great political key-word, the supreme criterion of life: something sacrosanct, standing unquestionably for the highest form of government, the best type of society and the finest way of life. This is so much so that acceptance has been made compulsory in the Britain of the 199Os by virtue of the special protection now accorded to Democracy by the secret police here which now formally treats rejection of Democracy as “subversion” .

Time was when national security was viewed simply as a matter of protection from a foreign foe intent on depriving us of ownership of our land and control of our affairs. Now, in addition, one particular form of government and that alone is allowed to us, and any and every effort to replace it is classed as subversive and accordingly prohibited. Now because of the development of Democracy as dictatorship in disguise, what is called “national security” ironically aids alien intrusion from both within and without.

This enforcement of creed under a fraudulent flag of liberty was unequivocally, unashamedly and publicly enunciated by secret police chief Stella Rimington, Director General of Military Intelligence 5, otherwise known as the “Security Service” , on 24 June 1994 on BBC Television Channel One in her “Richard Dimble by Lecture 1994” .There and then she declared: “The intention to undermine democracy is what ‘subversion’ means to us .”

To this avowed definition of purpose she added in accounting for the apportionment of MI5 time:”Some of that is now devoted to groups on the extreme right who are seeking to undermine democracy through the exploitation of racial hatred and xenophobia.” In the Rimington vocabulary “racial hatred” of course encompasses anything which gives recognition to the determinative factor of race as distinguishing native Britons from others who have come here; and “extreme right” encompasses all who are “extreme” enough to perceive and attach importance to this racial factor, and want to do something in keeping with it.

“Racial hatred” indeed for her covers anything and everything critical and disrespectful to Democracy’s “Chosen Ones” , the Jews, and thus includes for instance any accusation of cruelty laid against the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for food, whereby they are bled to death without prestunning to prevent suffering, as required of gentiles, apart from Muslims who are similarly granted privileged exemption from the law affecting us. Much of the meat resulting from Jewish ritual slaughter ends up being consumed by Aryans without them being aware that they have been made a party to this abominable Jewish practice because the fastidious Jews will not eat the rear part of the animals they slaughter.

The legislative basis for the special protection of Democracy as a matter of national security was laid down in 1989 by the Security Service Act, Clause 1(2) of which placed “actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means on a par with “threats of espionage, terrorism and sabotage, from the activ- ities of foreign powers”. This means that even entirely non-violent po- litical canvassing of the public in favour of some other form of govern- ment, one truly representative of the authentic British people and their genuine interests, and conducive to their proper freedom, is deemed subversive by the real rulers of Democracy. Working with MIS as other parts of the apparatus of suppression of op- position to the disastrous Democratic system, we have firstly the “Special Branch” of the Police, concerned with political activities, and coming under the Metropolitan Commissioner of Police. The present holder of this office is a Paul Condon who, in a conference lecture at the outset of his tenure, pinpointed “racism” as a prime concern on a par with the worst of crime, being a rejection of the essential multiracialism of Democracy (Independent 1 March 1993).

Secondly: we have GCHQ, the Government Communications Headquarters at Cheltenham, which monitors all radio, telex and telegraph communications into and out of Britain. Thirdly, constant co-operation is provided by Democratic America’s National Security Agency’s surveillance installation on British soil at Menwith Hill just a few miles from me near Harrogate in Yorkshire which can listen in on telephone conversations allover Europe by interception of the broadband microwave network over which long-distance telephone communications travel. (See “The Puzzle Palace” , James Bamford; Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1983)


Democracy claims descent from Ancient Greece whence the word originated, but the truth is that what exists today in its name bears no solid resemblance to its alleged prototype. The democracy of the days of Plato and Aristotle was a form of government confined to a particular town and surrounding area which constituted a state, and was therefore of the nature of local government with the area and the people so comparatively small as to allow immediate and personal contact between the government and its affairs and the governed. The direct participation of the people was thus a reality in the Greek city-state where the people were, moreover, an ethnic community so that citizenship was a matter of kinship.

What is called “Democracy” today stands in stark contrast as a matter of huge units of assorted population nominally represented by members of parties which actually represent particular assortments of interests, the dominant array of which, through a mind-moulding media, particularly tele- vision, injects into the public desirable influencing material for the mind-set in view, and excludes what is deemed undesirable in influence for that mind-set. In the outcome of this mind-moulding the conditioned public then votes as between one or the other variation of the Democratic creed concerning which all the approved parties form a consensus. Performing thus, like Pavlov’s dogs with their conditioned reflexes, the public fondly imagines that it does the deciding, whereas it merely registers choice within the latitude allowed by the real rulers who are clandestine dictators. Democracy is thus the colossal confidence trick of the century.

Furthermore, Democracy which is counterfeit at the core, has been embel- lished by its manipulators into something far more than just a method of government in order to provide maximum power, proft and protection for those manipulators. It has in interpretation been turned into a whole creed concerned with a multiracial, egalitarian society.

What it does, more than what in some respects it claims to stand for, provides the most accurate definition of the Democracy afflicting us. The results of Democracy in Britain today are a teaching profession and educa- tional system which turns out a brainwashed, anarchic, egocentric, ideal lacking, crudely materialist, drug-taking younger generation addicted to a typifying din of decadence known as “pop” .Adults are taken care of to similar effect by the mind controlling media, acting in conjunction with the propaganda and practices of the Democratic political parties. The overall effect of this, in a crime-ravaged, run down vestige of a former world power and vast empire, is a British public which offers no effective resistance to being intruded on and ousted by hordes of Afro-Asians; sub- jected to an ever extending alien control of British affairs from within and without; and restricted by more and more measures to prevent and penal ize opposition to this alienation of their homeland.


The primary issue or preserving the British people as an ethnic community in ownership of its homeland, and therefore stopping and reversing the Coloured Invasion of Britain which has been allowed by the rulers of Democracy ever since the end of the Second World War, supposedly fought to keep Britain for the British, is one on which the wish of the indigenous population has never been the determinant. The British people undoubtedly did not want the Coloured Invasion, but they certainly got it, precisely be- cause Democracy, as the will of the people, is a sham.

In consequence of this invasion by dictation, we now learn from a head- line in the Daily Telegraph (20 January 1994), reporting a detailed study of ethnic data from the U.K. 1991 Census, that the “Number of Blacks and Asians ‘will double in 40 years’ .” Another headline in the same newspaper a short time previous (2 December 1993) had recorded “Europe’s birthrate plunges to record low”. Taking these two items together, it is only a matter of time, and not much time at that, before thanks to Democracy the British become a minority in what was once their homeland.

An account sheet of all the costs of the Coloured Invasion in its every aspect and detail, including a reckoning for all the catastrophic consequencies of miscegenation and outbreeding and this as just one part of the total harm of Democracy -would make a gigantic condemnation of the political system responsible for it. This colossal bill should be drawn up in full, put before the British public who have to pay it, and thrust in the face of the treacherous scoundrels at Westminster and Whitehall and elsewhere who are to blame for this looting of our resources, squandering of our heritage, and despoilation of our future.

To suppress opposition to this Coloured Invasion our freedom is being more and more taken away from us by more and more legislative and executive measures against what is indiscriminately and collectively called “racial hatred”, while continual demands resound for more severe enforcement of existing law, and the introduction of additional laws against it. Hardly a week goes past without the Jewish community’s main organ, the Jewish Chronicle, recording yet another round of lobbying by this minority to put pressure on the Government to impose further restriction on the native majority. The Minister responsible, as Home Secretary, for keeping the public in order is currently Michael Howard, identified as a Jew by the Jewish Chronicle and thus to be regarded as an illegal immigrant in view of the unrevoked law of expulsion of 1290.

Under Howard, as he calls himself now, although his original family sur- name was undoubtedly different, comes both MIS and the Special Branch political police commanded by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Condon. The latter luminary of Democracy has identified “racism” as “the greatest challenge” for the police today, denouncing “The dire consequences of racially based nationalism” enjoining his officers to be “totally intolerant” of those who for political ends cause “racial hatred” ( Independent1 March 1993) . Behind Home Secretary Howard there is in the network of enforcement, in ad- dition to MIS and the Special Branch, a judiciary now headed by Lord Chief Justice Taylor (also identified by the Jewish Chronicle as a Jew, whose original family surname is also at present unknown to me), and a Crown Prosecution Service plentifully staffed with his kind of people, as is the whole legal profession.


Full understanding of the nature and purpose of Democracy requires a perception of its inherent proclivity to become a fancy equation for Communism. Jewish High Finance houses in the Democratic U.S.A. subsidized the initial establishment of Communism in Russia. The Communist regimes there and elsewhere claimed to be and styled themselves new and fuller forms of Democracy. In this guise they proceeded to conduct a mass extermination of oppo- nents the scale of which vastly exceeded all the Jewish allegations against Germany. Recent Russian estimates of those killed or brought to death by Communism in Russia alone range between 30 and 80 million. Churchill and Roosevelt linked arms with the Red mass murderers in a war for Democracy, Communist and Capitalist style combined, against the cause of racial freedom and resurgence represented by National-Socialist Germany. Under Churchill just under 2,000 British citizens, targeted by the secret police of MI5 and Special Branch because of opposition to the war, were seized and held in prison or concentration camp under Regulation 18B without trial. (See “In the Highest Degree Odious”, A.W. Brian Simpson, Clarendon Press,1992)

The Red Holocaust must be loudly exposed whenever the word “holocaust” is raised by the Jews and their supporters which is more or less all the time. Their latest star-studded replenishment of propaganda is the absurdly sensational, fictional film “Schindler’ s List” based on a book which itself stated it was fiction, and made by a Jewish maker of fantasy movies, Steven Spielberg. Let us stand for free speech and full enquiry on all alleged atrocities including the Jewish “holocaust” and Allied war crimes.

Suddenly, several years ago, Communism seemed to vanish from Russia and Eastern Europe to great acclaim in the Western Democracies followed by a pay-off in massive aid, the U.S.A. announcing at the beginning of April 1993 a $1.6 billion package of short-term aid to its accredited protege, President Boris Yeltsin, as the first down payment to help his brand of Democracy survive. Quite soon after this foreign financing of Russian Democracy started, Democratic dictator Yeltsin proceeded to ride roughshod over the Russian parliament, arbitrarily dissolving it, and, when the par- liamentarians resisted, sending troops to attack the parliament building and kill many inside; all this with the sympathetic understanding of the Western upholders of Russian Democracy.

Money and materials have not been the only form of aid to help set up in Russia the system and society we are afflicted with here. Our secret police chief Stella Rimington has admitted in her lecture to which we have already referred that Britain’s secret police have been working with that of Democratic dictator Yeltsin to further the imposition of Democracy in his country. Said the lady: “Together with our sister service SIS, we provided advice and support for the reorganised and reoriented security services, particularly to help them establish a democratic framework for their work.” (SIS = “Secret Intelligence Service” or MI6, coming under the Foreign Secretary)

So has Communism really gone, or only done a conjuror’s vanishing trick on the world stage in order more conveniently and effectively to operate in times now and ahead? Has it been decided that the time is now ripe for it to proceed and succeed better in seeming disjoined and piecemeal fashion under a different name, disguised as “Democracy”: the slower but no less sure vehicle to the same destination?

Well the fact is that, in the slower and surreptitious form, we have got it right here in Britain today in our schools staffed with those who are Lefties, either formally or virtually, with all their indoctrination of our children with multiracial, anti-patriotic, anti- authoritarian, super-egalitarian notions. Communism is here in substance in the dictatorship of the media with its constant conveyance of material destructive of traditional values, and expression of the crass materialism of a nomadic, global, consumer society which extols the emancipation of the common man and the will of the majority in theory while ensuring his plutocratic exploitation in practice.

Communism is here today in all the reaches of that regimentation of thought known as “political correctness” , and in the suppression of racial patriotism by means of “racial hatred” law and a secret security service and a political police. Apropos this communistic law, let it be remembered that “anti-semitism” was made a crime within a few months of the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917, just as it is being made a crime in the Britain of Democracy today.

Some 50 years ago the advocates of world government were striving to get acceptance for it in its entirety at one go. They failed, but they learned by their failure, and they took to bringing it about bit by bit without an offputting name, and without attracting attention to the ultimate aggregation; and now they are succeding. The Communists have learned the same lesson, and are now following the same methods leading to the same ultimate aggregation in view.

” Communism ” and “Democracy” are interchangeable titles for basically and mostly the same thing” a Great Pretence under which in the first case a dictatorship of the proletariat” pretends to represent the people in a “classless society” of the exploited and enslaved masses; and in the second case another oligarchy, a dictatorship of the media, big business and finance, exercises its power and reaps its profit behind a facade of repre- sentation of the people in a society which is uniform or classless in the liberty to conform, which is the compulsion to do so.


Democracy, as Britain’s pioneer National-Socialist Arnold Leese proclaimed, is death. Its synthesis of Communism and Capitalism, distinguished by a fusion of deceit, deprivation and degeneration, is sure to bring about the diminution of the White folk of this country and the world at large to the point of virtual extinction within the coming century through the rapid proliferation of the Coloured peoples and the ever increasing ratio of half-breeds resulting from stimulated miscegenation which Democracy by its very nature engenders. The Jews, however, who are predominantly non-European racially, will undoubtedly not only survive but surmount and hold sway by means of the religious racialism which so powerfully permeates them and is so zealously practised by them. In this dire situation the one and only way to future life for the White peoples of the world lies in overthrowing the death-system of Democracy, and replacing it with a life-system devoted to the preservation, improvement and proliferation of White or Aryan stock. The name of this life-system is National Socialism. The question is: can it be done?

To attempt to answer this most fateful question we have to shed all illusions, all wishful thinking, conjured up to lessen apprehension and to generate optimism. We have to face up fully to the gravity of the menace, the consequent immensity of the task, the slightness of the chance of success which is dwindling daily as the enemy extends and consolidates its power; and we have frankly to admit the impotence of our side. The thorough and realistic appraisal which is required can only lead to the terrible truth that our side is getting nowhere fast, and that if it continues in its present ways it is doomed to certain failure. Its time and effort will continue to be wasted until the last chance has gone, and the ever- lasting darkness descends.

That is my conclusion. Yet it is one to which I immediately add another which is that this certain defeat under present circumstances, since it will be decided by the accumulated consequences of wrong thinking and wrong practice, can even now be avoided. This can be done if, firstly, we are resolved to make the effort to subject all present attitudes and prac- tices to the most searching and severe examination, scrutinizing without inhibition and reservation all habitual routine which can so very easily become rigidly restrictive habit, precluding awareness and admission of fault. Secondly, having performed this rigorous survey as our initial achievement, we have as our second achievement to gain the liberating ben- efit of the lessons discerned by making the effort, however exacting, to rid ourselves of the wrong thinking and wrong practice detected, and to introduce and unswervingly follow what has been seen to be essential.

We can win, and I think I can tell you how to do so, but whether you will win that I cannot say for it depends on you. What I will here now seek to do is to set down what I regard as the three primary requirements for victory, and then proceed to unfold them. They are:-
(I) The right ideology -which has to be world-wide and life-wide; a Weltanschauung of religious significance and force.
(2) The right people -who have to be people adhering to this Weltanschauung in heart and mind, conforming to it in personal conduct, and zealously implementing it in every possible way.
(3) The right forms of organization enabling the right people with the right ideology to work and fight to maximum effect.


Accepting the three requirements for victory calls for a clear perception of and complete rejection of the enemy. The enemy, collectively, is a whole way of thinking and behaving; a whole political system and society incorporating this thought and behaviour; and a whole array of persons effectively responsible for promoting this thought and behaviour, and this system and society of Democracy. It has to be seen that Democracy is at war with us on all the fronts of life, and that our response therefore has to be a counterattack on all those fronts of life and nothing less. Ousting Democracy begins with thoroughly ousting it from you ,your outlook, your habits, and your daily life as far as possible.

Democracy has to be recognized and denounced as the creed and system of death which it is. Let there be no hesitation, no diffidence about this: no feeble fudging to try and make out that you are just another and better Democrat through intricate contortions to dissemble anti-Democracy as its opposite. You cannot set about distributing the elixir of life by peddling more of the old poison. To squirm to evade forthright denunciation is a fatal exhibition of inner failure at the outset, a lethal lack of the will to win; whereas the purging act of repudiation is a demonstration of that will without which nothing is possible and with which everything is.

Rejecting the death-system of Democracy as the prerequisite for the salvation of the Aryan folk requires the clearest and fiercest indictment of those principally responsible for its operation here and throughout the world. This partly but particularly means the politicians past and present of the Democratic parties, including those of Britain, these latter having to be seen and unreservedly and constantly referred to as the greatest crimi- nals in our land and history. Theirs has been the supreme crime of betraying our folk by their policies and practices, and in particular by opening our doors to mass Afro-Asian and Jewish immigration, and coercing our folk to accept this immigration and to integrate with the immigrants; and opening our affairs to alien influence and control from both inside and outside.

The rejection of Democracy is necessarily, as the other side of the coin, the acceptance of its only complete replacement which is National-Socialism: the creed composed by Adolf Hitler and his colleagues, drawing on antecedent elements, and bequeathed by them to us to extend to suit contemporary conditions by any legitimate development of its implications, or adapt ion of sec- ondary details of implementation, consonant with the principles of the creed. In contrast no mere patchwork of oddments of reform, composed as some com- promise between what is really needed and what presently prevails, and conceived to suit the present state of the public mind besotted with the infusions of the enemy media, is worth ten seconds consideration. Onlya revolutionary creed with the necessary profundity and amplitude and dynam- ic strength to meet and match and remedy the emergency Democracy confronts us with deserves our attention. All else is utterly inadequate, and the wishy-washy presenters of these supposed short cuts by way of Democratic acceptability are just pathetic, time-wasting distracters.


National-Socialism, as the right ideology and only remedy, has to be carefully differentiated from Fascism with which it is commonly and conveniently lumped by opponents, and carelessly confused by adherents. The former is founded on and inseparable from the conception of the folk or racial community. This determines the nation, and this delineates its citizenship. With National-Socialism, as Arnold Leese put it, “Race is the basis of politics” .

It inescapably follows from this that National-Socialism, properly understood in its inevitable implications, is not and cannot be simply a conventional nationalism, even one based on a proclaimed racial identity, albeit one geographically circumscribed and confined. Racial characteristics, whatever the particular blend within a particular country, transcend the boundary of that country, and thus potentially unite where the barriers of conventional nationalism divide. The Aryans of this earth have been brought to their present appalling plight by way of the divisive wars of conventional nationalism with non-Aryans fostering and profiting by the friction. The creed of salvation must thus be one of pan-Aryan racialism.

Fascism, despite merits, is not founded on Race, and is not pan-Aryan. Instead it is only a reformed and vitalized nationalism for the old, geographical, national state. This is why Mussolini in his early days of power, before the influence of Germany as an ally was felt, had Jewish colleagues, and the Fascist Week in the U.K. (27 April -3 May 1934) included a report that “The Chief Rabbi (of Italy) was a Fascist, and was a strong supporter of Mussolini.” It is why his granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini -standing as a candidate for the modified version of the MSI in the March 1994 elections, and obtaining 50.4% of the vote in the racial rubbish heap of Naples happily played the part of a Jewess in a 1989 film, and dismisses anti-Jewish opinion as “old hat” (Sunday Telegraph 5 December 1993)

. Based on recognition of Race, and with this being not only the recognition of and zeal to preserve the racial identity of the Aryan folk as distinct from other folk, but recognition also of qualitative differences within the folk itself, and the need therefore to improve the breed as the most effective way to produce a better society; National-Socialism applies this racial outlook to all aspects of government and all else of life in a totality of comprehension. It derives an ardour for economic and social justice from the notion of kinship; an adhesion to leadership within a hierarchy of talent and responsibility from an appreciation of the workings of Nature conducive to the ascendancy of the superior; and from this oneness with Nature a desire to conserve by organic management the resources of this planet.


In embracing National-Socialism to its full extent as the needed ideology for victory, there can be no question of failing for any reason of crippling timidity or myopia to give rightful recognition to Adolf Hitler as the great personification of this creed. To attempt to present it without this recog- nition of its founder, prophet and leader is the equivalent of seeking to propagate Christianity a spiritual underpin of Democracy without mentioning Christ. To say this is not to attempt to deify Hitler, and at the cost of depreciating the contribution made by his followers in those days which was gigantic, or the contribution that will have to be made by his followers now and in the future if victory is to be secured, which will have to be even more gigantic.

The necessity to give homage to Adolf Hitler as towering genius, superman of our cause, is not simply a matter of justice in fair acknowledgement, or even the test of sincerity and strength involved in making this acknowledgement, but of the immense advantage thereby to be gained, contrary to the lament of feeble nationalists and “patriots” that association with Hitler and National-Socialism is a ruinous disability which can and must be avoid- ed. These trembling warriors are forever in full flight from their own shadows, seemingly unable to comprehend that their complaints against the system point towards, and will certainly be portrayed by the astute enemy as pointing towards Hitler and National-Socialism, and the more they protest at this conclusion the more the enemy will know that they can be put to flight by raising it. Thus these political eunuchs are powerless from the start, while ludicrously congratulating themselves on a “wisdom” which is in fact an imperviousness to the real thing.

We National-Socialists, unlike these people with their flaccid messages of hotchpotch programmes to repair the Democratic system in a Democratic way, have not only a whole Weltanschauung, but within it a well of great depth of inspiration provided by the example of the tremendous devotion, the enormous hard work, the glorious heroism and colossal achievements of National-Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler. Far from this wonderful and unique heritage of ours being some fatal drawback as the vendors of nostrums acceptable as conformable to Democracy aver, it is our exclusive strength: the sustenance of and for giants in the gigantic struggle facing us.

The argument that the general public will not, now, accept National-Socialism and its pivotal figure of Adolf Hitler is meaningless in the context that general publics never make or break revolutions, and soliciting their participation is a futile deviation, not the proper way to salvation. That general public will remain in bondage to the almighty enemy media and the real rulers of Democracy until the Democratic system is brought to its breakdown. Then and only then will our breakthrough become possible. Then the general public will have become sufficiently sick and tired of Democracy to become sufficiently receptive to what we have to say. With the acquisi- tion then of state power, and a media of liberation in place of one of bondage, we will be able to bring the mind of that public to acceptance of and thereby the necessary willing support for the measures of revolutionary transformation of society.

Having identified in outline the first requirement for victory over Democracy, namely the ideology of National-Socialism, we will return to this subject in further detail at a later point, meanwhile passing on to consider the second requirement: the right people.


The best of ideas must fail to come to fruition unless their bearers are worthy of those ideas. For the gigantic task of overthrowing the death- system of Democracy we do not need, and must not aim at, and instead must eschew striving for some big collection of all and sundry types of human being of greatly varying value ranging from the vast majority who are medio- cre at the very best, willing for and capable of giving only a little service at the most and taking only a little risk, if any, to the few who are of high worth; being of the calibre of constant and invincible believers, regular hard-workers, and courageous fighters. It is only the last-men- tioned who are fit for and needed for the vanguard for victory, the assembly of the elite. Confusion with and attachment to the rest, it must be emphasized to the utmost, is not as current wrong thought and practice has it some desirable aggregation whereby the little bits from the little people all helps. To the contrary, the little people with their little bits are in such a combination infinitely more harm than help, hobbling the elite on which ultimately all depends. They belong in the background as sympathizers and auxiliaries, and must be ruthlessly relegated to this position. We cannot afford to clutter up and cripple our fighting force with an out- numbering and impeding array of camp followers.

The way to victory is to be found in the triumph of quality, and not in the indiscriminate pursuit and use of quantity. Democracy, all-powerful as it may well now appear in the strength of the minority who rule by means of it and the prevalence of the ideas which that minority spreads, is really a leviathan with feet of clay in that it is vulnerable to the extent of its reliance on an infrastructure of increasing complexity manned by people who are largely ordinary in their lack of dedication, stamina and courage; and in its commitment to policies which inherently involve great strain and stress. Our superior few, the supermen and superwomen, can because of this succeed against the rulers of Democracy.

The ultimate battle to decide the fate of our race and nation will be between two political minorities: that of the enemy wielding power over the state, and that of ours working and fighting to seize that state power. It is a battle we can win if and only if we produce as our minority an elite more powerful to disrupt Democracy than their minority with its lesser quality and its entanglement with inferior supporting personnel is to defend it. We can only do this if we avoid an entanglement of our elite with a mass of people of lesser quality. Numbers will not decide our future in our favour. Quality, the efficacy of a superlative elite, can do so.

Stop to imagine and fully appreciate the fighting strength, the capacity to strike and damage, which belongs to the superman or woman, meaning the person afire with devotion to the cause felt in religious dimension as the supreme motivation of his or her life; the person who educates himself or herself to the highest degree in his or her beliefs and their application; the person who invariably puts principles into practice, living his or her beliefs as a daily way of life; the person who systematically trains himself or herself to be in one specialist capacity or another a most effective instrument for the revolutionary pursuit of those beliefst The combination thus in one and the same person of thinker, zealot, worker, warrior makes an unbeatable coalescence of human qualities, an unequalled unit for revo- lutionary action which Democracy can never match or withstand. This is our special weapon which can compensate for all other deficiencies. With but a few dozen of these supermen and women great havoc can be wrought upon the enemy. With hundreds of them Democracy will be in deadly danger, and victory will be in sight.

The vital spark, becoming the flame of victory energizing the vanguard of victory, is the will to win in the minds of the National-Socialist elite. We can succeed and we must succeed, but the measure of our right to succeed and the sign that we will succeed lies in the inflexible determination to fight: to fight on regardless of the immediacy or even the certainty or even the likelihood of attaining state power. This is because the 100% National- Socialist fights for National-Socialism as nothing less than a necessity of being, and not because of any assessment of chances of success. Doing so, he knows that a victory of the spirit is always won, whatever else happens Indeed the lesser the possibility of physical victory over the hostile state, the greater the honour and the greater the moral victory of doing so.


So the people we need are those with the will to win. With it they are on the threshold of the very first phase of the National-Socialist Revolution. This is an internal revolution: a seizure of power within themselves The other phases are, secondly, the attainment and exercise of forms of pc er short of state power; thirdly, the attainment of state power; and four- thly, the exercise of state power to bring the people to adopt the desirat new ways of living.

The “Vanguard” is my term for the National-Socialist elite intent on accomplishing the fourfold course of the National-Socialist Revolution. No one becomes a member of the Vanguard simply by completing some piece of pc per and paying some subscription as happens with the numbers game of the old organizations. One only becomes part of it in name by virtue of becoming part of it in thought and action.

Given the will to win, you start the revolution -in you -by renouncir allegiance to the Democratic state which has no moral or other legitimate claim to your allegiance and obedience, and thus exerts only a wrongful compulsion by brute force. Our supreme law lies not in the decrees of Democracy in pursuit of its foul purposes against our folk, but instead in the high ordinances implied in the vital requirements for the protection and welfare of that folk. This understanding initiates the whole salutary process of evicting the enemy from the moral high ground it has usurped, and relegating it to the depths as vile and vicious, perverted and hateful.

The above renunciation as an expression of the will to win should mean an end to being hesitant, diffident and defensive about your beliefs. Henceforth you have to be on the offensive. No more, for example, can it be permissible to fight shy of the label “racialist” , trying to talk round and away from this loaded hate-word of the enemy. Yes, yes you are indeed a racialist as a defender of our race from ruin, and proud to say so.

The Vanguard member on the attack with the will to win needs to be a fit person in all respects, physically, mentally and spiritually. He or she needs to respect Nature in the temple of the body as just as much a mattel of National-Socialism as anything else, exercising adequately, and acquaiI ing himself or herself with the requirements of a good diet because what , eat becomes what we are. While it is all right for the supporters of Democracy to stuff their stomachs with such as puffed-up potato crisps, chemicaly doctored “soft drinks”, nutritionally-deprived white flour, fat-soaked fish and chips, excessive salt and sugar, debilitated and adulterated “convenience foods” and suspect or definitely harmful additives galore, not forgetting that manna of modernity in the form of MacDonald’s reconstructed beefburgers; our pioneers of a better world have to practise a better form of feeding.

The personal revolution is no mere matter of continually saying you are against the system of Democracy, and meaning it -up to a point -but at that point unthinkingly retaining its habits and appearances in your own daily life. You have to cast off its conventions of speech such as the tl rible “t” of “tolerance” , meaning tolerance of what is detrimental to the survival and welfare of our folk. You have to cast off its garb too, meaJ ing in particular the slovenly jeans and sloppy footwear which are Democracy’s authentic uniform for its disorderly, “casual”, cosmopolitan citizen:

With the will to win fully applied in your personal life, so that you are waging the first phase of the revolution, each morning should start with the vow to find in the following twenty-four hours good ways of effectively fighting the multiracial abomination of Democracy. You only live once, so give meaning to your life by fighting the good fight throughout

The Vanguard member pursues an ongoing course of study and training to make him or her a more and more efficient instrument of revolution. At t end of this primer a list of recommended general reading will be provided as a beginning for study. Further reading should include books dealing w whatever field of action the particular member feels most interested in and suitable for. We have to be professionals in the business of revolution, thereby making quality more than make up for lack of numbers and other resources. Every form of activity has to be seen as falling within an art or a science to be methodically pursued by study and training, rehearsal, critical review of that rehearsal, yet more study and training to remedy shortcomings shown by the rehearsal; and thus to reach the pitch of achieving maximum effect for minimum time and effort and minimum risk.

The Vanguard member is the person capable of converting by personal ex- ample meaning personal appearance and behaviour. You have won the first battle in the field of conversion when clean, tidy and courteous you have made an attractive personal impression. Thus qualified, you can go about your life with your eyes open for others suitable to be brought into the fold, always understanding that any and every approach must involve watching the prospect for an adequate length of time to be reasonably sure that you have someone of the right type: genuine and reliable and capable. It is far better to take time to make sure than later to regret it.

Young people particularly are needed because of the vigour of youth, and also because they tend not to have become materially tied to the existing order as older people with their established commitments and concern for their accumulated resources tend to be.

Women must not be neglected or cast in some inferior role as is the bad habit of the old organizations. Democracy, as one of its deceits, acutely degrades women in its pretence of emancipating them; whereas National-Social- ism elevates them by honouring their natural role and ensuring for them the freedom to fulfil it. It is imperative that Vanguard members only take or retain as spouse someone who, if not also a Vanguard member, is at least dependably sympathetic to National-Socialism and, moreover, to involvement in the Vanguard. You cannot afford to have to face friction in the home over Vanguard involvement, along with all other problems of the struggle.

In the German struggle for power women played a great part. Front rows at meetings addressed by Adolf Hitler were packed with intensely enthusiastic members of the fair sex. In the desperate later days of the war “Great numbers of them had written to Hitler and Goebbels demanding the right to fight”. A women’s force, Adolf Hitler, was formed in March 1945, but too late. (“Reich” , James Lucas, Grafton Books, London, 1990; P. 134) Let us not be too late in bringing women into the fight.

The deed speaks loudest, and the great deed obliges everyone to listen. In the final analysis a creed only proves its signifance for life if adherents are prepared to give up liberty and even life itself for it. In the Hitler era huge numbers of adherents were prepared to do exactly that. Post- war National-Socialism is so far comparatively short of new heroes. We have a few martyrs abroad: men who have undergone or are undergoing long periods of imprisonment, and who have remained undaunted in spirit. These wonderful people deserve and must receive our commensurate respect and support.

Along with them we have as a glorious example of the political soldier the heroic leader of The Silent Brotherhood in the U.S.A., Robert Mathews, who voluntarily made the supreme sacrifice, going down fighting against a massive besieging array of the armed police of Democracy in a triumphant display of the spirit of “No surrender! ” ( See Gothic Ripples22/23) But in Britain, so far, no one has been similarly prepared to go to Valhalla.


Part 2




The preceding indication of the kind of people needed for the instrument of battle can now be re-enforced conversely by an examination of the kind of people we need to exclude and avoid entanglement with. To begin with, let us consider the continual chatter about the desirability of unity in the “right wing”: the notion that, if only there could be some indiscriminate banding together of all the different political shapes and sizes of Democracy’s non-Left dissidents including us we would all be well on the way to success.

On the contrary, such a variegated assemblage could never result in anything other than a short-lived excursion into futility both for us and for the rest of the hotchpotch. The original National Front in the U.K. pursued this fool’s errand, and proved its folly by succumbing to a rapid succession of splits because of the indigestibility of its ingredients. The prerequisite for organizational unity is like mindedness to an over- whelming if not entire extent, thus a union of minds to supply the justification and provide the durable bonding. This fusion of thought to the extent of transcending common belief is the real substance of unity. without it a physical fusion brought about because of some partial agreement alongside much disagreement is but the outward semblance cloaking an inward continuation of disunity of belief: an illusion of increased strength but a reality of continuing weakness

. Any National-Socialist body foolish enough to be deluded into participating in such an exercise of self-deception, conceiving it to be some short cut to victory, will learn through its ensuing disablement and null ification and all the resulting waste of time and opportunity that this is no real way ahead. Emphatically there are no such short cuts, only the long, straight, hard road with the benefit of sound methods of advancement which are the subject of this study.

An entirely different matter from th;e folly of fusion with non-National Socialists including nationalists who, in contrast to National-Socialists, put the state and the country above the race and its ideology is the folly of failing to unite with all genuine National-Socialists. The restrictive qualification of “genuine” has to be stressed because there are various persons and bodies who adopt the label, part of the ideology, and much of the trappings, but who are certainly not in the full and therefore proper sense real National-Socialists as we must define them. These people range from sincere but mistaken ideological deviationists to crude parodies and monstrous caricatures, and will be dealt with later in this study.

Putting aside all such counterfeit material, there can be no good reason for a failure to bring about structural unity among all genuine Nation- al-Socialists for the greater strength to be gained thereby from organizational recognition of their unity of thought. Instead, the invalid and bemeaning reason is petty, personal antipathy. In this, real or imaginary affronts, jealousies, failure to balance good in a person against imperfections loom out of proportion and override the interests of the cause and its requirements of comradeship.

Thereby the ulcer of personal friction suppurates to the benefit of the enemy. The noisome pus of concocted or aggravated allegations and disparagements oozes forth to spread infection. Persons who formerly and happily worked together, once some personal clash has occurred turn round and dis- cover almost every sin under the sun in the erstwhile comrade. The poisoning of the atmosphere is helped on by those who, without an actual thorn in their own flesh as the cause, are stricken with chronic gullibility.

This latter failing of the mind to perform with cautious scepticism, re- quiring and evaluating evidence before reaching a judgment in the range of guilty, innocent or not proven one way or the other, is seen in this pre- sent context in the form of a proclivity to swallow and regurgitate any kind of rumour, so that, for example, persons of somewhat Iberian appearance are instantly pronounced to be Jewish, and male companions who go camping together are pronounced to be homosexuals. It can of course in another and reverse form work as a willingness to accept a person as genuine too easily, and thus cause the person to fall prey to fakes and enemy agents.

The cause is too great and the time too short for all the petty, per- sonal nonsense which puts and keeps National-Socialists apart and in conflict. If we cannot expurgate it, we will deserve to lose, and lose we will. If we can henceforth cast out, here and abroad, the cancerous wasting disease of disunity, we will show a far, greater worthiness to succeed, and attain a much increased capacity to do so.


In rigorously resisting and rejecting all the befuddling and distracting talk about uniting the “right wing” with us as part of it, we must from this moment onwards completely and constantly disown this term as applied so commonly, wrongly and harmfully to us, along with the nationalists. This rejection is a vital part of the purification and clarification nec- essary for the creation of the combat efficient force we must have for our victory. We National-Socialists are no part of Democracy’s political pattern, right, left or centre. We are wholly outside it and wholly against it, and intent on declaring and demonstrating this.

As part of the rejection of the right wing label, along with calls for our involvement in right wing unity, we have firmly to resist and sternly to expose and denounce the recurrent disposition of those who accept the label to fancy that there is some easier way to better things by fondly grasping at some right wing figure of Democracy’s old parties as some shin- ing white hope of salvation. We have had this furore in the past here in the U.K. with Enoch Powell serving Democracy as a safety valve on the issue of Coloured immigration, appearing to wishful thinkers galore to be raising a banner of competent revolt against this alien invasion, while all the time remaining a devotee of the system inherently responsible for it.

Recently another pied piper from the same political abode playing much the same political tune to beguile the public and boost his prestige, came on stage and predictably attracted an instant accolade from the legions of undiscerning optimists who seemingly never learn. This second seducer was appropriatelya second Winston Churchill. His grandfather was that calamitous character who, for the benefit of the Jewish cause which he espoused for his political and financial advancement, put us into and kept us in the inferno of the Second World War to the bitter end of unconditional surrender to an insanity resulting in all our present afflictions.

Winston No.2 won all his instantaneous and resounding hurrahs from the credulous congregation of the right wing for what resolved down into no more than a virtually useless proposal to slow down slightly the process of making Britain Coloured. Thus all he had to offer was a slight delay in attaining this culmination of that descent to ruin so powerfully pro- moted by that supreme showman of spurious patriotism, his grandfather, winston No.1. A founder-member of the Inter-parliamentary Council against Anti-Semitism, who has told the London Jewish Chronicle that he wants “ex- emplary sentences” for those “who incite racism” , Winston No. 2, toast of the nitwits of the right wing, did not even call for a complete stop to further immigration. So he never went beyond this to suggest anything at all to encourage the departure of any part of the millions who are already here, thanks to all he and his Conservative and Liberal and Labour fellow political criminals have or have not done over the decades since his grandfather made war on Aryan racial resurgence.

Even if, contrary to both Churchills, all further Coloured immigration was permanently stopped tomorrow, there are already so many Coloureds here, and they are breeding so fast that it is only a matter of time, and not so very long at that, before they become Democracy’s majority. Then the Aryans who have trod, worked, fought for the land, and died here time out of mind, bringing about a unique blend of blood and soil, will become a dissipated, demoralized, dwindling minority in what was once their homeland, facing extinction by reduced reproduction and miscegenation. That is our destiny under Democracy, the death system of the Aryan.

Even if, in addition to stopping all further entry by Coloureds, there was some encouragement to repatriation solely on a voluntary basis by means of some financial inducement, as has been proposed in various circles of the right wing, it would be woefully inadequate to remove the Coloured set- tlers as a whole or any great part of them. Coloured immigrants swarmed here and still do, despite the tricks of Democracy’s politicians to dis- semble -precisely because of the benefits of residence and citizenship. The vast majority of them will only be induced to depart voluntarily if, in addition to any reasonable repatriation grant and other assistance, those benefits are withdrawn from them, something you can be absolutely certain the politicians of Democracy, along with right wing nationalists, will never contemplate.


