New Zealand: Conspiracy Theorist Claims Police Have Visited Him Five Times After Christchurch Terror Attack…! (Photo)

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Νέα Ζηλανδία: Οι Μουσουλμάνοι Υποπτεύονται Ότι Η Μοσάντ Είναι Πίσω Από Τις Τρομοκρατικές Επιθέσεις Στην Κράισττσερτς ~ New Zealand: Muslims Suspect That MOSSAD Was Behind The “Terrorist” Attacks At Christchurch…! (Video)

New Zealand: Christchurch – NZSAS, Other Special Forces Teams And Armed Police Exercises Underway During Mosque Attacks…! (Photo)

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Όλε Ντάμεγκαρντ Και Ο Άλφρεντ Λάμπρεμοντ Βέμπρε Ζητούν Να Αναρωτηθείς Για Το Συμβάν Στην Κράισττσερτς ~ Ole Dammegard And Alfred Lambremont Webre Ask You To Question About The Christchurch Event…! (Video)

Dr. James Fetzer – New Zealand False Flag – No One Died In Christchurch? Muslim Director Of Crisis Actors? Disappearing Bullet Casings From Special Effects / Greg Hallett Video In Detail. Call For International Muslim Investigation With Full Access To “Prisoner” And All “Victim” Families…! [Update 8.] (Photo)

1. Assailant tapes self driving to mosque.
2. Nazi-era music playing from the start.
3. Feel of a video game or home movie.
4. Three fake weapons on floor of car.
5. Turns in after passing three red cars.
6. An officer there directing him to turn.
7. Opens trunk to see plastic fake guns.
8. Walks up to mosque and fires blasts.
9. No blood, no screams, no bullets.
10. Piles of bodies before entering room.
11. There are exits, no one tries to escape.
12. Close-up shots, no entry wounds.
13. Fires down alley but no one there.
14. Even photo of director with crew.

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Νέα Ζηλανδία: Αναμφισβήτητη Απόδειξη Πλαστογραφίας – Χρησιμοποιήθηκε CGI Στην “Τρομοκρατική Επίθεση” Στην Κράισττσερτς ~ New Zealand: Undeniable Proof Of Forgery – CGI Used In Christchurch “Terrorist Attack”…! (Video)

Watch the proof: here.

Intel Drop: Shooting Real, Shooter Fake, Jewish Born Freemason Like Brevik…! [VT Hacked 7 Minutes After Posting] (Photos)

All done, according to the “manifesto” in the name of “Donald Trump” and, if one were to read between the lines, the now pseudo-legally designated “Jewish Only” State of Israel.

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New Zealand: The Unraveling Of An Israeli Mass Murder…? (Photo)

Arthur Brown’s 1968 “not so rock and roll” semi-hit song provided the backdrop for the carefully staged, fully theatricalized murder “hit video” (below) with a cast of far more than we will ever know.

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BREAKING! CENSORED VIDEO: Mosque Shooting In New Zealand Analysis With False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard – Revealing The Agenda…! (Audio + Photos)

BREAKING! CENSORED VIDEO: Mosque Shooting In NZ Analysis With False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard.

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