[Flashback] Ρωσία: Ο Ιλλουμινάτι Εγκληματίας Πολέμου Εβραίος Σιωνιστής Ολιγάρχης Βλαντίμιρ Πούτιν, Έκανε Επίκκληση Στον Σατανά ~ Russia: Illuminati War Criminal Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin, Invoked To Satan…! (Video + Photo)

A carnival action featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing a devil is pictured during the presentation of this year’s carnival floats of Cologne’s carnival committee in Cologne, Germany, on February 14, 2023. (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images).

The illuminati War Criminal Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian citizens on the New Year eve (December 31, 2011) and wished them well-being and prosperity in the New Year, and morover called on the “Dragon” to help himself and Russian citizens…!

The official website of the Government of Russian Federation published the text of his congratulations, where part of which caused extreme bewilderment among Orthodox Christians. 

Especially, the Illuminati War Criminal Zionist Oligarch Jew Vladimir Putin said:

“By the way, the coming year is the year of the Dragon according to the Eastern calendar,” and Putin continued: 

“I was born just in the year of the Dragon. As a rule, these are the good times we have always had. I hope that this time the Dragon will bring good luck, well-being and prosperity to every Russian family, to all our citizens.”

This strange part from Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s speech to the Русская Народная Линия news agency was commented by the well-known Russian writer, co-chairman of the Writers’ Union of Russia Vladimir Krupin:

With this statement, Vladimir Putin demonstrated, if not maliciousness, then complete ignorance. It is not clear who writes these speeches to him, and why he himself is not aware of what he says to his fellow citizens?!

It is extremely strange that the man whom we have seen so many times praying and being baptized in the temple of God, called for help not God, but the Dragon, who is Satan. This is some kind of wild paganism, some kind of complete occultism. But he could say how symbolic the year 2012 can be for us, because 12 is a wonderful apostolic number. He could say how symbolic it is that the new year begins on Sunday, i.e. from Sunday service, etc. It would be in Russian and Orthodox.

I feel very sorry for Putin and those who write his speeches. It is obvious that these people are in the devil’s captivity and reproduce the corresponding messages. Our Prime Minister and the future President were set up very well and a lot of votes of Russian citizens were taken away.

Thank God that the Lord does not leave us, and we are still living, despite the rampant madness and Satanism in the world and our country ….”

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