Their citizenship, which was wrongly given to them in the first place, has to be rightly revoked. They must no longer be able to vote, no longer able to hold public office, and no longer be able to take advantage of un- earned welfare facilities, among other things. This and nothing short of this should shift the greater part of them. The remnant, after a reasonable period of grace, will have to be compulsorily deported without the reset- tlement aid given to the voluntary emigrants.

The wholly sufficient justification for total exclusion and total eviction, as far as permanent residence is concerned distinct from temporary visiting, lies in the fact that this drastic measure is absolutely essential for the survival, revival and welfare and betterment of our own Aryan Folk which has to be our overriding consideration. Misplaced squeamishness in opposition to this measure by the weak, muddled and misguided can only mean that, faced with the choice between care for the Coloureds and care for our own Folk, hardship for the Coloureds or the far greater hardship of racial death for our own Folk, they choose to inflict this latter fate on us. Obviously there can be no place with us for anyone who inclines to this latter preference.

The right wing “patriots”, whose concern for the Coloured invasion is subject to their training by the media of Democracy to worship “moderation” in the face of even the most immoderate menace as an essential part of the conditioIiing-for tame and tractable servants of their masters, will never bring themselves to go along with the one and only sufficient solution to the Coloured problem. For the same reason of training plus timidity in their domestication to Democracy they are inhibited from even breaking si- lence, or else saying anything which is not so bound by limitations as to be quite useless, on the less recognized but even more important because more basically responsible Jewish problem. This makes them that much more undesirable to be entangled with.


This Jewish problem arises from the presence in our midst of what is predominantly another non-Aryan minority, but one much more able and ambitious and influential and powerful. The Jews have the enormous advantage of an ethnic religion all their own, endowing them,with a divine sanction for world domination. At a later stage in this study, when we come to deal with the religious factor relating to racial resurgence which the nationalists and even some National-Socialists fight shy of, we will see how vital it is that, as the very foundation for the right ideology for the right people in the right forms of activity and organization for victory, we equip ourselves with no less a religious sanction and sustenance as the Jews possess.

Believing themselves to be divinely chosen for global supremacy, the Jews although they now have a country of their own, Israel, with which the vast majority of them actually have no real ancestral connection at all as compared with the dispossessed Arabs nevertheless demand and receive the right to residence and prominence and even immunity from criticism in Britain and in every other Aryan land throughout the world. Three requirements arise from this. Firstly, there can be no adequate assessment of the grievous ills of Britain and the rest of the White world without taking full and frank account of this paramount problem. Secondly, there can be no sufficient remedy for it short of the Second Expulsion of the Jews from Britain- and their expulsion as well from all other Aryan lands. Thirdly, there can be no room in the Vanguard for any person who is either too ignorant or too cowardly to face up to this problem and pursue its only true remedy, the exodus of the creators of that problem.

Those nationalists and non-party “patriots” who pay heed to and applaud and attach hope to pillars of the Conservative Party like Winston Churchill No.2 are but a short step away from those who succumb to talking of joining that abominable association which is a living lie, conserving nothing and destroying everything at the core of our Aryan heritage to try and and reform it and make it a vehicle for salvation. This very idea that you can go into this den of iniquity, and most radically change it for the better, is a futile absurdity. You cannot reasonably hope to be able to turn into the instrument for national revival and racial resurgence some- thing which is under the complete top-level control of Democracy’s real rulers, and which under their rule has deliberately brought about all the conditions of national decline and racial ruin. The idea is about as like- ly to succeed as that of going into an inn for the purpose of talking the publican into allowing you to display temperance literature on his bar so that his customers become teetotallers.

The same stricture of course applies to talk of joining any of the other orthodox parties of Democracy. One and all they function under tight, top control by the forces of national decline and racial ruin to give the captive and befuddled masses the illusion that they are the ones in control, having an important and effective range of choice, whereas what is on of- fer in the way of difference is all carefully kept comparatively insigni- ficant and thus harmless to the masters of those masses. The choice between these parties is consequeDtly only a very restricted one within a rigidly enforced and held to be inviolable consensus onthe common objective for all sections of Democracy. This common objective is the ultimate World Order of Democracy in which men and women will become rootless, race- less, human economic units safely subservient to the lords of the earth.

Yet those deluded right-wingers who contemplate turning all this upside down from inside, dwellers in cloud-cuckoo-land if there was ever such, are precisely the ones who dismiss as utterly impracticable any idea of creating any new structure outside the old parties capable of overthrowing them. However hard the latter task certainly is, it is not hopeless from the start, as is the idea of creating in effect a new party within a malefi- cent old party. We of the Vanguard cannot afford to be cluttered up with talk of attempting this absurdity.


Close to those who compromise with the old order by acclaiming its equivalent of the siren of the Lorelei legend, namely the likes of Powell and Churchill, or contemplating, as it were, joining the household of the devil to make it the shrine of the saint, are those right-wingers who make it their hobby to write to Members of Parliament protesting at this and that aspect of the scheduled course of disaster pursued by their parties, and seeking to persuade them to rebel in this respect. This is the sin of sidetracking, namely distracting and diverting time and effort into compro- mising involvement in the system of Democracy instead of holding aloof from it and firmly rejecting it, and engaging in activities against it. Even if the recipient of their representation was brought by them to show the signs of some limited disobedience to the party line in this one respect, the rebellion would be restricted to this. That M.P. would remain loyal to the rest of the grievous party policy, while the right-winger involved would be drawn into focusing on, participating in and relying on the workings of Democracy, whereas what we have to do is to boycott it.

Such sidetrackers tend to be persons of split personality, half in and half out of the system. They are forever torn between a perception of the disaster which looms ahead at the hands of the old parties of Democracy, and a crippling craving for “respectability”, albeit in terms of the valuations of the creators of the disaster. Coupled to this is a disposition to a starry-eyed optimism which causes them to imagine that there just must be enough good in the old gang to enable it to be worked on to bring about some amelioration which is better than nothing Thus they incline to settle for some triviality of delay or temporary modification in manner in the passage to doom instead of holding out for and going for gold in the sense of devoting themselves to the all-out pursuit of the revolution required.

Often of the same disposition, and similarly to be avoided, are the single issue enthusiasts of attenuated vision who become and remain so obsess- ed with some particular section of the picture of woe -such as the reduction of national self-government, abortion, immigration, crime, usury, pollution of the environment -that they come to view it in detachment, failing to see or grossly to underestimate the correlation between one thing and another, and one part and the whole, in what is a general picture of defect reflecting a total process of decay. Failing to discern and consider the whole problem, they understandably fail to discern and consider the whole remedy required, which is a thorough change of system and society, nothing less than which will suffice properly to cure any and all of the numerous manifestations of corruption and disintegration and degeneration. Instead, they tend to see the particular problem they focus on as being just an abnormality in a system and society which is nevertheless more or less satisfactory, a conclusion which confines them to a category of conformist. In contrast, National-Socialism offers not some patchwork repair outfit for some futile attempt to deal with some part of the total problem in isolation, but the only adequate remedy which is total replacement.


Right-wingers including all those who call themselves “nationalists” to distinguish themselves from National-Socialists, and particularly to separate themselves from the pan-Aryan implications of the latter are commonly subject to a disabling commitment to Christianity, at least in the background of their minds, inhibiting them from opposing it, if it does not exude to the extent of frontally avowing it and preaching it. Religion will be dealt with in detail later. Suffice it here to say that, however unpleasant it may be to make the point to people who, tragically, have much good in them apart from this underlying and eclipsing weakness, the fact is that the creed of Christianity is unquestionably anti-Aryan in effect if not pronouncement. The beliefs and sentiments from that creed, however singled out and detached from the rest of the collection which comprises it, are the greatest cause and constant accompaniment of all the defects and the degeneracy which it is the purpose of National-Socialism to combat.

The long and the short of it is that, this being so, you cannot tackle the matter of Aryan jeopardy without confronting and rejecting and replacing Christianity. You cannot, therefore, accept and accomodate in the ranks of the real opponents of that jeopardy those who think and behave as though we have some conventional obligation to keep silent and abstain from interfer- ence in the matter of religion, or else even seek to make support for Christianity part of if not central to the cause. The time has come for deep and clear thinking and resolute decision on all vital issues, putting aside hampering fallacies and compromises, and this unavoidably means that the time has come for the parting of the ways between thorough National-Socialists and those who are thorough Christians. No longer can we afford the obfuscation of pretending that these inherently irreconcilable creeds can continue to cohabit in the same living space.

Right-wingers, including the Tory-type nationalists who are as much attached to the old order of Democracy as detached from it, are commonly addicted to supporting the royal family in Britain, even if only to the extent of a self-imposed abstention from criticizing it and condemning it, comparable to their self-censorship regarding Christianity. Here also the cri- sis is too serious and the urgency of drastically improving our mode of dealing with it too great to allow us any longer to fudge on this matter or any other matter of importance.

These right-wingers purport to perceive the royal family as a commendable, surviving representation of British nationhood, and accordingly some thing to be cherished and defended. This is an appalling misconception, appalling because it is one which causes attention and effort to be wasted in upholding and venerating something which has become void and false as any such representation. Thereby that part of the public which is patriotically inclined is perniciously deluded and diverted into believing that traditional Britain is still thriving, and is thus lulled into complacency, satisfied with a semblance and pretence, while, beyond and behind the glit- ter and pomp of monarchical pageantry the essential Britain is disappearing down the drain.

The hard fact which, however unpalatable it is to some, has to be pro- claimed is that today’s royal family in this country is no more than a hugely costly, manifestly mediocre array of characters. As their highest distinction they provide the mercenary media, engaged in promoting the dis- astrous policies of our real masters, with fancy, fraudulent figures with which to titillate voyeuristic curiosity, excite shallow sentimentality, and cause convenient distraction from the reality of the oncoming destruct- ion of our heritage. All of this &ponsorship and promotion of the monarchy by the media is in the same category as the provision of circuses in the arena in the twilight days of the Roman Empire as a distraction from its imminent downfall.

At the head of this royal family we have a queen in name but hardly in appearance (being in comparison to the regal-looking Mrs Vigdis Finnboga- dottir, President of Iceland, a commonplace, dumpy figure indeed), and one who verbally crowns multiracialism, ruinous to her realm, with her highest approval whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as her abominable ” Christmas broadcasts ” .Making the contemporary synthesis of Commu-Capitalism, she has just recently visited Moscow and laid a wreath there in tribute to the Communist war against National-Socialist Germany. All in all, her performance is such as to prompt us to reword the national anthem to exhort the deity not to save the queen for us, but rather to save us from this woman and her hurtful activities.

It would take a whole issue or special supplement of Gothic Ripples to present fully the case against this burdensome and harmfully distractive royal famiiy not one member of which has ever uttered a single word against the alien usurpation of their realm, and compared to which any shop assistant who has handed out a few National-Socialist leaflets has done infinitely more for the good of Britain. Suffice it for here and now to mention just the following few matters as indicative of the indictment.


ARISTOCRACY’S JEWISH BLOOD “The Royal Family has had many Jewish connections. ” So said the publishing director of “Burke’s Peerage”, the genealogical authority regarding the British aristocracy and royalty as quoted in the London Daily Mail (12 September 1992). The quotation occurred in connection with a family tree supplied by this authority, and there published in that newspaper concerning the new husband of the queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, now entitled the “Princess Royal”. It seems that this august custodian of the British heritage was unable to find someone of our breed to her taste, instead she was obliged to take to bed a descendant of a Zaccaria Levy of Vienna, a Jew who married a daughter of another Jew, Moses Haim Montefiore, and migrated to London, and whose son. Joseph, changed the family surname to “Laurence”. Such name changing in order to deceive by purporting to be British is a matter of false pretences very commonly resorted to by Jews.

Thus we arrive at the “Tim Laurence” who has become part of our illustri- ous royal family by his marriage to the race-mixing renegade, Anne, in De- cember 1992. Presumably right wing royalists will be quite prepared to doff their caps to these marriage partners and the mongrel offsprings of this misalliance.

The infiltration of Jewish blood into the “upper classes” of this country was dealt with by the late Prof, Revilo P. Oliver a great master of the pen in our cause whose death on August 10, 1994, was a great loss to it -in his last article in the August 1994 issue of the fine, American, monthly magazine, Liberty Bell (P.O. Box 21, Reedy, W V 25270, U.S.A. sample copy $5.00). Summarizing, the writer said: “Thus did Asiatic blood at first seep and soon spurt into the great families of England, who should have been the foremost and most vigilant custodians of their national and racial heritage. ” He quoted Hilaire Belloc ( ” The Jews ” , London , 1922) as concluding that “with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception.” This racially corrupted and decadent aristocracy of now to which Tory-type right-wingers show deference in their general adherence to falsities has to be done away with in a National-Socialist Britain, replaced by a new one of proven worth in National-Socialist terms.

Returning to the royal family in particular as the apex of decadence, the Prince of Wales, the future monarch, has proved incapable of fidelity towards even his own wife in fulfilment of his wedding vow. This can hard- ly count as a token of his trustworthiness in respect of guardianship of the nation’s greatest treasure, its Aryan blood, as borne out by his con- stant concern to go out of his way to get together with Coloureds, talking with them, posing with them, dancing with them, projecting himself as a princely promoter of racial disloyalty.

It now appears that he has been, matched in his matrimonial infidelity by the woman who entered his life and the nation’s attention as an empty headed nonentity given to jumping up and down in ecstatic response to the degenerate din of “pop music” .Despite all the more recent and intensive efforts to groom her for a high and mighty future as first lady of this land, including giving her an endearing image as a do-gooder, clearly be- hind the halo she remains a fibreless, pleasure-obsessed, ideal-lacking representative of today’s idle rich, the plutocracy which is the beneficiary of Democracy, as of Communism its culmination. Her prime function, in which she does at least excel, is to serve well as a super-doll for the sales of the trivia-vending tabloids in business to make money magnifi- cently out of diverting the dupes of Democracy.

In sober analysis, this Princess Diana of Democracy shows no more sense and is certainly less useful than any supermarket checkout girl. We of the National-Socialist Vanguard can have no time for this puppetry of roy alty and all those right-wingers mesmerized by it. Patriotism centred on and satisfied by this royal family of ours is about as vacuous as sporting some shopping bag from a Jewish chain-store, emblazoned with a Union Jack, in the belief that it is a meaningful and sufficient assertion of patriotic pride.

Another important issue which right wing nationalists avoid -and an- other reason why we must avoid entanglement with them is Freemasonry. This is the secret society which reveres a composite, cosmopolitan godhead, and provides an apparatus for divisive and inequitable political power and economic and social preferment, contrary to National-Socialist principles of economic and social justice, folk unity, and the paramountcy of the in- terests of the Aryan peoples. There can thus be no room in the National- Socialist Vanguard for Freemasons and those in favour of tolerating them, including some corrupted into silence and inaction by the financial con- tributions of Freemasons who purport to be nationalists; contributions which have the same effect of indirect if not direct bribery as those from supporters of Christianity and monarchy. Compromise is a weakness masquer- ading as a cleverness, and the watchword of the Vanguard must be “No Compromise!”


Even more dangerous than the potential seduction exerted by those who are unmistakably within the system, such as the likes of Powell and Churchill in the U.K., are those who have a superficial appearance of being in conflict with it, and yet by reason of compromise with it remain part of it. One example is the MSI in Italy which has shed its Fascism even fur- ther by becoming under Gianfranco Fini a new look “National Alliance”. This further surrender to Democracy has had the enthusiastic support of Mussolini ‘ s grandaughter , Alessandra a former “soft – porn ” pin up per Playboy magazine who , according to a BBC (London) radio news report, in 1994, spent her honeymoon in Israel.

Another in this category uncritically acclaimed by his kind in this country is Le Pen and his movement in France. This right-winger told the London Sunday Express(24 November 1991), in a statement which reveals that his racial outlook is dominated and perverted by his nationalism, “We have Jews, blacks and Arabs among our members on only two conditions. That they are French and they are patriots.” He was reported in the London Jewish Chronicle (29 November 1991) as declaring that he was not a racist or an anti – semite. According to the same paper several years earlier (13 May 1988) he told a Jerusalem paper ” I have never uttered a hostile word against Israel or against the Jewish community (in France);” and that he receives the total support of the “Association des Juifs Francais”. Earlier still in an interview quoted in the same Jewish Chronicle (17 October 1986) he declared that membership of his organisation was ” Most certainly open to Jews”. In 1987 the same paper (4 September) mentioned that earlier that year Le Pen had been guest of honour at a luncheon in New York given by the President of the World Union of General Zionists.

Another seductive compromise-monger is the sleek, political juggler, David Duke in the U.S.A., proficient at shedding principles for votes, and thus thoroughly untrustworthy.

A rising star in the fond hopes of incautious easy-takers is Vladimir Volfovich Zhironovsky, head of the flourishing “Liberal Democratic Party” in Russia. Is he or is he not at least a part-Jew, and, if he is, is he in revolt against his Jewishness or in pursuit of it?

We have reports of the man denying his father was Jewish, and accusing his enemies of forging genealogical records, which is certainly a possibility to bear in mind. Alongside them we have The Mail on Sunday of London (26 December 1993) claiming that in an exclusive interview with that paper Zhironovsky said ” I have never concealed the fact that my father was Jewish” and the Jewish Chronicle of London (17 December 1993) quoting the Moscow representative of The Times of London as saying “his father was from a Jewish family. He himself has never denied this outright.” Additionally, the magazine of the London Independent newspaper (2 April 1994) reported that he told a journalist from the Israeli daily paper, Mariv, that he is proud of having a Jewish father.

It has been said in one quarter or another that his mother’s first husband, a Zhironovsky, was a Jewish lawyer who died 18 months before the child’s birth in 1946 and 5 months after she married a Volf Isakovich Eidelstein who was registered as Jewish; and that our present Zhironovsky changed his surname in 1964 from Eidelstein as on his birth certificate. According to the London Evening Standard (14 December 1993) Zhironovsky in 1983 applied to Israel to settle there and was granted permission, though subsequently he never took advantage of it. The most obvious conclusion from all of this is that at least one has to be distinctly wary of the man, who moreover seems to display a somewhat Hebraic flamboyance.


There are it seems a few Jews who genuinely become sick of their own kind, and it may be argued that it is reasonable to make some favourable mention of them, and even engage in some circumspect liaison and co-opera- tion with them to make use of them. What, however, is imperative to avoid damage is to keep them forever at a distance, not to allow them into your organization, and not to come to stand shoulder to shoulder with them on any public occasion. The fact is that by nature they can never be one of us, and, if allowed into our ranks or even just close, public proximity to us, will cause confusion among our followers and to our outward image; besides always presenting a potential security risk.

A Jew is always a Jew, and a part-Jew always partly so. There can be no altering this fact of nature, this racial character which governs thought and behaviour, by the apparent adoption and presentation of some particular ideas contrary to the general Jewish standpoint. A Jew cannot by this ir- regularity become an Aryan patriot. He can only become a somewhat dissident Jew or part-Jew.

This is why one cannot approve the admission of dissident Jews into organizations such as the original National front in the U.K., of which the Jews Albert Elder and Gerry Viner were examples; and into revisionist ranks in North America because of their stance critical of the general Jewish propagation of the “holocaust” myth of which two examples are Ditlieb Felderer, a Jew married to a Filipino, and the Jew David Cole.

Currently operating in the U.K. is a curious gentleman of the name of Alexander Baron who has stated that he is not a Jew himself, yet issues his literature under the suggestive imprint of “Anglo-Hebrew Publishing” , has collaborated with a Jewish rabbi in defence of “The Talmud” , and vigor- ously denounces anti-Semitism. The mass of industriously researched ma- terial he has produced, exposing the Searchlight magazine of London and the vicious gang of Jews responsible for this “anti-fascist” publication and its associated harassment of and violence against nationalists and National-Socialists, is all to the good, but has to be seen as overshadowed by the overall defence of Jewry, and the disparagement of its opponents which he so heavily indulges in. Such troublesome characters of confusion and complication we cannot afford to get connected with.


Requiring rejection to the extent of positive identification as among the enemy are those lingering remnants of the former National front of the U.K. who now regularly resort to denigration of Adolf Hitler and National- Socialism in their efforts to gain popularity on the cheap, thus revealing how far gone they are with the pox of promiscuous compromise. As a recent example of this we have the Blackburn Organiser of the NF declaring in a letter published in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph (26 April 1994) “Hitler was responsible for the slaughter of more Britons than any other man in history. The NF, a pro-British organisation, will never sympathise with Hitler or National Socialist policies.” The very idea still held by some ostensibly on our side that we should still consider as comrades-in- arms such despicable dealers in dishonesty, clamouring to profit from the ignorance and passion generated by the enemy media, is revolting. Such pol- itical prostitutes deserve to be taken out and horsewhipped, not befriended.

Associated with or parallel to the 13.nti-Hitlerites of the NF (U.K.). and likewise on our rejection list, are the Strasserites, admirers of the brothers Gregor and Otto Strasser who had to be expelled from Hitler’s NSDAP because of their desire to turn National-Socialism into national-bolshevism (as dealt with in Gothic Ripples No. 20/21). These subverters are appearing in a number of quarters, one of them being something called the “European Liberation Front” inspired by the late francis Parker Yockey who in his writings, such as his book “Imperium” , deflected the basic issue from that of race to that of culture, thus causing a confusion of causality.

A constituent of this new “Front” is a body called “New Resistance” described as distinctly “National Bolshevik” as being a mixture of Strasser- ism, the European New Right (an appellation for a distracting trend of blanched unorthodoxy) and German “revolutionary conservatism” whatever that is. Our focus for headway to victory has to be always and entirely set on authentic National-Socialism, and at no time and in no way diffused on to other and lesser creeds which fall short of it.


A different type of undesirable to be relentlessly avoided and excluded are the Hollywood Nazis, those freaks whose understanding and enactment of National-Socialism goes no further than babbling about the past, seeking souvenirs of the past, and dressing up in the garb and accoutrements of the past as though all this makes them some part of the great past themselves. These foolish figures of fantasy and fetish are political play-boys at the best, not political workers and fighters as the men and women of the Vanguard must be. At their worst they are public exhibitionists who act out and fulfil the Hollywood caricature of National-Socialism to the immense delight and benefit of the enemy. They are not, whatever they think and say, National-Socialists at all who are by definition those who transform the word into the deed, and they have to be told so and ruthlessly put aside.

Much akin to the playboys of the swastika are the clowns of the U.K’s Ku Klux Klan whose contribution to the cause of Aryan salvation is to wrap themselves in sheets, surreptitiously burn fiery crosses, hold private sessions big on talk and beer, and at the most sally forth occasionally to put a brick through a Colured person’s window. An indication of how damaging to the racial cause these clowns can be by the ridicule they so readily and rightly arouse was provided by a report in the Western Mail of Wales (6 December 1994) of a KKK event at which, as a change from the customary sheet, the leader of the lunatics was dressed in a military cap, camouflage trousers and jackboots, and with his friends, while giving “Nazi salutes ” , thrashed a suspended effigy with a stick while shouting “Kill the blacks” and “We are the superior race” .Dissociating from and denouncing these clowns is an essential part of the clean-up, clarification and restructuring the NS Vanguard has to undertake.

Another form of injurious exhibitionism we have to be on our guard against and exclude is that manifested by the likes of a Michael McLaughlin who for a time and to its downfall headed the British Movement in the U.K., having gained his position by his promise to adhere to its constitution which promise he proceeded immediately to break. Until his megalo- maniacal pretensions so outstripped him as to leave him stranded in naked exposure whereupon he discarded the organization, blaming its members for not having lived up to his expectations this trumpery charlatan fed his followers a dazzling diet of massive exaggeration as to his ever-in- creasing success and rapid approach to power, nourishing his own ego to obesity thereby. While so doing he did achieve a big increase in the nominal membership. This was by the simple and disastrous expedient of down pitching his appeal to the gutter level of every kind of mindless and unsightly street ruffian capable between beer cans of frothing “Heil McLaughlin!”, along with sundry obscenities against Jews and Coloureds which only served to make spectators strongly sympathetic to the latter. Behind a facade of National-Socialism men like this, driven by unprincipled vanity, function as political rubbish collectors, casting dirt on our creed.


This brings us to the subject of skinheads. Over the past decade or so many National-Socialists as well as nationalists have allowed themselves to be driven by a desperate quest for numbers, seen fallaciously as the supreme measure of headway, to grasp at skinheads, who superficially are at loggerheads with the system, as a source of extra numbers and increased militancy. For this accretion they have been willing to pay the price of lowering their standards and even acclaiming skinheads as the standard- bearers of a coming millenium, frontfighters for a resplendent future. This intemperate laudation has of course marked a gross debasement of the persons and bodies concerned. In their anxiety to make themselves suffi- ciently attractive to the skinheads they have committed the cardinal error of converting themselves to the skinheads instead of requiring and accom- plishing the reverse. They have thus ended up as yet another example of the inevitable result of the numbers game, namely the tail wagging the dog.

“The Nazis Were Never Like This” was the heading of a letter published in the London newspaper, The Independent, (9 December 1992) which specifically referred to “neo-Nazis” In Germany today, but which can apply to skinheads everywhere, when it said that “.. .the crisply uniformed and disciplined units of the Sturmabteilung (“Storm Troopers”) and Schutzstaffel (SS) were welcome then because, rightly ot wrongly and despite subsequent history, they alone were seen as capable of bringing order to streets dominated by scruffy, unruly, often violent mobs: in other words, the counterparts of the neo-Nazis one sees in press photographs and on television today. “

It is a mistake, admittedly, to disregard the fact that there is some good in some skinheads, who at least are prepared to have a go, which is more than can be said of many nationalists and even quite a lot of nominal National-Socialists. It is if anything an even bigger mistake to disregard or discount the fact that there is much that is very bad in skinheads. The problem is to draw on and increase the good in some of them to the exclusion of the bad in all of them: to bring into line with us whatever proportion of them have the potential, and this without in the process running any danger of dropping into line with them, as has occurred so far in dealing with them. For authentic National-Socialists conversion is a one-way street, our way only. Let there be absolutely no misunderstanding about this iron rule!

What has to be put to skinheads and very firmly indeed impressed upon them is that they have been infected by the malignant media with a thoroughly false view of National-Socialism as present in the Germany of Adolf Hitler. Pioneered by frontline ex-servicemen, used to strict discipline amid the dangers of fighting the foe, theirs was no uprising of some slovenly and raucous rabble, but a tightly disciplined revolt against Democracy by those who had become political soldiers as a sequel to being military ones, exchanging one uniform for another.

Democracy is disorder. It is not to be fought and remedied by more dis- order, indulgence in which makes the participants part of the processes of Democracy, not part of its cure. That is the first part of the lesson that skinheads have to learn, if they are to be of any use at all to us. The second part is that real National-Socialism is in conflict with all the manifestations of disorder characterizing Democracy, its aim being a new and much greater orderliness through a revolutionary transformation of state and society.

National-Socialism’s pursuit of good order for which another name is harmony pertains to every aspect of life, including all the arts and leisure activities in the culture of the Folk. In this it is totalitarian, recognizing and responding to the totality of life in all its interactions. Responding to the harmonious workings of nature in the pattern of good order of the universe, National-Socialism seeks a reflective harmony in all the affairs of man. It seeks this good order in, for example, a just and efficient social and economic structure, and sees it in good music which by definition is harmonious.

In contrast to and in conflict with this good music of National-Socialism is the discordant din which skinheads delight in. Such cacophony, in its range of revolting forms from plain “pop” by way of “rock” to even more excruciating emissions of noise, is the authentic death sound of Democracy. It is accordingly an evil which National-Socialism has to wage war on, along with all the other evils of the death system.


There is a rhythm natural to Aryan men and women indicated by their breathing rate and heart beat. Where the beat of “music” is speeded up much above the normal pulse rate per minute, tension is built up in the emotional system of the person participating to the deleterious point of what amounts to a hypnotic seizure of the mind. In this condition the critical faculties are overcome and suspended by the convulsions of the senses, reason collapses, and in this “hypnoid” state there is a greatly increased suggestibility. The implantation of ideas by way not merely of words sung (or shouted or screeched) but indirectly by behaviour and display is greatly facilitated.

This is a state of “possession” examined by the renowned psychologist, Dr. William Sargant, in his book, “The Mind Possessed” (Heinemann, London, 1973). It is a condition of induced mental dependency highly advantageous to the sinister promoters of this type of “music”, psycho-narcotic in nature, being at one and the same time highly profitable to their pockets and powerfully effective for their political programme. They achieve the desired state of “possession” in the multitudes of young people addicted to this aural drug by means of the overpowering effect of continual, primitive, repetition of sound, including the hammer blows of a frantic rate of drumbeat, against a background of disorientation caused by rapidly flashing lights.

This amounts to a mugging of the mind. The purpose of the muggers is to break down barriers in the brain, and brainwash away distinctions of race and sex in the youth to whom the future belongs, thus capturing that future. The high personification of this processing to unisexual multi- racialism by music and movement is the futuristic freak, Michael Jackson, who has amassed $350 million for his services in blurring in his own frame distinctions between Black and White and male and female. In this hideous creature we see the shape of things to come in the high days of perfected Democracy

. Frank admissions of the brainwashing in view have come from such as “rock” star Frank Zappah in the U .S .A ., saying “The loud sounds and the bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools”; and Paul Cantor, another noise-maker in the same land, saying “The new rock music is intended to …prepare young people for revolution,” meaning the revolutionary advance of multiracialism, Democracy’s zenith. Skinheads, while they may radiate and ingest a somewhat different message from that convey-ed by the above two minstrels of degeneration, nevertheless practise the same back-to-the-jungle method’ of mind-bending by primitive “music” plus primitive physical contortion as is used by the likes of Zappah and Cantor, and those who stand behind them, to promote their revolution of multiracialism. Whatever the difference of content, the mode of conveyance is virtually the same, the damage to personality just as bad, so that the skinheads, while fondly seeing themselves as rebels, are to be seen on this assessment as relatives of all the rest of the jungle “music” tribe .

National-Socialism, skinheads need to learn, is not signified by the silly superficiality of adorning one’s clothing with iron crosses and other unearned war decorations, or by tattooing swastikas on one’s anatomy, or shouting ” Sieg Heil! ” at short intervals .It i s not as serted by beating up some Negro or Pakistani who happens to come along and does so only because renegades of our own race have let him come into the country and stay there. It is not expressed by bellowing beer-swilling ditties to the accompaniment of the “music” discussed above and its associated gyrations which come straight from the jungle, and are appropriate to a celebrating assembly of Central African cannibals jubilating around the cooking pot.

There must be no attempt whatsoever, while they remain in their unregenerate condition, to recruit them indiscriminately and in bulk, or to allow them to participate in or even hang around any National-Socialist activity so that they appear to be connected with us. Instead they must always and only be dealt with on the outside and at a distance, and only individually adopted where over a sufficient,testing period there are solid grounds for deeming such individuals really suitable.

Right from the first moment of any such dealings with any of them it must be made abundantly clear to them that there is no such thing as a National-Socialist skinhead, only those who cease to be skinheads in the process of becoming genuine National-Socialists. They must understand that we make the demands and lay down the conditions, and that provisional acceptance by us means wholehearted acceptance by them of the values, principles, standards and discipline of real National-Socialism and which involves the permanent abandonment of their jungle music. If they can bring themselves genuinely and permanently to accept this upliftment, fine, and a welcome to them. If not, then an instantaneous goodbye to them, and no further wastage of time and effort on them.


The process of scrupulous elimination of all undesirables, which is essential for the selection of the right people for the Vanguard, must encompass all those who, whatever their overshadowed merits, are preeminently incorrigible time-wasters, addicted to unproductive talk, talk, talk, as an escape from getting down to solid, useful work. Our time is too precious to waste with any of these garrulous loafers who are much more of a hindrance than a help.

In contrast to the usual political party or other political organization which strives to attract and take in virtually anyone who says “yes” to the policy and dips in his pocket for some small subscription, the Vanguard has to vet people exhaustively and stringently, passing by whatever number of inadequate persons in the search for the few good ones who each on his or her own surpass a multitude of the lesser ones in his or her capacity to advance the cause. We have to look for the people of superior calibre who, contrary to the what-can-I-get mentality of Democracy are motivated by what-can-I-give to a cause .which fires them. Such people are repelled by low standards and attracted by high ones. They are people readily responsive to the concepts of honour, duty, service. Thus, in scanning for selection- and by our invitation only -we have to assess a person’s mo- tivations carefully. At the same time we have to assure ourselves of a person’s ,stability , for we cannot afford to expend time and trouble on a recruit whose past record indicates that he or she lacks constancy, and is prone to changing enthusiasms. Time and care on vetting in the first place will be amply repaid in saving us from the consequences of slipshod recruiting.

Reflective of poor standards is the practice which sadly has emerged in some National-Socialist quarters of indulging in vulgarity of expression in unison with the parlance of Democracy’s debased television as the tone-setter. The four-letter words for excrement and copulation are frequently employed as though crudity in respect of bodily functions intrinsically private and intimate denotes some fashionable robustness. With Democracy sexual activity is obtrusively debauched to the level of an omnipresent pursuit of sensual pleasure devoid of higher purpose, whereas for National-Socialism it is inseparable from the higher purpose of furtherance of the race.

We now come to the variety of repulsive louts who, influenced by the malignant media’s ceaseless depiction of National-Socialism as some supreme, demoniacal repository of violence, viciousness and vileness, are attracted to add their disgusting appearance and behaviour to some trumpery show of a connection with it as a way to shock society’s lingering decency under the impact of burgeoning Democracy. These louts are no more than simply anti-social, and would be no less so under National-Socialism, except that National-Socialism would by the very nature of its educational and youth measures within its general framework and atmosphere almost certainly prevent the emergence of such excrescence, and most certainly and immediately cauterize it, if it did nevertheless appear.

This dross ranges from football hooligans, dripping their beer down their sweat shirts and bellowing their drivel, as they stick their paws out in what is supposed to be some imitation of the Hitler salute: to the night marish apparitions known as “punks”, resplendent in their multicoloured, Mohican hair-styles, and with rings in their ears if not in their noses; in short savages straight from the jungle. For the Vanguard it is a necessary task of pest control to protect our cause from contaminating connection with these synthetic savages, and this by constant denunciation, and by booting away any of them inflicting their presence in our proximity.

Among other desecrators of our cause are the cemetary decorators who sally forth in the dead of night to daub swastikas, very often the wrong way round, as well as idiotic and illiterate slogans on Jewish gravestones, as though some heroic achievement exists in attacking the stones of the dead instead of the bodies and beliefs of our enemies among the living. These ghouls of the graveyard deserve and should receive our punishment, whatever else. This is not to overlook the fact that there is much evidence of Jews themselves daubing anti-Jewish signs and slogans both to discredit National- Socialism and to stimulate Jewish solidarity and emigration to Israel.

Next, the Vanguard has to take a very firm stand against politics by way of booze, and strictly exclude the boozers, as an indispensable manifestation of its seriousness of intention and its fitness to succeed as the instrument for victory. For far too long pubs have been the home from home for nationalists and National-Socialists without any careful limitation on the usage of the premises and the consumption of their beverages. The result has been that down with the drink has gone the interests of the cause, another round and yet another proving irresistible. The bar has remained the only goal of the evening with reminiscences, fantasies and other idle gossip stealing away the time, purpose and energy from useful activity, while the publican pockets the money for all this wastage, instead of it going to the cause. National-Socialism’s elite does not stand in need of inspiration from a bottle, and must make any use of pubs a matter of strict and constant control to avoid the abuse here described.

The disgraceful yearly ,display of drunken brawling at the Diksmuide folk festival in Belgium by beer can braves from Britain must be put a stop to with a Vanguard contingent acting as gendarmerie, if necessary.

Keen caution is required regarding recruiting anyone who has been convicted and imprisoned not for a purely political offence, but for an ordinary criminal one. Such conviction may show the person to have qualities of enterprise and daring in defiance of the conventions of contemporary society, along with various talents which could be useful to us, and this may well appeal to us, being ourselves in conflict with Democracy’s contemporary society, and not bound by its morality where this is at variance with the vital interests of race and nation. However, we have always to keep right in front of us the fact that the person did what he did purely for personal gain and not for the benefit of a cause. Though this does not mean that any proper extenuating factors are not to be taken into account, or that the person cannot change to the extent henceforth of serving a cause above self, it does mean that at least a very large question mark, if not a cancellation mark, has to be put against that person, requiring us to conduct a very careful appraisal and sharp testing of that person before any provisional acceptance.


With the advance of Democracy has dawned the day of the queers, who in true Democratic fashion of deceit try to pass themselves off as “gay” , and as good as normal at that. In a society denoted as permissive of sundry depravity, and tolerant of about everyism except National-Socialism, the queers are hard at work proselytizing and propagandizing, extending their influence through their infiltration of positions of power in an insidious take over from within.

National-Socialism, the upholder of the natural order, committed to the preservation of the race by its procreation, cannot accomodate those who pursue an unnatural order suicidal for the race. Thus it is for the Vanguard to take up and lead the fight against this cancerous abomination, evincing its determination to do so by always naming these perverts as the queers they are, thus opposing their important bid to facilitate acceptance by way of favourable nomenclature; and by ensuring that our door is always firmly shut to them.

We come finally in this survey of undesirables to those persons who delight in dabbling in the outer and most bizarre reaches of the occult which they designate as “Satanism”; and who, in the cour$e of this, seek to add spice to their concoction by bringing in the name, the leader and the symbol of National-Socialism, wrongly purporting a connection with their weirdness, and thus causing a contamination with it. Here we need to go no further than to quote as follows a speech of Adolf Hitler at Nuremberg on 6 Septem- ber 1938 to put on record our rejection of these people. “We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for ex- ploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our movement. Such folk are not National socialists, but something else -in any case something which has nothing to do with us.” .



The right people for the Vanguard for victory, it has previously been stressed, have to be people capable of an all-embracing, holistic contemplation and comprehension of life, taking account of all aspects of decay and disintegration in interaction. Nothing less complete can suffice. The attainment of this breadth and depth of insight carries with it the realization that we are faced with an all-pervasive, spiritual sickness which is the heart of the trouble, so that tackling it is the heart of the remedy. Thereby we are unavoidabty brought to grips with religion.

