Δρ. Γιόζεφ Γκαίμπελς: Συντάκτες Των Καταστροφών Του Κόσμου ~ Dr. Joseph Goebbels: Authors Of The World’s Disasters…! (Photo)

Undated and unlocated picture of Joseph Goebbels, Third Reich Minister of Propaganda, delivering a speech. At the end of World War II, as Berlin was besieged by the Russians, Goebbels stayed with Hitler in his bunker. On May 1st, 1945, he and his wife gave poison to his six children and then shot his wife and then himself.

By Dr. Joseph Goebbels

[Weekly newspaper Das Reich, Berlin, 21. January 1945]

This war would be impossible to comprehend, if one did not constantly remind oneself that behind all the perverse activities of our unified enemies, trying to deceive the world and lead mankind into the dark, is international Jewry as the driving force. They are the so-called glue that tightly binds the Allied coalition together, despite a vast chasm between their ideologies and interests. Both Capitalism and Bolshevism originate from the same Jewish root, are two different branches of the same tree and ultimately bear the same fruit.  International Jewry uses both-only with different methods-in their aim to suppress nations and keep them under their dominion. It is not difficult to conclude how far their influence reaches in public opinion of all enemy and neutral countries, as it is not allowed to point them out by their name-everywhere, in newspapers, speeches and radio broadcasts. In the Soviet Union a law was passed that anti-Semitism, that is in plain language the education of the public regarding the Jewish question,  is punishable by death. The man in the know of these things is in no way surprised to hear an important official of the Kremlin announce at New Year’s that the Soviet Union will not rest until this law is enforced worldwide. In other words, our enemies’ declared goal of the war is to protected, by law, the total rule of the Jews over all the nations of the earth, where even the discussion of this shameful matter is threatened with the death penalty.

In plutocratic countries things are not much different. There the fight against the audacious Jewish usurpers is not punished by the hangman’s noose but rather by the boycott of a business, social ostracism and mental terror that have in the end the same result. The Stalins, Churchills and Roosevelts are created by the Jews. They enjoy unlimited support, and for that the Jews receive unlimited protection. Never would you hear one word AGAINST the Jews in their speeches, even though they play the part of the upright and courageous man, knowing full well that the Jews have attracted the smoldering hatred of their people during the war. And rightly so. Jewry in the countries of our enemies is a taboo subject. They are outside their nation’s jurisdiction and therefore become the tyrants of their hapless host country. While the enemy soldiers fight on the front, bleed and die, the Jews run the stock market and the black market, making a bundle off their victims. If a decent man dares to speak out against it and accuse the Jews of their crimes, the media will heap scorn on him and spit at him. They will apply pressure to chase him from office, or find another way to destroy his means of earning a living, and hold him up to public derision. But all that is obviously not enough for the Jew. They want the entire world to come under their control. This, they have already achieved in the Soviet Union by legal manipulation: Total power to the Jews and complete freedom from punishment. He who protests against it and even debates about the situation receives the bullet or the guillotine. There is no worse tyranny than this! Here is the open and hidden insult, pushed to the limit, which the Jews perpetrate on all freedom-loving nations.

We have left all this behind us. Still we are threatened by a distant danger. We have broken the power of the Jew completely in the German Reich; nevertheless, they can’t accept it. They would not rest until they have mobilized the entire world against us. Since they no longer are able to conquer Germany from the inside, they are now trying to do this from outside. Every Russian, English and American soldier is nothing but a mercenary of the world conspiracy of a parasitic race. How can anyone at this present stage of the war still believe that they fought and died for the national interests of their nations? The people desire a decent peace, but the Jews won’t permit it. They know that the end of the war means the gradual realization on part of humanity of the monstrous role international Jewry has played behind the scenes in the ushering in and execution of this war. Of course they fear their unmasking that has become unavoidable, and has to come with the same immutable law of nature, as day follows night. That is the reason for their raging hatred toward us, the monstrosities of their fear and inferiority. They are practically frothing at the mouth and thereby make themselves even more suspect. International Jewry will not succeed in turning this war to their advantage. Things have advanced too far. The hour is bound to come when all people on earth will awake and the Jews will become the victims.

Here also, as the saying goes, a jug can be carried to the well only so long, and then it will break.

According to the ancient tried and proved method of International Jewry, they will discredit any findings and education about their parasitical ways and shameless activities as cultural shaming, all the while speculating that in general people are simple -minded and have a leaning toward confusing cause and effect. Jews posses the masterful ability to manipulate public opinion. They dominate it with their worldwide news networks and press outlets. ‘Free’ journalism in our enemy countries belongs to the most pitiful illusions, and is instead a means of leading people into ignorance. If our adversaries’ freedom of public speech were really as free as they pretend, then they should openly address the Jewish question, be it positive or negative on our account. They will not do it, because they are neither able nor are they permitted. Jews certainly love to criticize everyone scornfully, except themselves, even though they need public criticism more than anyone, as everyone will admit.

Here ends the so called freedom of the press in the enemy countries. There, newspapers, parliaments, delegates and church fathers must be silent. There, crimes and perversions, double dealings and fraud are covered up with the veil of love. The Jews are in total control of the public opinion in the enemy countries, and to whom that right belongs is no less than the master over all aspects of public life. To be pitied are the nations, who have no choice but to live with this. The Jews persuade them that the Germans are backward people. Our supposed backwardness is in reality our great progress. It lies in the fact that we have recognized the Jews as a national, as well as an international threat, and from this knowledge have drawn the mandatory conclusions. This German realization will by the end of this war become the knowledge of the world. We see it as our most distinguished duty to make sure with all our strength that this will happen.

