[Flashback] Ρωσία: Ο Ιλλουμινάτι Εγκληματίας Πολέμου Εβραίος Σιωνιστής Ολιγάρχης Βλαντίμιρ Πούτιν, Έκανε Επίκκληση Στον Σατανά ~ Russia: Illuminati War Criminal Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin, Invoked To Satan…! (Video + Photo)

A carnival action featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing a devil is pictured during the presentation of this year’s carnival floats of Cologne’s carnival committee in Cologne, Germany, on February 14, 2023. (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images).

The illuminati War Criminal Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian citizens on the New Year eve (December 31, 2011) and wished them well-being and prosperity in the New Year, and morover called on the “Dragon” to help himself and Russian citizens…!
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Γαλλία: Χάος Καθώς Η Αστυνομική Βία Κάνει Τις Διαμαρτυρίες Εναντίον Του Μακρόν Να Γίνονται Βίαιες ~ France: Chaos As Police Brutality Makes The Protests Turn Violent…! (Videos + Photo)

Once again violent protests broke out on the eve of a key parliamentary vote aimed at toppling the government over its unpopular pension reforms.

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ΗΠΑ: Η Κατάρρευση Της Τράπεζας Σίλικον Βάλεϊ Είναι Μόνο Η Αρχή…, Έρχονται Τα Χειρότερα ~ USA: The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Is Just The Beginning…, The Worse Things To Come…! (Videos + Photo)

The bank of Silicon Vally just suffered the biggest banking collapse since 2008 and depositors everywhere should take head of the reality that their banking institutions are equally just as unsafe…

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“The Roundup” – Martinez And Howe, 02/09/2023…! (Audio + Photo)

Nowdays, extreme “Right” claim that classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism have nothing to do with each other.

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Ρότσιλντ: Ένα Συνδικάτο Εγκλήματος ~ Rothschild: A Crime Syndicate…! [Documentary / Ντοκυμαντέρ] (Videos)

[Note: unfortunately, I didn’t find the 6th part of this documentary…]

“The Roundup” – Martinez And Howe, 02/05/2023…! (Audio + Photo)

The so-called “Special Military Operation”” of Russia against Ukraine is NOT about “liberating” the ethnic Russian minority in the Donbass…

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[Απάτη Κορονοϊού / COVID-19 Hoax] Το Απαγορευμένο Επεισόδιο “Θεωρία Συνωμοσίας” Του 2009 Με Τον Τζέσε Βεντούρα… Για Το Σχέδιο Παγκόσμιου Αποπληθυσμού Των Ηνωμένων Εθνών Και Ακόμη Περισσότερα ~ The Forbidden “Conspiracy Theory” Episode With Jesse Ventura Of 2009… On UN Global Depopulation Plan And Even More…! (Videos + Photos)

In 2009,  a leading medical doctor revealed to Jesse Ventura’s banned Conpiracy Theory episode 21, the U.N. would release a virus to trigger Global Depopulation.

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Δρ. Τζέιμς Λίντσι: Πως Να Αναγνωρίζεις Μυστικές Θρησκείες Της Δύσης ~ Dr. James Lindsay: How To Recognize Secret Religions Of The West…! (Video + Photo)

If you want to impose a totalitarian system, you have a problem on your hands: reality.

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DOWNLOADS: Νικόλαος Ι. Μέρτζος – Το Μακεδονικό Παίγνιο Γεωπολιτικής…! #1.567 (PDF)

Διαβάστε το εδώ:

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Η Παγκόσμια Συνθήκη Του Παγκόσμιου Οργανισμού Υγείας, Είναι Πραγματική Και Θα Σε Ελέγχει ~ Global WHO Treaty Is Real And Will Control You…! (Video + Photo)

Flying under the radar and unbeknownst to most, the World Health Organization is quietly pursuing an international treaty that would hand national sovereignty over healthcare decisions to the unaccountable global body, allowing the WHO to unilaterally declare pandemics and impose responses on individual nations. Not surprisingly, major WHO funder Bill Gates is fully supportive of the idea.

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