Η “Νέα Ρωσία”, Οι Ατλαντικιστές Και Οι Ουκρανοί Εθνικιστές – “Novorussia”, Atlanticists And Ukrainian Nationalists…! (Photos)


“Novorussia”, Atlanticists And Ukrainian Nationalists


Here I will demonstrate that the nascent Russian imperial state and their Novorussian proxies are not friends or allies of European Nationalists or of “far-right” ideology.

I will further refute the notion that the Ukrainian Nationalists and patriots are somehow all Jews, or supporters of Zionism, or desirous of union with the Atlanticist powers.

On the contrary, I will argue that the ideological principles that the Ukrainian nationalists are fighting for represent the true Third Way between the false Atlanticist/Russophile dichotomy presented as reality by apologists for Putin’s regime. Though their success is far from guaranteed, I will assert that the Ukrainian National Socialists, and moreso what they stand for, represent the only true alternative to the current Judaized internationalist powers.



The “Novorussians” that Ukrainians are fighting are Natbol/Neo-Soviet imperialists, who only live in Eastern Ukraine because of Soviet demographic imperialism (i.e. white genocide) such as the suppression of the Ukrainian language and culture and the subsidization of Russian immigrants into Ukraine [1]. This on top of the Holodomor that killed 10 million Ukrainians, orchestrated by the USSR under Stalin and his Jewish lackeys like Lazar Kaganovich [2]. The Russian “separatists” don’t just want to take the two eastern provinces, but half the country, conveniently cutting Ukraine off from the sea (a death sentence for an economically stagnant post-war nation)[3]. The “separatists” are supported by Russian soldiers in the form of ethnic Mongols, Buryats and Kazakhs [4] (not just “native” Tatars as has been asserted, as if using the descendents of Turco-Muslim conquerers who live in Crimea would be any better), as well as Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechens [5] (it’s not all “whites fighting whites” as some Nationalist detractors claim).

As if the entire “nation” of Novorussia, a totally “grassroots” and “organic” initiative (that sprang up out of nowhere in the past 2 years) won’t just be folded into the Neo-Soviet empire like Crimea. Novorussian commander Igor Girkin claims to be the one responsible for starting the conflict in the East, as well as admits to being an FSB agent [6]. He has also fought for Russian state interests in Chechnya, Bosnia, and Moldova. [7] The idea that the Novorussian rebellion is a grassroots ethnic or racial nationalist uprising, rather than a concerted imperialistic effort on the part of Russia, is hogwash.

Modern Russian “patriotism” is focused on nostalgia for the Soviet Union [8] [9], a regime Russians are largely nostalgic for.[10] [11] True Russian Nationalists are locked up [12], and Putin, the “white savior,” just made Holocaust Revision illegal [13]. On May 1st Russians, organized by the state, line the streets with their Red Hammer & Sickle flags [14] [15]. Ukrainians destroy statues of Lenin, Russian “nationalists” of the Novorussian/Dugin/Putin stripe revere them.[16] Indeed, when Russia’s smaller neighbors seek to rid themselves of the relics of their history under Soviet tyranny, the Russian state intervenes and attempts to coerce them into doing otherwise. [17]

Putin himself has praised the Soviet Union. Medvedev, who certainly spoke for him, said that they want to rebuild Russia based on the values of the USSR. In the same speech, they also praised the Soviet Union’s Multiculturalism. [18] When Putin gave a state of the union speech in December 2013, he affirmed deracinated civic nationalism along Jacobin lines. [19] Putin Nationalist supporters, such as Andrew Anglin, claim that Putin has been good for Russia [20], but such a position is based on a very credulous acceptance of Russian state propaganda, when in reality there is every indication that the “rise” of Russia is paper-thin. [21] As far as praising Putin for raising Russia’s birth-rate, as Anglin does, there is no actual indication that it was ethnic Russians who are responsible for that rise – the birthrates in Russia are substantially higher in the non-Russian provinces and Oblasts than they are in the ethnically Russian ones [22].