Conventional nationalist and National-Socialist organizations, even if they do not avow Christianity, the nominally predominant religion of the White people, and evangelize for it, claim a marked merit in avoiding the subject of religion, saying that they are simply and purely concerned with “politics”, which for them definitively excludes spiritual matters and thus the mainspring of life. To depart from this exclusion, they say, is disastrously divisive, so they proclaim the subject out-of-bounds, leaving religion to the individual’s choice. In so doing they implicitely, if not explicitely, declare themselves to be certainly not in conflict with Christianity, whether this is from personal conviction of its value or only because of the dictates of expediency.

Since religion, Christianity specifically, is already evident in its influence throughout the entire picture of life, as one might expect of such a naturally pervasive force, the declaration of exclusion is only one-sided in effect, incapacitating those concerned from dealing with a present and dominant element in the situation. It is thus a disabling illusion comparable to that of “unity” by dissimilar amalgamation, dealt with earlier on. Consequently and similarly it reflects not some vital wisdom in the emergency confronting the Aryan Folk, but a disqualifying inadequacy.


Perceptive observation of the cosmos reveals the universal interplay of cause and effect, and with response to factors of balance and compensation; all this flux operating as an everlasting process of selection whereby the fitter forms of both animation and inanimation survive and prosper through a state of constant conflict. Nature’s aim thus revealed is not some static equality, embodying some enervating pity for the weak, defective and inferior. Instead it is a remorseless preference for the success of the superior. For human beings the driving urge, reflective of the whole pro- cess of Nature, has to be, firstly, survival, but not that alone. ThroQgh that and beyond that it has to be a continuation upwards, towards the sun of excellence, and thereby the attainment of superhumanity.

Now how far does Christianity, the White world’s purported spiritual staff of life, conform to or contradict Nature’s purpose: the struggle for survival and superiority? How far does it measure up as the energizing force for the revival and advancement of the Aryan Folk, being the breed which has so far most excelled in the course of mankind, and shown the greatest capacity for evolution to superman?

Before proceeding to examine these crucial questions -and, as will transpire, to a condemnation of Christianity as completely failing against these criteria -the writer is concerned to put on record that he is keenly mindful of the many, otherwise commendable people who sincerely and deeply believe in Christianity and its power to put things right. Most of all he is sorry to have to conflict with those who somehow manage, beyond his understanding, to reconcile National-Socialism and Christianity to their satisfaction. Yet, overriding all resultant hesitation, he believes the primacy of the issue and the exigency of the times requires him to speak his mind.


Christianity’s supposed creator was one in a succession of Jewish christs or prophets and preachers perambulating Palestine two thousand and more years ago, and forming sects. As to who he was and what he did and said, we are dependent on accounts composed long after his reputed time which no reputable court of law would accept as reliable evidence. At the best the material is the outcome of a long succession of hearsay with all the inherent and cumulative disposition to distortion that this entails, and at worst deliberate embellishment or even complete fabrication. Take your choice!

The first part of Christianity’s eventually constructed bible, incorporated as being its Jewish background, is the Old Testament. This is a tedious and nauseating collection of tribal tales, transmitted from story- teller to storeyteller down througfi the ages, gathering fanciful and fig- urative additions all along the way. It supposedly chronicles the doings of the Jews from the beginning of the world, but can hardly be relied on as anything remotely close to true history. What it does present beyond dispute throughout its narrations, thereby perhaps providing their prime justification, is the pivotal claim that the Jews have been selected by their tribal god, Jehovah, as a superior people, a real Herrenvolk of Chosen Ones, entitled and destined to rule the world.

In it this Jewish Jehovah -supposedly the father of the Jesus Christ pres ented to us in the bible ‘ s second testament as “Our Saviour” is seen as a vicious and vindictive, bloodthirsty tyrant without mercy for the youngest and most innocent of babes. Far from this Old Testament being of the slightest spiritual benefit to Aryans, it is absolutely appalling that for centuries since the Christian Conquest the followers of the son of the Jehovah of the Jews have steeped themselves in this repulsive conglomeration, relying on it as the truth of the origin of the universe and the emergence of man, and inflicting on their children Jewish forenames in token of their servitude.

The beginning of rejection of Jewish ascendancy in the Aryan lands of the world lies in the complete rejection and exclusion of their Old Testament which inspires and justifies it as a matter of divine selection. Embracing and venerating this Old Testament, Christians therby accept this divine selection, and are therefore unavoidably brought to accept Jewish ascendancy in the world. Here we have the stranglehold exerted through Christianity’s incorporation of the Old Testament, which is so greatly contributory to the success of Jewish ambition.

The second part of Christianity’ bible, the New Testament, is an assortment of material from a variety of sources which was finally put together long after the alleged life of the alleged Jesus. The core of its testimony concerning this “Son of God” is contained in its four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the Epistles of Paul. Various biblical authorities date the Gospels to different periods within the span of approximately 70 to 150 A.D., and the Epistles to around 20 years earlier than the first of these dates. The Gospels, which are presented as eye- witness accounts of the ostensible creator of Christianity and the creed he is supposed to have proclaimed, disagree substantially with one another and also with the Epistles of Paul who only met Jesus in an alleged vision. Furthermore, while Matthew’s account is supposed to have come first in time, it is largely based on that of Mark, traditionally held to be the second in time, while it is generally conceded that the fourth account has probably been credited to John erroneously. What emerges in the New Testament from all the blending from a variety of sources is a composite figure of a Jesus Christ invested with composite ideas and associated with composite events.


Paul of the Epistles was an early example of the popular Jewish prac- tice of name-changing. This is a form of false pretences indulged in by the Jews to facilitate their dealings with non-Jews in the course of their implementation of their divine selection for supremacy by disguising their identity as Chosen Ones. Born Saul of Tarsus, he is supposed to have been a later convert, not a contemporary disciple. Whether the Epis- tles attributed to him were gepuinely his, or whether they were forgeries of a later date in part or whole, Paul has emerged as Christianity’s chief authority for the creed of its Jesus, playing such a key role as for prac- tical purposes to make him more the founder of Christianity than Christ.

Alfred Rosenberg, ideologist of the German National-Socialist Weltan- schauung, put it this way: “The Christian movement, disrupting old forms, seemed to the Pharisee Saul to hold great promise of practical usefulness …In spite of all subsequent attempts at reform, his teachings still remain the Jewish spiritual basis, the Talmudic-Oriental aspect of both the Catholic and the Luthern churches. ” ( “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, Noontide Press, U.S.A.; English edition, 1982, p. 35.)

In departure from the Jewish doctrinal authority, “The Talmud” , with its vicious race hatred of the Gentiles -terming them “cattle” and ac- cusing them of sexual intercourse with other cattle (see its tractate “Abodah Zarah” 22a and 22b) -Paul, cast as “The Apostle to the Gentiles”, purveys to the Gentiles what amounts to an export version of Judaism dis- tilled in a refinery of allegorical, Gnostic sycretism. This distillation has been a stupendous success in stupifying the Gentile mind, enfeebling the Gentile spirit, and thereby facilitating the ultimate ascendancy of judaism’s Chosen Ones. The extent of the spiritual capture and enslavement of the Gentiles by means of the synthetic nectar called Christianity has been such that the contemporary Jew Paul Oestreicher -who adopted Christianity like our earlier Paul, and so much so that he became a vicar -has been able to say with certitude: “Was not every Christian, every follower of Jesus of Nazareth, spiritually a Jew by adoption?”


This interpretation of Christianity as a Jewish product for the Gentiles was amplified with boastful candour by the Jewish author, Marcus Eli Ravage, in articles which appeared in 1928 in the January and February issues of The Century Magazine in the U.S.A. from which the following extracts are taken:-

“Nineteen hundred years ago you were an innocent, carefree, pagan race. —Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. And we did it all without armies, without bullets, without blood or turmoil, without force of any kind. We did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda.

“Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. —Our legends and our folk tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. —Our national literature is your Holy Bible. —Jewish arti- sans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints. —A Jewish maiden is your ideal of motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. —Nearly two thousand years ago,in far-off Palestine, our religion had fallen into decay and ma- terialism. —Then a young patriot-idealist arose and went about the land calling for a revival of faith. —This brought him into conflict with the established order and its supporting pillars. The Roman authorities who were in occupation of the country, fearing his revolutionary agitation as a political effort to oust them, arrested him, tried him and condemned him to death by crucifixion, a common form of execution at that time.

nurse or nursemaid we may well have a migratory relic of Sumerian belief.) “Osiris of Egypt underwent resurrection annually, mirroring the solar year. Dionysus of Greece (identified with Bacchus of the Romans) experienced resurrection. Adonis of Greece was likewise resurrected.

The notion of a “Last Supper” came from Persian Mithraism. The idea behind the Christian Eucharist -namely the partaking of sacramental bread and wine as an act of transubstantiation whereby the body and blood of Christ is consumed -was widely prevalent long before Christianity. It occurred in Persian Mithraism and in the worship of At tis of Phrygia. The practice would appear to connect with such very ancient and widespread customs as the eating of new corn as embodying the Corn Spirit.

As for the nimbus or halo of Christianity, this was yet another adoption from elsewhere. All of the long-preceding sun-gods had this appropriate feature. In an extension of this wholesale pilfering of beliefs, Christianity systematically appropriated pagan festivals and locations in order to fa- cilitate its imposition. For instance, the winter solstice festival – yule to the ancient Germanic peoples -was turned into Christmas with December 25 as the putative date of the birthday of Jesus Christ in the absence of any precise knowledge of the actual date. The pagan festival of spring rebirth, named after the fertility goddess Ostara, and symbol-ized by Easter eggs, was similarly taken over to become the Christian festival of Christ’s resurrection. The old heathen festival of the dead was made into that of ‘fAll Souls” .Churches were deliberately built on pagan sacred sites in the great and baleful misappropriation which was the coming of Christianity.


Steeped in plagiary and misappropriation from its inception, the predatory religion which has purported to be the world’s greatest repository of virtue lost no time in beginning to establish its conspicuously black rec- ord of suppression and slaughter, exploitation and corruption which it has continued down through the centuries to the present, and which has included numerous real holocausts. An early achievement in its constant campaign of obscurantist repression was a gigantic burning of books in 415 A.D. The great library at Alexandra in Egypt contained no less than 900,000 hand- written scrolls, a fabulous accumulation of ancient records. Christian Archbishop Cyril of Alexandra in all his zeal to eradicate anything and everything of pagan significance competitive to the new faith managed, in a spectacular display of bringing light to the world by means of fire, to destroy this whole treasure house in but one day.

The banning and burning went on and on. Nicholas Copernicus in 1543 published his findings that the earth revolved round the sun. The Catholic Church banned them for centuries. In 1559 Pope Paul IV even produced an Index of forbidden books as a guide for further book burning. In 1572, in a brilliant display of the perpetual brotherly love between rival bands of Christians, Catholics in France slaughtred some 70,000 Huguenots (Protestants); while in the Thirty Years. War between 1618 and 1648 the same Christian ardour succeeded in reducing the population of Germany from 30 to 7 million. Giordano Bruno, thelEalian philosopher, was treated on earth to a preview of the Christian fires of hell by .being roasted to death at the stake for holding disapproved views.

Sir Francis Galton, the English scientist, in his “Hereditary Genius” estimated that between 1471 and 1781 the Catholic Inquisition burnt 32,000 alleged “heretics” and imprisoned or otherwise punished 291,000 people. In the Protestant lands fire was equally an instrument of faith. Persons al- leged to be witches, meaning practising pagans, were,commonly and enthusiastically burned alive by those inflamed with Christianity. Killing and maiming and material destruction condoned if not positively inspired by Christianity has gone on up to the present day. In Northern Ireland and even in the most recent decades we have had the appalling sect- arian violence wherein Aryan has zealously and diabolically murdered and mutilated Aryan over Christianity. Alongside the fratricidal Christian conflict within the countries we have had all the inter-Aryan wars between one Christian country and another with the clergy on both sides earnestly blessing the slaughter and destruction. Thus has Christianity proved to be a gigantically divisive and destructive anti-Aryan force resulting in tremendous Aryan bloodshed catastrophically weakening to our racial resources.

Alongside this vast damage from bloodstained conflict in its name or for the niceties of its creed, Christianity has added a further vast dam- age from chronic corruption. Avarice and aggrandizement have continually been the practice among its privileged priesthood, while piously preaching contentment with penury for its spellbound masses. Lands and treasure have been amassed by any and every means. Pocket money in plenty has come from a handy trade in fake relics of saints and like trumpery. Far greater gain has been derived from the big business of “indulgences”, the purification of sins for a price. For example, Pope Boniface VIII was a real entre- preneur in the business. He invented “The Holy Year” , and the first one in the series worked so well as a sales promotion that the “indulgences” sold during it brought in 15 million golden gulden from the fools of the faithful. This was no haphazard extortion racket: the embodiment of Christ’s voice on earth had things properly organized with a full tariff covering the whole range of crimes for which remission could be obtained at a fixed price. And there was much more to the money-making than just this.

To a substantial extent organized Christianity has thus functioned as a facade of altruism and supernatural sanction to fool the people at large so as to permit their rank exploitation by the ecclesiastical wielders of spiritual power. Alfred Rosenberg’s comment was this: “The very worst despots of the earth have not been more greedy than ‘representatives-r of the man whose kingdom is not of this world.” (“The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, Noontide Press English edition, p.98)


What is the content of this creed of Christianity which has conquered the Aryan Folk?

The doctrine is a synthesized conglomeration of ideas from earlier religions and philosophies. It drew on Orphism, the mystic religion of Ancient Greece, and the Stoic school of philosophy of that land and time; and the ancient religions of Egypt, Babylonia and Persia. In combination with that, it prominently embraced material from the religious system of Manichaeism, founded by Mani in Mesopotamia, which posited an absolute dichotomy between the good of the spirit and the bad of the body as a form of matter, a dualism separating the visible world or Nature, which is eternally evil, from the realm of the soul, which is divine. According to this creed, man’s body is a prison for the soul, and release and redemp- tion is only to be found in death. In keeping with this outlook of rejec- tion of life, sex -as productive of life -was condemned and celibacy extolled. The influence of this Manichaeism is most clearly, powerfully and malignantly evident in Christianity, being most noticeably absorbed and propagated by the early Christian sect known as the Gnostics who viewed all Nature as corrupt and foul, procreation as a matter of more sparks of the spirit being trapped in a world of rotteness and tears; and faith not knowledge as leading to god and liberation.

It is against this background that we can put in place the pronounce- ment s of Paul, the ., Apostle of the Gentiles ” , the f ir st grea t Chri s t ian missionary and theologian. This paramount propagandist proclaimed all human urges to be sinful and the world of Nature to belong to Satan. To quote him” “For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, there dwelleth no good thing.” (Romans VII, Verse 18) In the context of this anti-Nature, anti-life outlook from the East, all the gloomy sexual prudery of Christ- ianity, as essential expression of its theme of self-renunciation,becomes thoroughly understandable, and in contrast to the shameless joyfulness of flesh and spirit in unison of experience expressed in the pagan pro-Nature, pro-life outlook suited to Aryan welfare. With his life-rejective material from Manichaeism, Paul certainly did a good job of incubating the bacillus for a disease of the spirit to debilitate eventually to the state of cattle the Aryan peoples of the world.


The Christianized Jehovah is presented to us as an anthropomorphic male who created our world at a particular moment in time who is not only omniscient and omnipotent but also benevolent. This last characteristic utterly conflicts with the never-ending, everyday experience of the most innocent of children and the most worthy of adults suffering hideously and being killed prematurely through no fault of their own, while vile wrong- doers live on and prosper. This pretence of benevolence is furthermore flatly contradicted by the Christian dogma of original sin, derived from the Manichaen and Gnostic dualism just examined, whereby every newborn babe is seen as entering this world with the stigma of inherent wickedness. Exponents and defenders of Christianity, when cornered with this conundrum regarding benevolence, try to escape by means of the excuse that we mere mortals cannot expect to understand the ways of the Almighty. Well, if this deity is beyond our comprehension, it is curious that his upholders are so readily able to proclaim their certain knowledge of his existence, his superlative qualities, and his wonderful provision of a beatific life after death for us, if we behave ourselves according to his dictates.

Christians are enjoined to get down on their knees -an abasement as typical as the parsonical whine resorted to by the clergy in their accom- panying supplications -and pray to this unfathomable deity as though, despite his omniscience, he needs to be told our thoughts. They are led to believe that through this ritual he is accessible to personal requests of all kinds, or so believe those like the vicar in the north of England who, in a radio interview a while ago, after describing himself as an ar- dent fan of his local football team, confided that he always prays that his team will win. Just imagine this anthropomorphic arbiter in the clouds beseiged at his telepathic telephone exchange by all the conflicting calls for a win made by all the similarly pious football fans on both sides of each and every game! In the same realm of absurdity you can reasonably presume that there are Christians in plenty in the U.K. praying at this moment for success in the National Lottery.


What is the actual message Jehovah’s son Jesus is supposed to have brought with him and communicated to mankind on his miraculous visit to earth, and on which basis has been founded the creed which has conquered the Aryans? Characteristic of it, decisively and summarily, are the fol- lowing sentiments he is supposed to have expressed in his Sermon on the Mount as contained in the Gospel attributed to Matthew:-
“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for their’s is the kingdom of heaven. ” -Matthew V:3.
“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” -Matthew V:5 “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil:but whosoever shall smite thee on they right cheek, turn to him the other also.” -Matthew V:39.
“But I say unto you. Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.” -Matthew V: 44.

It is not honour or courage or competitive and industrious effort and achievement which are upheld here or elsewhere for the Aryans and other Gentiles. Whereas the Jews in their “Talmud” and “Torah” are enjoined to outwit and deceive and exploit and dominate non-Jews, the non-Jews are enjoined in the New Testament to be humble and self-renunciatory, and not to face up to and fight enemies seeking to overthrow them. What really counts, the Christians are told, is not striving to live to the full in this life on this earth, but pursuing detachment from worldly things, focussing attention on death and its blessed release to the hereafter where, if deserving, they will be rewarded by becoming eternal wraiths in some heaven beyond the clouds, and, if undeserving, will deep-fry in hell for evermore.

Who can find in the above message of submission the makings of a fight- ing creed for Aryan survival and advancement, and thus see in the messenger a ” saviour” for us in this life struggle ?
Appropriate to this abject creed of submission, its symbol is no warrior’s sword but a cross of sacrificial crucifixion. Equallyappropriately its believers are told “The Lord is thy shepherd” , casting them in the role of docile sheep. Thus we have here in essence a doctrine for our downfall through self-induced debility of mind and spirit.


In earlier times the Aryans survived and prospered not because of Christianity, but despite it: not through any strict conformity to its enfeebling doctrine, but throu~h general departure from it, practising the semblance but ignoring the substance. In awful aberration, they even opposed, curbed and assailed the progenitors of their religion, the Jews. Things have now much changed. Nowadays the creed has been developed to express all the inherent implications of its essence as contained in such pronouncements attributed to its Jesus Christ as the sections of his ser- mon on the Mount just quoted; and with insistence on the implementation of all those implications. Christianity has in other words now come to full flowering fruition.

In the forefront today of the forces working for our racial downfall, at least in effect, if not also in intention -and it makes no practical difference which -are the priests -and promoters of the Christian reli- gion, and there is no gainsaying or excusing this fact. Everywhere they are to be found engaged in anti-Aryan activity as the enactment of their creed. Championship of Coloured immigration into Britain, enthusiasm for racial integration here and everywhere else, joyful patronage of miscegenation, denunciation of racial feeling, agitation for more and more overseas aid for Coloureds: any and every aspect of racial jeopardy to our Aryan Folk, you name it, and the gentleman of the cross are there, making it the crusading sign of Aryan racial ruin.

A declaration of war on racial patriotism came from England’s Archbishop of Canterbury on 17 September 1993 in the words “Every human being is equally precious in the sight of God. Christian people should condemn and resist racism by all lawful means.” In other words, you just cannot want to keep Britain a White man’s country, if you are a Christian. Instead, you have to be in favour of and work for a multiracial and eventually mon- grelized Britainin a race-mixed world.

America’s globe-trotting, Christian revivalist preacher, Billy Graham, has voiced’the same, anti-Aryan, Christian objective: “Integration is the only solution. We’ve got to be totally integrated -in our homes, in our worship services, even in marriage.” – (Sun News U.S.A., 2 November 1994)


The harmfulness today of the Christianity of its leaders, with their frontally developed insistence on its fundamental principle that all human beings are equally precious in the sight of its “Lord” , lies not only in that form of egalitarianism which rejects differentiation between races, and instead promotes race mixture. It lies also in that other form of egalitarianism which rejects evaluation within the race, and instead op- poses any and all eugenical proposals for the betterment of the breed. For ardent Christians such use of intelligence in the direction of pro- creation is horrific, an intolerance usurpation of the authority of their awesome Jehovah. To them it is as though, contrary to their own premise as to man’s creation and endowment, this colour-blind and quality-blind ruler did not grant them intelligence in the first place with which to procreate wisely instead of copulating blindly.

With the same leave-it-to-god illogicality, those same, ardent Christians passionately and tyrannically oppose any benign measure of euthanasia, not merely for themselves but also for everyone else not agreeing with them. Consequently, for example, in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A., they have fought to keep alive, permanently, on a respirator in the St. Luke’s Regional Medical Centre a child born with 85% of its brain missing, and thus on the presumption that dear old Jehovah intended it this way, short-supplying the child with only 15% of a brain while nevertheless endowing others with the full cerebral capacity whereby to invent and operate the respirator, unless it is that the latter accomplishment is to be seen as usurpation of his authority also, in any and all its application. Whatever the inter- pretation, it looks as though Jehovah saw fit to invest the child with an extra large dose of original sin in place of the ability to do anything redemptive about it, which only goes to show how right the Christians are in declaring that their deity moves in mysterious ways.

These followers of Jehovah and his alleged male offspring fiercely seek to deny terminally ill people a merciful escape from degradation and prolonged suffering on the same self-contradictory reasoning that only the deity can sanction and bring about an ending of a misery which in all his benevolence he must have been responsible for in the first place: a line of argument which by extension would support the contention that all medi- cal knowledge and practice should be eschewed as interference with god’s will. As against this pernicious mental warp of Christianity, it may well be argued that, subject to due safeguards against abuse at the hands of and to the benefit of others, it should be everyone’s right in a truly free society to secure, if and when desired by lasting decision, a painless exit from this present life in the flux of Nature. While so habitually intolerant in the above respects, our ardent Christ- ians have a far different attitude with regard to homosexuals, vicious criminals, drug addicts and carriers of AIDS, the disease of such addicts and queers. Here their passionate plea is all for understanding and tolerance.


Christianity’s harmfulness today extends far beyond just the agitations of its contemporary leaders and the attitude of its churchgoing flock or even all professed Christians. In its modern development and promotion of poisonous principles present from the start, Christianity has vaporized from the pulpit to percolate everywhere, permeating the whole atmosphere of society, providing the moral and metaphysical underlay for the generality of thought and action in the Democracies of the White peoples. At the bottom of and behind and throughout the whole drift and drive to Aryan downfall in all its aspects, being the biggest single and most fundamental reason for it, the spirit and notions of Christianity amount to the Zeit- geist of this oncoming Age of Aryan Ruin.

With it’s emergent emphasis on equality, racial mixture, environmental instead of hereditary factors, and its espousal of virtually all other Leftist concerns, Christianity today demonstrates its affinity with Communism. Just as Communism has seemingly and nominally withdrawn precisely because it is being absorbed and better advanced within Democracy, as the successive vehicle for its purposes, so too its counterpart, Christianity, may deceptively appear to be on the wane in Aryan countries because of reduced church attendance, whereas in reality – and with all the benefit of the mind-moulding media of television (Judahvision) for the diffusion of the Zeitgeist its fruition has in fact now arrived in the ascendancy of its social and political influence under Democracy at the conclusion of the present century.

As in this way providing the spiritual inspiration for the fast-succeeding cause of the Untermenschen against superhumanity, Christianity carries on where Communism, in metamorphosing politically into Democracy, left off. Thus, under Democracy today Christianity, Communism and Capitalism all coalesce as the distinguishing feature of the dawning new age at the turn of the century.

His society imbued with the Christian ethos, worldwide the White man is on the run, heading by way of decline and surrender to submergence and extinction. The sickness of the spirit, which is Christianity in its ma- turity, explains the White surrender in Rhodesia some years ago, and the White surrender in South Africa just recently. In South Africa, beyond whatever sustenance for apartheid the Afrikaners derived from the Old Testament’s admonishments for Jewish segregation -which may well have had much to do with the power allowed to the Jews there, and the close ties between that country and Israel – ultimately the overriding message of the New Testament for the Gentiles transcended and triumphed, sapping and overcoming their will to preserve their supremacy. The A.W.B. organization there has indulged in a lot of gun-waving battle-talk, but South African White resistaance to Black take over has been vitiated and etiolated through saturation in the precepts of contemporary Christianity.

In Britain today the same spiritual sickness permeating the public at large regardless of whether individuals go to church or not, or declare ! themselves Christian or not -is the prime reason for the ghastly situation here. The Christian ethos is the basic explanation why a once great, fighting people, valiant and yictorious in war after war, has now succumbed to a peacetime invasion by vast numbers of every kind of racial alien; not only allowed them in but, figuratively speaking, got off the pavement into the gutter to make way for them, lavishing their resources on accomodating them, lauding them as carriers of culture, contriving advantages for them over their own folk, restyling their language so as not to offend them, gaoling their own people if they speak out too strongly against them, and so on. Exactly the same spiritual climate is responsible for the degeneration taking over our youth, the jeopardy of our elderly from the soft treatment of crime, the symptomatic ugliness of modern art, architecture and music: the whole vortex of decadence.


Christianity, in its modern maturation as the spirit of society under Democracy, plays a crucial part in providing the Jews with their place of special prominence in that society in keeping with their tribal aspirations. Not only professing Christians, sensitive to their creed’s Jewish nexus, but as well the whole television public subjected to the leaven of Christ- ian softness and submission -variously known as “tolerance”, “permissiveness”, “compassion” and “humanitarianism” – along with the constant and intensive Jewish and pro-Jewish political propaganda are indoctrinated with deference to the Chosen Ones, even to the point of abject veneration. In the resultant state of stupefaction they not only now themselves abstain from any solid criticism at all of the Chosen ones, but approve puni- tive prohibition of the same for others as an offence coming close to profanity. This induced “political correctness” has reached a high point in the unquestioning acceptance of the Jewish holocaust legend as a cardinal article of Christian belief and jointly a dogma of Democracy, illustrating the concordance between the two in present society.

An example of the inhibitive effect of Jewish – derived Christianity, even decades ago, preventing any proper treatment of the Jewish Problem, and leading to the present paralysis in this respect, is the attitude of the Catholic Hillaire Belloc who wrote a book of severely restricted comment on the Chosen Ones entitled ” The Jews ” , early this century. The secretary to whom he dictated it was a Jewess, the Jew Maurice Baring was his lifelong friend, and because Hitler broke the Jewish power in Germany in favour of his own people, he approved the carnage of a world war to punish Hitler and restore that power, writing as follows in “The Catholic and the War” in 1940.
“The Third Reich has treated its Jewish subjects with a contempt for justice which even if there had been no other action of the kind in other departments would be sufficient warranty for determining its elimination from Europe. “



What accounts for the continued, explicit acceptance of or implicit conformity to this now fully fashioned, anti-Aryan religion by the majority of Aryans today? The phenomenon is not mostly to be accounted for by any deep acquaintance with, comprehension of and conviction concerning its precise doctrine, but instead by separable, supportive factors as follows.

Firstly, there is the most powerful, considerably subconscious sway of habit-forming, childhood indoctrination and practice. Coupled to this is a predisposition to wishful, albeit irrational thinking: the desire to have an easy answer to the complexities of the universe and life within it, and the comforting assurance of some wonderful continuation beyond the span of human existence on earth, helped on by a degree of gullibility which grasps at superstitions and loves miracles. Then there is the emotive power of solemn music in a church setting of grandeur with moving rituals with reverential robes. Then there is the image of benevolence, the attraction of doing good, which taps the pre-Christian proclivity of the Aryans for fair play, just dealing, straightforwardness, and good neighbourliness: conduct which Christianity has typically taken up and declared to be peculiarly its own. Finally, there is the factor of social acceptability and prestige through conformity at least to the extent of some show of perfunctory adherence.

Whatever the religion and its content, such props to belief, although they are separable and not peculiar to any particular system of belief, are most powerful contributory factors to adherence to any system of belief. They thus have to be fully taken into account in assessing the influence of Christianity today, and providing for its replacement.

The efficacy of such props to religion was well explained by Prof. H. Leuba in an article in the American Journal of Phsychology (1895, 7: p. 345), quoted by William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience” .”The ground of the specific assurance in religious dogmas is then an effective (emotional) experience. The objects of faith may even be preposterous; the effective stream will float the,m along, and invest them with unshakeable certitude. The more startling the effective experience, the less explicable it seems, the easier it is to make it the carrier of unsubstantiated notions. ” With Christian zealots the props of their religious practice can be so highly effective as to induce a state of fantasy ranging from the mild form of an impression of contact with the god, through hearing his voice speak to them, to a condition of entrancement in which the subject believes he or she is experiencing possession by the “Holy Ghost” .

Finally, in addition to the props already described, and particularly accounting for the subjection to Christian thinking – including reverence for the Jews and abstention from criticism of them – shown by those who would flatly deny being Christian, there is all the tremendously formative and compelling influence of a whole social atmosphere saturated with Christian notions and connotations. This saturation is perfected by means of a media which daily transmits directly or suggestively a socio-political message which coincides with that resulting from Christianity’s modern progression to maturity of expression.


The short answer is that, having seen Christianity in all its harmful- ness as primarily responsible for the present peril of the Aryan peoples, we have to apply ourselves to its overthrow as our most primary necessity, and this by replacing it with a religion which serves our race for its survival, recovery and advancement.

There must be no shirking this conclusion: this most fundamental and essential of tasks. For twenty centuries this mind-bemusing obfuscation has stolen the attention of our people, holding their minds in thrall, con- suming countless hours and resources beyond computation which could have made a real Garden of Eden for us on this planet. Having wreaked untold harm all along the way, it now threatens to destroy us, so it has to go.

Something, however, has to come in its place, for it is not enough only to remove it and so create a vacuum: man has to have a religion, a statement of purpose in life, elevating and distinguishing him beyond the bodily requirements and satisfactions he shares with the animals. The Jews have the enormous benefit of a religion of their own, serving them alone, and exalting them alone as select. Today, if we are to win, we too must have a religion of our race. We will be left hopelessly at a disadvantage unless we have a Weltanschauung – meaning an interpretation of the cosmos and life within it in its entirety – given the power of command and the disposition and impetus to action of a real religion and nothing less.

Our National-Socialism provides the basis for this development, indeed implies this development, if we cease to see it superficially in merely political terms, and come to understand and implement its innate implications. In its essence of potentiality it embraces Nature’s purpose as distinguished at the outset of this section on religion. In so doing it provides germinally a complete interpretation of life and its environment, and so measures up to the dimension and hence the definition of a religion, making the higher evolution henceforward of the Aryan stock a reli- gious imperative in conformity to Nature and in contrast to Christianity.


It will be objected by some National-Socialists, as ground for disagree- ment with this proposed progre~ssion of ideology, that Hitler and the NSDAP in Germany accepted and defended Christianity. These critics will cite Point 24 of the NSDAP Programme, proclaimed in 1920, namely:- “We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, in so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the moral sense of the German race. The Party, as such, stands for a positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession.”

Regarding the term “positive Christianity”, Alfred Rosenberg, leading ideologist of the NSDAP, had this to say in his book “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, first published in 1930 and of which more than a million copies were printed and distributed :- “Negative and positive Christianity were locked in conflict from the beginning and that conflict is today being waged with ever more bitterness. The negative type emphasizes its Levantine-Etruscan tradition, its abstract dogmas and hoary old customs; the positive consciously calls upon the Nordic blood to awaken, just as in their simple innocence the first Teutons did when they pressed into Italy bringing renewed vigour to that sick land.” – (English edition, Noontide Press, p. 38)

The first point to make here is that Adolf Hitler and his colleagues, including Alfred Rosenberg, were faced with a vastly different situation than that which faces us today. In the political atmosphere which then prevailed in Germany Hitler was encouraged and justified in seeking to attract a mass following as the means to a ballot box attainment of power, and thus to consider and cater for the Christian prejudices of the masses, because of the strength of patriotic and racial feeling, receptive to his message, then present in those masses, despite and alongside Christianity which had not then come to the fruition it has attained today. Furthermore, this was the pre-television age with all the vast difference that meant for an unorthodox, new party and its electioneering. It was as reasonable then as unreasonable now to follow that course of initial concurrence with and solicitation of the masses.

The second point to make is that, after succeeding in gaining power by the vote of the masses, Hitler was allowed only a few years in power in which to achieve a second revolution in the sense of the changes he aspired to bring about, some of which, including the most important, would take a long time to bring about. In the earliest of those few years his hold on power could easily have been jeopardized by premature changes, and in the later few years the requirements of the conduct of the engulfing war pre- dominated.

The third point to make is that from all available indications from his private conversations within his inner and confidential circle of colleagues Adolf Hitler always perceived the fundamental conflict between National-Socialism and Christianity, whatever the arguments for temporary tolerance. Here are two items in support of this contention. Firstly, Walther Darre Reichminister of Agriculture and Reich Farm Leader, himself a thorough , pagan, recorded witnessing Hitler in front of a select NSDAP gathering “openly describing Christianity for what it is -a religion for Untermenschen.” – (“Blood and Soil” by Anna Bramwell, Kensall Press, 1985, p. 61) Secondly, Rudolf Hess, while imprisoned in England, told one of his guarding officers that Christianity was alien to the racial understanding of the German people, and talked’of Hitler’s determination to replace it with a new religion. – (“Hess” by David Irving, Macmillan, 1987, p. 160)

It is thus reasonable to suppose that, it National-Socialism had continued in Germany, it would gradually, subtly, indirectly as is the way it should be done – but nevertheless deliberately and inevitably have eroded Christianity away in the course of its revolutionary reform. The SS was the vanguard of this second revolution, and, while it is true that it did not either before or during the short span of Hitler’s power pro- hibit or penalize Christian belief and practice in its ranks, it is no less true that Himmler and all his higher leaders were firmly anti- Christian, and that the whole atmosphere of the SS was strongly inclined to, suggestive of and even expressive of paganism.

Returning to Point 24 for a further comment for those who consider it an inflexible condition for all times and places, it bears remarking that the religious tolerance there laid down carries a qualification excluding denominations which are a danger to the State. Is there any National- Socialist critic prepared to say that Christianity today is no danger to a National-Socialist State? If we take up Rosenberg’s definition of .”positive Christianity” as vitalizing the impulse of race, it has to be said that it is a phenomenon having no connection with and utterly in con- flict with what Christianity has come to stand for today.


Our situation today is a vastly different one from that of the National Socialists of Germany long ago, and our response has to be fittingly different. No longer are the masses in Britain and the other nominally White countries still predominantly swayed by patriotism, and thus readily receptive to our message. Expanded Christianity has worked its damaging effect for ensuing decades. The immensely influential, mind-shaping force of television, entirely in the hands of our bitter enemies, has come to dominate the scene, manipulating the electorate. Because of all this difference, seeking to gain power today through mass recruitment to a con- ventional political party in a battle of the ballot box is a dead end exercise doomed to failure, as will be examined and full exhibited in a later part of this primer.

In consequence, considering and catering for the Christian prejudices of the masses is not now a matter of any importance to us for the period of the struggle for power before us. Instead, our proper concern is to take up, undeterred, what is true and right and vital for Aryan resurgence, regardless of all misconceptions of the media-drugged masses. In the clar- ity of this calculus what must guide us is not preoccupation with what was or was not done and intended in the radically different mileu of the early decades of this century, but what the authentic principles of National- Socialism in unfettered elaboration pronounce with reference to the elabor- ated Christianity of today; and thus decree as our message in the present mileu at the end of the century. This is the final point to be made to those who derive an eternal and unalterable law of the cohabitation of Christianity and National-Socialism from the record of temporary tolerance in Germany half a century ago.


A stage onward in error than contending a consanguinity between Christianity and National-Socialism is that of imagining that a way ahead, out of the grievous difficulty of disrepute, lies in fashioning something of the new religion within Christianity itself, conjuring from it some Aryan significance, and imparting to it in return some Aryan flavour. These contortionists are known as “British Israelites” in this country and “Identity Christians” in the U.S.A.

In their enthusiasm to reconcile the irreconcilable, and thus to give to their beliefs the supposed benefit of Christianity’s acceptability as a shield, they put forward the intriguing if bewildering proposition that we Aryans of today are the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel, the other two of the original twelve being the Jews of today (except for the Khazar influx), and that accordingly we, lucky we, are the real chosen ones of .’Yahweh” , their name for Jehovah

The historical background to this theory is that the kingdom of David in ancient Palestine broke up after the death of his son Solomon, the population splitting into two parts, a larger one comprising ten tribes and a smaller one comprising the remaining two tribes. Eventually, sargon II of Assyria carried off the ten tribes who then vanished from history, evidently being distributed among and assimilated by other peoples. That instead they ended up in Britain and North America, as our historical con- tortionists contend, is no more than fanciful conjecture by means of that wealth of amenable ambiguity and figurative adaptability which that book of tricks, the Christian bible, provides for those with sufficient urge for feats of purported decipherment, whereby almost anyone can eventually prove almost everything, and spend the rest of his or her life doing so. The beginning and ending of this deflecting and unenviable rivalry with the Jews for the favour of Jehovah/Yahweh is the fact that you cannot revise Judaic Christianity to accord with National-Socialism without aban- doning either the Christianity or the National-Socialism.


In seeking to summon the great power of a religion of our race to our side as a prime necessity for victory, we have carefully to avoid resorting to some stultifying attempt to breathe life into some dead form of past paganism. It cannot suffice to attempt to inspire the fighters of today with some taxidermic resurrection from long ago, reducing them to perform in some pageant of the past.

