England: Muslim Parents Fight Against LGBT Cultural Marxist Propaganda In Primary Schools…! (Video)

Katie Hopkins on the conflict between weaponized sexual identities, made in schools, and muslim parents…

Γενοκτονία Των Λευκών Αγροτών Από Τους Μαύρους – “Plaasmoorde” – “Οι Θανασιμοι Αγροί” – Ένα Ντοκυμαντέρ Για Το Αιματηρό Σκοτεινό Μυστικό Της Νοτίου Αφρικής ~ White Farmers Genocide By The Blacks – “Plaasmoorde”: “The Killing Fields” – A Documentary About South Africa’s Bloody Dark Secret…! (Video)

Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields is a world-first — a documentary that goes well beyond polite interviews in safe places and deep into uncomfortable places, where the heart of the truth lives. Included in this groundbreaking work are interviews with active farm attackers and serving police officers who confirm corrupt police are complicit in the mass-slaughter of South Africa’s whites.