1_Ukr_vEIYAASZYVCommunist militants from across the world [23] [24] [25] have all flocked to fight for the Novorussians the same way true European Nationalists have volunteered to fight for Ukraine. Antifa throughout Europe have shown solidarity with them. [26] The Colombian Marxist guerrilla group the FARC has also expressed its support for the Novorussian separatists. [27] Novorussian commanders have stated that their committment is to their Soviet military heritage and that their fight is against “Nazis” and “racism,” for “internationalism.”[28] Novorussian commander Igor Bezler has stated that his fight in Ukraine is a fight against “fascists.” [29] The unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic set up their new legislature along Soviet lines, even calling it “The People’s Soviet of Donetsk.” [30]

The lies of the Duginists and National Bolshevisks that the Novorussians and Putin are representatives of white Nationalism and Traditionalism, instead of Neo-Soviet imperialism and Islamic Multiculturalism, have unfortunately been swallowed whole by a huge section of the current Nationalist/Traditionalist/Alternative Right. They are anything but.

Alexander Dugin is the main ideological force behind the Eurasianists/4th Positionists. He is also one of two figureheads of “National Bolshevism.” National Bolshevism categorically condemns any sort of “racism,” “fascism,” and “nationalism.” [31] Dugin also has the ear of Putin, and despite his recent dismissel as Putin’s advisor, can definitely be considered as speaking for Putin in regards to his sympathies with the third world and desire to resurrect a multiracial neo-Soviet empire [32].

Dugin is a fan of Jewry and considers the Jew Gershom Scholem one of the “greatest traditionalist thinkers.” [33]

Here are some more quotes from Dugin:

“I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization – its cultural values and false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – there were no benefits. Everything is leading to the start of anti-White pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia is saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression, and suppressing everyone else, besides MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of White civilization, which is necessary to get rid of. So, I am for reds, yellows, greens and blacks, but not for Whites. I’m wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.” [34]

“The Western civilization is a racist, ethnocentric civilization. Every Westerner is a racist… But my opinion is: the civilizations of the West and the East are completely different. The Eastern one is superior in respect to defending herself against the Western racism… The Western European ethnocentrism is a constant… All European philosophers are racists…”

“We Russians are no nationalists, we never were a nation. When we speak of the ‘Ours,’ it isn’t meant ethnic. The Chechen or the Uzbek are also included…”

“Eurasia – that’s Russia and her partners. Turkey, Iran, China, India. The post-Soviet space, which even includes Mongolia…”

SPIEGEL: You say: “There are no critics of the Putinistic course anymore. And if there are critics, they are mentally ill, and they must be sent in the control of doctors. Putin is everything, Putin is indispensable.” Is that really by you?

Dugin: “Yes.” [35]

Dugin affirms the Holocaust Myth as having actually happened, and considers any white racial solidarity to be evil and genocidal:

“What comes to the myth of ‘the solidarity of the White race,’ it is a complete utopia that leads not only to the Holocaust of the Jews, but also to a genocide of the Slavs. The remains of the Third Reich are a basis for this miserable, contradictory and completely false conception. … I am certain that many non-White peoples of Eurasia are a thousandfold closer to us in spirit and culture than Americans. In this question I am 100% affirmative with the visions of [Eurasianist thinker] L.Gumilev.” [36]

Dugin: a Zionist Communist LARPing as a fascist

It’s very clear that the ideological foundations of the Novorussian separatist movement are anything but traditional and right-wing. They have the unanimous support of Communists, Anarchists, and anti-Fascists from across the world. Dugin, Putin and major Novorussian figures have all consistently condemned not only National Socialism and Fascism, but also the general principle of nationalism, the white race, and all of European civilization.  Their interests are the resurrection of the Russian empire along Soviet lines, with all the internationalist, multiracialist implications that such a plan entails.