This does not mean that we should not draw suitably on elements in our pagan heritage, establishing a judicious continuity where warranted, but it does mean that overall we have to call forth something new in that it arises organically from and related to this present world and time. Let us indeed look at the pre-Christian religions of our ancestors. That is an essential part of the acquisition of essential knowledge of our heritage. Yet let us do so with an equal zeal both to detect and adopt what is per- sistently valid, and to reject what is seen today to be unjustified or out- moded, either in belief itself or associated ritual. Throughout this matter our measuring rod has to be National-Socialism in all the profundity of its implications for today and for the future.

Reverence for the sun occupied a high place in the religious life of the early Aryans, and, bearing in mind our comprehension today of the indispensability of the solar force for life on earth, this worship was far more justifiable than that of the monstrous Jehovah of the Jews. More- over, there is a special National-Socialist connection here, spanning the ages, in that our symbol, the ancient and glorious swastika -for which another na:me in old English usage was “fylfot”, from whence incidentally derived the name of a village not far from my home: Follifoot – came about as a solar symbol, an equal-armed cross (nothing of a crucifix) representing the earliest method of making fire (bringing the sun to earth thereby) by rubbing two sticks together crosswise. Legs were added to the cross to represent the movement of the sun, clockwise, as seen in the Northern Hemisphere.


By all means, therefore, let the sun stand in our freshly articulated religion as representative of the physical forces of the cosmos affecting our lives; its symbol, the swastika, indicative of its effulgent light and life-enabling warmth which is reflected in our creed of conformity to Nature. Hence, let the solar occasions of the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox be observed and celebrated as fitting for our purpose, and in contrast to the alien festivals of Christianity. There are other, ancient, Aryan festivals of Nature to be taken up and reorientated within our new religion.

Yet the last thing this incorporation must mean is that we dote on such as the solar power to a loss of balance whereby we invest this agency of Nature with some self-contained divinity of its own, and maybe at the worst end up in sun-yellow robes bowing down to the rising sun in prayer and incantation. This would be sheer clownishness on a par with the genu- flecting antics of the worship of the Jehovah of the Christians. Our new religion has to be the coming forth of the clear sunlight of spiritualized rationality, not some daft descent into the darkness of some new arrangement of ancient superstition.

Britain and the rest of Europe abound in sites of pagan significance ranging from the great stone circles such as Stonehenge to Die Externsteine rock formation in the Teutoburger Wald in Germany, and they and the lore concerning them can to some useful extent be made use of for our new reli- gion of today as background. Always, however, any and all temptation to bring background into foreground in some exercise of artificial emulation of dead form must be sternly resisted and firmly prevented. Encouragement for this discipline will come from remembrance that those pagan religions extant at the time of the advent of Christianity failed to withstand its impact, evidently because of some inner insufficiency resulting in conver- sion, as a factor apart from and in addition to persecution, suppression and slaughter.

Indicative of a growing realization today of at least some lack and contradiction in contemporary Christianity, interest in paganism is notice- ably increasing, along with though distinct from a large and increasing resort to stargazing divination and all manner of other superstitious tom- foolery. An all-embracing,non-political (and certainly not National-Socialist) Pagan Federation exists in this country (BM Box 7097, London, WC1N 3XX) which conceivably can be made some use of by us.


A particularly noticeable revival of Odinism, the old Teutonic religion of Odin and his pantheon of accompanying gods and goddesses, is taking place, represented by a number of associations and periodicals within and outside this country. In contrast to Christianity, which both doctrinally outbid and fiercely suppressed it, Odinism had a great many wholesome features strongly reflective of the Aryan mind and spirit. Nevertheless, and while it certainly can be selectively drawn on to provide important elements for our new religion, Odinism most definitely cannot of itself alone supply the needed Aryan religion for today.

The reason is that Odinism is engrossed and consumed in the ancient and fanciful fables of its array of gods and goddesses. Thereby rationality, the differentiation of man from animal, and the reality which rationality proclaims, is ousted by makebelieve.

Accounting for this in the original development of Odinism, and doing so apart from and in addition to recognition of the great part played by great ignorance and commensurate gullibility in causing the entrapment in a massive ,morass of superstition, there was the problem facing the “wise men” who formulated the religion of making abstract ideas understandable and acceptable to the very simple people of those very simple times. The answer was found in dramatizing those ideas in stories about heroes and gods and goddesses. Sometimes the gods were originally real people, heroes on earth, made retrospectively into gods with all sorts of embellishments. Commonly the process worked so that several heroes and even several gods were merged into one unified personality.

The result, though, of what was initially intended as figurative sim- plification was a subsequently engulfing complication of literality, especially in accumulative consequence of transmission down through the years galore from storyteller to storyteller. Stories made up to exhibit and explain the natural forces of the universe – like the explanation of thunder as being the hammering of the god Thor, the thunderer, with a hammer as his symbol – passed quickly from figurative to literal, being accepted as actual happenings involving actual deities.

This was no terrible thing then, where the ideas clothed in fable were beneficial ones in a form fitting the times. However it is a different and definitely bad thing now, if and where the fables are taken up as to any extent literally true, and treated as sufficient of a religion in themselves in a much different age with much different tempo and temperament, and convulsed with much different problems. To do that means a woefully mistaken and doomed attempt to revitalize the religious form of a long gone age, and at the expense of failing to present instead a religion coherently and explicitely National-Socialist and as such with close and compelling reference to the character of our present age and its precise problems

So, taken and treated simply and strictly as fables, decoratively and illustrative of the cosmic forces and human behaviour in response to their impact, the stuff of Odinism is thoroughly and gladly acceptable in a peripheral role; but we should go no further with it, and beyond this rely on our own intrinsically National-Socialist, religious formulation. .

A different attempt to promote an Aryan racial religion in opposition , to Christianity was made in recent years by a Benjamin Klassen in the U.S .A. , known as “Creativity” and disseminated by a “Church of the Crea- tor” .In its bible, entitled “Nature’s Eternal Religion” , Klassen unquestionably made his case against Christianity as conflicting with Nature and Reason.


Folkism -National-Socialism become a religion – has to unfold a complete philosophical system infused with motivating sense of purpose, if it is to achieve the status of a religion, exceeding plain politics, and thus to supply the spiritual requirement for victory over the enemy. Its starting point has to be the depiction of man as at one with the entirety of Nature. This means recognition of his place as part of the constant flux which is Nature, whereby energy passes ceaselessly from one form of matter to another, so that with human beings as with everything else there is no such thing as an absolute beginning in “birth” and a real finality in “death” , but instead one tiny transitory phase in the unmeasurable enormousness of metamorphosis which makes up Nature.

In this conception there is no place for the philosophical dualism which separates spirit from matter, and as between virtuous and base, a division central to Christianity, posing life on earth as a conspicuously sordid prelude to the liberation of the spirit from its bodily encumbrance in the etheral splendour of the life hereafter in Jehovah’s heaven. This urge to free the spirit or “soul” from the body is typically an Eastern one, resulting in its parental regions in all manner of masochistic practices to subdue the flesh and so to approach Nirvana. Instead, spirit and matter, body and soul are to be seen as essentially and inseparably correlated as but different aspects of one and the same thing.

We come to “birth” from untold antecedents of past life-forms. We live, and this by a consumption of food which is itself a transformation into bone and tissue of living material which itself has untold antecedents of past life-forms. All around us in Nature is the residue of our ancestors living on in other forms of animation. From our observation of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth elsewhere in Nature we have a mirror before- hand of our own fate. We “die”, as the saying goes, to live on in the different life-forms nourished by the decomposition in the soil of our passing frame, or the discharge into the atmosphere of the results of cremation. Our friends and relatives are understandably sorry to see us leave our human frame, and the more so if they do not comprehend the purposeful cycle of Nature, but in reality we live on within the ever-changing integration which is Nature, and this can be seen as a kind of reincarnation.

This Folkism -or National-Socialism become a religion -is thus a pantheistic conception of the world and life. According to it, divinity can be said to exist in, but only in the sense of the causal power of the pro- cesses of the cosmos in all the entirety of their eneEgy and form which is in the magnitude of infinity. Thereby god or the divine force is every- where in everything in Nature, and everything in Nature is an expression of that divine force. This means that spirit or soul is the energy.anct form of material Nature seen in causal relationship. Everything in Nature has something of spirit or soul by permeation, as part of the entirety of Nature which is the totality of that spirit or soul, which is the only plausible form of god.


This gladsome conception of conscious integration in Nature automatic- ally means that we have to be careful -full of care that is -for all other manifestations of Nature for their recognizable role in Nature, whether living creatures and plants and trees; or rivers and seas and hills and plains all of which have an animation of their own when perceived through the lens of cosmic appreciation. True and complete National-Socialists, that is to say those who are Folkist in their understanding of all its implications, were among the first and have today to be the fore- most conservationists, the most profound protectors of the environment. They are the real “Greens”, dIstinct from the partial and hybrid ones who claim this title, and who are spurious in that they seek to join some con- cern for Nature to Liberal and Leftist race mixing and “permissive” ideas and practices at variance with Nature, and threatening to the Aryan species, a species the protection of which does not concern them in the slightest, and which instead they work to endanger.

Alongside conservation or environmental protection as an expression of our creed of Nature goes equally logically a concern for animal welfare. This does not necessarily mean that we all have to become vegetarians overnight. Man can still allow himself primacy as the highest order of life, and avail himself of lower orders of life, while honestly respecting his correspondingly high duty to exercise that superiority in careful treat- ment of those lower orders. What thisdoes mean is that we have to take up and champion the protection of animals from all unnecessary cruelty as a cardinal concern of our religion.

The record of humanity at large, including the subjects of Democracy and the populations identified as Christian, has been truly atrocious regarding animals. The most abominable neglect at best and the most fiend- ish cruelty at worst has been common practice, continuing today, with only petty punishment meted out to culprits caught. Just one typical in- stance from the current files of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals in the U.K. is that of a kitten bought by a man in his twenties from a pet shop specifically to be used as a punch bag; while a newspaper reports a man roasting a cat alive in an oven, and being merely put on probation for a year and obliged to pay compensation to the cat’s owner.

If creatures are to be kept and confined for food and material for the benefit of man, this must be done with the total eradication of all unnecessary cruelty. This means a stop to keeping hens closely cooped up in batteries,’ forcibly feeding geese to produce pate de foie gras for plutocrats from their distended livers, rearing calves in hellish darkness, im- prisoned in crates to produce pale, soft veal attractive to the jaded palates of overfed and under-sensitive humans, and then transporting the calves in torturous conditions to slaughter.

It also means the prohibition of Jewish and Mohammedan ritual cattle slaughter, conducted in the U.K. with outrageous special exemption from the law applying to the native Aryans which requires pre-stunning. If for the Jews it is a matter of their religion requiring them to indulge in this abomination, then let it be an obligation of ours to fight it and stop it! Comparable to the “Greens” , the self-styled “Animal Rights” people are hypocritical hybrids too, joining all manner of Leftist concerns to their purported concern for animals, but significantly never denouncing the ritual slaughter indulged in by their Jewish and Asian friends. However, disgust a t the connotations of the “Greens ” and “Animal Rights ” fraternity must not cause us to avoid the justifiable causes they espouse, and which in the fullness of their natural context rightly belong to us.


Our conscious integration in Nature in recognition of our true identity means that we must be concerned to live life to the full as a pursuit of fulfilment of our present form of being. This fulfilment means neither the sole or overriding pursuit of sensual pleasure and the crude “happines of crass materialism as exalted by the consumer society of Democracy’s Commu-Capitalism; nor the out-of-this-world rapture of Christian, self- renunciatory illusion. What it does mean instead is a conception of entelechy: the conscious and constant endeavour to actualize all our endowed potentialities to the highest possible extent through struggle, conceived as the very pulse of life, and thus the driving urge of our National-Socialist religion.

This striving for superhumanity -meaning more absorption of the divinity, which pervades and makes up Nature, and thus occurs in man as an element, within Nature -was conveyed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his dramatic poem “Faust” .Of the author and his work Alfred Rosenberg said in his : “Myth of the Twentieth Century” (Noontide Press edition, p.155) “The greatest hymn to human activity is his Faust. After the exploration and penetration of all science, of all love and suffering, Faust is liberated ” through the deed, i.e., action.”

It is a striving expressed by Friedrich Nietzsche in his various books with their rejection of what he deemed the slave morality of Christianity. It has, however, to be bound by and bonded within the contextual entity of the Folk, being the extension of the individual in the form of the ra-cial community of which he is organically a member; and not left as with Nietzsche as a matter of the individual as an illusory, self-contained en-tity having a capacity of life completely apart from the community of which he is an inescapable part and which inevitably is, in part, within him. In short, only through his conscious integration in his Folk can man by his striving attain his greater and his greatest heights.

It is a striving summed up by Adolf Hitler in the following words in his “Mein Kampf” (James Murphy edition, p. 163) : – “He who would live must fight . He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life , has not the right to exist ” It is a lifelong struggle to be engaged in joyously as the very assertion of purposeful self, and with, as it were, the song of the happy warrior on one’s lips. When the “death” of our present form of being comes, it is to be marked not by the wailing and whining and funereal dirge of Christian fashion as befits some failure in life ending in some finality of extinction – and this despite the contradictory theme of purported passage to blissful heaven. Instead of the ghastly business Christianity makes of “death” , for us it should be the occasion for fitting tribute to a fight well fought, and a good sendoff to the fighter in transition to other forms within Nature.

In pursuit of this National-Socialist religion of Nature, wherein those of the Vanguard function as a fusion of warrior,worker and worshipper (of the divinity which is Nature), we have to be on our guard against falling into the pitfall of gravitating to the unnecessary and harmful complexities of yet another institutionalized religion where fancy dress, trappings, and a priestly hierarchy come to intrude on, overshadow and displace effective purity of spiritual content. First of all, we need plain but regular meditation on the conduct of our lives in conformity with our pur- pose, this practised in quiet privacy either in our own home or outdoors in communion with Nature. Secondly, we require simple gatherings with other believers of the Vanguard, and without any artificially contrived, fancy officiating; which again can be either indoors at someone’s home, or outdoors in some secluded garden or woodland glade or high place or indeed anywhere else providing privacy and facilitating communion with Nature.


In respect of communion with Nature, there is relevance in this passage by the Roman historian Tacitus in his work “The Germania” concerning the religious practice of our ancient Aryan Folk. “The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls or to portray them in the likeness of any human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to the presence which is seen only by the eye of reverence.” To this may be added the mention that our pagan ancestors were sensitive to a spirit permeating place and thing whereby trees, for example, were imbued with this quality of Nature, and out of reverence for which arose our saying of “touch wood” as an invocation of the spirit of the tree.

Appropriate to the communal celebrations as generating spiritual strength for the struggle to victory are remembrances of our heroes and their great achievements, with Adolf Hitler in the forefront as the leading superman of our cause but not some manufactured deity; quotations from the great works of our cause; avowals of dedication to the service of our Folk; commemoration of solar and folk festivals and National-Socialist events of high distinction; and consecrations of significant places, occasions and objects. An Aryan child-naming ceremony, reviving the lovely old names of our Folk like Edgar and Edwin and Bertha and Gudrun, must replace Christian baptism with its repulsive bestowal of Hebrew names from the bible of the Christians like David and John and Sarah and Mary. A list of suggested Aryan names for revival will.,be included later in this primer.

We must devise our own ceremony of dedication to replace the Christian ritual of “confirmation” for older children; our own ceremony of betrothal and of wedlock free of Christian taint; and our own ” passing on ” ceremony when we say goodbye to a good fighter but not to his or her meJmory, without the sickly blackness of Christian moaning and mourning. In this latter connection it may be remarked that private burial, outside churchyards and public cemetaries, remains legally permissible in the U.K., subject to certain environmental stipulations by local government authorities. Throughout this practice of our religion our constant, governing con- sideration must be its benefit to action in the fight for victory by propelling belief into deed.

In respect of the incorporation of Aryan folklore in our religious prac- tice, consistent with our purpose of pure pantheism devoid of distracting and defeating entanglement in dark superstition in conflict with the sunlight of rationality, it is to be noted that National-Socialist Germany fostered the study and incorporation of folklore to an extent unique in the history of states, as indicated in the hostile study “Folklore and Fascism” by Hannjost Lixfeld (Indiana University Press, U.S.A., 1994).

At a time ahead, when state power is ours through revolutionary seizure of it, there will of course be the need in provision for the public at large to go beyond the simplicity of religious practice here outlined as not only suitable and sufficient but also immediately available to the Vanguard as an elite force. Then, in supplying that public at large with the same spiritual sustenance of belief from our National-Socialist religion of Nature as now and always to be provided for the Vanguard, which will then become the leadership of the state, there will be the need to em- ploy more elaborate means of purveyance. In necessarily supplying that public with all the explanations, satisfactions and consolations it desires and which presently and so harmfully it derives from Christianity, the enemy religion, we will need to use to maximum effect that aural and visual capacity of radio and television for the implantation of ideas; and in so doing to bring in all the reinforcements some ordinary person requires, craves for and responds to, and which are to be gained from solemnity of music, grandeur of architecture, and some pomp of ceremony.

Now, towards the close of this section of our primer, we come to a vi- tal encapsulation of our creed which every day and throughout our religious practice should be kept in a controlling position in our minds. This encapsulation in Ten Commandments must replace the Christian ones as the sacred and supreme law of our lives.


The Ten Commandments as allegedly given personally to the Jew Moses by the Jews’ Jehovah, and hence so venerated by the Christians as their divine code of life, are confined to prohibiting killing, stealing, adultery, false witness against a neighbour, coveting a neighbour’s wife or house or servants or property; enjoining the honouring of parents and the observing of a ” sabbath ” day; plus three other dictates concerned with assuring Jehovah’s exclusive authority, namely ordering no other gods to be worshipped, no graven images or idols to be set up in competition, and no taking of his name “in vain” .

All in all, these so-venerated Commandments are inadequate as a code of life for any people, anywhere, any time. For Aryans today in the direst jeopardy they are ridiculously insufficient. In their place let us put the following as our Ten Commandments of Folkism, enshrining the summarizing articles of our National-Socialist religion
. (1) Know and respect Nature and your place in it, caring as dutiful cus- todian for its beauty, its resources and its creatures! From Nature you came and to Nature you will return.
(2) Treasure the racial identity entrusted to you by your ancestors to pass on to your descendants! Do not marry or mate with those of alien race for the greatest crime of all is miscegenation which is auto-genocide!
(3) Do not procreate with those of hereditary defect or gross inferiority within your race for this is an offence against its betterment!
(4) Cherish and defend the attachment of blood to soil! Fight against the settlement of the racial alien~in your homeland, and his acquisition there of property, citizenship and power rightly belonging to your Folk alone!
(5) Respect, care for, nourish and train your body and mind for the good fight in the struggle against adversities, and for the development of your potentialities; putting service to the cause above pleasure and profit!
(6) Prize your honour at all costs! With it you give quality to your life, and earn remembrance after it has ended!
(7) Courage, determination, tenacity, rationality, integrity, loyalty: these are the qualities to acclaim, not docility and abnegation, tolerance and compromise which are the signs of weakness and failure.
(8) Fellow believers of your Folk are your racial, political and religious kindred. Your bond with them trans~ends national boundaries and the lesser allegiance of contemporary nationalism. Give loyalty to them always!
(9) You are everything within your Folk and nothing outside it. Hence make your rule: All for the Folk and the Folk for All; showing kindness to all of your own kind, including the young, the old, and those deprived and disabled through no fault of their own!
(10) In these principles lies the Higher Law of Aryan Life: the whole mea- sure of right and wrong, good and evil, for you. To them your allegiance is due, beyond any and all contrary laws and commandments. In conformity to them lies your true freedom, and the only way to victory for your race and for yourself.


There can be no hope at all of a way ahead to victory in our present situation with all our enormous disadvantages, unless we summon to our side all the compensating advantage obtainable by the innovatory transformation of our politics into a politicized religion, along with all the other mea- sures to our advantage dealt with in this primer. The Vanguard, as an elite of the right sort of people following the right sort of methods and activities with the right sort of organization, will become an indomitable and irresistible force for victory, if and when supercharged in motive pow- er by the fervour of its embracement of the Aryan racial religion here out- lined, and summarized in the Ten Commandments just presented.

The renegade Whites comprising the non-Jewish enemy have not and cannot have from their Christianity any comparable energizing power, creative of the will to win. They will be as hollow husks in comparison to us. The advantage will be all ours. As for the Jews, they always have had the enor- mous advantage of their own special religion designed for their sole ascend- ancy. The difference henceforth will be that we, as well, will have that ad- vantage, matching them. The whole enemy will be obliged not merely to fight on a political front, but as well to face and fight against a religion, and in so doing in conflict with the purported and vaunted protection to religion inscribed in the Council of Europe’s “Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”, Article 9, which Christians and Jews support as seen by them to be in their favour. Thus a seriously sensi- tive and harassing impediment will be imposed on them.

Armed now with a superb spiritual sword and shield, we can and do declare Holy War on the enemies of our Aryan Folk in a life or death struggle for the survival and revival of the Aryan Folk.


Part 4 – FOLK

The immediately preceding instalment in this series dealt with one of the great Rs in the lexicon of the Vanguard: Religion. This instalment proceeds to deal with the second: Race. It does so within the context of the community of race, designated as the Folk, and this in historic per- spective. Religion and Race go hand in hand in complementary roles. In their interaction the spirit of man is a reflection of the physical and mental nature of the body, and this nature is in turn a reflection of his spirit.

A most vital requirement, which must become an unfailing hallmark of the men and women of the Vanguard, is the attainment of a high degree of racial awareness; this, joined to the religious awareness already dealt with, being the precondition for their role in the struggle for victory which thereby can, even now, be successful. This racial awareness is tri- partite in constituent requirements, encompassing a knowledge of racial differentiations, a knowledge of racial history, and a knowledge of our racial jeopardy today and for the future.

The thesis now to be presented, summarized in advance, is that all that has been illustrious in the past of our people has been no mere product of environmental factors identically affecting all human beings, but instead the inseparable consequence of the distinctive racial nature and outstand- ing racial capacity of our people, inconceivable without that nature and that capacity. Through that racial nature and capacity our people have been pre-eminently the makers of civilization.

Today in the cumulative consequence of a long period of decline, cur- rently aggravated and accelerated most massively, the makers of civilization, and thus civilization itself, are undergoing drastic decline leading to eventual disappearance. Just as we are confronted with a spiritual sickness, contained in Christianity, which has to be overcome, so too we are confronted with its corollary, a racial sickness, specifically equalitarian multiracialism, which has to be defeated if it is not to defeat and end us.

Today we lie in the deadly grasp of Democracy, declared to be the finest conceivable system, yet instead to be discerned as just about the very worst imaginable because of the extent to which it inherently serves to disguise and defraud concerning its purposes, workings and consequences. Instead of devotion to the production, protection and elevation of higher humanity as the indispensable means for a higher human society in fulfil- ment of Nature’s evolutionary design, Democracy in all its known practice is manifestly devoted to the disregard, the denial and the dismissal of this purpose.


The underlying design of Democracy’s masters is to bring about a derac- inated, mongrelized, standardized, man-centred, materialistic, consumer- conceived world citizen. This is so because such a processed deviant will be the human unit most advantageous to the would-be controllers of the globe in pursuit of their purses and power. Thus the synthetic serf who is the designed subject of Democracy, instead of being distinguished as a member of the Folk, the community of his race, is conceived as a creature of the market place of the world, a conforming unit in a global herd, a consumer of material products and manufactured ideas, kept subdued and con- tent with the lure of lucre and the lust of commercialized sex.

Conflicting with Nature’s purpose of upliftment over all past milleniums, and instead pursuing the path all history has shown to be that of the downfall and disappearance of civilizations of the past, the system and society of Democracy is thus intended to multiply and elevate the in- ferior of this earth in place of the superior; this for the better benefit of the rapacious lords of this earth. Herein lies the succinct truth expressed by Britain’s great pioneer of the Folk ideal, Arnold Leese, in the three words: “Democracy is Death. “

The furtherance of this deadly racial design of Democracy amounts to a colossal conspiracy of harm reaching into every part of life. It starts in the schools with the ruthless and rigid exclusion of all Folk knowledge, and the systematic suppression of our children’s instinctive racial sensitivity, and in its place the persistent and multifarious indoctrination of race mixture, accompanied by unisexual and even homosexual egalitarianism. For this mental rape and perversion of our children the foul perpetrators of this crime, namely teachers, rightly deserve to be shot on sight, one and all of them, even if we currently confine ourselves to their execration.

Beyond that starting point in the schools, serving as incubators of racial ruin, a miasma is daily disgorged by the enemies of our Folk throughout every avenue of life and into all reaches of society, stiffling racial knowledge and numbing racial sensitivity. Others of alien race, even the very lowest in capacity, are ceaselessly projected and elevated favourably to familiarize us with them as acceptable, facilitating the next diabolical step which is to accustom the public to interracial integration and sex. The coming together on the television screen and in the newspaper and magazine columns is intended to find its culmination in the bedroom, and thereby on the deathbed of our race which is miscegenation. Here again the responsible enemies of our Folk, wreaking their hate and harm, richly deserve the most severe and salutary punishment.


So it is that this conspiracy is in reality nothing short of genocide. In support of this contention there can now be cited the Genocide Convention of none other than one segment of the vast apparatus of that conspiracy, to wit the United Nations. This Convention defined “Acts Constituting Genocide” in its Article II as follows:- “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such.” It then went on to include as one of these Acts:
(c) “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
Think about this, and you will surely come to appreciate that this is exactly what in all its implications, present and future is happening: genocide ! Only a lunatic, however, would expect any succour from the United Nations for this form of genocide.

At this point, before proceeding to distinguish and define in detail what is meant by our “Folk”, and to identify its making of civilization in recent milleniums, thereby evaluating the loss if Democracy succeeds in its ultimate objectives, so that an Age of Darkness descends on the world; some consideration of geophysical prehistory affecting our most distant ances- tors will be useful to set matters in fuller perspective. This will allow for the likelihood of civilizatiqns beyond our ken and record in these present days when our own civilization is crumbling away.

The warnings now being issued as to the gigantic and disastrous effects to be expected from what is called “global warming” should make us more readily receptive to the indications of long distant, vast upheavals in the world’s ground surfaces water levels and climate occurring repeatedly for one reason or another from the point of the world’s creation out of the infinity of the universe. The emergent fact is that of interminable flux as the characteristic of that universe. With its recognition must surely come the realization of the possibility at least, even without signs which exist and increase, of great and vanished civilizations besides and preceding the recorded ones of general acquaintance.

A stimulus to this expanded perception of life is provided by a 1995 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reflecting a consensus of 2,000 top meteorologists and other experts consulted, which recorded several of Antarctica’s ice sheets disintegrating, flowers and grasses rapidly appearing there, and seas rising rapidly with, as the result in view, “the end of a 10,000-year period in which relatively stable climate has allowed human civilization to begin and flourish.” (Independent on Sunday15 october 1995)


This mention of melting ice sheets and a rise in sea level calls to mind the fascinating abundance of folk memories of lost lands and sunken civilizations, a lesser one of which was the reputed land of Lyonesse, featured in Arthurian legend, said to have been located off the south coast of Cornwall between Land’s End and the Scilly Isles, and eventually submerged. Another was the sunken continent of Mu, investigated and presented by James Churchward in his books including “The Lost Continent of Mu” (Futura Publications, 1974). He located Mu in the Pacific as extending from north of Hawaii to as far south as the Fijis and Easter Island; described it as dominated by a White race, and declared it was obliterated by terrific earthquakes and associated submersion 12,000 years ago.

Best known of all is Atlantis, subject of speculation in hundreds of books as to its whereabouts in the Atlantic or elsewhere: a fabulous land of spectacular development which also experienced terrestrial upheaval, an upheaval causing its submergence. JUrgen Spanuth (“Atlantis of the North” Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1979) plausibly centred it on Heligoland, and dated its submergence in the sea at 1200 B.C. He equated it with the land of the Hyperboreans, depicted in the myths of Ancient Greece as a people living in a land of sunshine and plenty beyond the north wind to whose wonderful apple orchard Homer made reference, and which has a suggestive simi- larity to the Hesperides, or Islands of the Blessed of Ancient Greek and Roman myth, home of the legendary golden apples of immortality. This also connects with the Arthurian legend of the apple island called Avalun or Avalon to which King Arthur was conveyed after death. The “Oera Linda Book” , an ancient history of the Nordic Frisians of present-day Holland, spoke of a lost land of Atland as an outstandingly civilized, large landmass around the north and east of the British Isles which was submerged in 2193 B.C. in consequence of a cosmic impact. Its climate was described as sub-tropical, a contrast to that of the area today which, however, should occasion no surprise when account is taken of the fact that Greenland is known once to have had a sub-tropical climate also, and scientific investigations have shown that the coasts of the Antarctic Continent were once free from ice and that the south polar climate was warm. Indeed a Dr. B.G. Tilak has put forward the speculation that about 10,000 years ago all the Aryan tribes lived in the polar region, but were forced south when the ice sheet formed there.

Whether this particular theory is sustainable or not, it is an accepted fact that after 1400 B.C. the climate changed in Britain and across Europe, becoming colder and wetter than before. As for the recurrent alterations in sea level, one has only to take note of the undisputed fact that Britain was once physically joined to the Continent of Europe, and that Alaska and Siberia were once upon a time similarly joined, to find nothing unbelievable or even strange in the legends of lost lands.

Folk legends so often preserve at least a kernel of historical fact lost to conventional history. Indeed, enshrined in the nursery stories of giants and the folk tales of “wee folk” may well be the persistent memory of some distant time when a breed of huge humans did exist, and also a period when a breed of dwarfish humans did live in caves and underground refuges, both becoming extinct by slaughter or mutation or cosmic collision.


A remarkable change of climate at the poles is easily and sufficiently explained by a geographical shift of the poles towards the equator, or even a full geographical reversal of the poles; given a necessary triggering phenomenon. Such a triggering phenomenon could be a change for whatever reason in the polar magnetic axis, or alternatively the effect of some planetary body passing very near to the earth, if not actually hitting it. A prominent exponent of the latter explanation was Immanuel Velikovsky (“Worlds in Collision”, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1950) who contended that the planet Venus, born from Jupiter, passed near to the earth, nearly colliding with it, before settling into orbit. This had catastrophic effects, including maybe tilting the earth’s axis, and occurred about 3,500 years ago.

Relevant to polar change is an amazing map of the world published in 1531 A.D. by a leading cartographer of the time, Oronteus Finaeus, which showed an Antarctic with an ice-free circumference and accurately marked rivers and mountains not visible today because under a great depth of ice. The cartographic section of the U.S. Air Force at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts, U.S.A., investigated the map some years ago and concluded that it was very accurate. one can thus only suppose that the map was based on some record of the long distant past now unknown to the world.

The Finnish epic, “The Kalevala”, pointed to a time of cosmic upheaval when, temporarily, the sun and thus the image of the moon disappeared from the sky. This, presumably, was due to the irregular interposition of some other cosmic force.

The great master of the sublime music of our race, Richard Wagner, portrayed in “Gotterdammerung”, the final phase of his operatic cycle, “The Ring”, the Ragnarok of Norse legend, the culminating conflict of forces out of which the old order is destroyed, but from which destruction a new order is generated. Ragnarok, the legend has it, was precipitated by the Fimbelvetr, the terrible winter when the frost giants ruled. This may be taken as the figurative folk memory of one of the recurrent ice ages experienced by our planet as a result of cosmic alteration of one kind or another.


What has been said so far concerning cosmic change and catastrophe brings us to the theory of Hans Horbiger (1860-1931). As expounded in “The Glacial Cosmogony of Horbiger” BY Philip Fauth, published in German in 1913, the greater part of it written by Horbiger himself, t:his is the theory of perpetual struggle in infinite space between fire and ice, the forces of attraction and repulsion, resulting in recurrent extinction and renewal. It is a theory providing a comprehensive vision of the evolution of the cosmos, and the changes on earth, corroborated by ancient mythology. It accounts for great civilizations preceding the more immediate and publicized ones by hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years. Such a time- scale makes a back-cloth against which our own contemporary situation of rise and fall becomes dwarfed !in contextual significance, however much we in that situation rightly invest it with relative importance.

In the beginning of the earth, said Horbiger, there was a generative conflict between fire and ice in that a far larger sun than at present col- lided with a huge planet of cosmic ice which penetrated it deeply, result- ing in an explosion out of which was ejected the material to form the earth and its moon. This explanation echoes the ancient Norse Edda, repository of much ancient record in mythical form, which speaks of Ginnungagap as a place and time where matter (ice) and energy (fire) came together in an act of creation.

According to Horbiger, the key to an understanding of great geological and climatic changes which time and time again have convulsed the earth, bringing a sudden and catastrophic end to civilization after civilization beyond our ken, and which will happen again and again, lies in our moon, or more precisely in the succession of our moons. The moon over an immensity of time, he contended, is caused to approach the earth in an ever-narrowing spiral which brings it even to hit the earth, and thereafter to relinquish its role in relation to the earth, moving off into space, to be replaced by another secondary planet attracted into service as an orbiting satellite of the earth.

In the course of this lunar descent on the earth, the gravitational pull of the satellite causes the earth’s seas to rise greatly, drowning people and places, artefacts and edifices and the accumulated knowledge of civilizations. The moon we see today, illuminated by the sun as the powerhouse and life-giver of our existence, is the fourth of such satellites to be captured by the earth, said HSrbiger. His theory has been summarized in English by H.S. Bellamy in his “Moons, Myths and Man” (Faber & Faber, Lon- don, 1936).

Whatever the verdict on Horbiger’s theory, there is undeniable need for a structure of thought which is nothing less than cosmic and lifewide in order to generate the power of mind, through the force of comprehension, to tackle successfully the task confronting us. Such an all – embracing outlook is named a “Weltanschauung” in German National-Socialist terminology. Those without it, meaning mere nationalists, “patriots” and nominal but underdeveloped National-Socialists, lack all that greater capacity for, successful struggle to be derived from breadth and depth of knowledge put to action by zeal and faith, and so cannot cope with the demands of that struggle. The purpose of “The Way Ahead’ is a mobilization and equipment of the mind through the full development of the inherent implications of the National-Socialist Weltanschauung.


Let us move on now to consider and establish definitions of Race as the prior step to further examination of the subject. Here the first choice is between the school of thought which establishes by a grouping of physical and mental characteristics a number of races as overlying the contemporary nation-states, thus providing a basis of thought for a bond transcending those nation-states; and, on the other hand, that school of thought which views a nation – state as itself creating in time, through common residence and common culture within it, a race out of nationality.

An exponent of the latter view was Sir Arthur Keith in his book “A New Theory of Human Evolution”. An exponent of the former was Hans F.K. Gunther. The writer of this article adheres to the attitude of this last authority. He accepts that the community of a contemporary nation-state does create.through the mingling within it over the course of time a distinct blend of people which may be regarded as being a secondary race. However, he views this as after all a blend of primary races, each one of which is manifest as extending beyond national boundaries by virtue of its points of identity or at least most close similarity transcending those points of difference between nations brought about by the formative conditions of national segregation.

The classification thus overstepped is one which this writer feels over- states the ethnic significance of nationality. It is one, he feels, which carried to its logical conclusion opens the door to that grievous article of faith of Democracy that residence, not race, is the determinant of nationality. Hence anything and everything human taking up residence here in Britain automatically becomes as British as our ancestral racial stock. Nationality, thereby, becomes reduced basically to a matter just of geography.

There is next the need to avoid the pitfall of reading racial significance into what is really only a linguistic link. This is the assumption that because people speak the same language they are necessarily akin racially which is most clearly not so. Taken to extreme lengths this fallacy would racially equate the English-speaking Negro from Trinidad with an English-speaking descendant of the Vikings in the Yorkshire Dales. On a less ridiculous but still fallacious level, this mode of assessment confuses and combines quite different racial elements among the White people of Europe and the rest of the world.


This now brings us to consideration of the term “Aryan” and differences of opinion on this score. On the one hand there are those who argue that the term is of linguistic significance only, relating to peoples speaking languages of such marked similarity as to justify the banding together of those languages as “Indo – European”; and that accordingly it should be abandoned as a racial term. Gunther is among them, saying: “To-day the term Aryan has gone out of scientific use and its use is not advisable Racial investigation in the beginning sometimes called the (non-existing) white or Caucasian race Aryan; later the peoples of Indo – European speech were occasionally called Aryan; and finally the Nordic race also was termed Aryan” (P. 257 “Racial Elements of European History” (Methuen, London, 1927).

In agreement with Gunther is Madison Grant, author of the equally important work, “The Passing of the Great Race” (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1918); reprinted in 1970 by Arno Press Inc., U.S.A. He dismissed as “mythical” the denotement of an Aryan race, saying: “The name’ Aryan race , must also be frankly discarded as a term of racial significance …although there was at one time, of course, an identity between the original Aryan tongue and the race which first spoke and developed it” (P. 67).

In conflict is the learned L.A. Waddell who in his massive tome, “The Makers of Civilization in Race and History” (Luzac & Co., London, 1929) developed his case impressively for the usage of the term as a synonym for the Nordic race. He endorsed the English scientific writer, T.H. Huxley, who in an article entitled “The Aryan Question” in the Nineteenth Century magazine (November 1890) stated “There was and is an Aryan race, that is to say the characteristic modes of speech termed Aryan were developed among the Blond Longheads alone, however much some of these may have been modified by the importation of Non Aryan elements.”

A middle ground is occupied by those, seemingly including Adolf Hitler, who have used the term not as an indiscriminate one for all of the White races speaking Indo-European languages, but for people who have at least a substantial Nordic element in them, if not a predominance of that element, the rest of their racial make-up being of other White stock. Providing use of the term does refer to a substantial Nordic element in those to whom it is applied, it seems acceptable. Otherwise the collective term “White” – accepting that this is properly speaking not a reference to some single race but to the whole array of White races – seems preferable.

That Hitler’s National-Socialism conceived and cherished the Nordic element as the central and most important element of what it referred to as “Aryan” is borne out by the emphasis placed on it by that National-Socialism’s vanguard, the SS. Its Engagement and Marriage Decree, issued above Himmler’s signature, stipulated: 1. “The SS is an association of German men of Nordic determination selected on special criteria.”


