Incendiary Radio With Robert Reyvolt…! [4/18/2021] (Audio)

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Σατανική Τεχνολογία Για Τον Απόλυτο Έλεγχο Του Ανθρώπου… Και Συνθετικό Γονίδιο Για Δημιουργία Συνθετικού Ανθρώπου…! [Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι] (Video)

[Απάτη Κορονοϊού / COVID-19 Hoax] Δείτε Οι Εγκληματίες Τι Βάζουν Μέσα Στον Ανθρώπινο Εγκέφαλο… Μέσω Του Τέστ Κορονοϊού ~ Watch What The Criminals Put In The Human Brain… Through COVID-19 Test…! (Video)

The Reality Of Black Goo, Smart Dust And Nanotechnology…! (Video)

Monumental Discovery: Science Research, Into Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Operations, Reveals Unknown Micro-Organism In Morgellons Filaments — Broadcasting On No Lies Radio…! (Photo)

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Τα Μοργκέλονς Πραγματικά Επεξηγήθηκαν Από Την Δρ. Σοφία Σμόλστορμ ~ Morgellons Actually Explained By Dr Sofia Smallstorm…! (Video)

Explaining chemtrail? What are morgellons? Who made them and Why? What are they made from? Where did they come from? What is the purpose for their purpose? What will it really mean for us?

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Harald Kautz Vella: A.I., Chemtrails, Black Goo, Archons And NASA’s Deep Dark Secret…! (Video)

A shocking presentation by the brilliant German scientist, Harald Kautz Vella, offering unparalleled descriptions of A.I., Black Goo, Archons, & NASA’s deepest dark secret plans to usurp the bodies, minds, & Souls of all mankind.