[Flashback] Ισπανία: Ομιλία Του Εθνικιστή Ηγέτη Χοσέ Αντόνιο Πρίμο Ντε Ριβέρα Στους Στρατιώτες, 4 Μαϊου 1936…! (Photo)

Ισπανοί στρατιώτες και αξιωματικοί της ξηράς, του Ναυτικού και της Αεροπορίας.

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Χοσέ Αντόνιο Πρίμο ντε Ριβέρα: Ψωμί Και Δικαιοσύνη ~ Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera: Bread And Justice…! (Photo)

Jose antonio pdr


By Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

Well then: if communism puts an end to many good things, such as family attachments and national sentiment; if it provides neither bread nor freedom and makes us subservient to a foreign country, what is to be done? We are not going to resign ourselves to the continuation to the capitalist regime. One thing today is painfully obvious: the crisis of the capitalist system and its devastating consequences which communism is doing nothing to attenuate. What is to be done, then? Are we in a cul-de-sac? Is there no way of placating the hunger of the masses for bread and justice? Do we have to choose between the desperation of the bourgeois regime and the slavery of Russia?

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Αποσπάσματα Από Ομιλίες Του Χοσέ Αντόνιο Πρίμο ντε Ριβέρα – Excerpts From Speeches By Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

Excerpts from speeches
given by Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera

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