In now distinguishing the various White races, the five-fold classification of Hans F.K. Gunther will be followed. The first of these races, and for us ancestrally the most important, is the Nordic Race, which Waddell and Gunther were in agreement on as being the great creator and mainstay of civilization. In physical characteristics the Nordic is tall, longheaded, narrow – faced with a narrow nose with a high bridge, smooth or wavy blond or brown hair, deep – sunk blue or grey eyes, and a fair skin. In mental characteristics the Nordic is frank, boldly courageous, inquisitive, given to calm judgement; has a strong sense of justice and is endowed with energy and also restraint and self – discipline. He is marked out to be an organizer, an aristocrat, a leader and a ruler.

Next is the Mediterranean Race which in physical characteristics is short in stature, long -headed, narrow-faced with a narrow nose which has a high bridge, smooth or curly brown or black hair, deep-sunk brown eyes and a brownish skin. In mental characteristics the Mediterranean is passionate and excitable, highly individualistic, and with a lesser sense of law and order than the Nordic, but in artistic accomplishment he can excel the Nordic.

Thirdly we have the Alpine Race, physically characterized as short in stature, round – headed, broad – faced with a flat and short nose with a low bridge, and with stiff brown or black hair, obtrusive brown eyes and yellow -brownish,skin. Alpines are characteristically hardworking, stolid and narrow – minded and unimaginative, lacking initiative, and averse to individuality.

Next is the Dinaric Race which in physical characteristics is tall, short-headed, narrow-faced with a very distinctive steep back to the head, having a very prominent nose with a high bridge, curly brown or black hair’, deep-sunk brown eyes and a brownish skin. The Dinarics are downright, good- tempered and brave, and rated by some as second among the races of Europe for mental capacity.

Finally of the five races of Europe is the East Baltic Race; short in stature, short-headed, distinctively broad-faced across the cheek-bones, with a rather broad and short nose with a low bridge, and with stiff and light hair and grey or whitish blue eyes and a light skin with a grey undertone. People of this race are inclined to have a changeable disposition, and, it is said, to act without thinking and to think without acting.

What marks out the European nations, one from another, are the proportions of the mixture of the five races distinguished by Gunther. These proportions can be viewed both laterally in the populations of districts and individually in the racial composition of persons. From this an over- all assessment can be reached. Doing so, Gunther, writing in the 1920s, assessed Britain then as Nordic 55-60%, Mediterranean 30% and Alpine 10%. A reprint of Gunthers classic work, a copy of which should be in the home of every member of the Vanguard .

Other good sources for the books on Race and Folk History and other aspects of National-Socialism which need to be systematically studied by men and women of the Vanguard to fit themselves for their role are: In the UK Historical Review Press ,PO Box 62 , Uckfield , Sussex , TN22 ,1 ZY , UK and in the USA : National Vanguard Books, P.O. Box 330, Hillsboro, WV 24946, U.S.A. From the U.K. and elsewhere outside the U.S.A. send an international reply coupon for a current catalogue.


In thus making a racial assessment across Europe, there is need to take into account the appreciable influx of other racial elements from outside Europe into many parts of it. This has happened not only in the present century and most substantially during the second half of it in consequence of Democracy’s disastrous “victory” in its anti-Aryan Second World War; but also in times long earlier. This influx came about partly through hostile incursions.

One such was that of the Asiatic Huns who overran and remained in occupation of much of Europe for a couple of centuries commencing with the 4th A.D. Another was that of the Moors, a mixture of Arabs and Berbers from North Africa who invaded Spain in the 8th Century A.D., and, while defeated by the Nordic Franks under Charles Martel in 732 A.D., were not finally ejected from Europe till 1492 with the result that many Spaniards today show the genetical evidence of the long Moorish residence. A third was that of the Asiatic Turks, originating in Mongolia, who in 1550 had gained control of the Balkans, Greece remaining under that control for nearly 400 years till 1821, and with substantial racial results.

Besides such hostile incursions there was also the importation of slaves such as in Roman times. Later on there was the admission of colonial subjects, such as the Malays into Holland since the 17th Century A.D.; and the miscegenation which sooner or later resulted from this.

In consequence, Eastern Europe obtained both a Hither Asiatic strain and an Inner Asiatic strain, which latter strain is also present in Northern Finland and in Sweden and Norway. Southern Europe, particularly Spain and the south of Italy, obtained a Hither Asiatic strain also, along with a Negro element. Spain and the south of Italy also obtained a lesser Oriental strain. Considering Jews now, and continuing to refer to Gunther as our authority, he began by dismissing talk of a “Semitic race”, laying down that there are only Semitic-speaking peoples. Thereupon he defined the Sephardim or southern Jews as a mixture of Oriental, Hither Asiatic, Mediterranean, Hamitic, Nordic and Negro, with the Oriental predominating. The Ashkenazim or eastern Jews he defined as a mixture of Hither Asiatic, Oriental, East Baltic, Inner Asiatic, Nordic, Hamitic and Negro, with the Hither Asiatic predominating. In so far as either the Oriental or the the Hither Asiatic element predominates in the presence of other, non- European, racial elements, Jews cannot rightly be regarded as White, which term can only rightly refer to those with a predominance of one or a mixture of several of the five White races classified by our authority, and this without the inclusion of any other racial element whatsoever.

Support for this view comes from Jewish authorities themselves. For instance, the South African Rand Daily Mail(15 May 1972) under a headline “Jews Are Not White” quoted Jewish scholar, Prof. Leonard Fein of Brandeis University in the U.S.A., as addressing a congress of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, and saying:”You are not Whites – either symbolically or literally …”

In his scholarly book “The Genetics of the Jews ” ( Clarendon Press , Oxford, 1978) A.E. Mourant declared: “Nearly all Jewish communities show a substantial proportion of African Negroid marker genes, such as to imply a total Negro admixture of the order of 5 to 10 percent.” There can be added to this the statement of Dr. Leo Sachs, head of the genetics section of the Weitzmann Institute of Science in Israel, speaking in New York on a visit a while back, that his study had revealed that all Jews “have certain strong similarities in certain characteristics, such as the fingerprints, which indicate ancestral origin in the Eastern Mediterranean.”



The preceding mention of Negro racial influx prompts now some consideration of this stock. It is generally accepted that the ratio of brain weight to whole body weight is a rough index of intelligence. The anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith (“A New Theory of Human EvoLution”) rated the African Negro was having a brain weight about 100 c.c. less than that of Whites (which has been set at 1500 c.c.). Keith set the Australian aborigines at about 1200 c.c. and the gorilla at 470 c.c.

To cite some other authorities, Connolly described the Negro brain as less tissured and less complex than the White brain, and Vint reported it as having a reduced thickness in the frontal cortical layers which are those most recent in evolutionary development and which are operative in reasoning and abstract thinking. Carleton Coon, a past president of the American Anthropological Association, held in his book “The origin of Races” (Knopf, New York, 1962) that the Negro is less advanced in an evo- lutionary sense that the White by as much as perhaps 200,000 years. He described the frontal lobe of the Negro forebrain as less developed than that of the White, thus limiting the ability of the Negro in thinking, planning and educational capability, and retarding him in social adjustment to society, and ability to live within the realm of law and order.

The 1lth Edition of the “Encyclopaedia Britannica” – before the dictatorship of “political correctness” became established to exclude awkward reality, and to compel adherence to Democracy’s agenda of decadence – stated on Page 244 that in certain characteristics the Negro “would appear to stand on a lower evolutionary plane that the white man, and to be more closely related to the highest anthropoids Mentally the negro is inferior to the white. “

Nobel Prize winner in physics for his invention of the transistor, Prof. William Shockley made a major study of I.Q. differences between races, and found that Negroes scored an average of 15 points less than Whites on every test. His conclusion was “The major deficit in Negro intellectual perform- ance must be primarily of hereditary origin and thus relatively irremedi- able by any practical improvements in the environment.” The recent study by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, published as “The Bell Curve” (The Free Press, London, 1994), came up with an identical disparity between Negro and White I.Q. scores, and argued that I.Q. is largely genetic and hereditary.

As an indication of incapacity, prior to the entry of the Whites to Africa, the Negro had no written languages, no conception of numerals, no ploughs and no wheels. English historian Arnold J. Toynbee said in summary “The Black race alone have not contributed positively to any civilization as yet.” The British Association for the Advancement of Science concurred in its 1961 statement: “No contribution to the arts of civilization has come from Africa, which has produced nothing but destruction and ruinous exploitation of its natural resources.” Further to this point, Mankind Quarterly (Spring 1982) referred to studies based on analysis of blood types as indicating that the average American Black has received 20 to 25% of his or her genes from White ancestors.


As part of the sedulously spread propaganda that racial differentiation is a triviality involving no more than such unimportant superficialities as darker or lighter skin, so that all people are simply the same members of mankind, we are told that all human blood is the same apart from con- ventional groupings devoid of racial significance. This high piece of integrative propaganda is increasingly disproved scientifically by advances in the infant science of blood group study. Yet, through the mindenslaving power of ceaseless media propagation, it is still largely accepted by the human herds of Democracy.

Several centuries ago in the first practice of blood transfusion even animal blood was believed to be just the same as human blood, and therefore injected into humans, but the practice was then found to be dangerous, harmful and even lethal, and abandoned. Next came restriction to human blood, but human blood mixed with total indiscrimination, and here again the practice was found to be dangerous, harmful and even lethal and abandoned. With the detection of various basic groups within human blood, the next and present practice developed of discriminating according to these basic groups, but only to this extent. It is now high time that the practice of blood transfusion catches up with the expanded detection of blood differences, and thus discriminates to a much greater degree.

Roger Pearson, in his article “The Study of Blood Groups as an Aid to History”, originally published in Northern World magazine (January-February 1957) and subsequently reprinted as a pamphlet, spotlighted this field of research as providing an immensely valuable key to racial analysis because a blood group is a characteristic entirely dependent on hereditary, and is fixed for life. New blood groups are still being discovered, he explained, going on to quote (Page 8) the Dr. Mourant already referred to regarding Jews as having declared in his work “The Distribution of Human Blood Groups” that “from the blood group point of view, the chief feature of the peoples of this important region comprising England, France, the Low Countries, Scandinavia and parts of Switzerland, Germany and Austria is their close similarity to one another” .

Another authority, Sir Ronald Fisher, stated in 1959: “All blood group factors will contribute to the exploration of racial differences in man- kind, for the frequences of the different genes vary notably from one race to another; the different races of man, as populations, have become more distinct and better defined, than was possible by the older ethnographic methods .” Also, Science Journal (July 1970) stated: “A large number of genes, both blood group genes and genes affecting bio-chemical reactions, can be used in characterizing human populations. Each human population has its own unique combination of these genes.”


Thus blood is not just some symbolic expression of race, but a rich repository of racial difference. It can even be said to be unique not only for a race, but also for an individual. Hence the present practice of the National Blood Authority in Britain of treating it as all virtually the same within racially insignificant conventional groupings is not only absurd but monstrous. It results in blood donated being completely mixed beyond these groupings on reception and in subsequent transfusions, so that any and every White Briton is today at risk of having Negro or other non-White blood put into his or her veins.

This alien infusion may well be physically harm£ul. It is also most certainly mentally harmful because deeply and constantly humiliating to any and every such person who has both knowledge of the matter and any racial pride whatsoever. Pressure must thus be brought to bear without delay on this “politically correct” but scientifically incorrect National Blood Authority (oak House, Reeds Crescent, Watford, Herts., WDl lQH) to cease immediately this abhorrent practice of merger, and instead adopt a far more detailed discrimination and consequent segregation.

Some hospitals in some countries do already, at least on strong application, provide a facility in respect of an operation requiring a transfusion for the best of all transfusion, namely of your own blood donated in advance of and with a view to the operation. Readers should demand and ensure this practice for themselves. The time is now to find out whether your local hospital will provide the facility on demand, and, if it does not already do so, to agitate that it does; not to leave the matter until you are already faced with a shortly forthcoming operation. This writer’s own enquiry to Harrogate District Hospital, a National Health Service hospital as distinct from a private one, elicited this reply (dated 31 January 1995) from its Director of Operational Services:- “Mr. S. Jamieson, Technical Services Coordinator for the Trust’s Pathology Department, has confirmed that facilities do exist for patients of Harrogate Health Care to donate their own blood in advance of an operation with a view to being reinfused with that blood. –I am sure that other Trusts throughout the country will have similar arrangements, but patients would have to check with their local Trust on precisely what can be arranged.”

Passing from blood as an expression of a person’s racial identity to the mind of that person as a repository of emanations of that person’s racial identity, which identity includes the distinctive character of that person’s blood; the notable Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung contended that every race has a “Collective Unconsciousness” , the result of all the collective experiences of a race being genetically transmitted from genera- t ion to genera t ion. Pre sent within thi s ” Collective Unconsciousness ” are what he described as “Archetypes” , being images that emerge in the subcon- scious mind of a person and which represent that person’s instinctive understanding of various things. So much for the absurdity that race is no more than a difference of colour and physiognomy!


Having now taken a look at the first stage of racial awareness, namely a knowledge of racial differentiations, let us next proceed to take a look at the second stage, namely the reflection of those differentiations in the course of history. In so doing it will become apparent that civilization after civilization of the higher order has been due to and depend- ent on the Nordic Race or a predominantly Nordic people, more than to any other single White race or non-White race, even where as was often the case the Nordics were a minority, a racial aristocracy ruling over a population which in the majority was of other race. Following on this it will become apparent also that the great common reason for the decline and the disappearance of these civilizations has always been the dwindling to the point of submergence of the Nordic people responsible for them.

It appears likely that the Nordic Race developed by mutation out of the tall, long-headed, big-brained Cro-Magnon Race which thus constituted what may be termed the proto-Nordic Race; and which may well have been the resi- due or mutation of a race responsible for great civilizations obliterated by cosmic catastrophes milleniums ago. After an immediately prior period when the very primitive Neanderthals predominated from about 150,000 to about 40,000 years ago, the Cro-Magnons came to the fore between that latter date and about 6-8,000 years ago, coinciding with the later part of the old Stone Age. During this Age the Mediterranean Race, which seems to have separately evolved by mutation from other and older stock, became es- tablished in southern and south-eastern Europe, while the Alpine Race conceivably emerged by a particular genetic change from the Cro-Magnon.

It is the majority view that the Nordics, thus derived, came to be located in what is now southern Russia in the region north of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea some 6,000 years ago, from which location the ethnic designation “Caucasian” is derived. From there they erupted in successive waves of migration over a long period. These took them into the Balkans and the Middle East, into Central Europe and to Scandinavia to establish a new heartland in the latter, and into the Baltic-North Sea area; and from there to Britain, Crete, Greece, Italy and western Asia Minor and elsewhere.


Prof. L.A. Waddell, to whom we have referred earlier, made out a very strong case for the Aryan (Nordic) nature of the civilization of ancient Sumeria in Mesopotamia, at least in respect of its dominant or ruling el- ement in the population as distinct from the subject element. This civili- zation, which arrived from Cappadocia in Asia Minor and possibly before that from the Danube basin, was one of large cities, magnificently inscribed and sculptured monuments and other works of art, and libraries with hunreds of thousands of official and private documents.

The first Sumerian king, who used writing and established agriculture and in this and other ways merited the recognition he received as the founder of the civilization around 3378 B.C., had a multiplicity of names and titles. He was known as Adam, the prototype of his namesake in the purloined story of the Garden of Eden in the Genesis of the Jewish Old Testament; having as his wife an Eve who was the granddaughter of a Gothic sea king, their son being a Cain. Carvings, sculptures and sacred seals show him clad in his characteristic Gothic dress as befitted one of the ancestral Goths.

Waddell closely associated this Sumerian civilization with the Aryan (Nordic) people of Britain through an impressive wealth of evidence offer- ed. For instance, another of the first king’s names was “Tur” which later aspirated as “Thur” or “Thor” , so that he was the human prototype of the deified Thor of the Gothic Norsemen, and also as “Ar-Thur” the original from whom evolved the legendary King Arthur of England. Under another name, “Gaur”, the derivation of George, and in respect of Gauer’s exploit in slaying the human-consuming dragon of the cult of the Semitic Chaldees, he was -with his standard of a red cross – also the original of England’s traditional St. George, later given an obscuring Christian connotation as was the figure of Adam. A later Sumerian king, Barat, who greatly extended the Sumerian empire, was directly associated with Britain, said Waddell: the word “Barat” , abbreviated in usage to “B’r’t” and thence to “Brit”, leading us to Britan- nia who was a Sumerian goddess of the waters, hence her depiction on Brit- ish coins of our present era. “Goti” or “Goth”, he said, was a dialect- ical form of “Khatti” or “Cat ti” which latter term was the title of kings of the Ancient Britons on their coins, thus identifying those Ancient Britons as Goths.


Egyptian civilization, contended Waddell, was an offshoot of Sumerian civilization, and similarly a matter of Aryan (Nordic) rule over a subject people. Sargon the Great of Mesopotamia had a son, Manis or Menes, who founded the first dynasty of Egypt, besides being identical with the founder of the spectacular civilization of Crete, King Minos. Contrary to the persistent efforts today of the forces of White disparagement falsely to elevate the Negro past, there is no evidence that Negroes contributed any- thing of value to Egyptian civilization; although people of Mediterranean Race undoubtedly figured largely in the population of Ancient Egypt and contributed considerably to that civilization. Indeed, standing by the banks of the Nile as a frontier post at Ancient Egypt’s southern boundary was a stone inscribed with hieroglyphics reading: “From this spot to eternity no Negro may sail down the Nile.”

Since then, migration and miscegenation, the great solvents of great- ness, have drastically altered and darkened the people of Egypt. The Egyptians of today keep company with the colossal pyramids and other stone structures of the mighty civilization of old, but racially they bear hardly any resemblance to its makers.

During the second millenium B.C., Nordics of the tribe of the Sacae entered India to establish their role as conquerors of the small and dark, racially alien, original inhabitants. The oldest of the Sanscrit writings, the Rig-Veda, compiled about 1500 B.C., records the word “Arya” as signifying noble kinship, and refers to the ancestral stock as that of tall, fair-haired and blue-eyed warriors, a stock which the caste system was designed to preserve, but ultimately failed to do, so that today all that is left amid India’s teeming millions is some sign of some residual Aryan blood in the very highest of those castes.


The civilization of Ancient Greece continues to dazzle us with the splendour of its public buildings and the sophistication of its thought. All its brilliance was the output of the creative power of the Nordic Race, the pacemaker of the White peoples. It arose in consequence of successive waves of Nordic immigration into a land whose original population was largely 0£ Mediterranean Race. The very first Nordic influx can be set at between 3,000 and 2,000 B.C. This was followed by that of the Ionians, then that of the Achaeans about 1400 B.C., and finally about 1100 B.C. by that of the Doric tribes.

The legends, the statues and the sculptures of the gods of Ancient Greece significantly depict the Nordic features of the ruling and civilizing element in the heyday of its civilization. Athene, for instance, is shown as blue-eyed and Aphrodite as golden-haired. The downfall of those responsible for all the magnificence of building, the beauty of person and the richness of thought came as the customary and inevitable consequence of racial deterioration. By the relaxations of misguided tolerance, non- Nordics, who originally were excluded from citizenship, were made into citizens and thence into breeding partners, and so a great people were bred out, and today those dwelling amid the ruins are almost entirely racial strangers.

Egyptian records described Libyans of that time as blond. The Philistines and the Amorites of Palestine appear to have been yet other examples of a Nordic ruling class establishing itself over a Mediterranean lower class. Nordic Phyrigians crossed into Asia Minor towards the end of the 13th Century B.C. and conquered the Hittites -who with the Kassites appear to have been a Mediterranean people ruled by a Nordic elite – and established the fabulous city of Troy. The roving Scythians were described by Ammianus (330-400 A.D.) as “almost all tall and handsome with hair almost yellow and a fierce look”; and the Cimmerians who raided across the Caucasus as early as 680 B.C. were Nordic also. As in the present age, Nordic was continually at war with Nordic, a baleful tribalism working to this effect then as a baleful nationalism has done over recent centuries, causing a great reduction in our precious Nordic blood to the great advantage of the more rapidly reproducing non-Nordic breeds.

In the vicinity of Sumeria, the Aryan-inspired civilization of Ancient Persia arose at a later date. The Nordic Persians entered what is today Iran about 900 B.C., followed by closely related Nordic Medes. The very name “Iran” derived from “Aryan” .In the 6th Century B .C .Persian society was still so clearly Nordic as to cause travellers to remark that the people were “nearly all fair and ruddy like Greeks” .In that period ruled King Darius the Great (521-485 B.C.) who declared “I am an Aryan, the son of an Aryan” and whose portrait sculpture bore this out, depicting a pure Nordic type. However the same old pattern of decline and submergence followed before long: the tall, blond, Persian ruling class mixed their blood with the dark people in racial suicide.


Ruling the known world at the age of 32, his empire encompassing two million square miles and his navy a thousand ships, was a handsome, fair- haired Nordic leader of a Nordic people: Alexander the Great of Macedon (356-323 B.C.). The people like the empire vanished through race mixture, an inadequate birth rate, and the lack of a creed for racial survival.

Yet another great civilization which attained its greatness through and only through its Aryan (Nordic) blood, and which fell because and only because that blood became diluted to submergence through race mixture, was that of Rome. About 1100 B.C. Nordics entered Italy as Umbrians, though there are indications of a previous Nordic influx from north of the Alps even as early as 2000 B.C. In the 9th Century B.C. came the Nordic Latins. Nordic creative capacity subsequently resulted in a finely ordered state endowed with bridges, aqueducts, sewers, public baths, theatres and temples, harbours and lighthouses and 50,000 miles of good roads across an empire embracing virtually the whole of the civilized world. As a significant racial indicator, the Roman deities such as Apollo, Bacchus, Diana, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus were shown in statues and sculptures as having unmistakable Nordic features, and were described as having blond hair. All the magnificence which originally was Rome’s came to an end with miscegenation. Rome’s oldest constitution had laid down classes founded on race: the Patricians, who composed the Roman Senate, corresponding to 300 families of the original Nordic conquerors, and the Plebians corresponding to the earlier, predominantly Mediterranean, conquered population which in- cluded Alpine, Dinaric and Hither Asiatic elements, and which had no political rights. A first great downward step came in 445 B.C. when a law was introduced allowing marriage between Patricians and Plebians.

Next, the importation of cheap grain from the orient ruined the sturdy yeomanry, as always a backbone for a healthy state, causing agricultural land to be gathered into the estates of wealthy plantation owners who brought in Africans and Asians as slaves from the colonies to work their plantations. With the enervating inevitability of such a process, Roman citizenship was eventually extended to freed slaves and to subject races throughout the empire. From this it was but one step further for the deca- dent Romans, where they had not come to regard having children as an interference with their freedom and pleasure, to find freedom and pleasure in mating with those of other races, the mongrel mob of which was in any event procreating plentifully. Thus did night fall on the Roman Empire, as it is now falling on the homeland of the once mighty British Empire.


Throughout those early times, Nordic peoples in their many differentiations and their pristine vigour were repeatedly astir in waves of migration, distinguished as phases of the Volkerwanderung (Folk Wandering), stimulated by climatic changes, expanding population and soil exhaustion. A first phase, which we have already noted, took place in the New Stone Age. A second phase can be distinguished as taking place at the end of the succeeding Bronze Age, which for Britain ended around 500 B.C., and which included further penetration by Germanic tribes westward along the North Sea and eastward along the Baltic. We now come to consider a third phase which involved the conflict between the Germanic peoples and the Roman Empire in its declining days.

It is in this third phase that the Celts come to our attention, and in so doing bring again to our attention the pitfalls of assuming a common race from a common or similar language which can so easily result simply from contact and conquest. Madison Grant, mentioned earlier as the author of that outstanding study of Nordic decline, “The Passing of the Great Race” , put the matter well when he said (Page 62) : “To class together the Breton peasant with his round Alpine skull; the little, long skulled brunet Welshman of Mediterranean race, and the tall, blond, light eyed Scottish Highlander of pure Nordic blood, in a single group labelled Celtic is obviously impossible.”

The Celts, collectively so-called, migrated in two quite separate waves of two quite different peoples, racially. First came a wave of Nordics who entered France from Germany, dominated western Europe from about 900 B.C. to about 200 B.C., and spread to Britain about 800 B.C. They were responsible for the Erse language in Ireland, a land so-named as that of the Aryans because of the Nordic nature of those fair-haired Celtic immigrants; for the Manx language in the Isle of Man; and for the Gaelic language in Scotland where the antecedent inhabitants were Picts, apparently of Mediterranean stock

These Germanokelten were portrayed by early Greek writers as tall, fair- skinned and blond-haired with blue or grey eyes. Virgil, the Roman poet of the First Century B.C. said of them: “Golden is their hair and golden their garb.” Boadicea, queen of the Iceni in resistance to the Roman occupation of Britain, was a golden-haired Germanokelten. Their skulls scarcely dif- fered from those of the later Germanic immigrants to Britain, the Anglo- Saxons.

The second and ethnically quite different though linguistically akin people were the Gallokelten who came to Britain around 300- 100 B.C., and who were responsible for the ancient Cornish language, the Cymric language of Wales, and, on the Continent in Brittany, the Amorican language. These Gallokelten, centred on southern Gaul (the Roman province later going to form France), were Alpines.


The Goths, as one of the great divisions of the Germanic peoples of Aryan (Nordic) Race, have been slightly noticed earlier in their most ancient lineage and dispersion. Their name is derived from “Gut tones” or “Guthones” , another form of which is “Teutons” .Having previously based themselves in Sweden around the part accordingly named “Gotaland” , towards the end of the Second Century A.D. they began to move south-eastward into the more ancient Nordic homeland north of the Black Sea, and into other parts; the eastern-moving section becoming known as “Ostrogoths” , who towards the end of the Fifth Century A.D. conquered Italy; and the western- moving section becoming known as “Visigoths” and conquering and settling in Spain and Portugal.

The aristocracy of Spain and Portugal, Visigothic in its ancestry, remained Nordic up to and during the period of imperial expansion of both these countries. Ferdinand, King of Aragon, and Isabella of Castile whom he married in 1469, thereby uniting Spain and founding its monarchy, were both depicted as red-headed Goths. The decline of both bhe Spanish and the Portuguese imperial power came with racial intermarriage diluting away the Nordic blood of the Visigoths. Recording this oft-repeated tragedy, the Ilth Edition of the “Encyclopedia Britannica” stated: “The Portuguese intermarried freely with their slaves and this infusion of alien blood pro- foundly modified the character and physique of the nation.”

Goths, along with their fellow Nordic Burgundians and Franks, settled in what became entitled “France” through the ascendancy of the kingdom of the last named. Their fellow Teutons, the Germanic Angles and Saxons and Jutes, invaded and settled in England to add their measure of Nordic blood to that previously present, and when this Germanic pattern of migration ended about 600 A.D., it was succeeded by that of the Nordic Vikings from Scandinavia who, between about 700 and 1100 A.D. ventured far and wide over the globe, settling in both Britain and France, later as Normans coming from Normandy in France to conquer England and her earlier Nordics.


Contradicting the well-rooted fallacy that only with Columbus was the “New World” discovered by Europeans in 1492, there is ample evidence of them visiting North, South and Central America long before that time. To cite one of numerous studies, “Norse Discoveries & Explorations in America 982- 1362” by Hjalmar R. Holand (Dover Publications, U.S.A., 1969), after the Viking Eric the Red discovered Greenland in 982, the Viking Leif Erikson ventured further west and discovered what he termed “Vinland” in 1003, and which would appear to be an area of North America extending down to Massachusetts or even further south-west. Norse remains at L’anse-aux-Meadow in Newfoundland have been confirmed by the Smithsonian Institute, and Prof. Robert Hall of Cornell University, U.S.A., has confirmed that a stone carved with runes discovered in Minnesota is genuinely Norse. Beyond this, there are indications that North America was visited by adventurous Nordics far earlier than this. An inscription in the vicinity of Toronto is said to date to the 17th Century B.C., recording a Scandinavian King, Woden-Lithi, sailing across the Atlantic and establishing a trading post there.

Allover South and Central America there are folk memories and other evidence of Aryans (Nordics) visiting and civilizing long ago. Said Pierre Honore, “In Quest of the White God” (Hutchinson, 1963):- “Ancient Indian legends tell us that at some point in the mists of prehistory White men with beards landed on the shores of the New World. They brought the Indians all their science, knowledge of engineering, laws and their higher level of civilization. These men became the White Gods of the Indian countries.” Fair-skinned and blue-eyed, to the Toltecs and Aztecs of Mexico they had as leader Quetzalcoatl, to the Maya of Central America Kukulcan, and to the Incas of South America Viracocha. The Toltecs, whose pyramids as those of the Maya are highly suggestive of a link with Egyptian civilization identified by Waddell as Nordic-inaugurated, numbered among them that at Cholula which is the largest in the world. The Maya were invested with a marvellous calendar which gave 3373 B.C. as the outset of civilization, a date almost identical with that for the accession of the first Sumerian king, Adam, ascertained by Waddell from the Sumerian king lists.

Prof. Jacques Mahieu, writer of a number of books on the subject, including ” Der Weisse Konig von Ipir ” (Grabert-Verlag, Germany, 1978) , suggested that Quetzalcoatl was a Viking who landed in 967 A.D., becoming king of the Toltecs whose tradition is that they had themselves arrived shortly before from the land of Olman (Ullman) in the north, “Ullman” being the original name of the leader the Indians dubbed “Quetzalcoatl” .Mahieu described Manko Kapak, founder of the empire of the Incas, as a leader of another Viking band, and Pizarro, Spanish conqueror of Peru, recording the persistence of Nordic blood at that time, wrote that “The ruling class in the Kingdom of Peru was fair-skinned with fair hair about the colour of ripe wheat.” The legends of the White Gods may, however, take in memories also of other and much earlier Nordic penetrations.

Here again it was the old, sad story of the dwindling or the dilution into submergence of the Nordic blood responsible for civilization, and with it the inevitable decay of that civilization. This terrible tragedy was yet again due to a deadly failure to procreate the Nordic stock, added to a deadly descent into miscegenation.


South America, whose climate in many parts causes rapacious jungle very rapidly to envelop and hide the relics of Nordic-inspired civilization, still has secrets galore to be unravelled. Perre Honore was confident that one day the enormous Amazonian jungle will reveal amazing signs of White civilization there. Anthropologists in 1971 discovered a tribe of white-skinned Indians in its depths. English explorer, Col. P.H. Fawcett, wrote in 1924 of also finding remote South American tribes with blue eyes and auburn hair, and an American explorer in 1968 discovered a dozen pre- viously unknown and apparently pre-Inca cities in the jungles of northern Peru.

In Bolivia, at a height of i2,596 feet above sea level in what is now a barren wilderness, a short distance from Lake Titicaca (a name said by one authority to mean the “Lake of the White Gods”) stands the enigmatic ruins of a very ancient city, now known as Tiahuanaco. Evidence shows that it once had a harbour, although today it does not stand at the edge of any water. It was constructed of huge blocks of stone fitted together with amazing precision, and was most fortunately photographed and written about many years ago by Arthur Posnansky (“Tiahuanaco, The Cradle of American Man”) before so much of that stone was removed for building purposes elsewhere.

H .S .Bellamy in his ” Built Before the Flood ” ( Faber & Faber, London , 1943) concluded that the climate wust have been tropical in comparison to that there today. He referred to the folk memories of the local Indians that it was built when much more of the Inter-Andean Plain was a lake, and prior to a great cataclysm whereby a tremendous flood -occasioned by the aberrations of the moon according to Horbiger’s theory to which he subscribed – destroyed the people of the city. Thor Heyerdahl, the celebrated explorer who has described the huge statues of Easter Island, lying in the Pacific west of Chile, as having the physiognomy of White men who reached there from South America, concurred with Prof. Mahieu in the outcome of their common study of legends in attributing tremendous Tiahuanaco to civilizing White men.

Since the rise and fall of preceding civilizations touched on in pre- ceding pages, a new and great civilization has arisen in modern times in Europe and spread imperially across the world, only yet again during the century now ending to suffer the same old trends of destruction, namely a falling birth rate of the Aryans coupled to their increasing interbreeding with other races, and accompanied by vast inter-Aryan slaughter in two world wars consuming especially the finest of procreative younger men. Just one wonderful and unprecedented attempt to halt and reverse the drift to ruin did take place, the National-Socialist one under Adolf Hitler, which came so very near to world triumph, only to be finally brought down by the foul forces representing that ruin.


With that catastrophe began the twilight world of today, dedicated to the most rapid transition possible to the dark night of Democracy distin-guished earlier on in these pages. The Vanguard, as custodian of remembrance of and reverence for our illustrious Aryan past, has to face and to fight that gigantic menace to our Folk. which we now turn to examine in some detail. It has to do so not in dejection at what we are up against, but instead in proud elation, being goaded into total war against it by the very magnitude of its challenge. This is the spirit expressed in the Old English poem, Beowulf, in the words “Better is death than life in shame.” To this may be aptly added the following distillation of the out – look of our Teutonic ancestors by a leading authority on their thought: “Honour has the reality of life, or soul, and therefore the bitterness of death is removed by a hope of resurrection in fame.”

The stark, overshadowing, horrifying fact of today is that we Whites are a direly threatened people. The Coloured people of the world, already vastly exceeding the White people numerically, are out breeding the latter most rapidly with the result that the latter will be reduced to a compara- tively small minority within the immediate future, and will eventually disappear like that extinct bird, the dodo, or that extinct reptile, the dinosaur. Furthermore, the racial mainstay of the White people, namely those of Nordic or predominantly Nordic breed, are being more and more reduced in their ratio to the other Whites. This the Hamburger Abend Zeitung (Germany, 20 April 1988) reported on, stating that in England the percent- age of blonds in the population had fallen from 65% in 1928 to 10% in 1988, presaging the passage of the Nordics to extinction within 130 years.


Taking note now of some details of this rise of the Coloureds and descent of the Whites, Australia and New Zealand were, up to the time of that great divide, the disastrous, anti-Aryan, Second World War, more Nordic than any other country except those of Scandinavia. Since that racial tragedy, however, the former has abandoned it s “White Australia policy in 1973, and subsequently has admitted Coloureds freely. It has even taken steps to boost its aborigines, racially so incapable as to have failed to advance beyond the stone age unaided, and with the result that depraved Whites have so copulated with these savages that a third or more of the savages are now half-breeds.

Australia’s revolting Minister for Foreign Affairs at the time, a Bill Hayden, was quoted in Asiaweek (19 August 1983) as providing an epitaph for his breed in the following words:- “Australia is changing. We’re an anomaly as a European country in this part of the world. There’s already a large and growing Asian population in Australia and it is inevitable in my view that Australia will become a Eurasian country over the next century or two. Australian Asians and Europeans will marry one another and a new race will emerge. I happen to think that’s desirable.” Seemingly and sorrowfully no-one shot the swine.

Concerning New Zealand, in 1981 it was reported that the latest census had shown a rise of 50.2% in Polynesians other than Maoris, since the previous one in 1976; that the Chinese and Indian element in the population was also rapidly expanding; and that the European element was the slowest growing (New Zealand Herald , 18 November 1981). The mating of Whites with Maoris has long been common, most of the latter now having some European ancestry, and one demographer estimating that by this last decade of the century 23% of children born each year have at least one Maori parent.

Canada’s immigration has been, proportionate to the size of its population, the highest in the world, but with the British and other European element slumping to a small minority in recent decades. More than 100,000 Coloured immigrants a year have been arriving from Hong Kong, India, Jamaica and Vietnam, with the province of British Columbia alone taking some 11,000 Hong Kong Chinese in 1994 alone.



Europe’s birth rate, a sure barometer of the salubrity of its system, now stands at its lowest figure since records began 36 years ago, reported the London Daily Telegraph (2 December 1993). This is well below replacement level, which is a standstill situation requiring a fertility rate of 2.1 babies per female. Yet by 1986 the rate had come to stand at in Brit- ain only 1.7, in France only a trifle higher, in West Germany only 1.3, and in Denmark and Sweden about the same. Between 1966 and 1974 the German birth rate – which had much increased under the National-Socialist regime through its measures of direct encouragement beyond the general effect of its ethos, plunged under demoralizing Democracy from 17.8 births per 1,000 people to 10.1, and now stands at a record low.

News just out is that a sperm-count survey of British males has shown a very severe slump in fertility further endangering the birth rate. This disturbing development mayor may not relate to the devitalized diet and damaged environment under cash-dominated Democracy. Rudolf Hess, setting the procreative tone of National-Socialism in contrast to the sterile, pleasure-and-profit craving of decadent Democracy, was reported in the Volkischer Beobachter (25 December 1939) as declaring: “The highest duty which a woman can do for the community is to contribute to the continuation of the nation through racially healthy children.” Nothing all the Clintons and Majors of this world have ever said or will ever say has come or will come remotely near the importance of this declaration.

In pursuit of this governing impulse of racial continuation, there were state loans to newly married couples of healthy German blood with no interest charged for a year after each birth, and 25% of the loan knocked off for each child born, and with coupons issued for the purchase of household goods. These benefits were funded through taxation of the unmarried, this arrangement providing a further encouragement to procreation. So that the children were properly cared for by the mother as her most valuable form of work, it was not only a condition of receipt of these benefits that the wife did not go out to work, but the all-round care for motherhood of the National-Socialist state removed the economic need for this deviation which is a feature of the child-renouncing and child-neglecting Democracy.

Honouring motherhood, the birthday of Hitler’s mother was made the “Day of the German Mother”, and in public ceremonies those attaining 4 or 5 children received a bronze “Mother’s Cross” .those attaining 6 or 7 a silver cross, and those attaining 8 or more a gold cross. Cross holders received numerous special allocations, allowances and other privileges.

The anti-racial, Christian stigmatizing of “illegitimacy” was replaced by the authorities with the racial criterion whereby no healthy child of good race could be regarded as “illegitimate” .Said Dr. Leonardo Conti , Minister of Health: “The Fuhrer welcomes every newborn citizen of the Reich whether or not its producers are in possession of a slip of paper called a marriage licence.” In this enlightened spirit the Lebensborn project took shape. Its primary purpose was to stop the abortion of healthy, racially valuable babies through the provision of special maternity homes for unwed or widowed, expectant mothers.

Returning, sadly, to today, while the White birth rate in Europe has become so suicidally low, Coloured immigration to Europe and the Coloured birth rate within Europe has soared. British readers are probably well enough aware of its magnitude in their country as not to need data here. Germany had by 1990 acquired 5.2 million foreign immigrants without citizenship, and this not counting the horde of asylum-seekers. Even Sweden’s 8 million inhabitants now include over a million not of Swedish origin. Portugal’s President, Mario Soares, in a statement in 1995, uttered the racial obscenity that “Portugal is honoured to have so many Africans here. It is our tradition. They are our brothers ” ( The Washington Times U.S.A., 19 June 1995).


