“The Roundup” – Martinez And Howe, 02/09/2023…! (Audio + Photo)

Nowdays, extreme “Right” claim that classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism have nothing to do with each other.

According to them, the Frankfurt School is innocent and we’ve only been flooded with sodomite propaganda as a function of the profit motive of the Capitalist Elite.

As Martinez and Howe will show, opposition to the pair-bonded monogamous family is implicit to classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism, given that both Marx and Engels viewed the family as 1.) the primary economic unit of society and 2.) the source of private property, free enterprise, and the stratification of the socioeconomic “classes” — even going so far as to compare it to slavery and worker exploitation.

Classical Marxism deals with socioeconomic classes directly as where Cultural Marxism deals with the source there of — families. By destroying the family, leftists hope to undo the stratification of the classes.

As such, marxist socialism is an implicitly anti-white ideology that seeks to transform whites into a race of spiteful mutants.

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