USA – Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Evidence Of False Flag Fakery Surfaces…! (Video + Photo)

Following my article on the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting and how there was a drill held in the same area 9 months earlier, I received some very important evidence from a reader. This evidence is in the form of a recording of the police radio traffic in the area during the alleged shooting. It makes intriguing listening as it contains anomalies that are perhaps best explained in the context of this having been a fake false flag event. Thankyou to our vigilant reader and to anyone else who spots something noteworthy about this event, send it to us at VT and we will put it to good use.

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USA: Maga Bomber And Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Are MOSSAD’s False Flag Operations…! (Video)

ΗΠΑ: Οι Πυροβολισμοί Στην Συναγωγή Του Πίτσμπουργκ Είναι Ακόμα Άλλη Μία Σιωνιστική Απάτη ~ USA: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Is Yet Another Zionist Hoax…! (Photo)

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USA: Rothschild Kabbalah Pittsburgh Synagogue False Flag – Where Is The Blood, Where Are The Bodies…? (Video)

USA – Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting A Drill? – “We Thought This Was A Drill”” – No Actual Victims…! (Video + Photo)

USA: Robert Steele, Active Shooter At Synagogue — BULLSHIT — False Flag Programmed, Drill, FEMA, Show Me The Bodies…, Another Zionist Propaganda Game…! (Photo)


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