Φράνσις Πάρκερ Γιόκι: Η Τραγωδία Της Νεολαίας – Francis Parker Yockey: The Tragedy Of Yoth…! (Photo)



By Francis P. Yockey

Their Generation, Now Unemployed, Must Fight the War
Then Become Slaves in
Red State That Follows

No section of the American populace has been more completely deceived by the forces interested in keeping the truth from the people than America‘s youth. Youth stands to suffer most from the present regime of America‘s enemies in control of America. Therefore, it is from youth that the Leftist dictatorship might some day have the most to fear.

The alien-minded minority in control of the cinema, the radio, and the newspaper and magazine press has poured out a constant stream of propaganda with the intent of gaining complete spiritual power over the minds of young Americans emerging into maturity. With what success the attempt has met everyone knows who has talked on their own level to representative American youths from the ages of 19 to 27. One and all their world-views have been cut out for them in New York, Hollywood, and Washington.

Appalling numbers of youth have been led into a cynical ultra-sophisticated attitude which regards drinking as a badge of social aptitude, which makes a fetish of sport and professes eroticism as a way of life. A perverted and insane pictorial art, lewd exhibitionistic dancing and jungle music form the spiritual norm of this sector of America‘s youth.

Books, Magazines Carry Propaganda

For those serious-minded youths, who are genuinely interested in the tremendous problems now facing us, another insidious attack has been devised. Books have been written, plays staged, and an unending train of lecturers have mounted the platform all to convey to these thinking youths the same message of class war and international hatred.

Magazines have been founded for none other than propaganda purposes — vide Life, Look, Click, Esquire, Ken, Coronet — and have been made up in such a way as to prove attractive to the young readers.

The result of this campaign to destroy Christian Americanism among the youth is that every periodical, 95 per cent of the books, and all the lecturers are Leftist. Leftist ideas are a part of the very atmosphere which American youth breathes. The young person whose reasoning powers have come to full development within the past seven years has never even come in contact with a conservative, Christian view of life. His professors are in the main Leftists, those who are not are afraid to speak out for fear of their jobs. Most of the parents do not realize the spiritual regimentation of their children because they themselves have been indoctrinated along with them. Those parents who do think otherwise are considered “old-fashioned,” and proponents of the “horse-and-buggy days” by the preachers of Roosevelt Leftism.

Youth Victims of Red Demoralization

The tragedy of this conscription of American youth under the banners of atheism, class-war, and social degeneration is just this: that the continuance of the economic and spiritual distress of the youth is an integral part of the revolutionary program of the same Communist forces which have seduced and indoctrinated them.

According to Communist leaders, the revolutionary struggle in the United States is in the stage of the “Popular Front,” with Mr. Roosevelt as the leader pro tempore. The aim of a “Popular Front” government can best be set forth in the words of Maurice Thorez, French Communist leader:

“It will be a government which will give the working-class and the Communist Party all possibilities for agitation, propaganda, organization and action, a government which will make it possible to prepare for the complete seizure of power by the working-class (i.e., by their self-chosen leaders), in brief, a government which will be a prelude for the armed insurrection for the dictatorship of the proletariat… For the Communists, the Popular Front is not a tactic of expediency. Still less is it an election move. It is an element of their fundamental policy, and application of the principles of Marx and Lenin … ” (From his speech at Villeurbanne, January, 1936.)

Prosperity Fatal to Communist Hopes

Now it is easy to see that this program, however successful to date in America, cannot be fulfilled if our nation is prosperous arid if the population is engaged in productive, decently paid labor. Both the “Popular Front” which we now endure and its successor, the blood-bath Communist dictatorship, are based on national conditions of widespread economic distress and unemployment such as we now have.

The tactic that is being employed to bring about the necessary crisis for the “complete seizure of power” is that of producing a financial collapse by profligate and insensate government expenditures on everything and anything. It does not matter whether the projects are needed or not, all that matters is that the money gets spent, and spent in such a way as to make the greatest number possible dependent on the Government, thus to break their spirits and render them fertile ground for planting class hatred, and prepare them for enrollment in the Left Army, an army which now includes labor unions, W.P.A. workers, those on relief, organized Negroes, the teachers and professors and the greater part of the youth.

The tragedy for youth lies in this, that every condition for the success of the Communist scheme is created at the expense of youth, and every tactic employed in actualizing it makes the position of youth more desperate and more nearly hopeless.

Revolutionists Do Not Want Improvement

First, there is the ghastly extent of unemployment among the youth. Hundreds of thousands of young Americans up to the age of 27 have never had any other employment than Government relief work. When will they realize that the alien-minded minority in control of our country does not want this condition with its revolutionary possibilities removed?

Second, the burden that the ever-growing national debt imposes is almost solely a burden on the youth. No matter how this debt is liquidated, by confiscatory inflation, or by being paid off, dollar for dollar, it will be paid at the cost of liberty and happiness of present-day American youth. If all the private and corporate wealth of the nation is confiscated to pay off the debt, what economic force will be left in the country that can run a country and employ the idle millions? And such a collapse is just the crisis out of which a Red dictatorship will fasten on America. If the other alternative is adopted, it will mean that the youth of the present will be slaves during their whole life, working, not for their own wants and happiness, but in order to pay $2 out of every $3 they earn to the Government. The national standard of living in this case would not be pleasant to contemplate.

Third, the individual future of almost every American youth has been jeopardized. Not one of those same young men now in universities and professional schools who spend their conversation in deciding “how to stop Hitler” knows where or whether he can start his career.

Where is there research or construction to take up all the young engineers, business to take tip accountants and stenographers?

How many families can now afford to have a doctor every time they need one?

Or to litigate their legal claims?

Where is there a future for those trained in commerce?

Youth Always Fights the Nation’s Wars

Lastly, American youth by the millions will be conscripted into armies to be sent to Asia and Europe to fight the battle of world Communism, unless a powerful Christian nationalism arises to cast out the alien-thinking minority in Washington. A war will give our “liberal” Government a chance to avenge wrongs done it by those foreign governments which have liquidated class war within their nations, and to defeat by a repressive war-dictatorship the incipient movement among the people against radicalism and in favor of a Christian nationalistic government.

Those to return from the battlefields where world Communism would send them to a Communist America would perhaps wish they were in the war cemeteries of Western Europe with their buddies.

With this prospect — with the assurance of Communist leaders that the Popular Front is not only to defeat Fascism, but also to bring about Communist dictatorship — with the mask torn off the Leftist trend of many in high posts of control in the Federal Government — no longer controlled by Americans — is American youth to wait supinely, absorbed in picture magazines, for the butchers to start their blood bath here?

Youth of America — Awake! It’s your problem and your taskk. You are the special victim if they win.

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