[Flashback] ΗΠΑ: 17.000 Σώματα Νηπίων Βρέθηκαν Στην Αυλή Εβραίου Σιωνιστή Γιατρού Που Διενεργούσε Εκτρώσεις ~ USA: 17,000 Baby Bodies Found In Zionist Jewish Abortionist Doctor’s Back Yard…! (Video)

In 1981, a Zionist Jewish pathologist by the name of Malvin Weisberg was found to be storing 17,000 aborted bodies on his residential property, stored at room temperature in a shipping container, his garage, and through out his house. He had aquired the bodies between 1976 and 1981. Malvin had also been actively defrauding both the state of California and Federal governments to perform illegal pathology tests on the bodies. What was the fall out of all this? A 2 year court case by the Jewish ACLU to prevent Christians from burying the bodies, during which time all the bodies were left to sit in another steel storage container, again at room temperature. Malvin Weisberg was not charged for defrauding the government and no further investigation was done to determine why he was squirreling away aborted bodies en masse, or why a large portion of them were in a shipping container in the first place. Was that even the first shipping container he had filled, was he even planning to dispose of the bodies…?


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