Δρ. Γιόζεφ Γκαίμπελς: Είναι Υπαιτιότητα Των Εβραίων — Joseph Goebbels: It Is The Fault Of The Jews…! (Photo)




Βy Dr. Joseph Goebbels

November 16, 1941

It has been proven so extensively that International Jewry is historically at fault for the expansion of the war, that not a word needs to be wasted about that. The Jews wanted their war, and now they have it. But now the prophecy in the Fuehrer’s speech of Jan 30, 1939 in the Deutschen Reichstag meeting, that if the International Finance Jewry shall succeed to throw countries once again into a war, the result will not be so much that Bolshevism will be coming upon the earth if the Jews are allowed to become the victors, but the ruin of the Jewish race in Europe.

We are now experiencing the fulfillment of this prophecy, and the Jews are suffering a fate that, even though it is hard, they have more than deserved. Compassion or even regret are totally inappropriate. World Jewry has completely underestimated the strength of its own power in their instigation of this war, and it is now gradually experiencing a destruction process [1] which it wanted for us and would have mercilessly enforced on us, if it had had the power for that. Now the situation we have is according to their own laws, an eye for an eye.
In this historical confrontation, every Jew is our enemy, regardless if he is vegetating in a Polish ghetto or eking out his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg, or forging his war plans in New York or Washington by blasting the war trumpet. All Jews, due to their birth and race, belong to an international conspiracy against the national socialistic Germany. They desire Germany’s defeat and destruction and do whatever is in their power to bring it about. The fact that they now have little opportunity to do this inside the Reich, is not because the ones that are still here are loyal to us, but only because we have taken measures that seem appropriate to us.
One of them is the introduction of the yellow Jewish star. This every Jew must display on himself in clear sight. With that we want to mark him as a Jew, most of all for the purpose that he can be clearly identified as such in his slightest action aimed against our Volk community. This is an exceptional humane [2] regulation, in other words a hygienic prophylaxis, which shall avoid that the Jew can sneak into our groups and sow discord.
When the Jews showed up a few weeks ago, marked with a Jewish star, at first, the population of the Reichshauptstadt was perplexed. Only very few knew that there were still that many Jews in Berlin. Everyone discovered in his area or neighborhood a contemporary [but a Jew] acting as if he was harmless, except for his occasional griping or inappropriate action but would have never recognized him as a Jew. So, obviously, he has masked himself in mimicry, adjusted to his environment in which he lived, and waited for the hour of his opportunity. Who of us would have recognized that an enemy stands right next to us who was a silent listener or skilled agitator in talks on the street, the U-Bahn, and amongst the lines assorting in front of the cigarette stores? There are Jews who can hardly be recognized from their looks. They have aligned themselves here also as much as possible. These are the most dangerous ones. It is characteristic that every action we take against the Jews shows up the next day in the English and U.S. papers. So one can see that the Jews here have secret connections, even today, to the enemy states, not only in their personal business, but connections in all important war affairs which they exploit for this purpose. Therefore, the enemy is amidst us. What would be closer at hand than to at least make them identifiable to our population?
In the first days after the introduction of the Jewish star to be worn, newspaper sales skyrocketed. Every Jew that came on the streets, went for a newspaper to hide shamefully his Mark of Cain. When this was forbidden, we saw here and there on the streets of Berlin West Jews parading around with non Jewish foreigners. These servants of the Jews actually deserve a Jewish star, too. The arguments they bring for their provocative behavior are always the same: ‘The Jews are people, too;’ as if we had ever insisted that they were not, and as if the same is not also true for killers, child rapists, thieves and pimps. But then, who would want to take the opportunity and go parading with them on the Kurfuerstendamm! So it goes on, their Jews are decent Jews. Every Jew has found a stupid and instinct-lacking goy, who believes the Jew to be decent! ‘O, we’ve known each other for years,’ to give the Jew the benefit of honor and much more of this nonsense.
Gradually the Jews are now on their own and so try new tricks. You know the goodhearted German Michel [3] in all of us, who is always ready to forgive all injustice heaped upon him for a few sentimental tears offered. Suddenly, one gets the impression that all of Berlin’s Jews are nothing but cute little babies who in their childlike helplessness touch our hearts; or that all their women are fragile. They may confuse a few of our unsuspicious types, but not us. We know exactly whom we are dealing with.
Alone because of them, we must win the war. If we were to lose it, these harmless Jewish petty bourgeois would suddenly turn into raving wolves. They would come upon our Volk, upon our women and children [5], to carry out a revenge mission not existing in all of world history. That’s what they did in Bessarabia and in the Baltic states when Bolshevism marched in; and there, neither the population nor the government had ever caused them any harm. We cannot turn back from our fight against the Jews-not to mention that we do not want to. The Jews have to be separated from the German Volk because they threaten our national solidarity.
This is an elemental law of a voelkisch, nationalistic and socialistic hygiene. They will never leave us in peace. They would, if they could, turn one country after another against us in war. What do they care about the sorrow of humanity connected to that, as long as they can force the world under their financial and racial reign! The Jews are a parasitic race, which like a rotting mold comes upon instinct-deprived populations. For that there is only one solution: Cut them off and throw them out!

