Qiao Liang, Wang Xiangsui: Unrestricted Warfare – China’s Master Plan To Destroy America…! #19 (Audio Book + Photo – Ηχητικό Βιβλίο / Ακουστικό Βιβλίο)

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Δρ. Στίβεν Γκρίερ – Η Κοσμική Απάτη: Μία Αποκάλυψη ~ Dr. Steven Greer – The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Video)

The coming false flag Alien Threat – humanity is living in an unprecedented time of evil…

ΗΜΕΡΑ “Δ” = ΗΜΕΡΑ ΔΙΑΒΟΛΟΥ; – Επιχείρηση “Κυρίαρχος”, 6κτη Ώρα, 6κτη Ημέρα, 6κτος Μήνας ~ ‘D’ DAY = DEVIL’S DAY? – Operation “Overlord”, 6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month…! (Photo)

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Bilderberg Meeting 2018 Στην Ιταλία – Περισσότερη Ρωσική Διασύνδεση ~ Bilderberg Meeting 2018 In Italy – More Russian Connection…! (Video)

Russia is a product of the Jewish infiltrated west. This is a fact. But we know that the masses continue to live in ignorance, and this allows the elite to keep on playing the game. The following interview exposes how companies associated with the Bilderberg Group have deep connections to Russia. Keep in mind that all the tensions that the superpowers create, guarantee their stability and continuous profit flow.

Η Δολοφονία Του Στρατηγού Τζωρτζ Σμιθ Πάτον ~ The Assassination Of General George Smith Patton…! (Videos)

Guess who did it? The tribe. And why? Because he knew that The United States was fighting the wrong war. Instead of allying with those who were fighting for freedom, they allied themselves with the enemy. Patton spoke the truth, therefore, he was killed. In his diary he tells his wife, he knew that they were out to kill him. So, what is America then? The land of the free? Or the land of the hostages of the Devil?

Ρήσεις, Αποφθέγματα, Δηλώσεις / Quotes: Στρατηγός Τζωρτζ Σμιθ Πάτον – General George Smith Patton #22

Οι πολιτικοί είναι η χαμηλότερη μορφή ζωής επί της γης. Οι Φιλελεύθεροι Δημοκράτες, είναι η χαμηλότερη μορφή πολιτικών.

— General George Smith Patton


Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.

— General George Smith Patton

Ο Ήρωας Στρατηγός Τζωρτζ Σμιθ Πάτον Δολοφονήθηκε Από Τους Σιωνιστές Εβραίος, Γιατί Αποκάλυψε Την Συνωμοσία Πίσω Από Όλους Τους Πολέμους ~ Hero General George Smith Patton Murdered By Zionist Jews For Exposing Conspiracy Behind All Wars…! (Video)

The People of the United States have been made slaves in their own land by International Jewry. All sides of all wars are financed and directed by International Jewry through their control of all governments, banks, media, courts. General George Patton was killed after exposing the Zionist plot behind World War II. 

Ο Στρατηγός Τζωρτζ Σμιθ Πάτον Για Τους Εβραίους Και Τους Γερμανούς ~ General George Smith Patton On Jews And Germans…! (Video)