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Ευαγγελιζόμενος Αθεϊσμό: Φίλιπ Πούλμαν ~ Evangelising Atheism: Philip Pullman…! (Photos)

Steve Hayes
Notes from underground 
ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ για το θέμα, την τριλογία του Φίλιπ Πούλμαν, «His Dark Materials» (Τα Σκοτεινά Του Υλικά)One of the things I noted when reading Philip Pullman’s His dark materials was that though he accused C.S. Lewis of being preachy, he was in fact far more preachy himself, especially in the third book of the series, The amber spyglass.
When I mentioned this in discussion forums, several people said that that was just my Christian prejudice. So I was interested to find a review from someone more sympathetic to Pullman’s worldview saying the same thing. Reason Magazine – A Secular Fantasy

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