By 2040 Or Sooner They Will Be Too Stupid To Stop Us; Idiocracy Is The Self Inflicted Mortal Wound Of Liberal Democracy…! (Video)

Liberal democracy is ending with a collective whimper.

White liberals have no will to live, almost by definition, and thus no will to fight in a way that matters.

Liberal activism never actually does anything productive; it never builds anything.  The best example of what liberals actually DO, is the antifa database on white nationalists.

Policing right wing thought in an age of relentless economic decline is laughable.  It’s like trying to bail out the sinking Titanic with Home Depot 5 gallon buckets.

Either the extreme left or the extreme right is going to come out on top after this.  Two factions go in Thunderdome, only one comes out.

If society does not collapse from it’s own financial shenanigans, the Idiocracy will take much of the world to a lower level of complexity. Fast collapse — store shelves are empty. Slow collapse, they keep the corn syrup flowing and the grid and the internet running until people are too stupid to keep it going except in small pockets of rich people.

The Idiocracy means that the elites will not have a critical mass of smart and hard men to stop us. World War II was a battle between three tribes of very hard men (Russians, Germans and Anglo-Americans). Hard men will never again fight for the Jews, at least not in this historical era.

Even now, the elites have to import their talent because they destroyed America with the purposeful dumbing down and purposeful moral degeneracy and malign encouragement to harmful behavior. They import African immigrants for low skill labor, and Indians and Chinese for STEM.

Our most dangerous weapon is right between our ears. The Idiocracy means that the smart and hard men will be able to rise to the top.

As a personal update, I am practicing calculus 2-3 hours a day. I finally took the advice of the great Art Robinson, a physics professor who says the best way to learn math is to just teach yourself. I am using The Calculus Lifesaver by Adrian Banner for theory and proofs, and Calculus Problem Solvers by REA for lots of practice problems. It’s a really good way to do it. The Banner book is fantastic for explanations and proofs, and then solving a few dozen successively more difficult problems on that topic really drives the knowledge home. When I am satisfied that I have covered calculus, I’m going to do linear algebra, then physics, and then maybe circle back to a study of mathematical proofs. I have found that I am able to slow my mind down and follow mathematical logic and visualize mathematical functions. It’s very much like Zen meditation for me, and I would probably study math for 10 hours a day if I didn’t have to work. At the same time, learning math is immensely practical for generating income and liberating the self from the hamster wheel of money earning.

I saw at the University of Connecticut that American kids are not prepared for STEM majors and get failed out mercilessly, ending up in useless majors like English, psychology and communications (LOL). I am a miitary veteran and I have 2 years left of tuition waiver. I plan to go back after putting in about 3000 hours of self study, and hopefully be able to ace physics and math as good as the Chinese kids.

I really want to show the world that white boys can still do STEM, and not just pass, but get A’s. I excelled at the Defense Language institute in Russian language because of two years of intense study (both self study and classroom study and practice with Russian immigrants) and I plan to repeat the performance at UConn with physics.

And from there, when I showed it can be done, I want to persuade our people to home school their kids to a high degree of STEM achievement, and even persuade the Alt Right boyz that becoming engineers and plumbing the secrets of math, physics and thus the nature of existence itself, is the path to total Aryan victory.


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