[Flashback] ΗΠΑ: Το Σκάνδαλο Γουότεργκεϊτ Ήταν Μία Εβραϊκή Σιωνιστική Συνωμοσία Που Κατέληξε Σε Πραξικόπημα Εναντίον Του Ρίτσαρντ Νίξον ~ USA: Watergate Scandal Was A Zionist Jewish Conspiracy That Resulted In The Coup D’état Against Richard Nixon…! (Audo + Photo)

In 2007, Texe Marrs interviewed the late journalist and author, Michael Collins Piper about his new book at the time, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within. During that interview, Piper discussed the Watergate scandal and the Zionist hidden hand at work to bring about a coup d’état of Richard Nixon.

You can listen to the audio here — the part about Watergate starts at about 38:00 in:

We have transcribed Michael Collins Piper’s Watergate comments below:

Michael Collins Piper: The whole Watergate thing was — let just be candid about it — it was a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy from the get-go. I’ve written about this in Final Judgment rather than in the Judas Goats.

What was happening in the beginning of Richard Nixon’s second term was that Nixon had determined that he was going to clean house. Nixon had come to realize that he’d been in the circles of power here in the United States obviously for many years — and as we now know from many of the tapes that have come out that Richard had some very set opinions about Jewish power and influence in this country.

And after his overwhelming re-election in ’72, he was beginning to make efforts in one particular area that very few people are aware of — he was determined to reassess and reestablish and recreate the federal bureaucracy in Washington. He wanted to eliminate many of the long-time Jewish career bureaucrats who were in high-level and mid-level positions of power in the bureaucracy. And this is one of the things he was planning to do — he was literally planning to clean house.

In addition, he was determined to force the Zionist state of Israel to a major sit-down in the Middle East and solve the problems of the region. And he had back-channel operations going on to the Palestinians and to the King of Saudi Arabia, who was very anti-Zionist. And basically what Nixon was saying was we are going to force Israel and the Zionists to sit down, and we are going to sort this all out.

Well, of course Richard Nixon had Henry Kissinger as his Secretary of State, but Nixon was doing these things behind Kissinger’s back — and when Kissinger found out about it, Kissinger started to do everything he could to undermine Nixon. Now this is information that can be found in mainstream sources, but you have to put it all together to understand the bigger picture of what was happening.

It had reached a point — the struggle behind the scenes between Nixon and Kissinger and the Zionist Lobby — that Nixon told people — he sent a message to the King of Saudi Arabia, he said, “In my next State of the Union Address — which would have been in 1975 —I’m going to tear up my prepared address and go before the American people on television and radio and explain to them precisely how the Jews are interfering with our foreign policy — and I am going to call for the American people to join me in trying to break the back of this conspiracy.”

Now I’m, of course, paraphrasing — this isn’t exactly what Nixon said obviously — but this is what he was promising to do.

Well, in the meantime, the Watergate scandal erupted — and what’s very, very interesting is that Deborah Davis, a Jewish girl, wrote a very interesting book about the history of the Washington Post — and in that book, she presents a very, very strong case which indicates that the very famous “Deep Throat” was not this guy Mark Felt — who everybody now says was “Deep Throat”, but this is a very old senile old man I’m sorry to say who — they put a book out in his name and made claims for a guy who really couldn’t tell the truth one way or the another.

Needless to say, Deborah Davis makes it clear that the Watergate operation — and the spying on Richard Nixon — was being carried out by a CIA desk in the White House which was run by James Angleton. James Angleton was the CIA liaison to the MOSSAD. In fact, Miss Davis refers to this desk in the White House as literally an Israeli counter-intelligence desk.

So what we had was the Watergate operation — the spying on Nixon was being run by Israeli sympathizers in the CIA. They were determined to get Nixon out of there — and that whole Watergate burglary which was used to bring him down was obviously deliberately bungled. The intent was for these people to be caught. And then the media, of course, joined in the chorus against Richard Nixon. And Nixon made many mistakes in trying to contain the scandal — and only made it worse for him.

Basically what we saw with Watergate was a Zionist operation to discredit Richard Nixon and to run him out of the White House.

And what’s interesting is Vice President Spiro Agnew — who managed to get himself in trouble over a related thing — and incidentally, as an aside, those were Jewish business men from Maryland who were the ones who gave testimony that implicated Spiro Agnew in corruption. And if you read Spiro Agnew’s book, it’s pretty clear that he was set up. In his book, Spiro says very specifically that one of the major forces in the Watergate affair was the Zionist influence.

Spiro Agnew told people this, including Congressman Paul Findley and others that he definitively believed that it was Zionism that was the prime mover behind the whole Watergate mess. So that’s what we had here — the Zionists assassinated Richard Nixon just as much as they assassinated John F. Kennedy.

Text Marrs: It’s interesting because in those tapes, Nixon also tells Haldeman, his chief of staff, and Billy Graham, the evangelist, talks about the “satanic Jews” involved in the conspiracy, and Billy Graham fully agreed with him. And Billy Graham said to the president, “After you’re elected for your second term, maybe you can do something about these ‘satanic Jews’.

[DER KAMERAD: Texe Marrs is somewhat misrepresenting what Billy Graham said on the Nixon tapes. He never used the phrase “satanic Jews”; rather he said to Nixon, “I told you one time that the Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called `the synagogue of Satan.’ They’re the ones putting out the pornographic literature — they’re the ones putting out these obscene films.” You can listen the specific part of that conversation between Billy Graham and Richard Nixon here.]

Michael Collins Piper: And that’s exactly what Nixon thought he was going to be able to do. Nixon was a scrapper — he was a fighter — he was a street fighter — he figured, “I’m president of the United States, and I have the power to do it.” But you know where he misjudged things — he made a bad gamble — he didn’t consider the power of the media — he did not consider the Jewish power over the media. Even the media itself, they crow and they gloat that they were the ones who brought down Richard Nixon — and that is exactly who did bring down Richard Nixon — the Jewish media…

Text Marrs: Am I wrong to say that it was basically a coup d’état?

Michael Collins Piper: That’s exactly what it was — it was as much a coup d’état as the coup d’état that took place in Dallas. They only difference was that Richard Nixon survived physically. But he will go down in history — thanks to the media — as a corrupt president. He may not have been the most honest man in the world, but he was no more corrupt than anyone else who’s ever been in the White House.

[You can read Michael Collins Piper’s in depth analysis of the Watergate affair in his book Final Judgment, pages 367 – 382.]

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