[Flashback] Αγγλία: Άλλη Μία Σιωνιστική Μαριονέτα – Βασιλιάς Κάρολος Γ’ ~ England: Another Zionist Puppet – King Charles III…! (Videos + Photos)

Evelyn de Rothschild with Prince Charles

Just few videos clearly illustrate who really is King Charles III.

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[Κλιματική Απάτη / Climate Hoax] Πλανήτης Των Ανθρώπων ~ Planet Of Humans…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ, Full Movie] (Videos)

The documentary film, “Planet of the Humans”, has been banned by YouTube. It is a 2019 shocking but truthful documentary that MUST be seen by everybody… The use of the so-called “green renewable energy resources”, leads our planet to absolute destruction… and finally to the certain extinction not only of humans but also of the entire animal and natural kingdom on earth! All this evil plan is promoted by the useful idiots, the marxists pseudo-“ecologists”. Moreover, this satanic pernicious genocidal process is accelerated by the evil use of geoengineering technology as invisible weapon against humanity and natural environment on global scale.

[Κλιματική Απάτη / Climate Hoax] Ο Συνιδρυτής Και Πρώην Πρόεδρος Της Greenpeace, Δρ. Πάτρικ Μουρ, Επικρίνει Το Παγκοσμιοποιητικό “Αυτοκτονικό” Σύμφωνο Κλιματικής Αλλαγής ~ Co-Founder And Ex-President Of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, Slams Globalist “Suicidal” Climate Change Pact…! (Video)

We totally disagree with Dr. Patrick Moore’s opinion that in general GMOs are harmless…

Ρωσία: Ο Σιωνιστής Βίκτορ Όρμπαν Αποδίδει Τα Σέβη Του Στην Αποχαιρετιστήρια Τελετή Του Σιωνιστή Εγκληματία Κομμουνιστή Μιχαήλ Γκορμπατσώφ ~ Russia: Zionist Viktor Orban Pays His Respects At Zionist Criminal Communist Mikhail Gorbachev Farewell Ceremony…! (Videos)

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is travelled to Moscow for the funeral of last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Saturday – the first European leader to visit Russia since it invaded Ukraine in February. Let’s don’t forget the brutal oppression of the Baltic states, the massacres in Kazakhstan, Georgia and Lithuania or the absolute misinformation about Chernobyl’s nuclear accident by Mikhail Gorbachev…

Qiao Liang, Wang Xiangsui: Unrestricted Warfare – China’s Master Plan To Destroy America…! #19 (Audio Book + Photo – Ηχητικό Βιβλίο / Ακουστικό Βιβλίο)

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[Κλιματική Απάτη / Climate Hoax] Καναδάς: Οτάβα – Πολιτιστικό Μαρξιστικό Σατανικό “Κλιματικό Ρυθμιστικό Σχέδιο” ~ Canada: Ottawa – Cultural Marxist Satanic “Climate Master Plan”…! (Video)

[Ρωσική Εισβολή Στην Ουκρανία ~ Russian Invasion In Ukraine, 2022] Ουκρανία: Παρανοϊκές Και Απάνθρωπες Ρωσικές Απειλές Για Πυρηνική Καταστροφή ~ Ukraine: Insane And Inhuman Russian Threats For Nuclear Disaster…! (Videos)

IAEA and UN slowly started to negotiate with the Russian occupation – but when and who’s going to come and check on the spot…?

Ιρλανδία: Η Ιρλανδική Κυβέρνηση Προσφέρει 💰 €5.000 Ευρώ Στους Αγρότες Για Κάθε Αγελάδα Που Θα Σκοτώσουν ~ Ireland: Irish Government Offers To Farmers 💰 €5.000 For Every Cow They Kill…! (Video)

It is certain that a major nutritional crisis is being artificially created in the West, which will lead to a massive mostly white depopulation.