The U.S.A.”s population record reveals to the full the tragedy of the persistent failure of the Aryans to practise racial self-defence. Prior to the last two decades of the last century, immigration was restricted to Northern Europeans from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, so that a vast expanse of new territory with enormous resources was set to become something approaching a Nordic Utopia. The first point of departure from what could have been a real “American Dream” come true was in the final two decades of the last century when immigration from Southern Europe was allowed to set in and surpass, followed by the admission of a huge Jewish immigration and other non-Nordic immigration from Eastern Europe. The final stage of opening the door to all and sundry in spoliation of an idyllic prospect came in 1965 when a new law, put forward by the Jew Emmanuel Celler, allowed in immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In consequence of Celler’s sabotage, by 1991, as revealed by the latest census to that date, the European stock in a then nation of 250 million had gone down to less than 77% with 62 million being mainly of Negro or Hispanic or American-Indian ancestry. Since then the ten top sources for legal immigration have become Mexico, the Phillipines, Korea, China and Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba; and an official of the Immigration & Naturalization Services has stated that even by the mid-1970s there could have been in addition 12 million illegal im- migrants, more and more of whom daily come pouring over the border from Mexico.

The Population Reference Bureau was reported in the Tulsa World (10 oct- ober 1982) as estimating that Whites will be a minority in the the year 2080. The same south-western American newspaper reported (4 December 1992) Census Bureau predictions that during the next 60 years Blacks will increase from 32 million to 62 million, Hispanics from 24 million to 81 million, and Asians and Pacific Islanders from 9 million to 41 million. The White fertility rate is the lowest on record, and, symbolically, the very capital – Washington D.C. -is now three-quarters Negro. The American “melting pot” creed of Democracy displays itself today in its refuse-strewn, structurally and administratively decaying, drug infested and crime ravaged, mongrelized cities as the agency for the reduction of civilization to the rubbish heap. Britain and the rest of the Aryan world lags not so far behind in following suit.


Turning to the Coloured world proper, whose time seems to have come, China – now manifesting the mounting reality of “The Yellow Peril” of incipient anxieties of the past -reached a population of 1.2 billion last year (1995). India then had a population of 850 million, growing at a rate of 17 million a year, and estimated to reach a billion by the shortly approaching end of this century. Africa then was not far behind with 650 million. Mexico, with the highest birth rate in the world, is expected to reach 163 million by the year 2000; Africa 900 million, Pakistan 194 mil- lion, Indonesia 238 million, Bangladesh 209 million, Brazil 268 million, Philippines 102 million, Japan 132 million, Vietnam 101 million, Russia 346 million. once great, now little Britain is expected to have, immi- grants and all, 56 million by the year 2000.

Putting figures together, United Nations experts in 1992 estimated that over the present decade the average annual rise in world population wil be 97 million, almost all of this in Africa, Asia and Latin America London ( Daily Telegraph 30 April 1992). Asia’s population as a whole and alone is expected to reach 4 billion by the year 2000.

Climatic changes, responsible in the past for major migrations as we have seen, were portended with similar consequences in a 800-page “Global 2000 Report” to the U.S. President, prepared by the U.S. State Department in 1980. It said that “major world climate changes are under way” whereby “starvation and famine could lead to social unrest and global migrations of populations”. Drought “could lead to the shifting of races. The mov- ing of entire nations is possible with severe weather patterns.” ( The West Australian, 10 May 1976).

At aImost the same time, Algerian President Boumedienne predicted in 1974:- “No quantity of atomic bombs would stem the tide of billions of human beings who some day will leave the poor southern parts of the world to erupt into the relatively accessible spaces of the richer northern hemisphere looking for survival. “

You cannot say you have not been warned. This can be “the final solution” of the Aryan problem for the rising and resentful Coloured world. Even now a current, authoritative estimate is that potentially there are 50 million “refugees” desiring access to White countries. Unless the Aryan miracle of resurgence, put forward in the Vanguard conception, comes about and soon, the Whites of the world are most certainly going to be over- whelmed by the sheer strength of the breeding numbers of the Coloureds of the world.


What is the Vanguard conceived to do in the face of this most appalling situation? To begin with, its members have to become adequately prepared for their gigantic task. This means becoming sufficiently knowledgeable racially, and thereby sufficiently alert and enthused racially. This in turn means studying systematically and fully the facts of racial differentiation; and getting further to know our Folk by thoroughly learning its history, including that considerable part preserved and embodied in folk legends and folk customs, and thus coming to cherish our racial heritage with unrelenting and unbeatable intensity. On top of that it also means learning the nature and extent of the menace to our Folk from the Coloured world and its influx into ours, and from the renegade, race mixers in our midst, identifying persons and practices, and from this learning our needs and devising our methods in meeting the menace.

Such preparation is the indispensable precondition for effective com- bative and remedial action. The pursuit of this condition of readiness is for the Vanguard, as a legion of doers, something far removed from both the studies of the armchair student and the desultory dabblings of the ordinary political person: people who are not doers but merely observers. The Van- guard even in this preparatory mode is a developing militia of the mind. After, and only after all such necessary preparation can this militia pro- ceed to function effectively in active service for our Folk.

Through the requisite, racial insight thus gained the Vanguard will be led inevitably and emphatically to centre its thought decisively not on country or state above race, but on the race as a whole as a community. This places us in contrast to and in opposition to all those who differ from us on this, be they nationalists or fascists, whose top allegiance is to the state and its nation determined and circumscribed by geography, or all those Democrats who see residence alone, regardless of race, as determining nationality and the national community.

Democracy’s characteristic conception is that of any and every non-Aryan allowed to enter Britain becoming by virtue simply of residence here as British as our ancestral Aryan stock. This is an absurdity pernicious to the point of oscenity which the Vanguard utterly rejects. Instead, as a political starting pointe, it proclaims nationality to be rightly a matter of race.


Thinking positively with the blood, which is the definition of the real racialist required for the Vanguard, brings immediately within any country a sense of solidarity, a feeling of true kind-ness, arising from racial kinship within that country, which transcends all divisions other than those of race. It also excludes that unbridled individualism professed by the liberal lobby in Democracy which theoretically views man as something self-contained and separate from instead of inseparable from society. With our National-Socialism the only valid, human classification is one according to racial quality and usefulness to the racial community.

However, with our development of National-Socialism according to its inherent implications, its racial awareness, its sense of kinship, cannot logically stop there. It has to extend to the realization that this think- ing with the blood must mean that the race as a whole, the dispersed and yet-to-coalesce Folk as a whole, transcends in turn the divisions of con- ventional and contemporary nations. It has to lead to the conclusion that conventional and contemporary nationalism is not enough, is not good enough, indeed has to be clearly and unequivocally rejected as harmful because of its divisive effect.

It has to result in the conviction that the greater nation must be seen as nothing less than the race as a whole. The higher nationalism of that Folk as a whole must be seen as supreme, deserving and commanding our higher allegiance. All other forms of nationalism are lesser, and only justifiable in so far as they are in accord with and subsidiary to that higher nationalism of the whole race. The arrival at this realization is the high mark of racial readiness for the struggle.


This great advance in thinking to the point of full Folkism has to be reached by the Vanguard as an absolutely necessary, revolutionary move matching and accompanying its other absolutely necessary, revolutionary move, already dealt with, of a religion related throughout to race. We cannot hope to win, unless we summon to our side the needed extra power to be derived from these two great, ideological advances. Anyone who cannot bring himself or herself to make the giant step forward in these respects cannot want victory enough to be fit for the Vanguard. It is as simple as that. This does not mean that we fancifully cease to see that the beginning of reformative action is at home in our own homeland, and that our own homeland and its native people are particularly dear to us by immediacy of attachment. What it does mean is that we abjure the myopic madness of petty nationalism which in putting soil before blood has brought our blood on our soil to the brink of extinction.

Instead of the continuation of inter-Aryan conflict we must have whole- hearted acceptance of the fact that the survival and the revival and the welfare of any and every part of the Aryan Folk can only be found and must be sought in the survival and the revival and the welfare of the whole. Only if we accept wholeheartedly to stand together against the advancing Coloured world can we avoid falling together before its impact.

The nationalists who clamour for “national sovereignty” rightly point to the defects of the E.E.C., but mostly do so to the disregard of the fact that these defects are largely the intrinsic defects of Democracy present in all the member-states of the E.E.C., and simply reproduced in enlargement in the E. E .C .The “national sovereignty” of an ostensibly independent Britain which they make such a fuss about happens to be not the self – government of a truly free because racially liberated Britain but the spurious one of the sovereignty of the Jews in and over London instead of the sovereignty of the Jews in and over Brussels and the E.E.C.’s Continental domain, which is hardly a choice worth getting excited about. Against both such forms of thralldom, what we need and want is Racial Sovereignty.


Surely we have now seen enough of the way in which nationalism in more recent times and tribalism before then has wreaked ruin on the Aryans to the benefit of the non-Aryans? Surely it is by now incontestable that we just cannot afford to let it continue any longer if we are to have and to deserve the slightest chance of survival against those hordes of the dark peoples gathering at our gates to overwhelm us? A global problem with a global enemy stands before us. We can only deal with that problem and de- feat that enemy if, understanding what it is all about, we respond as a united Aryan force with a united Aryan creed.

We cannot go it alone, and with any lesser perception. Even if, alone, we managed to gain power in Britain, since that power would not be part of a greater power beyond Britain, we would be crushed by other, retaliating segments of the world enemy. So to seek national sovereignty in separation and isolation from the rest of our racial kith and kin, the Folk as a whole, is to ensure failure for one and all.

What is here advocated is nothing other than a natural progression through racial awareness. The Aryan peoples divided and separated in the past, resulting eventually in the countries and nations of today, and there the process has halted so far, but without any logical finality to it. In place of the division and dispersal of the Aryan peoples we must now bring about a life-saving fusion, if we are to withstand the appalling peril we are in. Norwegian writer, Henrik Ibsen, voiced the vision when he said: “I view Scandinavian humanity as an intermediate stage toward a union of the entire, great Germanic tribe.”

This is not internationalism of the old Democratic order, which is in- herently anti-Aryan. It is the supra-nationalism of Aryan unity in a new, National-Socialist order. We have come to the very last chance in the very last hour, and we will either come together in treating our race as a nation, or we will go down together into oblivion. Take your choice here: there is no other!

This process of Aryan coming together represents a departure from Democracy’ s anti-racial notion of the bond of common “humanity” , and a return to the Teutonic notion of “frith” .This latter was defined by Vilhelm Gronbech in his brilliant 2-volume work, “The Culture of the Teutons” (English edition: Oxford University Press, 1931) as the sense of reciprocal support, issuing from the consciousness of kinship, which imbued our Teutonic or Gothic ancestors.

Quoting Gronbech (P. 172, Vol. 1):- “In order to fill his place as a man, the Germanic individual must first of all be a kinsman. The morality, sense of right and sense of law that holds him in his place as a member of a state community, as one of a band of warriors, or a religious society is dependent upon his feelings as a kinsman; the greater his clannishness, the firmer will be his feeling of community, for his loyalty cannot be other than the sense of frith applied to a wider circle.”

Gronbech continued (P. 173):- “Clan-feeling is the base of all spiritual life and the sole means of getting into touch with a larger world. The same power which makes the Germanic individual a kinsman prevents him from becoming a limited family being and nothing more. The strength and depth of frith and honour mould the clans together in alliances, and call larger communities into existence.”

Since the Vanguard is designed to be in practice no less than an antici- pation in microcosm of the New Order of its beliefs, it follows that throughout it must reflect the return to and the refinement of frith. Hence it must be bedded in the principle that wherever in the world there stands someone of our Nordic Folk, or at least of our White races, and someone moreover of our ideology based on race, there stands a comrade; a comrade we have vastly more in common with and are far more bonded to than any other person of either our own or any other nationality, and of other views. The Nordic Briton who is a Democrat and anti-National-Socialist means nothing to us in comparison to comrades by both race and ideology. In the practice of this principle we have especially, as a fundamental point of honour, to care for our comrades wherever in the world they are imprisoned or otherwise suffer for our beliefs.


Since throughout earlier pages the Nordics have been particularly sin- gled out and upheld, being still, if now only barely so, the biggest single constituent in the White population of Britain, and historically its predominant, formative force, let it now be made quite clear, following the call for racial unity just made, that we are here thinking and talkin~ of all the White races of the world, several of which and not just one are represented in Britain, and in a great part of her native inhabitants.

Within White solidarity as a whole there can be and should be comfortable room for a subordinate Nordic solidarity, along with subordinate solidarities for the other White races. Subordinate recognition does not in prin- ciple and must not in practice mean any divisive disparagement of one by another. Instead, it must be seen as the first level of an extensive, racial feeling, appreciation of a more immediate kinship being essential for the nurture of a feeling of kinship at a less immediate and secondary level; the natural progression to a perception of a bond between all the White races being through a perception of the bond between the fellow Nordics of those White races.


Members of the Vanguard, advancing in racial awareness to the necessary perception and pursuit of racial solidarity worldwide, will surely be led in their concern for the continuity of their Folk to mate not according to some blind, sexual impulse in the Democratic context of syrupy “love” as a mere pastime of pleasure, a recreation removed from racial purpose, and under the sole rule of king condom; but instead motivated by high respect for the Folk’s past and high obligation to the Folk’s future. In this purposeful frame of mind they will perforce be interested, as conducive to racial pride and resolution, to learn of their own lineage by genealogical investigation, and that of the prospective partner also, and in advance of consummation of the liaison; differing thus from the deracinated nomads of Democracy who lack any sense of racial roots in the past or racial stake in the future. Accordingly, they will only select as mate someone of Vanguard status also, matching the Nordic element of one partner to the Nordic element of the other, and so leading to the procreation of Nordic or pre- dominantly Nordic children.

If and when the offspring arrive, the Vanguard parents should see in their most careful upbringing a great, personal contribution to Aryan civilization far surpassing the whole round of ordinary, political party activities over a lifetime with its endless solicitation of the approval of the stupefied dupes of Democracy, culminating in the wasteful folly of futile electioneering; a folly which will be dealt with in Part Six of this series. In the selection of a partner of equally high racial quality and ideologica.l commitment, and in the production and right rearing of children of high racial quality, members of the Vanguard will be performing a function of enormous importance which, moreover, can be accomplished here and now, and is not dependent on success in chasing that will-o’-the-wisp, the fantasy of ballot box victory. It follows from all of this that there cannot be any place at all in the Vanguard for homosexuals, being those who effectively say “no” to racial continuity.

An entirely non-Christian name-giving ceremony should be the racially meaningful start in life of every infant of Vanguard parents. Wilhelm Gronbech, referred to earlier, stressing the importance of the name-giving ceremony for our Teutonic or Gothic ancestors, pointed to indications of a time when the Folk life of the child was reckoned from the day when the father formally adopted the child by bestowing the name, thereby instilling frith, the spirit of kinship, in that child. Today, in a ceremony both simple and solemn, rendered holy by its significance, a two-fold confirmation should be enunciated: on the one hand the welcoming induction of the new member of the Folk is to be joyfully declared, and on the other hand there is also to be declared the parents’ promise to care for the child who is explicitely dedicated to the Folk. For added reverence, the naming and the parents’ pledge can well be performed in the ancient Gothic custom of oath-taking by extending the right hand, the weapon hand, to touch a ceremonial dagger, kept as the sacred symbol of home and family.

The following lines from a child’s name consecration ceremony in National-Socialist Germany captured the desired spirit of keeping troth (racial fidelity) which the name-giving ceremony of the Vanguard is intended to convey, and can be included in our contemporary ritual.
1) ” Thou art not today
and art not tomorrow
thou art 1,000 years before
thee and art 1,000 years
after thee
2 ) 1,000 years before thee
have guarded thy blood
that thou become just
what thou art
3 ) Guard thy blood , that
the generations that come
1,000 years after thee
have cause to than thee “

As to the actual forenames to be bestowed, it is imperative that Vanguard parents should testify to their and the child’s racial identity and purpose by bestowing Aryan (Nordic) ones. So away with all the Jewish ones adopted in servile veneration of the Hebrew Old Testament, namely John, Matthew, Mary, Ann, Hannah, Daniel, David, Michael, Elizabeth, Sarah, sam- uel, Rachel, Susannah, Benjamin, Abraham and Deborah It is no way to start a future Aryan fighter off in life by inflicting a non-Aryan name on the child. That our own parents have been so misguided as to do it to us is no reason for us to re-impose the burden on another generation. Let us instead give old Celtic and Germanic/Teutonic/Gothic names some examples of which here follow. Celtic:- Alan, Brian, Bridget, Donald, Dun- can, Gwendolyn, Kenneth, Malcolm, Muriel, Neil, Owen, Una. Teutonic:- Albert, Arnold, Baldwin, Carl, Gerald, Harold, Richard, Herbert, Robert, Edgar, Roger, Edmund, Raymond, Ralph, Alfred, Eric, Frederick, Edwin, God- win, Caroline, Charlotte, Astrid, Audrey, Bertha, Edith, Matilda, Brunnhilda, Sigrun, Sigmund, Thora, Gudrun.

From this auspicious start, the Vanguard parents should ensure that the child is thoroughly educated and trained by them to become eventually part of the Vanguard. The child should be steeped in the wonderful story of our Folk, brought to see service to it as the overriding purpose of life, and armed to withstand all the influences of the schools and the outside world in general harmful to our Folk.

It is revolting to observe the great percentage of offspring of both nationalists and even ordinary National-Socialists, so-called, who are entirely reflective of Democratic degeneracy in their dress, addiction to jungle noise miscalled “music”, and their whole way of thinking and behav- ing. Their pathetic parents, forever prattling of what they will do for the nation when they are voted into state power, have proved utter failures at even bringing up their own children properly in that state in miniature which is the home, and over which they should be the rulers.

No less revolting are those parents of the nationalist and nominally National-Socialist organizations whose offsprings grow up encouraged and applauded by those parents to become simply and solely “successes” as players in the shekel-hunting arena of Democracy. The “success” of these cas t- aways of the race is but the reward for their abject conformity to the values and habits of the death system, and the measure of their parents’ shameful neglect in effectively committing them to this alien bondage in- stead of to the cause of our Folk.


Brought to a state of readiness for the fight, the aristocrat of the Vanguard will daily demonstrate his or her worth by waging relentless racial war on all exponents of, campaigners for and conformists to racial mixture. All those in government, administration, commerce, industry, the churches and the media striving to promote racial mixture by exhortation or example or the exertion of pressure – including all imposed publicity and advertisement designed to familiarize favourably the presence of Coloureds and their association with Whites – are race criminals working for the death of our race, and thus deserving of the death penalty.

All those who fall in line with their diabolical endeavours, besmirching their ancestry and terminating their blood line by cohabiting with Coloureds and copulating with them and bringing forth mongrel offspring merit treatment as the foul renegades they are. All those who in lieu adopt Coloured children instead of either having children of their own or adopting Aryan children deserve and must receive similar treatment as outcasts.

All those who continually with the begging bowl solicit subsidies for the Coloureds abroad are in effect seeking to promote Coloured reproduction to our increased jeopardy through the donations obtained. Thus they have to be forcefully treated as the scum they truly are.

All of the evil teaching fraternity, engaged in the daily indoctrination of our children with the deadly poison of racial mixture, depriving our Folk of a whole generation, have to be fought against ceaselessly to the full. They must be made to feel the biting impact of our rightful fury.

This is the way of the warrior: taking the war to the enemy’s door. It is a way American prisoner of racial war, David Lane – associate of prototype vanguardian Robert Mathews who died gloriously fighting the enemy – has expressed in his definitive 14 words: “We must secure the exististence of our people and a future for White children.” (Send a donation for David Lane’s literature to:- 14 Word Press, HCOl -Box 268K, St. Maries, Idaho, 83861, U.S.A.)

There is even more to the matter of Race than the primary need to preserve the racial stock of the White peoples of the world, and especially for us the Nordic breed, and to this end to appreciate and implement the full implications and requirements of racial kinship. There is also the supplementary need to upgrade the racial stock by breeding measures of bet- terment, and this vital, eugenic aspect of Folk will be dealt with in the next part of “The Way Ahead” .



A State which, in an epoch of racial adulteration, devotes itself to the duty of preserving the best elements of its racial stock must one day become ruler of the Earth.” Adolf Hitler (“Mein Kampf”, James Murphy edition, P. 378)

In issue 4 we surveyed various races, arguing for the identification and preservation of our own Nordic or predominantly Nordic Race within the Aryan racial assortment. That is one half of the subject matter of the great R of Race, partnering the other great R of Religion in the Vanguard’s alphabet of vital reform. The other half is the concern to improve our racial stock by increasing the higher strains and decreasing the lower strains and eliminating the defective strains. This is the field of eugenics to be dealt with in this part of “The Way Ahead” series.

Paper propositions of amelioration are plentiful under Democracy. The best of proposals, however, depend on and are determined by the quality of the people involved, both those applying the proposals and those to whom they are applied. They come to frustration, not fruition, if the human material is inadequate, as is characteristically the case under Democracy. It is precisely the transcendent proposal of breeding better people as the direct access to a better world which Democracy in deference to its manipu- lators and clientele inevitably and eternally excludes from all consideration.

This is so because Democracy is the virtual parent of Communism in all essence in its ultimate implications and full consequences. We have now reached the stage of metamorphosis in the West where formal Communism can seemingly withdraw because of the extent of its absorption by advanced Democracy in the sythesis of Commu-Capitalism. With the covert Communism of Democracy, no less than with the overt form, the materialist environment of the masses is held to be the determinant of Man, not heredity. The oracles of Democracy, the system which creates a debased human herd, argue that eugenics lowers humans to the level of animals. Humans, they declare for the purpose 0£ the argument, are too high and mighty to breed “like animals”. To this contorted contention the overpowering answer is that it is precisely because humans are on a higher level than animals that good breeding which is accepted and pursued in good animal management is that much more justified in good human management.


How illustrative it is of this perverse and ruinous outlook of Democracy that its citizens are obliged to take a driving test and to be licensed to drive a car in order to reduce the risk to others, including the precious class of overlords, whereas anyone, however deficient and degenerate and diseased, can freely, without let or hindrance, produce more of his kind, regardless of the cumulative harm to society over subsequent time. The contradiction is immediately resolved once it is taken into account that Democracy essentially depends on a low-grade human herd as the means and surety for the undisturbed domination of the overlords. Hence sex, the fountain-head of life, is reduced under it to a sensual pastime, massively commercialised and deprived of all racial purpose.

Thus this incubating agent for Communism is in its pose to the public inevitably and eternally committed to the criterion of equality, to the arbiter of the head count, in conflict with quality as an objective. Find- ing its sustenance in the hallucinogenic vapours of contemporary Christianity, it not only holds that all races are equal and mixture commendable, but that all bipeds pronounced human, whether a genius like Richard Wagner or Isaac Newton or Rembrandt or Michelangelo, are likewise to be equated in civic evaluation. Accordingly for its propaganda purposes in flattering and charming and retaining the support of the masses, Democracy makes out it upholds and champions any and every depraved dolt engaged not in contributing to a flowering of human achievement, or even the steady functioning of ordinary society, but to the brutish procreation of even more dolts.

Great minds have not failed to reject the racially debasing process of Democracy, snd to voice the eugenic imperative contrary to it. Alexis Carrel, 1912 Nobel Prize winner, on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research in New York for nearly 30 years, did so in the following concise words in his perceptive treatise, “Man, the Unknown” (Pelican Books, 1943):- “Modern society must promote, by all possible means, the forma t ion of better human stock. ” -P. 277 .”Modern nations will save themselves by developing the strong, not by protecting the weak.” -P. 273. “It is imperative that social classes should be synonymous with biological classes.” -P. 273.

The botanist Luther Burbank did so expansively in the following frank words:- “Will the growing intelligence of man forever tolerate the wholesale production of the ever-lasting proportion of idiots, morons, mongoloids, insane, criminal, weak, destitute, nervous, diseased half men and women who infest the earth to their own sorrow and disgrace and perhaps the ultimate destruction of our present state of civilization?”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, distinguished judge of the Supreme Court of the U.S.A., did so in affirming in 1927 the constitutionality of state laws for the sterilisation of the mentally defective, when he declared:- “It is better for all the world if, instead of waiting to execute degenerate off- spring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.”


Eugenical action is no new concept of modern times. The tiny Sparta of ancient times withstood and predominated over far more numerous neighbours through the promotion of quality which prompted its people to leave defective children out on the hillside to die. There we have a prospect certain to send the slobbering Christian democrat of today into a paroxysm of remorse.

Marriage outside the Spartan folk community was forbidden. There were penalties for celibacy and late marriage, and men who fathered several children were exempt from various obligations. All such racial right practice gave rise to a society ruled by devotion to duty and honour and commuunity service, the features so flagrantly rejected by Democracy and so vital for a resurgent Aryan society. Said the Greek philosopher Aristotle of the Spartan: “Such a man chooses to live nobly for a year rather than to pass many years in ordinary life, and he will rather do one great and noble deed than many small ones.” What a world apart from the ethos of Democracy, centred on the feeding-trough and the constant thought of “What’s in it for me?”

Ancient Rome, in the heyday of its pristine vigour, culled Nature’s fail- ures as did Sparta. The earliest,written, Roman, legal code, the Law of the Twelve Tables, which was first set down in writing about the middle of the fifth century B.C. but was based on a much older, legal tradition, specifically called for the immediate destruction of any conspicuously de- fective infant. Five centuries later, the Roman statesman, Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. -65 A.D.) confirmed the continuation of this far-reaching, beneficial practice, writing “We drown the weakling and the monstrosity. It is not passion, but reason, to separate the useless from the fit.”

The pursuit of racial betterment has only in recent decades become something condemned and prohibited, and this in the wake of the victory of Democracy in alliance with formal Communism in 1945. Given the name of “eugenics” by its founding theorist, the distinguished scholar, Francis Galton, in the second half of the last century, it flourished in influence for many decades prior to then. By the outbreak of the First World War, promotional societies were thriving in both the U.S.A. and the U.K. The first public meeting of a Cambridge (England) society was told by Prof. Inge that, unless controls limited the reproduction of the urban proletariat, it “may cripple our civilisation as it destroyed ancient Rome.” Leftists were not then immune or antagonistic to the new thought: Labour Party pioneers, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, who wrote the syllabus for British socialism, expounded their conviction that the social theory of collectiv- ism required the state to ensure that only the fittest survived.


In modern times it was the U.S.A. which preceded National-Socialist Germany with eugenic legislation. As far back as 1907 the Indiana legislature passed the first state sterilisation law, making sterilisation mandatory for confirmed criminals, idiots, imbeciles and other institutionalised people when deemed appropriate by an expert board. Thirty states had sterilisation laws by 1931, and by 1939 more than 30,000 people had been sterilised on eugenic grounds.

With the National-Socialist attainment of power in Germany, there came into being the first state in the modern world based on the bedrock of systematic, racial betterment, pursuant to Adolf Hitler’s dictum in “Mein Kampf” : “The Weltanschauung which bases the State on the racial idea must finally succeed in bringing about a nobler era, in which men will no longer pay exclusive attention to breeding and rearing pedigree dogs and horses and cats, but will endeavour to improve the breed of the human race itself.” (P.228, James Murphy edition).

In July of the very first year of power, a law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased offspring required social workers and nurses to report all apparently “genetically defective” individuals to the health author- ities, so that a genetic health court could decide whether they ought to be sterilised because in the judgement of the court they suffered from genetic illness such as feeble-mindedness, genetic epilepsy, schizophrenia, manic depressive insanity, genetic blindnesss or deafness, Huntington’s chorea or serious physical malformation.

In November of the same first year a law against Dangerous Career Criminals allowed castration of sex offenders.


By early next year, 205 special eugenic courts were established, each consisting of a judge and 2 doctors, and with a series of Higher Hereditary Health Courts to deal with appeals. one year later nearly 100,000 applications for sterilisation -mostly by social workers on behalf of their clients – had been forwarded to the courts, and almost 56,200 operations had been carried out. (These facts from “Mothers in the Fatherland” by Claudia Koonz.)

The law for “Preservation from Hereditarily Diseased Posterity” , enacted in July of 1935, provided for sterilising individuals with specific hereditary diseases, and in october of the same year the law relating to Matrimonial Hygiene prohibited marriage between persons with hereditary disease, requiring henceforth for marriage a medical certificate of biological fitness. Couples were required to take a medical examination before marriage, and marriage was forbidden between those suffering from any genetical in- firmity specified in the July 1933 law.

According to Cesare Santoro’ s sympathetic survey, “Hitler Germany” (Internationaler Verlag, Berlin, 1938), German statistics at the time showed that about 400,000 needed to be sterilised, arising from the following categories of hereditarily transmitted diseases:- Congenital feeble-mindedness 200,000, schizophrenia or dementia praecox 80,000, maniacal depres- sive dementia 20,000, epilepsy 60,000, chorea 600, congenital deafness 16,000, congenital cecity 4,000, serious physical deformities 20,000, hereditary alcoholism 10,000. It has been estimated that about 400,000 were sterilised between 1934 and 1945.

Racial investigation and dissemination of racial knowledge abounded in the revolutionary New Germany of National-Socialism as never anywhere else before or afterwards. By 193610 German universities had Racial Hygiene departments, and all the others taught Racial Hygiene in their medical faculties; and many racial hygiene institutes also existed. Grandfather of the awakening was Fritz Lenz, author of “Die Rasse also Weltprinzip” (Munich, 1933). The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics had by the end of 1934 trained 1,100 physicians in “genetic and racial care” , and by 1940 had published a total of 569 scholarly works on racial hygiene and allied fields. (“Racial Hygiene, Medicine under the Nazis”, Robert N. Proctor, Harvard University Press, 1988; Pages 41 & 42).

The office of Racial Policy, between its foundation in 1934 and 1938, organised 64,000 public meetings and seminars. It acquired a staff of 3,600. Its journal, Neues Volk, attained editions of up to 300,000.

It may be noted in passing that under German National-Socialism the health of the race, the betterment of the race, was an all-embracing concept encompassing thought in advance of that prevalent then elsewhere, such as the holistic view of “the whole man” , natural methods of medical treatment, concern with the toxic effects of substances such as tobacco, heavy metals, asbestos and alcohol, and with the importance of a diet rich in fruit and fibre and inclusive of whole-grain bread. In 1935 Reich Phy- sician’s Leader, Gerhard Wagner, denounced the modern world’s white bread, and in a speech at the 1938 Nuremberg Congress spoke out for a diet of less meat and fats, more fruit and vegetables, and more whole-grain bread. German medical journals in the 1930s warned against the ill effects of ar- tificial colourings and preservatives in foods and drinks. Adolf Hitler gave 100,000 RM from his own personal funds to the first Institute for the Struggle against Tobacco, established at the University of Jena in 1942.

In underlying conflict with the Christian conception of legitimacy, created by conformity to that creed’s ritual of marriage, was the eugenical one of National-Socialism, recognising illegitimacy only in procreation which was racially detrimental. In similar underlying conflict with Christianity was the National-Socialist attitude to abortion, seen not as a universal evil in interference with the workings of the deity, but as something abhorrent specifically when harmful to the race, while acceptable and desirable when racially beneficial. This brings to mention one of the most maligned features of the race-based Germany of Adolf Hitler: the Lebensborn project.


Luridly portrayed by the lying democratic propaganda as some blend of brothel and stud farm, the Lebensborn maternity homes were absolutely nothing of the kind. Inaugurated in 1935 to counter the appalling loss of racially valuable babies, there having been nearly a million abortions in Germany the year before the National-Socialists came to power, their stated aim was “To care for racially and genetically valuable mothers of whom it may be assumed, after careful investigation of their own family and that of the father, that they will give birth to equally valuable children .”

From the start they cared for mothers both married and unmarried, and children both those rated “legitimate” and those rated “illegitimate” in conventional parlance. They were not limited to SS families. Only women already pregnant were admitted. Men were only allowed to visit the homes on special occasions, and no sexual contact was allowed in them. A mother could opt to have a child adopted or to bring it up herself. If she chose the former, the greatest care was taken with adoption. If she chose the latter, she received an allowance on leaving the home until able to manage for herself.

At the other end from promoting the entry into the world of racially desirable, new life was the issue of promoting the exit from it of human monstrosities who otherwise cause an immense drain on the resources of the community. Here we are talking of children born with gaps where facial organs should have been, missing limbs, eyes which never open and tongues which protrude grotesquely, heads larger than bodies or as small as fists, open skulls in which part of the brain is missing, and heads with eyes in dislocated positions; adults who as long as they live have to be kept lying on sand or sawdust because they perpetually soil themselves, even putting their own excrement in their mouths as if it were food. According to Christianity, all such creatures are the precious creations of the deity who gives them life and appoints their death, and hence are to be preserved at all cost, which must distinguish that deity as an abomination also. For National-Socialism the kind necessity is to put such errors of Nature out of their misery painlessly and promptly. Hence National-Socialist Germany introduced a euthanasia programme which is reckoned to have rid the country of some 70,000 such creatures.


Before precipitately succumbing to the frantic pangs of Christian revulsion at the first sound of a suggestion of such a programme, face up to amd tally the cost and the cruelty of prolonging the life of such creatures who cannot properly be called “human” ! True kindness conjoined to racial responsibility justifies and demands their elimination as part of the stern measures which have to be pursued to save the race. As Friedrich Nietzsche put it: “What causes more suffering in the world than the stupidity of the compassionate?”

The German public was enlightened as to the dire menace of hereditary defect and disease through a series of films in the cinema, produced by the Racial and Political office, beginning with “Sundender Vater (Sins of the Fathers) and “Abseits vom Wege” (Off the Path) in 1935, and continuing with “Erbkrank” (Hereditarily Ill) in 1936, and “Alles Leben ist Kampf” (All Life is Struggle) and “Opfer der Vergangenheit” {Victims of the Past) in 1937.

All this unique work for racial betterment was brought to a halt and reversed in the outcome of the great war for Democracy, 1939-1945. Its victory brought in the present dark age of racial downfall. Under it in Britain today welfare benefits are accorded for offspring regardless of their inferiority and defectiveness, and that of their parents; and the Health Service and Social Services call out constantly for more and more money to cope with the consequences of hereditary defects. Britain’s vaunted “Welfare State” is in fact its Woeful State in its dysgenic fea- tures and effects, dedicated to the care and promotion of the lower and lowest levels of life in preference to and at the expense of the higher order of humanity. According to a survey in the London Independent (6 January 1994) “A million people in Britain are members of families affected by genetic disorders and 15,000 babies are born each year with significant inherited disabilities .” “Scientists have described more than 5,000 inherited disorders caused by single gene defects.”

Over 30 years ago, Her Majesty’s Stationery office report, “A Census of Patients in Psychiatric Beds”, revealed that on census night, 31 December, 1963, there were 195,811 people on the books of psychiatric hospitals and units of whom 135,831 were in mental illness accomodation and 59,980 in that for subnormality (London , Daily Telegraph ,( 5 May, 1967). Evidently not satisfied with the numbers, a BBC Radio 4 programme in December, 1982, deplored the lack of sexual opportunities for the mentally handicapped, seeing it as an awful restriction that they lacked the fullest opportunity to produce more and more of their kind to the peril of the public purse and the health of the nation.


One hereditary disease of the brain is Huntington’s chorea, distinguish- ed by speech disturbances, mental deterioration and uncontrollable move- ments, ending in total incapacitation and death, and for which there is no successful treatment. There were 6,000 in the U.K. with this disease pre- vious to 1979 who had by that date by democratic right of procreation brought into the world 30,000 children and grandchildren similarly afflicted, and the proliferation has proceeded apace since then.

Down’s syndrome is far and away the commonest form of congenital mental deficiency. Another hereditary disease is Friedreich’s ataxia, characterised by a hardening of the spinal column,swaying and paralysis. As far back as 1979, 1,000 babies were being born each year with this disease. Another is Homocystinuria, an inherited biochemical disorder whose clinical signs include mental retardation, thrombosis, and a weakening of the wall of the big arteries to the extent that they sometimes burst. Along with spinabifida, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, there is a severe combined immune deficiency whereby a child is programmed by genes inherited from its parents to have no immunity to disease, so that it dies from the first infection. There is also Lesch-Nyhan syndrome which affects only boys, causing spasticity of the limbs, involuntary movements, gross mental retardation and a bizarre compulsion to self- mutilation.

One could continue with the catalogue of congenital defects and dis- eases which deny a person a proper life, yet which are preserved and patronised under the system of racial decline and death known as Democracy. The British Medical Association voiced the mentality of this sinister system in a pronouncement relating to a court case concerning whether a 17- year-old girl with a mental age of 5 should ”as a last resort” be sterilised specifcally because she could not cope with pregnancy and childbirth, and for no other reason. It laid down that “There should never be the slightest suggestion that sterilisation is being carried out for ‘eugenic’ reasons, that is to prevent the birth of another mentally handicapped child .” (London Daily Telegraph , 17 March, 1987) .

Jews may consider themselves divinely selected, but their Jehovah has not chosen to render them immune to hereditary diseases, including some peculiar to them. Ashkenazi Jews, who are those from Eastern Europe and who make up the majority of world Jewry, are ethnically unique in being subject to the incurable Tay Sachs disease, a genetic disorder causing progressive destruction of the central nervous system. Children afflicted with the disease usually die before they reach four years of age.

Another hereditary disease of ethnic peculiarity is sickle cell anaemia, an inherited disorder affecting the red blood cells which assume a sickle shape instead of the normal spherical shape, and which is peculiar to people of African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean origin, the lastnamed where a negroid racial infusion can be suspected. Its symptoms range from weakness, swelling of hands and feet, lowered resistance to infections, growth disturbance, enlarged heart, enlarged liver and lymph glands, and impaired renal function. There is no known cure.


The appalling, ultimate cost to society of tolerating the proliferation of degenerate stock was exemplified in the record of the Jukes family presented in Lothrop Stoddard’s classic study, “The Revolt against Civilisation” (Chapman & Hall, 1922). One lazy vagabond named Jukes, living in the U.S.A. in the early 18th Century, had two sons who married five degenerate sisters, resulting in six further generations by 1877 numbering about 1,200 persons distinguished by idleness, viciousness, lewdness, pauperism, disease, idiocy, insanity and criminality.

