FSB (KGB) Και Μοσάντ Είναι Παντού Και Πίσω Από Τον Πόλεμο Ισραήλ-Χαμάς ~ FSB (KGB) And MOSSAD Are All Over And Behind Israel-Hamas War…! (Video + Photos)

KGB and MOSSAD have a long history of deception of the Arabs into attacking against Israel…!

This initially started with a secret agreement between Israel and the Soviet Union, made during the Cold War by Golda Meir and Lazar Kaganoich. According to this agreement, the Soviets would aid the Arabs with military equipment and ammunition but never enough to actually defeat the Israelis in battlefield.

Nowdays, we see Israel encouraging funding for Hamas because the terrorist threat enables the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has admitted that Russia supports them because it alleviates international pressure on the Russians in Ukraine.

MOSSAD Chief Visited Doha, Urged Qatar to Continue Hamas Financial Aid.

Despite Israel receiving serious warnings about a Hamas attack and already having the most militarized border in the world, they were caught off guard. Obviously, this was a false flag. Israel and Russia both benefit greatly from this Hamas attack

This historical fact that Russia always Russia playing both sides, today makes even more sense when we examine the relationship between corrupted War Criminal Zionist Jew Vladimir Putin and corrupted War Criminal Zionist Jew Benjamin Netanyahu. Putin is a big fan of Netanyahu and Netanyahu is is a big fan of Putin, they both have been strangely praised by alternative media as the “true counter-terrorists”…, despite the fact both supporting Hamas.

KGB and MOSSAD are both trained in old Russian spy schools that Netanyahu and Putin have worked closely for.

Most of the Middle East bloody conflict is organized into a controlled dialectic by the evil Kremlin, always playing both sides.

The broader serious geopolitical effect of the staged Israel-Hamas war by MOSSAD and KGB, can now be seen, where the US may be ending its aid to Ukraine in favor of Israel… and of course, this is exactly what Russia wanted as they began a new criminal mass offensive in Donbas.

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