Mankind would sink into eternal darkness and once more into a primitive and dull primal era if the Jews were to win the war. They are the incarnation of those destructive impulses that raged in these terrible years of enemy warfare against everything that we regard as noble, beautiful and worthy of preservation. For this very reason alone do the Jews hate us so. They despise our culture and education, perceiving them instinctively as way above their nomadic world view. They fear our economic and cultural high achievements, because these no longer allow much movement for their parasitical activities. They are the enemies of our inward orderliness that has no room for their tendency for anarchy.

Germany is the first country in the world totally free from Jews. This accounts for the fact that it regained its political and economic equilibrium. Since it is no longer possible for the Jews to upset the balance of the German body of people inside of Germany because they have been weeded out, they have enticed and led astray other nations to fight us from the outside. It is rather welcome and quite in keeping with Jewish plans that Europe loses the greatest part of its cultural heritage in this struggle, seeing Jewry had no input in it anyway. They do not understand the creativity of our culture, as their dull racial instinct tells them that these heights of creative human achievements are forever unattainable to them, which stirs up their hatred. The day is not far when all the nations of Europe, yes even the whole world, break out in the cry: “The Jews are at fault for all our misfortune! They must be called to account for this, soon and thoroughly.”

But even for that, International Jewry has its alibi already prepared. Just as in times past at the great ‘call to account’ in Germany, it will put on its face of bewildered innocence and insist that a scapegoat had to be found and alas, the lot fell on them! Nevertheless, it will not help them any more than it helped them at the great National-Socialist revolution. The proof of the Jews historic guilt in great as well as small questions is an open book. Then even the most brazen lies and hypocrisies cannot deny their guilt.

Who drives the Russians, Englishmen and Americans into the fire to sacrifice multitudes of foreign lives to fight this futile war against the German people? The Jews! They intone their war chants in newspapers and radio broadcasts, while the nations they have misled are being led to the slaughterhouse. Who is it that invents every day new programs of hatred and destruction against us and makes this war into a gruesome act of cruel self-flagellation and self destruction of European life, its economy, civilization and culture? The Jews! Who invented and established the disgraceful concubine relationship of England and the U.S.A. on the one hand and Bolshevism on the other, guarding their continual existence with watchful jealousy? Who justifies even the most perverse political situations with cynical hypocrisy that stems from their paralyzing fear that if a new way were to be found, the nations could recognize the true causes that led to this present unspeakable human tragedy? The Jews! only the Jews! Their names are Morgenthau and Lehmann, and they stand as the so-called brain trust behind Roosevelt; they are called Melchett and Sassoon and function as financial and commanding advisors for Churchill; their names are Kaganowitsch and Ehrenburg, and they are the pacesetters and spiritual mouthpieces of Stalin. Wherever you look, you will see Jews. They march behind the Red Army as political Commissars and organize the murders and terror in the territories conquered by the Soviets. They are entrenched in Communist enclaves in Paris and Brussels, in Rome and Athens; and they cut whipcords from the skin of the hapless people that fell under their force.

That is the truth! It can no longer be denied, especially not because the Jews, in their victory and power euphoria, have abandoned their previously painstakingly kept reserve and have stepped into the limelight of public observation. They don’t hold back any more, in the obvious belief, that it is no longer required of them and that their hour of glory has arrived. And this is their fateful mistake, the one they have always committed when they saw themselves close to their goal of secret world domination.

Every time in the history of the world, when this tragic situation occurred, providence mercifully turned it around and the Jews themselves became the gravediggers of their own hopes. They were not able to extinguish the striving nations, but rather made them aware of the mortal danger, and the sting of the Jews’ parasitical activities roused them to the utmost sacrifice to overcome the threat because at a certain point of events, the power that is always intent on evil will act as a catalyst to create good. This will happen here also.

It is a sign of the healthy vital instinct of the German people that they were the first people on Earth that recognized the danger and expelled it from their nation’s organism. In that, Germany has become the forerunner of a world battle that decides the destiny and future of international Jewry. We watch with calm composure the explosive display of the Jews’ Old Testament style frothing and raging of hatred and revenge around the world. It only serves us as another proof that we are on the right track. They cannot disturb our peace. With sovereign disdain we look down on them and remind ourselves of the fact that these rages of hatred and revenge against us were also on the order of the day in Germany, until that fateful day, Jan. 30, 1933, marked the beginning of the world revolution against International Jewry that had been endangering the German nation, as well as all others.

The world revolution  will not rest until it has reached its goal. For truth cannot be stopped, neither by lies nor by violence. She will wrestle her way through in this case also. The Jews will experience their Canaan at the end of this war. It will not be Europe that will sink, no, it will be the Jews themselves. They might laugh about this prophecy; as they have laughed so often, but sooner or later they will have nothing more to laugh about. Not only do we know exactly what we want, but we certainly also know what we don’t want. If the hoodwinked nations of the world don’t know as yet what needs to be done, we will bring them this knowledge. How will the Jews hinder this in the long run? They believe that their might is securely fastened in a foundation; but its feet are made of clay. One strong blow against it, and it will collapse into itself, and the authors of  the world’s misery will be buried under their rubble.

[Translated from German by Dagmar Brenne, September 2013]


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