[Flashback] Ρωσία – Ο Σιωνιστής Μασόνος Ολιγάρχης Κομμουνιστής Πράκτορας Της KGB Και Οικουμενιστής, Πατριάρχης Κύριλλος: “Εβραίοι, Χριστιανοί Και Μουσουλμάνοι, Λατρεύουν Τον Ίδιο Θεό” ~ Russia – Zionist Mason Oligarch Communist KGB Agent And Ecumenist Patriarch Kirill: “Jews, Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God”…! (Video + Photos)

90 year old  of Mount Athos warns the flock of the KGB (FSB), ecumenical, and masonic tyranny of the Soviet Satanist-controlled Moscow Patriarchate of Eastern Orthodoxy, with footage of “Patriarch” Kirill stating that “Jews, Muslims, Christians, all worship the same God”.

Patriarch Kirill is a criminal communist KGB/FSB agent, a zionist freemason, a multi-billionaire oligarch having a super-luxury way of life and a champion of ecumenism.

Russia, Moscow – May 24, 2019: Zionist Communist Gennady Zyuganov (Chairman of the  PKRF – Russian Federation Communist Party), congratulates Zionist “Russian Orthodox” Patriarch Kirill of Moscow on his name day,

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