[Flashback] Τι Είπε Ο Μουαμάρ Καντάφι Για Ιούς, Εμβόλια… Και Τα Διεφθαρμένα Ηνωμένα Έθνη ~ What Muammar Qaddafi Said About Viruses, Vaccines… And The Corrupted United Nations…! [September 23, 2009] (Videos)

Concerning viruses and vaccines, watch after 1:30:10.

Προετοιμαστείτε Για Αρμαγεδώνα: Η Προειδοποίηση Της Κίνας Προς Τον Κόσμο ~ Prepare For Armageddon: China’s Warning To The World…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Videos)

The second video concerns Chinese soldiers on their way to the disputed border with India went viral. The young recruits were seen crying and singing a Chinese military song called ‘Green Flowers in the Army’. Taiwanese media mocked the Chinese army over the video, insinuating that the emotional outburst was a sign of fear. Chinese state-backed media house Global Times countered the allegation, claiming that the video was shot when the soldiers had bid farewell to their families. GT said that the circumstances of the video were ‘completely contrary’ to the ‘mood’ created by Taiwanese media. China is currently locked in a military stand-off with Taiwan, much like India in Ladakh. The tension at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has persisted for months despite talks at multiple levels. Violent clashes in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on June 15 led to both sides losing soldiers. Recently, warning shots were also fired, after a gap of decades.

Η Δεκαετία Της Στημένης Μεγάλης Αλλαγής Προς Την Μεγάλη Επανεκκίνηση: Η Παγκόσμια Ενεργειακή Κρίση Γίνεται Επισιτιστική Κρίση ~ The Decade Of Staged Great Change Towards The Great Reset: The Global Energy Crisis Becomes A Global Food Crisis…! (Video)

ΗΠΑ: Η Ομοσπονδιακή Κυβέρνηση Έχει Στήσει 1.000 Στρατόπεδα Συγκέντρωσης Και 30.000 Γκιλοτίνες Για Χριστιανούς Και Ανεμβολίαστους Αμερικανούς, Ήδη Ο Στρατός Εκπαιδεύεται ~ USA: Federal Gov ernment Has Set Up 1,000 Concentration Camps And 30,000 Guillotines For Christians And Unvaccinated Americans – The Army Is Already Being Trained…! (Videos)

[Απάτη Κορονοϊού / COVID-19 Hoax] Ο Επικεφαλής Ιολόγος Της Κίνας, Δρ. Βου Ζουνιού, Δηλώνει Ότι Ο COVID-19 Δεν Υπάρχει – “Ο Κορονοϊός Δεν Απομονύθηκε” ~ China’s Chief Virologist Dr. Wu Zunyou States That COVID-19 Does Not Exist – “Coronavirus Was Not Isolated”…! (Video + Photo)

Head of CCDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the Chinese CDC), Dr. Wu Zunyou, stated on NBC News: “Coronavirus was not Isolated”…!

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Το Πεκίνο Στέλνει 25 Πολεμικά Αεροσκάφη Εντός Του Εναερίου Χώρου Της Ταϊβάν…, Η Ταϊβάν Πυροδοτεί Προειδοποιητικές Βολές Στα Κινεζικά Αεροσκάφη ~ Beijing Sends 25 War Jets Into Taiwan Airspace…, Taiwan Fires Warning Shots At Chinese jets…! (Videos)