The terrible fact is that the lower the human type, the greater its reproductive achievement. When Stoddard’s book was written the Eugenics Record Office in the U.S.A. considered that over 30% of the entire U.S. population carried some form of mental defect That was three-quarters of a century ago, so what of the percentage now?

The plague of civilisation Stoddard defined as the extirpation of the superior strains and the multiplication of the inferior. “Late marriage, fewer children, and celibacy combined to thin the ranks of the successful, diminish the number of superior strains, and thus gradually impoverish the race.” “Meanwhile, as the numbers of the superior diminished, the numbers of the inferior increase. No longer ruthlessly weeded ny natural select- ion, the inferior survived and multiplied.” These inferior elements Stoddard assessed as instinctively or consciously the enemies of civilisation.

On the hereditary factor in the delinquency plaguing contemporary society, J. Philippe Rushton in “Race, Evolution and Behaviour” (Transaction Publishers, U.S.A., 1995) reported:- “In a study of delinquency among 530 adolescent twins by Rowe and Osgood (1984), path analysis revealed not only that antisocial behaviour was about 50 percent heritable, but that the correlation of 0.56 between the delinquency of an individual and the delinquency of his friend was mediated genetically, that is, that adolescents genetically disposed to delinquency were also genetically inclined to seek each other out for friendship ” .P. 82.

At the other end of the eugenic spectrum, Francis Galton, the founder of the science, in his “Hereditary Genius” (Julian Friedman, London, 1978) ex- amined 300 families containing between them nearly 1,000 eminent men, 415 of whom he distinguished as illustrious. -P. 316. Concening in this con- nection the notion that inbreeding is always damaging, Sir Arthur Keith (“ANewTheory of Human Evolution”, Watts & Co., London, 1948) clarified the matter on Page 143:- “All depends on the quality of the genes assembled in a group pool: if all are health-giving, then all will be well; but if there be a proportion, even a small proportion, of defective or recessive genes, then repeated mating within a small isolated group will speed.ily bring defective genes together, so damaging the life of a group.”


Concerning the genetic peril confronting us, Dr. William Shockley, 1956 Nobel Prize winner, was outspoken despite a contemporary environment fierce- ly hostile to eugenics. In an article in the April 1981 issue of Leaders magazine, entitled ” Intelligence in Trouble” , he warned: – ” The effectiveness of human leadership will deteriorate on a worldwide basis by the year 2000 because of the action of dysgenics on their followers. Dysgenics is backward evolution caused by the excessive reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged. “

He proposed that low IQ people be paid for agreeing to be sterilised, the rate being $1,000 for each IQ point below 100; the expenditure being justified by the fact that each of these payments might save taxpayers as much as $250,000 through not having to care for the mentally retarded off – springs of the man’s liaisons. (“Master Race, Catrine Clay & Michael Leap- man, Hodder & Stoughton, 1995).

He was not afraid to declare in relation to Blacks always scoring some 15 points lower than Whites in IQ tests:- “The major deficit in Negro intellectual performance must be primarily of hereditary origin and thus relatively irremediable by any practical improvements in the environment.” Prof. Arthur Jensen, Shockley’s contemporary, reached the kindred conclusion that heredity accounts for about 80% of the difference in IQ between Blacks and Whites, likewise his colleague, Hans Eysenck.


All of those academics who have dared to highlight heredity have been victims of persecution by the forces intent on repressing their research and its eugenic implications. Eysenck was assaulted by invading Marxists while lec- turing at the University of London, and he and Jensen had to have police bodyguards for years. Philippe Rushton, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, became scheduled to be prosecuted by the Canadian Government for “hate crime”, although the prosecution failed because of lack of pursuit by the Minister of Justice: the “hate crime” being that his disclosure of the results of his IQ and brain size studies had brought him to express the conclusion that racial equality is a non-existent figment of multiracial propaganda.

Another victim has been Edinburgh (Scotland) University lecturer, Christopher Brand, who in his book “The g Factor – General Intelligence and its Implications” (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1996) has courageously affirmed the dominant role of heredity in intelligence, and proclaimed Blacks to be less intelligent than Whites. “I am perfectly proud to be a racist in the scientific sense,” he has told Student magazine in April, 1996. His publishers have withdrawn the book from distribution in response to intense pressure from the tyrants of Political Correctness.


As part of the Continuing campaign against eugenics, a great effort is being made to turn people against anything which can be termed “genetic engineering”, seeking to frighten them off with Frankenstein imagery. Of course anything under the sun can be misused, but this ever-present and universal possibility should not deter Us from considering and accepting the great good that can be obtained through genetic management. The development of techniques whereby scientists can influence or Control the characteristics passed from one generation to another may some day lead to the possibility of eliminating hereditary diseases and defects and deformities. It can also lead to the Cultivation of genes resulting in improved human faculties,and increase health all round. Research on human embryos could lead to the cure of cancer.

Standing in the way of such desirable progress are the cohorts of Christianity such as those leaders of the faith who petitioned the U.S. Congress for a ban on research into genetic management: an advocacy of Obscurantism Plunging us back to pre-Galileo times, subbstituting superstitious ignorance for knowledge. This was the attitude responsible for the April 1989 decision by the European Community’s Research Commissioner to ban research in to the genetic origins of disease on “ethica1 ” grounds , and which incurred the following caustic comment:- “A ban on human embryo research will condemn future generations to suffer 4,000 inherited diseases which could be eliminated if scientific work is allowed to Continue, says a report Published today. About 14,000 babies a year are born with diseases which could be detected by embryo screening, claims the Interim Licensing Authority., ( Daily Telegraph London, 28 November, 1989 ).

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, foetal cells can be extracted and examined and defects discovered, and a defective child aborted. Beyond this, embryonic biopsy is the name for a screening whereby eggs are taken from the mother and fertilised in vitro, grown to 8 or 16 cells, a cell taken off each embyro and developed as rapidly as Possible, and then only disease-free embryos are put back into the mother. Said Insaturation magazine (U.S.A., June, 1986):- “Destroying embyros that Contain genes that cause hereditary diseases and defects would be the greatest boon to human development and progress since Homo Sapiens evolved from Homo Erectus.

What a deflationary boon for health care, the spiraling costs of which are now threatening to bankrupt many Western nations!”


As indicated in opening the Subject, and here stressed in coming to a lose on it, what we Aryans desperately need is better people, not better Lans for existing people. Eugenics, put into public practice as the selective control of procreation to uplift the breed by eliminating the inferior and defective, and promoting the superior and faultless, is the greatest conceivable means for human improvement, infinitely more efficious than any grandiose Policies dependent on and spoilt by the Poor quality of persons involved. Yet this super-highway to super-humanity is day under Democracy wholly a maligned and disregarded route.

As also said before but also here deserving repetition in conclusion,this so because of Democracy’s underlay of Christianity, that great obfuscation embracing the belief that the giving and taking of life is the exclusive prerogative of a deity who fathers and cherishes all human beings his handiwork, regardless of their Condition. Persons committed to this dismal dogma will never prove reliable for the full requirements of racial struggle in all its rigour. Up to a Point they may Contrive to reconcile the irreconcilable, but sooner or later they will reach a Point re they back off in dismay, stopping short of what is necessary, and retreating into the comforting cocoon of their delusions.

Electioneering is also to be seen, like Christianity, as always a by – pass to racial betterment,- and never a route to it; being a forlorn coment to the corrupting pastures of compromise. This is So because the process of electioneering is to make the body concerned palatable to the great mass of the public, while that great mass incorporates all the inferior and defective elements who need to be acted against, and accordingly can be depended on fiercely to oppose eugenical measures affecting them which will only be introduced and enforced against their will, and never by their mandate.

Hence the inevitable price of fighting elections is stultifying and emasculating inhibition which becomes habitual. Electioneering has to begin with self-imposed censorship, preventing the presentation of so much that is essential. It has to continue in the cast of compromise, constituting conversion to the desires of the lauded, common herd. It has to end, if this prostitution does bring enough votes, in the abandonment of principles, in the attainment of a powerless power in that conditioned by compromise, brought to power by compromise, that custom of compromise causes power to be spent in the avoidance of doing what is essential.

Thus the right route to racial betterment is not through the nullifying wilderness of electioneering, seeking popularity in the cause of illusory, ballot box success, but through methodical progression to the seizure of power by feasible methods to be examined later in this series. Meanwhile, members of the Vanguard can here and now positively pursue real, racial betterment by carefully investigating and wisely selecting a person of high-quality stock to mate with, just as they can in a variety of other ways attain now in microcosm the future New Order.

Part 6

Is electioneering the way to win ?

The objective of the Vanguard is success in the pursuit of power : power meaning the whole compass of opportunity and ability to implement our ideas for the salvation, upliftment and prosperity of the Aryan peoples. For this successful pursuit we need the right sort of people, inspired by the right sort of ideology, and brought together in the right form of organisation with the right methods. Nothing else will suffice.

In thus defining our purpose, we are currently prompted by the proximity of a General Election in the United Kingdom to raise the question whether the conventional political party with its integral commitment to election- eering is the right form of organisation with the right sort of people and the right methods for our purpose. Does it instead represent a woefully mistaken, habitual conformity to gross waste in the pursuit of an utterly illusionary aim ?

The British National Party and other lesser nationalist parties in this country, where at present there is no outright National-Socialist party, believe that the way ahead must be through a political party contesting elections. The BNP has accordingly committed itself to putting up 50 candidates in the forthcoming General Election, a target fixed precisely because of the free, five-minute television and radio time this extent of candidature will entitle it to, along with free mailing of election literature. It and the other participant parties of nationalism are currently convulsed with high excitement in their feeling of having climbed out of the shadows of comparative obscurity to join in “the big time” of ballot box competition.

The BNP explicitely recognises, realistically, that on this occasion it cannot expect to capture any parliamentary seats, or even in almost all constituencies to regain -through securing the necessary proportion of the total votes cast -the £500 deposit required of a candidate by the authorities. Nevertheless, it is insistent that the operation will prove immensely worthwhile in the recruitment obtained through contesting. It rightly points out that for a cost of some £50,000 in deposits and the other expenses of contesting, such as printing costs (although not accounting for the value of all the time expended by party members on the electioneering), the party can gain around £3 million of television time, plus the value of the accompanying radio time, plus something in the region of £60,000 of postage. Considered purely on this arithmetic, the financial return so exceeds the financial outlay as to make the venture greatly worthwhile. However, a full and accurate assessment has to delve much deeper than this attractive but superficial reckoning.

Recruitment, the BNP has named as the immediate objective and justification for its electioneering, so what volume of recruitment and quality in that volume can be expected for the expenditure of the £50,000, plus the value of all the time expended? Set by its own criterion, the BNP case for fighting the 1997 General Election stands or falls on this asessment. In the final analysis this becomes the simple question of what amount of extra work and financial assistance can be expected from the total of election-won recruits in return for the total expenditure in obtaining them, and subtractlng from this the further cost in accomodating them and keeping them content with membership. We will look into this crucial question in the course now of an examination of the whole question of party politics under Democracy.


Democracy is the Great Pretence in politics, the pretence that the peo- ple rule themselves whereas in fact some particular people do the ruling for them. Under it, periodically we have a festival of head counting whereby, after candidates acceptable to the permanent dictators behind the scenes have been put before the public, and notions favourable to those candidates have been implanted in the minds of the public by the media, the public are said to decide between these candidates and so determine the government.

Certainly some extent of divergence is necessarily presented between the approved candidates in order to give the illusion of free choice. However, the divergence is kept within the family, as it were, confined within safe bounds. Thus the seemingly different parties are virtually but different wings of the same team, wholeheartedly agreed as one and the same in opposition to what National-Socialism holds to be vital for the salvation, up – liftment and prosperity of the Aryan peoples.

Consistent with this, whenever the contrived array of parties comes up against a potentially dangerous outburst of discontent, safety valves are created. Bogus champions of rebellion are set up as in the case of Enoch Powell in the 196Os on immigration, and now on European union the billionaire, Jewish financier, sir James Goldsmith, and his Referendum Party, and, to cater for all tastes, the United Kingdom Independence Party. Showing their bogus nature, both of these parties have a lot to say about the infringement of British national sovereignty by the European authorities at Brussels, but not a single word about the infringement of our sovereignty by way of the alien influence in and on British government at London emanating from such as the fellow tribesmen of Goldsmith. Patriotic Britons who persist in remaining blind to this disqualifying contradiction, hailing these fakes as St George – like saviours, are pitiable in their so easily satisfied gullibility.

Goldsmith at least lives up to his name. The Sunday Teleqraph (London, 21 April 1996) revealed regarding this shining crusader of Britain’s national sovereignty nitwits, descended from the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt, Germany:- “He keeps his wealth in gold and foreign currencies, dipping in and out of the world’s stock market like a gambler when he senses a swift profit.”

One thing we can be certain of is that this man’s profit is not ours, swift or otherwise. Anyone so shallow minded as to be drawn by election fever to support him or any other representative of the Old Order of Democ- racy is clearly and conclusively feeble and not of Vanguard quality. What we need and want is freedom from the Goldsmiths of this world, whether based in Britain, Brussels or the Back of Beyond. Getting Britain out of Europe is not the supreme need. Getting the tribe of Goldsmith out of power in Britain and elsewhere is.


The success of the Great Pretence of Democracy is attributable to the success of its practitioners in utilising the power of the media which they almost exclusi vely control, including the posi ti vely hypnotic power of the kind of image radiation peculiar to television which makes it unique as a means of mind control because of its magnetic capacity. These radiations, resulting from the electronic scanning peculiar to television, bombard the brain at a rate beyond the ability to cope of that part of the brain ca- pable of reasoning, so that the passively uncritical part of the brain pre- dominates. This visual hypnotism is comparable to the audio hypnotism achieved by repetitive, ultra-rapid “rock”, radiated beyond the pulse rate of the human body, and thereby its ability to resist domination, which has reduced the younger generation to a zombie-like condition.

Democracy’s dictators have established their domination of the ballot box through their domination of this compelling force of the brain-bending box in well-nigh every home, whereby the minds of the masses are enslaved to the system. Thus this dictatorship cannot be overthrown by playing the party game of the ballot box in the absence of gaining power over the brain-bending box, either by acquiring an adequate television facility in competition or by putting the television transmitters of the dictators out of action and keeping them out of action. Even Adolf Hitler could not today have succeeded otherwise in attaining state power, and we have no faint shadow of a second Adolf Hitler around today.

The mental enslavement of the masses is set to be made even more secure by the forthcoming introduction of 30-channel, digital television on top of satellite and cable television. Thus will primary television be reinforced in providing a daily, round-the-clock domination of the minds of most of the people, and thereby the majority of voters in the beguiling business of parliamentary elections as the core of Democracy’s confidence trick concerning public rule. This digital access to the brain box as decisively influential to the verdict of the ballot box is to be in the hands of a consortium encompassing the British Sky Broadcasting of media magnate, Rupert Murdoch, whose mother was Jewish, making him by rabbinical standards Jewish too; Carlton Communications run by the Jew, Michael Green, worth £200 million; and the £7.5 billion Granada group; all very indicative of government of the people by and for the Chosen People.

So what of the BNP’s goal of five minutes on the box? The realistic answer is that it has to be measured in effect against the effect of all the rest of the time, day in, day out, year in, year out in which the dictators of Democracy have been and will be conducting on that box what amounts to constant electioneering. They have been conducting this in the ceaseless propagation of their propaganda, both directly in the presentation of alleged information,accompanied by the elimination of contrary information, and indirectly in the deliberate and highly suggestive projection of fic- tional material favourable to their aims, for example the portrayal of inter-racial liaisons in an attractive setting, this being far more effective than mere exhortation to this end. The BNP’s five minutes on the box cannot be more than an inconsequential flicker in comparison. Can the cost of this flicker prove worthwhile ?

In estimating the answer to this question, we have to ana lyse the nature of a political party in relation to the nature of the British public today. A political party today is a reflection of the Democracy under which it operates, whatever it may incorporate in seeming challenge to that Democracy. A party is wide open to the masses who have been moulded by indoctrination by the media of Democracy, and that party’s ultimate aim is to solicit successfully the sufficient approval of those indoctrinated by the media of Democracy. Electioneering and the party are thus inseparably linked, the electioneering of the party being pitched at the masses and the party in turn seeking to incorporate the masses.

The vast majority of the people who will watch the BNP’s appearance on television and will read the BNP election literature coming in the post will be either Whites who are firm opponents or hostile Coloureds, and on all of these the indiscriminate output will be completely wasted, so that in respect of most viewers and readers what will have been costless will be gainless. Beyond that there can be expected to be a comparatively small number of people who nod their heads in agreement, but who do nothing more about it. Beyond that there can be expected to be a comparively mi- nute number of people who are sufficiently stirred to write for more information and even to enrol. Among them will probably be a very small part of them who will not only continue their membership permanently, but prove prepared to contribute substantially more than the cost of retaining them, these last-mentioned being the ultimate gauge of the worth of the operation, and probably costing in terms of the expenses of electioneering for their procurement a very high price each.

The great majority of that minute minority who may be recruited, temporarily at any rate, as the reward of the current electioneering will be conspicuously and injuriously the products of Democracy, far more reflective of the system, its outlook, its values and its ethos than rebellious to it, theri rebelliousness in most cases being only to some part or parts of it without depth of perception of the interaction of all parts of the come pattern of decay. As carriers of the psychological diseases of Democracy, they will have at least as much capacity to infect others as to improve them.

As background to this, it has to be faced up to that the great bulk of British people of today, while certainly not the scum of the earth, equally certainly not the salt of the earth as so many nationalists fond of making out in flattering them for votes and membership. A great part of the best of the breed was thrown away in the death toll of mad wars against our brother nation, Germany. What remains has in most cases been duped and doped, degraded and corrupted by years of never-ending influence by the media of Democracy, their strength of character so sapped they have become docile to the point of acquiescence in their own national and racial ruination, displaying the dismal demeanour of a beaten people.

It is thus fantasy to think that salvation can come through soliciting masses. They will not be brought to undertake an uprising. On the other hand they will not take to the streets in violent defence of the system.As a motive force one way or the other regarding the rescue and resurgence of Britain, the general public is truly irrelevant.

The great majority of existing members of the nationalist parties, and great majority of those who may become members through electioneering and will be in the nature of things people of poor quality, part-timers, on talk, big on beer, small on effort, wanting to be entertained, giving little and requiring as much if not more to keep them in place, poor on staying power, so many of them losing heart or interest after a while. So it is that the party is always like a bath with the tap running but the plug pulled out. They reflect the hard fact that people at large are not by nature fitted to be political workers and fighters, but only bystanders occasional auxiliaries and suppliers of some money.


The form of organisation which is the party is thus condemnable because the ostensible cause of combating Democracy it perpetrates the self- defeating contradiction of throwing itself open to the products of that Demoracy, and seeking outside the approval of these products at large as access to and sanction for state power. This inevitably means, sooner or later, major compromise . It cannot be otherwise. The process is a vicious circle . The recruited members of the public, being carriers of the psychological disease of Democracy, maybe subtely but no less surely stamp their character on the organisation, influencing policy and practice towards compromise. The leaders of the party, under the pressure of the bulk of the members, are led into compromise in order to retain their support. They are furthermore led into it in order to attract new support from outside.

The domiant inclination in a party is thus to adapt, omit,tone down, however debilitating this trimming is to the purported policy for national resurgence, wherever original principles come to be experienced as severely clashing with the prejudices and shortcomings of the recruited members and the solicited public; prejudices and shortcomings induced and fostered by the very promoters of degeneration in power at present. Thus a party by its nature imports the thought, spirit and habits of Democracy, and is in constant danger of succumbing to them, being in this fashion taken over by democracy, and rendered incapable of conquering it.

Not suprisingly the vast majority of the members of nationalist parties, heavily infected with the way of thinking of Democracy, are readily responsive to, indeed always eagerly expectant of Democracy’s game of electioneering. One of the prime agitators for electioneering in one of these parties recently proclaimed that ” …nothing enthuses party members and activists like a General Election …” as he passionately proceeded to applaud and promote this propensity. Either incapable of perceiving the arguments against electioneering or incapable of pursuing the alternative paths to power, the votaries of electioneering are instantly aroused to feverish excitement by the bustle of this conventional competition, forfeiting with alacrity what circumspection they otherwise possess. By their shallow disposition they are forever itching to stampede to the polls, / to the feeding pens, and intent on making their leaders aware their favourite exercise which they fondly want and first and foremost expect.

The tiny minority, already present in the party or to come to it in consequence of its General Election publicity, who are capable of higher things than the dull round of party activity amid beery gossip ballot box delusions, can but be disabled and depressed by dispersal the mass of mediocre or even more deficient members, instead of being selectively recognised and set apart so that their superiority can put to best advantage.

This lumping together of the majority, who do and give little with tiny minority who do most of the work and provide most of the money in consequence are an elite, has been defended by one of the national leaders as a mixture beneficial to the party because the comparively inert majority help the party with some financial contributions and literature purchases. This advocacy of combination disregards the fact that these minor benefits could be coaxed from them without incorporating them in the organisation, instead dealing with them as auxiliaries outside thus without the nullifying cost of accomodating them inside,including the drag and deterrent they exert on the elite. It is an advocacy that comes strangely from a man fond of military analogies, since it is comparable to the advocacy of combining in one and the same unit back line pioneer Corps and front line Parachute personnel, a practice shunned by the British Army and every other army in the world.

While the BNP is currently foreshortening the election debate to the matter simply of contesting for the sake of television and radio time , whereby access to the public and resulting recruitment can be gained , this cannot be taken as the end of the line, but only as the beginng . Having started out on the election road, this and any such party will inevitably carried further along that road by the unleashed motive force involved in electioneering.

. This means, incontestably, a permanent tendency to compromise as the price of soliciting the votes of the masses. This is so because the masses, being in the state they are thanks to the success of Democracy in using the media in its possession to mould their minds, will never accept what is really necessary for national and racial salvation. Any alternative party which failed to compromise heavily, reducing its message to flattery and fleshy bribes and thus imitating the old parties of Democracy whose purpose is to keep the masses content with their exploitation in their degraded state as darkness falls, would be presenting to them a message essentially offensive to their vanity and taste in its appeal to the higher considerations of life above the lower. It would, therefore, not win their general support. The masses will not vote for their own upliftment in a higher order of society. This has to be accomplished without their support and request, despite them and indeed against them. It is absurd to pivot your whole project, as does a conventional party, on the submission of change to the decision of those who so need to be changed. You might as well make the case for law and order conditional on the approval of the criminals.

So the name of the party game, if it is to be played successfully, has to be compromise, compromise and still more compromise. The religious issue, namely the need to replace ruinous Christianity which is at the very bottom of our troubles, has to be avoided in a major move of self – emasculation in the cause of acceptability, so as not to lose the votes of all the Christians. Freemasonry, another instrument of corruption, has to be avoided, so as not to forfeit the votes of all the freemasons. The odious royal tribe has to be preserved from requisite condemnation, if not spoken favourably of, so as not to lose the votes of the multitude of doting ad- mirers. The foul din of the jungle called “rock”, so immensely damaging to our younger generation has to be compromised with too, at least to the extent of self – censorship if not explicit acceptance (as was officially awarded in an item in the December, 1996, issue of the BNP magazine, Spearhead. Queers, being now so numerous and obtrusive as a natural result of thesystem of perversion known as Democracy, compromise with them is similarly called for in the quest for popularity and electoral success.If enough votes are not obtained through a certain amount of compromise , then playing the party game more and more compromise is needed.

If , eventually , such a self – mutilating , new party did happen to win its way to state power as a government , you can take it as certain that the long – standing habit of compromise would have become so ingrained as to keep it permanently on the path of compromise to retain the state power acquired by the same means . Thus the nominally new party would become in fact nothing new at all . In a process of compromise it would come more and more to resemble the parties of Democracy it was supposed to replace.


Those in Britain who argue for electioneering as the way to power by courting popularity by trimming policy appropriately heavily rely on citing the electoral advances of “new” parties in Austria, France and Italy as proof of what can be achieved this way, and should be copied in Britain. What they do not candidly concede in the presentation of their argument is that the trimming they have in mind is so deep and extensive in its effect on principle as to change the nature of the party to that of more of a con- formist than a rebel. All three of the supposedly “new” parties they have in mind have compromised themselves out of the latter category into the former.

The nearer a “new” party draws to the policy and practice of the old parties, the nearer it gets to the electoral support the latter obtain. It can always advance in popularity by retreating further and further away from the principles required for real resurgence. The reward for this contortion in the course of the party game is not the reality of success. It is the reality of self-defeat. In projection of this mirage of success, we have held up to us the example in Austria of Jorg Haider and his “Freedom Party” which gained 28% of the Austrian vote in the November, 1996, European Parliament elections. Its deputy leader now in that European Parliament happens to be a Peter Sichrovsky, identified by the London Jewish Chronicle (22 November, 1996) as a Jew

. The Washington Post (U.S.A.; 1 December, 1996) said of Haider, “He disavows any plans for wholesale expulsions and stresses that he only wants to throw out illegal aliens and toughen citizenship laws. He also says that Turks and other immigrants from Islamic nations are welcome to stay if they adapt to Western secular traditions.” Will something like this crass compromise be attractive to election enthusiasts in the BNP as policy enough to present to the British public in respect of Britain’s Coloured Invasion?

As we in Britain await the Labour Party’s projected penalisation of “holocaust” denial, will those same election enthusiasts be happy to know that Haider the trimmer is already doing the job for our enemies of suppressing denial of this dogma of Democracy? He has expelled from his party a member who dared to deny the Jewish propaganda Sunday Times,( London, 17 December, 1995). From France we have held up to us the example of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his vote-chasing National Front. “Le Pen has indeed consistently supported Israel and in February 1987 met with representatives of 24 American-Jewish organisations with whom he had ‘positive and cordial’ exchanges,” reported Right Now , (U.K., No.10, 1996) quoting an interview in the Jerusalem Reportt of 27 February, 1992.

In a biography of Le Pen, who is a longtime friend of Robert Hemmerdinger, vice-president of the national committee of French Jews, the novel ist Roger Mauge wrote: “Before the meeting I had engaged in conversation with a young Jewish French doctor from Amiens, a member of the FN since 1988. He was fiercely proud to tell me of his huge admiration for Le Pen and that whatever the FN’s detractors may claim, it is not racist but a nationalist party and one with hundreds of active Jewish members, likewise black and brown members and supporters …” (Right Now , ( U.K., No. 10). Will those same BNP enthusiasts for electioneering endorse the same course of compromise for the BNP, namely cordial arrangements with Jewish organisations, and the admission of numerous Jews and Coloureds as members

From Italy we have held up to us the example of Gianfranco Fini and the National Alliance into which by drastic compromise he has turned the former fascistic , MSI. How drastic that compromise has been is shown by that a National Alliance delegation visited Israel in August of 1995 to meet Ephraim Zuroff of the baleful, Los Angeles-based simon wiesenthal Center , and in the following September Zuroff went to Rome to meet Fini at the party headquarters. Will those same BNP election enthusiasts who look to and acclaim Fini as a model, as they do regarding Haider and Le Pen , be prepared to follow suit and invite Zuroff to London to discuss co – operation in the pursuit of what are called “Nazi war criminals”?

The Institute for Jewish Policy’s 1996 Anti-Semitism World Report analysed the electoral advances of Haider , Le Pen , Fini and the like as being the consequence of seeking respectability by rejecting overt anti – semitism . Are the election enthusiasts of Britain’s nationalist parties similarly prepared to sacrifice principle in respect of the Jewish problelem fo the sake of attaining respectability? Some have already shown so.

The lure of electoral success has already caused supposedly “new” parties in Russia to compromise decisively in this respect. Nikola Lysenko , a former leader of Pamyat , has got himself elected to the Duma , the lower house of parliament, after renouncing anti-Semitism and declaring Israel is “Russia’s strategic ally” Jewish Chronicle, (London, 31 March ) Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the reputedly nationalist “Liberal Democratic Party”, has put himself on record as stressing that he views Jews as equal citizens, which is not so surprising since his own father was Jewish Jewish Chronicle, (London, 14 June, 1996).

In holding up as models for the BNP the performance of these parties of abject compromise, one of the BNP’s chief agitators for electioneering by drastic compromise, a Tony Lecomber, has gone almost the whole way in selling out principle for the sake of expediency. Spearhead (March, 1996) he has poured scorn on fascism and National-Socialism as something “old, stale and unsaleable”, terming any association with Hiler’s Natiohal-Socialist Germany “the kiss of death”. It only remains for this gentleman to consummate what he no doubt considers to be his smartness by coming out explicitely as anti-Hitler, as have certain other nationalist bodies in Britain already, that much more to curry favour with the moronic masses, and to seek to appease the enemy.

Contrary to the misconception of this misleading Mr Lecomber, National – Socialism is not a dead creed but a living one whose principles reamain as valid today as ever in the past. Properly understood, National-Socialism is neither restricted to the ways and means of the past in pursuit of those principles, nor it is driven to compromise those principles in in order to pursue different ways and means in different times, such as now .The commanding requirement is simply that changes must always be consonant with and not conflicting with those principles. That the brainwashed public is currently opposed to National-Socialism, which they misunderstand due to media misinformation, is no valid argument for shedding National – Socialism to appease that public. Instead, power has to be pursued in all ways possible which are consistent with the inviolate preservation of our principles, and these do not include the party game and electioneering


Stopping a Rebel Party

If by chance a new party not only retained its soul from ruinouse compromise but also gained enough votes to become something of a real the controllers of Democracy – in combination a miracle – you can be absolutely certain that those controllers would bring about in one way or another the exclusion of that new party from state power. They would stop at nothing in putting a stop to the attempt to overthrow them. For them not to do so does not make sense, and does not fit with experience .

So what is our experience bearing out this conclusion? We might begin the answer 60 years back, when the British Union of Fascists looked like a growing threat. Then the holders of state power brought in the 1936 Public Order Act banning political uniforms to stop the great advantage the BUF was gaining from their use.

Over the past 30 years the holders of state power have brought in law after law increasingly to stiffle our essential, racial message in our fight against ruinous Democracy. They are still at it, planning further laws to ban questioning the alleged, Jewish “Holocaust” and to prohibit virtually any racial expression not complimentary to the Jews and the coloureds.

At the same time as they have advanced in the use of outright, explicit prohibition they have as their other arm of suppression advanced in implicit prohibition in practice by the denial of the necessary facilities campaigning by a party of revolt. Banning by way of police and Home Office exclusion and harassment has come to prevail in the matter of outdoor demonstrations and marches and meetings. One prominent example the exclusion of our sort of people from Trafalgar Square, London’s leading, open-air meeting place, ever since 1962, when the NSM there proclaimed “Hitler was Right”! Yet ever since then every kind of racial minority from all over the globe has been allowed to use it. Indoor gatherings have been made extremely difficult, if not yet entirely impossible , by pressure on the owners of halls, joined to a tolerance of attacks on meetings by rampaging Reds.

While the sly preference of Democracy is to ban indirectly by the impositions of handicaps, if this failed to be sufficient to prevent a new party of revolt, intact in its principles, from approaching anywhere near to state power it is inconceivable that the present holders of power, who shown how ruthlessly they will impede such a new party, will allow that new party to attain a victory at the ballot box, and sweep them from power. While quite content, as long as that new party distant from that power, to let it squander its resources in electioneering, pocketing its forfeited deposits, once the dictators of Democracy estimate the danger line has been reached you can be certain that they will outlaw the rebel party as “criminal” in its “racism” or “subversion , fabricating anything and everything necessary to this end.

Already the path towards outlawing, if necessary, is being prepared. one route al ready in place lies in the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, adopted by the General Assembly and ratified by 129 states by the beginning of 1992 . Its Article 4 (a) prohibits (1) All dissemination of ideas based on racial superiority, and (3) incitement to racial discrimination, and (6) The provision of any assistance to racist activities. Consider how easily these sections could be stretched to envelop the BNP and put it out of business !

Already the European Commission of Human Rights in a case designated Request No 6741/74, X v. Italy, has agreed that seeking to reconstitute a fascist party is a criminal offence, and already such as the BNP is dubbed a “fascist party”. In Germany ever since 1945 it has been rated a criminal offence to seek to establish a fascist or National-Socialist party, although the NSDAP in elections and referendums had the support of a transcendent proportion of the German people, who thus were in effect disenfranchised in 1945 by the power-wielders of the Great Pretence.

Already the European Commission of Human Rights case designated Request 9 and 8406/78, Glimmerveen and others v. Netherlands, it has been laid down that Holland was correct in imprisoning the Chairman of the Nederlandse Volks Unie, a party supporting ethnic homogeneity for the country , for the offence of issuing an election manifesto expressing this; connfiscating the election manifesto; and correct in invalidating the electoral lists bearing the Chairman’s name; all on the grounds of “racial discrimination”.

How much longer do you think it will be in Britain before, in line with such international rulings, it becomes prohibited to stand for a Britain for the British, prohibited to advocate discrimination in favour of our own , prohibited to oppose further Coloured immigration into Britain , and to advocate repatriation of the Coloured immigrants already here ?

The dictators of Democracy, besides being able to act against the BNP on the grounds of “racial discrimination”, will also be able to act on the grounds of “subversion”. Major-General Frank Kitson, expert on “counter subversion”, gave the following definition of “subversion” in his book, Low Intensity Operations (Barrie & Rockcliff, 1971):- “Subversion, then, will be held to mean all measures short of the use of armed force taken by one section of the people of a country to overthrow those governing the country at the time or to force them to do things they do not want to do.” This echoes the statement of Britain’s Director General of Military Intelligence 5, otherwise known as the “Security Service”, who in June, 1994, proclaimed: “The intention to undermine democracy is what ‘subversion’ means to us.” Those who over 30 years ago in the Spearhead Trial of 1962 were able to convict leaders of the then National Socialist Movement, including myself, of creating some sort of private army because they had organised a stewarding force for defensive purposes only against Red and Jewish violence should have no great difficulty in contriving a successful prosecution against the BNP for “subversion”, securing the imprisonment of its leaders and the banning of the organisation.


In summary, from the survey which has been made the inescapable conclu- sions which arise are, firstly, that electioneering is a colossal mistake, tragically consuming the time and effort and money so sorely needed for other, truly productive pursuits of power. Even in the very short-term analysis as a means now to a media appearance and thereby recruiting it is not worthwhile. The quality and productivity of the recruitment will not be commensurate with the cost and effort of obtaining it. The 1997 General Election operation will thus prove a failure.

In the long term, electioneering will fail to advance the party in the face of the overwhelming power and effect of a hostile media, unless an utterly ruinous extent of compromise is undertaken, which is in itself a form of utter failure. If it does not fail through cancerous compromise, it will fail nevertheless because the dictators of Democracy will intervene to crush it by the imposition of impediments or the imposition of a ban.

The vote-chasing herald of compromise, Tony Lecomber, calls his pipe dream “the electoral motorway”. Actually it is no more than a dead end track to nowhere. A few occasions may occur when an abnormally substantial vote is obtained, maybe even an occasion of stark rarity when a winning one in a solitary constituency is obtained, but on any sober appraisal this is not to be taken as any indication of the beginning of some marvellous break through to power, but only a temporary derangement in an otherwise competently restrictive system.

The second, certain conclusion is that a political party today is an in- strument of failure in the pursuit of power because its overriding concern is quantity before quality. Accordingly, in drawing in all grades of people, it draws in the defects of Democracy, and in combining all those grades in one and the same organisation, it deprives those of quality of the opportunity to function at their best because of the encumbrance of the mediocre members who are the majority.

It is said that a political party at the very least serves to provide a mustering facility whereby persons capable of better things, those with the potentiality to function as an elite, can be initially detected and contacted. However, even in such a secondary role it is a failure because it equally serves to bring people to the notice of the enemy, both the surveillance agencies of the authorities and the agents of other hostile forces. Such contacting has thus to be avoided. Recruiting for the Vanguard has to be pursued outside and away from the overt functions and visible presence of a political party as a matter of the most elementary security. It has to be done by discreet, private approach to particular individuals of seeming suitability, and in no other way.

I have no hesitation in the outcome not of mere, armchair theorising, but the experience of some 50 years of political activity of almost every kind from the distribution of hundreds of thousands of items of literature, speeches at meetings galore, electioneering both local and national, and personal participation in an underground force which eluded apprehension by the authorities in proclaiming the political party and its inseperable electioneering to be hopelessly unfitted for our needs today in pursuing power. I am absolutely convinced that, if we persist in occupying our- selves with a structure and a field of operation which has proved itself a failure, we will lose our very last chance of victory. I am sure that the very beginning of hope of victory lies in the complete rejection of the political party as an instrument, and thereby the liberation of the elite from the crippling clutches of this egalitarian structure.

In thus firmly rejecting the party game and its electioneering, it is clearly incumbent on us to go beyond a condemnation which is purely negative, however compelling its logic, and constructively supply an alternative of convincing efficacy to complete the argument. In this we have overall to show two things. Firstly, we have to show that we are not destructively arguing for a withdrawal into a retirement from action in which to dote on the past to the exclusion of the present and future which would be to pervert National-Socialism into a cult of nostalgia akin to that of the souvenir and fancy dress playboys who are satisfied with a Hollywood Nazi role to the delight of the enemy and the damage of our cause. Secondly, we have to show that we are thoroughly practical, being both thoroughly innovative and yet thoroughly averse to indulgence in fanciful aspirations beyond our current competence.

Hence at the outset let it be made abundantly clear that – contrary to any attempt by those of a contrary persuasion to cast us into ridicule by misrepresentation – we are not in the business of engrossment in juvenile fantasies of armed uprisings now or in the near future which are just about as crazy as the dreams of ballot box victory by those of a contrary persuasion. If there is to be any future whatsoever for Aryan civilisation, the time will come for the physical seizure of state power by our people, be certain of it as the only way of acquiring that state power, but that time is nowhere near. That time will only arrive by way of sufficient, preparatory undermining of the present system, which will take a long time and an immensity of effort to accomplish, and to which all attention and re- sources must from now on be devoted in place of the waste on futile, political parties.

