USA – Killuminati The Movie…! [Documentary] (Video)


Η Ιστορία Των Ρότσιλντ – The Story Of Rothschild…! [Ντοκυμαντέρ – Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι] (Video + Photo)

Το Ισραηλινό Ανώτατο Δικαστήριο Των Ρότσιλντ ~ The Rothschild’s Israeli Supreme Court Building…! (Video)

Νέα Τάξη Πραγμάτων: Ένα Μυθιστόρημα Ατελείωτης Πραγματικότητας…! (Video)

Σχετικά Με Την Οικογένεια Ρότσιλντ ~ About The Rothschild Family…! (Videos + Photo)

The Rothschild family is an international Jewish finance dynasty, which first emerged as a significant force during the 18th century in Frankfurt, Germany. They are the best known of the Jewish finance dynasties to emerge as Europe began to descend into liberalism and cosmopolitanism. They made their mark as war-profiteers during the Napoleonic Wars, allowing them to gain direct influence over many of the governments of Europe. Once acknowledged as the wealthiest family in the world, today their public activity is more nuanced and questions remain to the extent of their present wealth.

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Ρήσεις, Αποφθέγματα, Δηλώσεις / Quotes: Μάγιερ Άμσελ Ντε Ρότσιλντ – Mayer Amschel De Rothschild #12

Επιτρέψτε μου να εκδίδω και να ελέγψω τα χρήματα ενός έθνους και δεν με ενδιαφέρει το πιοιος γράφει τους νόμους.

Mayer Amschel de Rothschild (1818-1874), πρόγονος της εγκληματικής τραπεζικής δυναστείας Ρότσιλντ

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.

Mayer Amschel de Rothschild (1818-1874), progenitor of the criminal Rothschild banking dynasty