DOWNLOADS: NSA – NSA Relationship With The Israeli SIGINT National Unit, NSA Presentation…! #1.218 (PDF)

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Potential Iran False Flag As Rocket Falls Near US Embassy In Iraq & Explosion Hits Israeli Base…! (Video + Photo)

Το Ισραήλ Κάνει Πλύση Εγκεφάλου Στα Εβραιόπουλα Με Τις Ταλμουδικές Διδασκαλίες Να Βιάζουν Και Να Σκοτώνουν Μη-Εβραίους; ~ Is Israel Indoctrinating Jewish Children With The Talmudic Teachings To Rape And Kill Non-Jews…? (Video + Photo)

This video is from a Christian YouTube channel, which has reuploaded a talk by a jewish man exposing Israel’s hatred of “goyim”.

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MOSSAD And Sri Lanka’s Church Bombings: Geostrategic Terrorism And Drugs In The Empire Of Chaos…! (Photo)

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin – In 1983, the Tamil Tigers for the Liberation of Elaam (TTLE), started a civil war in Sri Lanka in order to gain independence. The Sinhalese government brought in 50 Mossad officers to train the military in counter-insurgency. In 1984 and 1985, the Israelis trained both sides in the civil war in military bases near Tel-Aviv. The Mossad used Indian intelligence, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as an intermediary. The money was laundered through the infamous BCCI Bank – a major source of financing for international terrorism. The international drug trade was a key source of financing for a civil war in a developing country organised by world powers.

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Ρωσία: Οι Εβραϊκές Ρίζες Του Σιωνιστή Ολιγάρχη Βλαντίμιρ Πούτιν ~ Russia: The Jewish Roots Of Zionist Oligarch Vladimir Putin…! (Videos + Photos)

Vladimir Putin´s Passport Shows That His Mother Is Jewish

In the first addition of Putins book: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President it says his mothers maiden name was Shalomovitch – which apparently is a Jewish name. Yet in the second addition, it conveniently changes to Shelomova. A cover up…?

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War Crimes: Israel Strikes Northern Gaza Strip In New Act Of Aggression…! (Video)

Israeli warplanes have pounded the besieged Gaza Strip hours after the regime’s shelling of the enclave left one Palestinian dead.

Ισραήλ: Συλλήψεις Έγιναν, Καθώς Διαδηλωτές Ντυμένοι Με Κίτρινα Γιλέκα Καταδικάζουν Τα Υψηλά Κόστη Ζωής ~ Israel: Arrests Made As Yellow-Vested Protesters Condemn High Living Costs…! (Video)

Hundreds of Tel Aviv residents donned the now-symbolic yellow vest and blocked downtown streets as they protested against higher living costs, Friday. Residents are facing increases in the cost of water, taxes, electricity and food among other commodities.

Λίβανο: Ο Λιβανικός Στρατός Απορρίπτει Τους Ισραηλινούς Ισχυρισμούς Περί Τούνελ ~ Lebanon: Lebanese Army Dismisses Israeli Tunnel Claims…! (Video)

The Israeli prime minister has announced that Tel Aviv would have to operate inside Lebanon to thwart what he called Hezbollah attack tunnels. However, Lebanese officials have warned Israel that any aggression against the country won’t go unanswered.

Συμμορία Ιργκούν Και Συμμορία Στέρν, Παλαιστίνη – Ένοπλος Τρομοκρατικός Σιωνισμός Στη Δεκαετία Του 1940 ~ Irgun Gang Gang And Stern Gang, Palestine – Militant Terrorist Zionism In 1940s Palestine ()