Do NOT Update Your iPhone Software! Apple, Releases iOS 13 Operating System That Can Still Expose Your Contact Details Without The Need For A Passcode, FaceID Or TouchID – Despite Being Warned Weeks Ago…! (Photo)

The bug was revealed by private cybersecurity expert Jose Rodriguez who alerted the technology giant that he had found a ‘password bypass’ in July.

In a YouTube video he shows how when someone is receiving an incoming call it’s possible to navigate through the messaging system to coax the phone into automatically suggesting contacts from inside the phone.

He initially worked with Apple to fix the fault, but decided to expose it when he feared that it would not be stamped out before the software update was launched, according to CNN.

Once in possession of someone’s device, the Canary Islands-based tech enthusiast could sidestep the phone’s security – such as facial ID – and access the contacts database.


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