How pathetic are the stupid, thoughtless, tear-jerking arguments of a few remaining Jew lovers versus a world problem that bothered mankind for thousands of years. Their jars and eyes would drop, if they could see their dear Jews once in a power position. But then it would be too late. And therefore, it is the duty of a national leadership, with all the measures they have available to them, to make sure that this will never happen. There is a difference between humans and humans, just as there is a difference between animals and animals. We know of good and bad people, just as we know of good and bad animals. The fact that the Jews still lives amongst us is not prove for their benevolence. Just like a flea drawn to us is not a pet just because it is in the home. When a Mr. Bramsig or a Mrs. Knoeterich feels great pity for an elderly Jewish lady when they see her wearing a Jewish star, then let them not forget that a removed nephew of this old lady, with the name Nathan Kaufman is sitting in New York hatching a plan to sterilize all Germans under the age of 60, and that the son of her distant uncle is a warmonger under the name Baruch, or Morgenthau, or Untermayer and the driving force behind Mr. Roosevelt to instigate him into war. And if they succeed, a brave but ignorant American soldier may kill the only son of Mr. Bramsig or Mrs. Knoeterich, all for the higher honor of Jewry, to which also this old woman belongs, no matter how fragile or pitiful she comes across.
If we Germans even have a fatal flaw in our national character, short in memory. This flaw testifies to our human decency and generosity, but not always to our political insight and prudence. We think that all people are benevolent like us. The French threatened us in the winter of 1939/40 with chopping our Reich into pieces, and that we will have to line up with our families in long lines in front of their field kitchens to get a slab of warm food. Our military defeated France in six weeks, and then you see the German soldiers on the streets handing out bread and sausages to the hungry French women and children and gasoline to the stranded Parisian, so they can return to their metropolis as soon as possible and, at least partially, continue to display their hate against the Reich.
That’s how we Germans are. Our national virtue is our national defect. But we all do not want to be any other way, and wherever our world-famous benevolence is not causing terrible damage to ourselves, then there is nothing to object. But already Klopstock [4] gave us the good advice, ‘to not be so honorable; our enemies are not noble enough to recognize how virtuous our defects are.’
If fitting somewhere the best, than this warning fits into our current circumstances with respect to the Jews. Here compliance is not only a weakness but negligence of duty and a crime against the national security on top of it. Because the Jews long for one opportunity, to reward our foolishness with blood and terror. This must never come to pass. And one of the most effective measures against this is unforgiving, stony cold hardness against these slayers of our nation, against the instigators of this war, against the beneficiaries if we were to lose this war, and therefore, also necessarily so against their own victims, when we win the war.
Therefore, it shall be said once more to the point of overdoing it:

1. The Jews are our downfall. They have instigated and brought about this war. With it they wanted to destroy the German Reich and our people. This plan must be destroyed.
2. There is no difference from Jew to Jew. Every Jew is a sworn enemy of the German people. If he does not show his enmity then only because he is either a coward or he is shrewd, but not because he does not carry hate in his heart against us.
3. Every German soldier who falls in this war, is on account of the Jews. They have him on their conscience and that’s why they will have to pay for it.
4. When you see someone with the Jew star, then know that he is an enemy of our nation. Whoever associates with him privately belongs to the Jew and must be evaluated and treated like a Jew. He deserves the contempt of the whole nation whom he cowardly and meanly deserts in her hardest time to join the side of our enemy.
5. The Jews benefit from the protection of the enemy countries. There is no further proof necessary of their malign role against our nation.
6. The Jews are messengers for the enemies amongst us. Whoever is on their side, has joined the enemy in this war.
7. The Jews have no right to claim having the same rights as us. Wherever they agitate against us on the street, in the lines in front of the stores, and in public transportation, they are to be silenced. Not only because what they say is foundationally false, but because they are Jews and have no voice in our community.
8. If the Jews approach you sentimentally, remember that this is done speculating that you are forgetful; show them immediately that you can look through their deceit and punish them with disdain.
9. To a decent enemy we grant generosity after their defeat. But the Jew is not a decent enemy, he only pretends to be.
10. The Jews are responsible for the war. They are not receiving any injustice from us by the way we treat them. They have more than deserved it.
To find a final solution for them is the responsibility of the government. No one has the right to act in his own behalf, but instead everyone has the duty to honor the measures against the Jews and to represent these measures amongst everyone. In recognition of the danger of the 
Jews, it is the duty [of every German] to not be confused by their tricks and chicanery. This is demanded of all of us for the security of our country.

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