France – The Fire At Notre Dame Cathedral Is Another Zionist False Flag: Blockbuster – Proven – Michelle Obama And Other Global Elite Burned Notre Dame Cathedral, And Celebrated…! (Photos)

To get this all started: I had heard of Michelle Obama’s dinner cruise coinciding with the burning of the cathedral, but was not certain it would be possible to pin it down on her. As it turns out, it was possible to. Other people had already posted on this topic, but the work was done in a way that could be questioned as to how legit it was. So I set out to see if there was a way to actually pin it down, and there was a way. There is no doubt the elite New World Order crowd burned Notre Dame and celebrated, I have this sewn up in a body bag. Let’s get started.

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France – The Fire At Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Is A Zionist False Flag Operation…! (Videos + Photos)

Obviously, MOSSAD is behind the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris…
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Ισραηλινός Στρατηγός: Το Ισραήλ Πίσω Από Το Πραξικόπημα Που Εγκατέστησε Την Δικτατορία Αλ-Σίσι Στην Αίγυπτο ~ IDF General: Israel Behind Coup That Installed Al-Sisi Dictatorship In Egypt…! (Photo)

MINT PRESS – Just a few months into Morsi’s presidency, in August 2012, Israel had publicly accused Morsi of violating the peace treaty with Israel after Egypt responded to terrorist attacks in the Sinai by sending an increased number of troops. Morsi’s government accused Israel’s Mossad of having been behind the attacks in order to destabilize his government amid efforts to improve Egypt’s relations with Gaza. Hamas, which has governed the Gaza Strip since 2007, as well as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, also blamed Mossad for the attacks, a charge Israel denied.

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The Rabbi’s Impossible Messiah…! (Video)

Παραπολιτικά 90,1 FM – Ραδιοφωνική Εκπομπή “Ο Εξαρχείων”, Ανδρέας Μαζαράκης…! [1/4/2019] (Audio)

Οι Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες Απειλούν Να Εισβάλλουν Στην Βενεζουέλα; ~ Is the United States Threatening To Invade Venezuela…? (Videos)

“Χριστιανικός” Σιωνισμός: Μία Σατανική Ατζέντα ~ “Christian” Zionism: A Satanic Agenda…! (Video)

Russia: Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin And Zionist Oligarch Jew Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hold Joint Press Conference…! (Video)