What has to be grasped is that, appropriate to present conditions and our present cicumstances in those conditions, the need of the day is for guerilla activities. Open and frontal confrontation, as with marches and other conventional demonstrations and public meetings and the canvassing and picketing of electioneering,play into the hands of the far more numerous forces of the enemy, giving the big the chance to overwhelm the small, and which may show the bravery of the latter, but also most certainly shows its tactical stupidity. At this point, preparatory to examining what needs to be done in place of the party game, we should be reminded of our opening definition of our objective. This is the pursuit; of power in all its forms contributory to the salvation, upliftment and prosperity of the Aryan peoples.

This means that we have at the start to break free from the mental con- finement of conventional politics whereby political power is seen as singu- larly synonymous with state power, and thus the matter alone of attaining the power to form a government of the state with the ensuing power to ar- range the society of that state as desired. Power exists wherever the opportunity and the capacity to implement National-Socialism is to be found, and it is our job to identify and utilise all such forms of power in the outcome of a comprehensive study of the subject. This totality of perception of power accords with our totality of perception of our cause.


In this we are brought, firstly, to recognise the most basic power of all: that of the individual to conduct his or her personal life as a full- time, fully developed National-Socialist, daily living the National-Social- ist way, and thus detaching himself or herself as far as possible from the society and life of Democracy. Here we come up against a distinguishing defect of the nationalist party which is that, so accomodating to the human products of Democracy, so intent on reaching out in electioneering to those products, most of its members in the pursuit of state power lack the understanding and application of this personal power. They babble incessantly about what they will do to put the state right when they win at the ballot box, all the time showing their sheer inability to put themselves and their families right. They cannot even govern their own homes and bring up their own children properly, let alone change the country for the better.

In so far as power comes through knowledge, the study – both by individuals on their own and by specialising teams -of everything pertaining to our struggle from the extent of our racial heritage to the workings of the enemy state and the enemy forces, as a prelude to successful action against that state and those forces, is a vital aspect of the pursuit of power. The systematic engagement in this prerequisite for success in that pursuit has to be a distinction of the purposeful and effective elite in contrast to the ignorant and impotent amateurs of the political party who regard vote-chasing as the be-all and end-all of political life.

Power in the form of influence exists in the ability of specialist teams to perform spectacular, propaganda operations which achieve an impact out of all proportion to the effort expended, and which is far beyond that of the customary propaganda of a political party. This is to be achieved through the combination of a highly imaginative selection of daring targets and the highly competent preparation and execution of operations by well- organised and well-trained personnel

. Here, contrary to the political party with its electioneering, the purpose is not to try to solicit the votes and the membership of the public at large, but specifically to stimulate discontent with and disruption of the system, creating sympathy for rebellion as preparation for the day when a seizure of state power becomes feasible because of the break down of the system. Come that day, the public will then at last become of real impor- tance, not as active participants in the actual seizure, which will be the highly specialised task of the Vanguard, but, beyond mere abstention from active opposition, as sympathetic suppliers of auxiliary help. In this way and to this extent the consent of the people, however tacit, is ultimately needed, and therefore all along to be encouraged.


Major, even decisive, power exists in the ability of specialist teams with the necessary aptitude, knowledge and training to strike at the deli- cate and vulnerable workings of the present system, inflicting serious damage contributory to its desired break down. This break down, which alone can provide the opportunity for the seizure of state power – break through only coming through break down – is not something simply to be waited for as the culmination of the inherent strains and defects of the system, how- ever important they are as factors to be taken advantage of. Contrary to those who realise that only a break down can bring a break through, but then treat it as something which they can only wait for as bystanders, so that their realisation becomes an excuse for inaction, a break down is some- thing which has to be brought on through the constant application of acts of sabotage, impeding and dislocating the machinery of government.

This conception of power through sabotage is most definitely not some facile and fanciful notion devoid of practicality and efficacy. It is an unconventional one of high potentiality meriting the most careful consider- ation. Among so much else, it includes, as a mild but nevertheless worthy form, the sabotage of the electoral process of Democracy, this process being vital to its Great Pretence. In place of participation in this pro- cess, contributory to its continuation, involved in the electioneering of nationalist parties, we have to urge strict abstention through the message of “Don’t Vote!”

Alongside this imperative and invaluable disruption of the machinery of the present system, there is much scope for the disruption of enemy persons and organisations to counter their disruptive activities against us. For example, it is disgraceful that the Jewish Searchliqht gang has been able for decades to continue to infiltrate nationalist parties and National- Socialist organisations, molest their members, and bring pressure to bear on owners of halls and hotels to refuse or to cancel bookings. Appropriate Vanguard personnel should be quite quickly capable of putting this gang out of business, and keeping them out. Likewise for another example, it is disgraceful that the impudent Asian, Ameer Anwar, who desecrated and destroyed the Rudolf Hess memorial in Scotland several years ago, has been allowed to go unpunished ever since.

Activities here indicated are all necessarily covert ones, and one rule which has to be stressed and stressed is that covert and overt activities and personnel must never be mixed for the most obvious reason of security. Having established this firm rule for the Vanguard, it can be mentioned that, strictly for those who have no intention now or in the future of engaging in covert activities, one highly purposeful, overt activity open to such Vanguard personnel, and which in its exercise of a form of power is not to be ignored as unworthy in comparison to covert activities, is the promotion of one form or another of National-Socialist community. Therein, National-Socialism can be put into practice on a small scale as far as possible, the community resembling a National-Socialist state in miniature, and in this constituting some seizure of power from Democracy.

Some of the alternatives to electioneering in the party game have now been briefly mentioned here to show that such exist. They and others will be examined in more detail in parts of “The Way Ahead” directly following this one. All of them require an elite, a Vanguard, as the one and only, competent form of organisation for their implementation.


Part 7



The imagined, electoral route to political power, presented, pursued and cherished by those antiquated forms of political organisation, the nationalist parties in Britain, was shown in the previous article in this series to be a catastrophically wasteful illusion, continued indulgence in which will deprive us of our last chance to work and fight on the right lines to achieve ultimate victory. The election results of those parties last year, as in previous years, were an overwhelming confirma- tion of the correctness of our analysis. The inescapable conclusion, therefore, is that another route to power with another form of organisation appropriate to that route has to be discerned and pursued from now on. It is our purpose here and in later instalments in the series to explore and outline the essential alternative of strategy and structure which we have to adopt forthwith, some aspects of which were just briefly indicated and summarised at the conclusion of the last instalment.

The strategy has to be the result of a full comprehension of the mult i- fariousness of power which has political effect, and within which ambit state power, although rightly seen as the ultimate objective, is also to be seen as achievable not only by successful electioneering – which is now to be recognised as clearly beyond the capacity of the nationalist parties aspiring to it – but also by the compound and cumulative effect of the acquisition of and exercise of power in other forms and in other dimensions. The appropriate, new form of organisation has to be the product of the visualisation of the appropriate, new strategy, reflecting in close fit its requirements.

The obsolete structure and function of a political party, geared to so- liciting the masses for members and votes, has to be replaced with a task force, a Vanguard to give it a name, as an elite of workers and fighters freed from the hampering, debilitating, ruinous encumbrance of the camp followers incorporated in parties. These latter, namely all the time – wasting, gossiping hangers-on who are drawn to a political party, and who are in full estimation uneconomic in costing more to attract and to keep content than they are worth in their output, have to be shed; have to be relegated to the role and ranks of a somewhat supportive section of the general public, conceived at the most as external auxiliaries providing some money and supplementary service without entangelement with the workers and fighters of the task force.

The development of a task – efficient Vanguard in place of the doomed folly of a nationalist party, stagnating in its illusions, begins with the quality of the individual: there the revolution starts and the attainment of power commences. Whereas the ordinary member of the ordinary, national- ist party represents in views and habits something very substantially, if not mostly, of the old order, while purporting to uphold the new, the first, indeed the qualifying task of the out-of-the ordinary person fit to be considered a member of the Vanguard is the winning of power within himself or herself for the new order of the future.


This means a thorough purgation in respect of the thought and practice of the death system of Democracy. In order to be truly a forerunner of a redeemed future for our Folk, the aspirant has to set himself or herself to achieve as far as possible a personal and internal liberation from the shackles of servitude to that death system, meaning the thorough expulsion from mind and conduct of ways of thinking and ways of behaving belonging to that system. Mentally this liberation is completely possible: the Vanguarder can and must make of his or her mind an inner island of sanity. and salubrity in the foul waters of Democracy with all its insidious va- c pours; a bastion and bridgehead of revolt. Behaviourally, despite the enshrouding and coercive restraints and requirements of that system, he or she, given the will,springing from the emancipation of the mind, can substantially if not completely step out of the line of conduct prescribed by Democracy, and must exert the self-discipline and determination to do so as far as possible despite Democracy’s coercion.

This degree of personal liberation by the exercise of power over one’s person is something the ordinary member of the ordinary organisation is never obliged to achieve, and which the vast majority at least lack the quality to achieve. That ordinary member never tires of glibly and continually talking of successfully seeking to recruit and also successfully seeking to solicit the votes of other,poor-quality people in order to gain state power so that the state can do this and that in the way of reform as a great, impersonal provider and rectifier; while conspicuously failing to take power over and within himself or herself, the form of power most im- mediately within reach. That ordinary member of a nationalist party thus makes his or her politics a creed of escapism from personal responsibility. In contrast the measure of the Vanguarder is the will and the ability to put things in order in his or her own being, seen as a cell of the state, as the prerequisite for any and all extension of power-seeking in any and all further measures of revolution: revolution which has its beginning in you, the individual, with the seizure and exercise of self-power.

The self-liberation and self-empowerment of each and every individual member of the Vanguard as the primary stage of the revolution encompasses first and foremost the self-improvement resulting from the systematic pursuit of greater knowledge of the nature of the problems besetting our Folk, their causes, consequences and remedies; and of all the means of gaining power in all its forms to deal with these problems, and to apply those remedies, and with knowledge of the means and methods of the enemy in op- posing us. The raw material of power lies in this knowledge, the possession and correct use of which, under the impulse of will, is absolutely essential for successful action towards our ultimate objectives. Thus there can be no such thing as a Vanguarder full of energy, full of desire, full of courage, but empty of knowledge needed as well, without which action is blind. A Vanguarder worthy of the name has to be already, or has to discipline himself or herself to become a student, a methodical and systematic student not shy of the name, and not a mere dabbler, in order to be effective as a fighter and worker, a missionary and an exemplar; all of which functions and attributes go to make up the necessary nature of a genuine Vanguarder.

Endowed with the will for self-control and self-improvement, and thereby fulfilling the role of a student, the Vanguarder has next to ensure that, before going on to action beyond himself or herself affecting others and other things, his or her conduct in his or her personal life is appro- priate to that of someone representing the new order in rejection of the old, not sullied and contaminated by the life style of the latter. One cannot thoroughly think as a rebel, and yet act in any way as a conformist. To do this is to be absurdly inconsistent to the extent of decisive disqualification. Making this point are the following resolutions of right conduct for the individual Vanguarder.


Personal tidiness and methodical habits are the proof and the benefit of inner discipline. Master yourself first in order to be able to gain mastery elsewhere! Safeguarding and improving your own health with a wholesome diet, natural remedies and sufficient exercise, avoiding harmful additives and medications and carcinogenic substances, is highly important as a personal contribution to a finer Folk, and essential to your best functioning as a worker and fighter. Smokers and heavy drinkers and drug addicts have no place in the Vanguard, since they are clearly and importantly incapable of achieving self-power.
Don’t dress like a Democrat, making yourself look like one of the enemy, while reckoning to fight the degeneracy which is the nature of Democracy! Jeans and ‘trainers’ have become the authentic uniform of the slovenly, slack, sickly conformists of the present system, keen to display their membership of the “casual’ society alien to the Vanguard of National-Socialism. Say ‘No” to Democracy in all it stands for and appears in, including dress and habits as much as in thoughts!
Cut the cackle! Let the ordinary parties and organisations cater for the ‘gas bags’, wasting untold hours in empty talk. Time is too short and the task too big for the tongue wagging which is a main activity of the majority of party members.
Don’t go along with the poisonous language of Democracy! For instance, call the perverts what they are, queers, instead of acquiescing in their imposition of their disguising misnomer of ‘gay’ .
Don’t tolerate defeatist talk: the lament that it is ‘too late’ for victory and the measures needed for it, and that the enemy is now too strong! We can most cetainly win, if only we here and now abandon the fanciful and futile party game with its foolish striving to induct the masses in order to solicit the votes of sufficiently more of those masses to acquire the government. Have and exude unbeatable confidence in ultimate victory, this for the Vanguard being no question of ‘if’ , but of ‘when’ and ‘how’
Resolve, if unattached, to select and breed with a mate of high-racial quality, not allowing mere lust to transcend racial responsibility! Consciousness of ancestry, concern for the continuation of racial lineage, is an essential characteristic of the Vanguard, so every Vanguard member needs to research his or her family history, taking pride in the Aryan blood-line, thereby strengthening his or her commitment to the struggle. Said cicero some 2,000 years ago: ‘Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history.’
If you have a child, the education and training of that child is emphatically your business: your personal responsibility as a member of the Vanguard. It is for you, as a condition of membership, to ensure that the child grows up to become a Vanguarder, not a pitiable deformity belonging to Democracy and its definitive degeneracy, and thus becoming one of the enemy under your own roof while bearing your own name. Take power over your child’s upbringing as part of the seizure of the future!


With this last resolution we have opened up a field of tremendous importance for the Vanguard as the fighting force for the future of our Folk. Today, under Democracy, our schools are in the hands of our enemies for the teaching profession is predominantly in the hands of those who are communistic in their aim of moulding our children to multiracialism, rejection of racial awareness and pride, miscegenation, deracinated internationalism, and acquiescence in homosexuality. Our children are thus in the clutches of those who are body snatchers and child molesters, stealing the next generation from us in an appalling crime of defilement worse than that of paedophiles, since these teachers are raping the mind and soul of their victims.

Yet we find such a preponderance of members of the racial-nationalist parties babling about the wonderful Britain they are going to bring about through the ballot box, while seen to be quite incapable of even bringing up their own children properly in correction of the evil influence of the school in particular and the environment in general. For the Vanguard the new Britain begins not in the bravado of beer talk, but in what its member does in reformative action now, importantly including what that individual does regarding children which is an activity vastly more valuable than ambling round the houses, stuffing leaflets through doors and canvassing for votes.

Taking a first aspect of educational action, and leaving a second aspect to a later and more appropriate context, your home has to be seen as and daily used as a successful competitor to the school. The liberalistic notion that children should be left to make up their minds for themselves is one of Democracy ‘ s pretences, conceived to cloak the,reality that children are influenced by adults one way or another, and right now are most definitely being indoctrinated in school by our enemies in charge there, so it is simply a question of who wins the battle for the minds of our children, our enemies or us. The old parties of nationalism are most certainly a most outstanding failure in this battle, measured by their pathetic, jeans – clad , ‘trainer’- shod , ‘rock’ – vibrating, slovenly offsprings.

The superiority of thought and conduct incumbent on the Vanguarder befits that person to be a teacher and trainer in his or her own home, capable of providing a model for children, the father functioning not as some, offputting pedagogue on a pedestal, but as a genial while masterly companion dispensing a mixture of discipline and affection, and securing attention and respect as leader of the household state. Training in personal tidiness and smartness, self-reliance, withstanding hardship and pain, sharpening the power of observation, appreciation of the beauty of Nature, capacity for hard work physical as well as mental, physical culture, recognition of good music, the importance of integrity and of worthwhile aims in life, development of the sense of justice: all this in the way of character building, health promotion and spiritual development is not only as impor- tant but far more important than stuffing the mind with masses of .information which can be obtained in a reference library, if and when the need for any of it arises. We have far too many weak-chinned, walking encyclopaedias, representative of Democracy’s values.

Every evening the Vanguard parent should obey the responsibility to find out from the child exactly what the enemy has in the way of indoctrination tried to put over that day through whatever subject and activity allows it, and that parent should then skilfully seek to administer the antidote to the poison. It should be done deftly and subtly, spotlighting contradictions and irrationalities and falsities; undermining confidence in the teachers, nourishing resistance to their teachings, poking fun at their scruffy appearance and life style, stimulating a feeling of superiority in the child to sheepish pupils. This is the way to make the home of the Vanguarder triumph over the school of Democracy in defence of the child. The young person has a ready capacity for rebelliousness. Our enemies exploit it for degeneracy. We can with care and persistence bring young people to see that what is put to them as bright and exciting revolt against an oppressive, parental way of life is in truth an enforced conformity to the faceless authoritarianism of the manipulators of Democracy. In other words we can turn the revolt of youth against its present misleaders.

Overt or Covert Activity ?

At this juncture it is of the utmost importance that the Vanguarder makes a permanent decision whether he or she is going to proceed along the overt or along the covert way of action. Those who once become known to the enemy authorities for activities which, at least at present, can be pursued openly without incapacitating penalty and restriction will be marked down by those authorities, and also by other enemy bodies, and be liable to be subject to some surveillance, and in consequence rendered unfit to enggage in activities which have to be kept secret. In considering this vital question and reaching a decision, one has to try to estimate and take into account the likelihood that the contemplated, overt activities, while feasible at present, will before long or at least eventually be prevented in practice by impediments, if not prohibited by law.

Just as those who choose open activities cannot later change to secret activities, the converse is true with equal certainty: those who choose the secret or ‘underground’ way cannot at any time whatsoever indulge in open activities without sacrificing their secrecy. Thus emerges the golden rule that the two types of activity and the two types of person involved cannot be mixed at any time. They have to be kept now and always entirely and strictly separate and self-contained. Having said that, there are and always will be targets which can be aimed at and hit by open-road Vanguarders either identifiably or anonymously, providing that those activities in which they are identifiable or risk becoming so are not seriously illegal so that they are acting in violation of the golden rule stated above.

Here are just a few examples of those many fields of combat in which in keeping with the above differentiations and stipulations direct action can and should be taken either by overt Vanguarders , acting identifiably or anonymously, or instead by. covert Vanguarders, acting secretly , which category of Vanguarder depending on the nature of the action. In the first place there is the need to combat the race mixers in every way possible. To this end, bring your enmity ceaselessly to bear on all those who indulge in the racial perversion of marriage or cohabitation with persons of alien race! Vent your hosti1ity on a1l those firms which act as agencies of introduction for Negroes and Asians seeking white mates, or patronise race mixture, or indulge in multiracial advertising, or specialise in conducting courses against ‘racial prejudice’ (more than 50 of these are to be found in the Local Government Management Board’s ‘Directory of Equal opportunities Trainers and Consultants’ to be found in many public reference libraries)

As the next example, confront and damage all those many bodies forever holding out the begging bowl for Coloureds the world over! Consume their ‘freepost’ facilities in registering your disgust! Thirdly, whether you have a child of your own or not, target and mi1itant1y oppose and harass and hinder, and put every pressure you can on all those schoolteachers who are polluting and corrupting children in their care by deliberate indoctrination contrary to the survival and welfare of our race!

AS a final example, combat with both denunciation and hindrance the queers who proselytise and propagate ; and all others who explicitely tolerate and promote them!

Direct action such as this has brought us into Stage 2 of the revolution, which is the pursuit of power in all its many forms short of state power, after Stage 1, which is the winning of power over and within one’s self Stage 3 being the attainment of state power, followed finally by Stage 4 which is the use of state power to transform society and its way of 1ife. Such elementary, direct action as above can be taken by the Vanguarder on his or her own as a single and basic unit of the task force, and every Vanguarder should be capable of so acting alone, although generally action is most effective when taken jointly with others. Small though the punch here considered may be, the value lies not just in the estimation of an act in isolation, but in appreciation of the effect in aggregate of all such acts over a long time, and in conjunction with all the other action open to the Vanguard in wearing down and disrupting and demoralising and dam- aging and destroying the enemy in all its formations and followings.

Yet, however much a Vanguarder must be capable, if needs be, of acting on his or her own, working and fighting as a self-sustainable unit in the struggle, it is most desirable indeed for all Vanguarders to be in touch with others of their kind, and so to constitute some kind of community within the task force. The basic kind of community is that of loose linkage. A more involved kind is that of proximity. The most involved is that of an integrated settlement. The contact with others is not only a big benefit to morale through the comradeship of both political work and relaxation, including the possibility of holidaying together, but a1so a big aid to the home training of children in allowing those of one Vanguard family to mix with those of another, so that they are not isolated and obliged to find companionship with the children of households of Democracy. Beyond that, contact is necessary for all forms of joint action and team work. Thus we come to the need to make contact, and the problem of doing so, where the individual is not already sufficient1y in touch with others.
Webmasters note : There then followed instructions of how to make contact with other Activists.Colin Jordan can be contacted at the address at the top of the page

Overt Vanguard

For the remainder of this instalment take a look at the kinds o activities open to Vanguarders who decide on an overt role, beyond what already been indicated. To begin with, there is a vast scope for reseach teams working not only for the purposes of contemporary propaganda, but also for the far distant but ultimate day when we are able to seize state power, and when, because of all the time beforehand, we will have no excuse for being unprepared in any respect.

Study Groups

We need study groups to formulate the framework of policies for the salvation and the rejuvenation of this and other Aryan countries and communities, but not to seek prematurely to lay down fine details of these policies which depend on the circumstances at the time of implementation, and thus have to await determination that much later. In this vital work the study groups concerned can function – modestly, not grandiosely and hence ridiculously as something akin to ministries in miniature, each concerned with a particular department of policy. A central field for study is that of the best structure of government, both national and local, for our purposes, selected from the considerable range of possibilities.

We need study groups to investigate and report on an immensity of other subjects, providing the Vanguard with a needed fund of collective knowedgel and argument for all its purposes, including self-improvement, policy formulation, and propaganda. What, for example, can be said to be the nature of true freedom as distinct from the bogus liberty of Democracy? In this context how far, given state power, could we go in allowing systematic expression of views fundamentally hostile to and injurious to National-Socilism? Assuming our possession, given state power, of a mass media at present denied to us, and resulting then in our ability to put our views powerfully and persuasively into every home in the country, would we still need to and have the justification to place any prohibitions on the then comparatively feeble ability of opponents to propagate even the strongest opposition to all we stand for? And, if we allowed the expression of ideas destructive of the National-Socialist order, would it be reasonable never less to prohibit and repress the activities of those upholding such ideas and seeking the overthrow of the National-Socialist state ?

For another question in the same field of general enquiry to illustrate its scope, how did Christianity succeed in ousting Odinism, and why is Christianity now in decline in the West, and how can we best go about replacing it in the future? For another, how are our enemies so successful in captivating our youth, rendering them degenerate and turning them against us and our ideas; thus how best can we confront and counteract them in this subversion of our Folk’s future? We need great investigation and great debate on all matters of importance to improve our thinking, that is our power of the mind, and thereby our capacity to convert, along with our ability to sustain our strength from belief, and to act most effectively in the pursuit of power wherever it lies.

The Vanguard needs those who will apply themselves to becoming experts, not dilettantes, in a wide variety of fields ranging from telephonic surveillance, other police and security service surveillance, methods of infiltration by these forces and other elements of the enemy, police methods in general, the law, the television transmission and relay system, video production, production and operation of radio transmitters, computers and the Internet, microwaves in their relation to surveillance and to mind control.

As part of this huge business of equipping the mind for the high-grade pursuit of power, the overt arm of the Vanguard also needs teams devoted to the analysis of enemy propaganda, and thereupon the preparation of the most effective answers to that enemy propaganda, and the incorporation of those answers in contra-propaganda to the public which is aimed not at soliciting mass voting in our favour through contemporary electioneering, but at
(a) Attracting recruits for the overt formations of the Vanguard -subject to the most stringent scrutiny and evaluation before acceptance, this for the sake not only of security but also quality control
(b) Discredit- ing and disrupting the present system,
(c) Laying foundations of agreement within the public at large which, built on as time goes on, can become a solid base of approval and sympathy for an eventual seizure of state power when the time is ripe by virtue of the workings of Democracy’s inherent disposition to dissolution and breakdown, powerfully assisted by the continual and cumulative workings of the Vanguard to bring on this dissolution and breakdown.


Such favourite and winning trigger-words of the enemy as ‘hate’ , ‘discrimination’, ‘prejudice’, ‘tolerance’, ‘extremist’ , ‘nazi’, must be spotlighted by the contra – propaganda teams for analysis and devastating reply. Similarly the enemy’s deceitful pretences of propaganda, such as the con- tention that racial difference is only skin deep, nothing more than a matter of pigmentation, must be carefully considered, leading to the perfection of an answer. The governing motivation in this field has to be scientific treatment in place of the haphazard, ill considered, impromptu, unsynchronised, inconsistent utterances of the past which have proved so severely ineffective, with our side habitually on the defensive if not on the run, and the other side regularly scoring. This has to cease by methodically uplifting our propaganda from its primitive condition.

In the well-thought-out, streamlined, psychological warfare devised and conducted by our specialists in place of the present outpourings of amateurs with all their crudity and deficiency, “Democracy’ has to be seen and treated as the prime target it deserves to be, without any feeble contortion and posturing to appear to go along with it as is being manifested by the electioneering, party-game players here and abroad. You cannot do the job of cleansing and conquering through disabling compromise. ‘Democracy’ , hailed as the acme of progress and civilised attainment, the finest form of government there can possibly be, the very flower of freedom, must be cle- verly, ceaselessly, convincingly shown to be The Great Pretence: an utter fraud, a disastrous deception and despoilment of the people for the benefit of the politicians and their masters, the ultimate rulers behind the scenes.

Another crucial and related issue, the Jews, has to be tackled, not evaded, but with that shrewdness which is not another word for cowardly compromise. Despite all the repressive legislation here, they can still be tackled effectively here, if it is done in the right way. The right way is not frontally and bluntly and broadly and vaguely to denounce them and abuse them, which plays into their hands, arousing sympathy for them in the silly public, and giving the authorities responsive to them excuse and opportunity for coming to their aid with raids, seizures, prosecutions and imprisonments.

The right way is through calm and careful consideration of weak spots of vulnerability in Jewry’s corporate anatomy to develop clever propaganda concentrating on those weak spots, their Achilles heels. One such weak spot is their cruelty to animals involved in their antiquated, ritual slaughter of animals. Another is their Talmud, their gargantuan guide to living for the select tribe, replete with injunctions of hateful enmity towards non-Jews. A warning in this connection! Make sure of your material by going to the source and inspecting the tractates which comprise this huge treatise! Over the years and over the world there have been so many faulty presentations which have been repeated from one publication to another, and which have enabled Jewry not only to deny material in particular and thereby discredit criticism of The Talmud in general, but to bring about successful, legal proceedings.

Another area of vulnerability is their monstrously vainglorious conception of themselves as a god-chosen, master race destined to dominate the world. This is not a matter of risking repression by blackguarding them as the world’s worst, but of refusing to recognise that they are, as they claim, the world’s divine superiors

. Some Vanguarders may be attracted to the work of forming and operating a support body for National-Socialist prisoners and their dependants. Since the Vanguard is imbued with awareness that our struggle is a world- wide one against a worldwide enemy with racial unity transcending geographical nationalism, such a support body must reflect this by caring for racial and ideological comrades, wherever in the world they are, in a spirit of worldwide comradeship.

Task force communities in the lowest form, that of loose linkage, can be brought into existence even where those concerned live at a distance too great for other than occasional visits and communication by correspondence. Providing this severely restricted contact is regularly maintained, and is not spasmodic and haphazard, it is much preferable to, because much more productive and sustaining, those individuals living and acting in isolation. A step above that is the greater contact resulting when Vanguard members already live or can manage to come to live in the same immediate area. Then, in a community of proximity, the interaction will be much greater, and thus more productive and sustaining. This will be for most people the maximum in togetherness that they can aim at and achieve.

The Community of Residential Proximity

This type of community of higher interaction because of residential proximity, while not absolutely essential for team work, is certainly very conducive to it. Among other things, it facilitates two things of great importance for the future; two areas of power seizure which the ballot-box- balmy, nationalist parties sadly neglect in their excitement over vote – chasing. These are our own schools and our own youth movement.

While the conscientious, imaginative, persevering parent can and must do so very much in the home and out of it to counter the foul influence of the conventional school outside, which his or her children attend, those children can be protected and properly trained that much more when, in addition, the conventional school is replaced entirely by home schooling or an external, alternative school. As the law now stands in Britain, home schooling by parents in place of attendance at conventional schools is definitely permissible, subject to requirements as to the quality and extent of the home teaching which can quite easily be fulfilled, providing a parent has the time and the knowledge and the ability to impart it. Furthermore, it seems that this permissible schooling in the home is not necessarily limited to the children whose home it is, but can extend to the children of friends.

Setting up a school outside the home and for children from a number of homes is a much different and more complicated and closely regulated matter, though not beyond the scope of thoroughly competent Vanguarders. However, even where for whatever reason schooling in the home or an alternative school outside the home cannot replace the conventional school, as a second – best provision a Vanguard school of a kind can be set up alongside the conventional school, countering it though not replacing it for the children concerned, operating outside the hours of that conventional school. Thus one way or another, to one extent or another, men and women of the Vanguard can succeed in rescuing their children from the clutches of the enemy’s educational system, and in this exercise of power, withdrawing to this extent from the enemy’s domain.

In the U.S.A. at the moment over a million children are being educated at home or in alternative schools because their parents have opted out of the conventional system. In Britain home schooling is now going on in at least 10,000 homes according to the estimate of the main, home-schooling organisation in this country, named ‘Education Otherwise’. For a list of its publications, send a request for this, accompanied by a large, stamped and addressed envelope, to its Publications Dept., Badgers Holt, Birchwood, Storridge, Malvern, WR13 5HA.


Supplementary to the liberation and protection of the Vanguard’s children from the corrupting influences of the conventional school and the rest of the degenerate influences in the rest of the environment of Democracy, there needs to be a youth movement of the Vanguard to fill the void in the out-of-school life of school children and also in the life of young people after leaving school. At a time when the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movement – apart from its limitations from the start – has capitulated to ‘political correctness’ and its central multiracialism, and the nationalist parties are too busy seeking votes for salvation in the future to bother with youth salvation now, it is of the utmost importance that the Vanguard applies itself to the care of young people as a matter of winning the future here and now.

Through such a youth movement our youngsters have to be won over to a strength of body and mind in the service of the Folk. They have to be nurtured in pride in race through an aroused awareness of identity, endowed with our folk traditions and festivals from the Mayday of the maypole to the yule log of the winter solstice as contributory to this, bonded and gal- vanised by the camaraderie of camps, enthused by songs of struggle as were the magnificent Hitler Youth.

Passing for a moment from the start of life with the young person, and the role of the Vanguard there, to the end of that life form in the transformation known as ‘death’ , the role of the Vanguard does not end there, but continues in the custodianship of our dead. In place of the final ignominy of relegation to some Christian graveyard or the ash – disposal area of some civic crematorium, something far more fitting can be achieved. Although not generally realised, anyone with ground where a hazard to public health, specifically pollution of a watercourse, cannot be said to result can have a burial there, and that can be even a mere back garden. Given sufficient ground, you can even have friends and relatives buried there. No planning permission is required because private graves do not constitute a change of land use or an engineering project under Town & Country Planning Regulations.

This means that anyone or any group having or acquiring a suitable plot of ground in the country, and having the inclination to do so, could look into the possibility of creating a graveyard and crematory-ash reserve for Vanguarders who want not only to work and fight together during life, but at its end to remain together in death. (Green Burial: the DIY Guide to Law and Practice is an informative publicatIOnon its subject ‘Green’ denoting biodegradable practices, including trees as memorials instead of stones. It is available at £9.85 post free from the Natural Death Centre, 20 Heber Road, London, NW2 6AA.)

The proximity community of the Vanguard offers opportunities, greater than when members are left in comparative isolation, for them to opt out of the Democratic community in a variety of ways, and the more they can do this, the more they are seizing and exercising forms of power, placing implants of the new order of the future within the old order of the present. This process of penetration and replacement is also urged by the enlightened people associated with the Final Conflict magazine as their alternative to electioneering, and designated ‘Counter Power’ by them.

It can mean such things as members for their livelihood banding together in business ventures to run on co-operative, profit-sharing lines. It can mean operating allotments and small-holdings for the organic cultivation of their own, chemically-free vegetables and fruit, and other, wholesome food from such as bees, poultry, rabbits and goats;thus freeing their bodies from the harmful products of Democracy’s drug-dependent agriculture and commerce, alongside freeing their minds from its narcotic thought. It can mean support systems for members in need, social centres for their recreation including the arrangement of joint excursions and holidays, and much more.


The third and more advanced form of community, beyond that of loose linkage in the first place and residential proximity in the second place, is that of a settlement, where people come to live together on common or adjoining ground, aiming at a high degree of self-sufficiency, the highest degree possible, in all aspects of life, and thereby creating something which is substantially a state within the state. This conception has an immediate and powerful allure, touching and arousing an idealistic strain in most people, and has indeed high potentialities as a means of introducing something of the new order now instead of leaving reform until, if ever, state power is attained by the ballot box. However, its offer of high rewards is matched by its imposition of high demands, so that it can very easily prove an all-absorbing impracticability, and over the years the rate of failure has been very high.

Thus anyone and everyone attracted to the idea should think long and hard :to the necessary depth, realistically assessing what it takes to make the dream come true, and how far he or she measures up to what it takes. For instance, town dwellers need to be sure that they can adapt to the quiet of the countryside and the lack of urban facilities. There is the need here, as with every kind of project open to us, for a study group specialising in the subject, and analysing the reasons for past failures.

The last century saw many attempts to found Utopian colonies in the \mericas. One of them was the attempt by anti-Jewish Bernhard Forster and his wife, Elisabeth, sister of the philosopher, Friedrich Nietsche, to establish the colony of Nueva Germania in Paraguay, described unsympatheticlly by a Ben Macintyre in his book, Forgotten Fatherland (Macmillan, 1992 ) . This colony has persisted in a forlorn fashion up to now, but as a lingering relic has now to be pronounced yet another failure.

In contrast to this folkish experiment, what have proved enduring have been settlements inspired by a Christian or other, religious communalism, such as that of the Amish. So a lesson here seems to be that an ethnic bond, even some extent of ideological bond, is not enough of an adhesive force permanently to withstand the strains of the situation with its hardships and deprivations. There has to be a sufficiently powerful, religious notivation present. This is where the Vanguard with its ideology of race transmuted to the extent of a religion has the necessary power of adhesion

. A quite recent attempt has been that of the NS Kindred at Volksberg in :he U.S.A. which was set up in 1989 on 80 acres on a secluded, mountain ridge in California. It was not planned as a commune – which, although one form of community of high integration, is certainly not the only form but as having, along with central accommodation for staff, a collection of separate homesteads with people going out to work in the surrounding locality. and an overflow even residing outside in that locality.

It created a ‘Wotan School’ for the children of its participants, and outlined its activity as follows:- ‘The first hours of the morning (before breakfast) are dedicated to physical and spiritual training. The children begin the day with discussion of their spiritual heritage, Folk consciousness, and their own purpose in the service of the Folk —The children begin their training with some difficult concentration exercises which develop and strengthen their nervous systems and mental and intuitional abilities. Next, they do a series of exercises designed to stretch, massage, and rejuvenate all of the joints, and especially the spinal column ( also included are inverted exercises, which, using the law of gravity, flood the brain with blood, enriching it with oxygen and nutrients ). After .this, there are exercises for strength —Finally the children jog and run to build their physical endurance —After breakfast, the children begin their intellectual studies, which, besides reading, writing, mathematics, and other basics, includes German, music (singing and instruments), and survival training. This continues until mid-afternoon. The school day closes with additional physical and spiritual training.’


Volksberg, after showing much promise for several years, has now sadly collapsed. It did not lack some measure of religious inspiration, though evidently not enough to compensate for the mistaken admission of persons with personality problems, including some of those posturing playboys to be described as ‘Hollywood Nazis’. The disruption these misfits caused seems to have been the main, if not the sole reason for its failure. This experience underlines the supreme importance of selectivity respecting participants.

Another recent project, seemingly still continuing, has been the Cosmotheist Community of Dr William L. Pierce in the U.S.A. This was established in 1984 with the purchase of a 360-acre site on a mountain side in West Virginia, U.S.A., envisaging homes, a community centre and a school. It has a firm, non-Christian, religious content.

Looking ahead, some may be superficially attracted to the idea of the extreme isolation from contemporary contamination offered by, for instance, some tiny Scottish island – such as Texa, one mile long, two miles from Islay, which came on the market in 1995 for £80,000 (around what it probably cost the BNP to contest the last General Election). If so, they need fully to understand how great are the difficulties of living in such a location, greater than the large ones respecting a settlement in a less remote and isolated situation. Moreover, extreme isolation is unlikely to allow, if needed, money-providing employment to be found outside the community. It does not conveniently allow unattached Vanguarders to visit for activities they cannot engage in on their own, and so have the benefit of a base there, and it does not conveniently allow those from other communities of the Vanguard to visit for liaison and co-operative purposes. Thirdly, it does not allow the community to generate by good behaviour useful goodwill in the immediate society outside.

Expanding on the last consideration, while certainly the purpose of the settlement is to facilitate detachment from the environment of Democracy as far as this benefits us, it is not to facilitate indulgence in any kind of silly behaviour which serves to alienate ordinary outsiders unnecessarily. Instead we have to be sensitive to the fact that, in practising the good order needed for the internal success of the settlement, we can be making successful propaganda to outsiders by the power of example, capable of eliciting at least respect, which is the basis for good relations useful to us now, and for some future development of useful sympathy.

With either a community of proximity or a settlement, and the concentration of persons that they provide, it is possible for participants to seek power in the outside society in the way of attaining positions of influence in the neighbouring locality, through the provision of and staffing of services of many kinds. This amounts to some extent of piecemeal take-over at grass roots now, based on the Vanguard community, and is a field of activity to be explored and pursued with imagination and enterprise.

Enough has been said in this article on overt activity, prior to a later one on covert activity, to refute the argument of the electioneering addicts that we have no practical alternative to their party game. In the immensity of its scope the task force has a proper place for everyone of quality prepared to work hard and fight hard for the salvation of our race. Even those too old or disabled to be active workers and fighters are not precluded, providing they are prepared to do whatever it is they can, as regularly as they can, to help active workers and fighters, including contributing money for their work and combat. Every passing day those of the task force need to stop and check how much they have done during the past 24 hours. Doing so, they fulfil the fact that membership of the VanGuard is not as with the ordinary, political organisations just a matter of signifying support on a form, and paying a petty subscription, and then remaining free to be as inactive as desired. To the contrary, Vanguard membership means solid service. It begins with solid servlce and It ceases wlthout solid service.

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