Belgium: Serbian PM – “Kosovan Army Is The Single Biggest Threat To Regional Peace And Stability”…! (Video)

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that Kosovo’s decision to transform its security forces into a defence force “is the single biggest threat to regional peace and stability,” at a press conference alongside EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels on Tuesday.

Ιταλία: Συνέδριο Λέσχης Μπίλντερμπεργκ 2018 – Προσήχθη Από Την Αστυνομία, Ενώ Ρωτούσε Την Πρωθυπουργό Της Σερβίας ~ Italy: Bilderberg Meeting 2018 – Detained By Italian Police While Questioning The Prime Minister Of Serbia…! (Video)

Dan Dicks was detained by the Italian police while filming and questioning the Prime Minister of Serbia  at a private airport in Italy where members of the Bilderberg Group were arriving for their annual meeting. 

Bilderberg Meeting 2018 Στην Ιταλία – Περισσότερη Ρωσική Διασύνδεση ~ Bilderberg Meeting 2018 In Italy – More Russian Connection…! (Video)

Russia is a product of the Jewish infiltrated west. This is a fact. But we know that the masses continue to live in ignorance, and this allows the elite to keep on playing the game. The following interview exposes how companies associated with the Bilderberg Group have deep connections to Russia. Keep in mind that all the tensions that the superpowers create, guarantee their stability and continuous profit flow.