The assumption by traditionalist Orthodox Christian nationalists that the Russian side of the conflict has their interests at heart is likewise very misguided – the Russian state seeks to imperialize and suppress the non-Russian Orthodox Christian churches the same way it seeks to imperialize and suppress non-Russian Slavic nations. [37]


Regarding the accusation that the current Atlanticist junta in Kiev is uniquely Jewed, this is just patently false. Jewish oligarchs who hold power now worked eagerly with the Russian-oriented regimes of the past. Jewish billionaire brothers Andriy and Serhiy Klyulev, who ran Ukraines largest financial institutions, served in the government of Viktor Yanyukovich, as members of the pro-Russian Party of Regions [38]. Andriy got his political start in Donetsk Oblast [39]. The Ukrainian Jewish billionaire Viktor Vekselberg is head of the Russian conglomerate Renova Group, and is very close to Putin’s government. [40]

So the claim that the Kiev Junta represents Jewish interests, but that the pro-Russian Ukrainian government only represented ethnic Ukrainian or Russian interests, is an outright falsehood. Both regimes were and are totally Jewed, just like Putin himself is. [41] [42] Far from being unsympathetic to Jewish concerns, Putin attacks the Ukrainian separatists as “fascists” and “anti-Semites” as if being so is a bad thing. [43]Defenders of Putin will argue that he isn’t really sincere when he says that, but is just trying to work public opinion in his favor. That may be so, but to imply that justifies it, is to support the interests of a Jew-compromised neo-Soviet state, over and above the interests of the European race and European civilization. It also endorses an anti-national, pro-communist, pro-Jewish narrative of history that no traditionalist or nationalist should be endorsing. Indeed, in light of such statements from Putin, and coupled with his actions against Nationalism in Russia (see above), the only rational conclusion to make is that the interests of Putin’s Russia are inimicable to the interests of Ethnonationalists and European traditionalists.

Supporters of Putin and Novorussia also like to point to reports that the Ukrainian paramilitaries have wantonly committed war crimes against civilians. Never mind that the reports are speculation and hearsay, and that at this point nothing has been concretely ascertained about the alleged perpetrators of said war crimes – the hysterical and credulous tone taken by Novorussian supporters about these supposed “genocidal” crimes can only hurt the interests of the white race. They take on the shrill, hysterical tone so recognizable from Jews and other lovers of modernity when they talk about white history and white racial solidarity. They accept at face value one-sided claims from less-than-reliable sources simply because those claims endorse their preferred narrative. And they ignore reports of the exact same kind of behavior being committed by the Novorussians they support. [44] Those making accusations of “war crimes” against Ukrainian nationalists as if the existence of those accusations justify supporting Russia’s neo-Soviet imperialism only make evident their own intellectual bankruptcy.

Nationalists have claimed that the presence of an Israeli soldier during the Maidan riots [45], leading a group of fighters against the police, delegitimizes the entire spectrum of Ukrainian nationalists. This despite the fact that said Israeli had nothing to do with the post-Maidan military developments such as the Azov battalion – the only party this Israeli was associated with was the Svoboda party, which is a kosher-nationalist party that has no bearing on the patriotic Ukrainians and European Nationalist volunteers who almost two years hence are waging an armed struggle in defense of their nation from Russian imperialism. It’s true that Dmitry Yarosh of Right Sector met with an Israeli envoy at the opening of the conflict over a year ago, but this single incident has been far overblown. [46] Nothing about it indicates that the Battalions like Azov, that draw recruits from Right Sector, are controlled by Jews or fight for Jewish interests. Their words and deeds have belied that claim. Furthermore, the insistance that tenuous, tangential associations necessarily equate to a direct chain of hierarchy and shared interest is based on a simplistic, black-and-white view of the world, that ignores the complexities of geopolitics and denies actors in the conflict any agency.


Azov’s Nationalists  volunteers Freedom Fighters

Azov have repeatedly reputiated the Atlanticist West and Global Jewry, in strongest of terms [47] [48] [49]. Their words and deeds speak for themselves. Their fight is not against the Russian people or true Russian nationalists (who would never support the USSR and who Putin throws in jail) but with Bolsheviks, Communists, and assorted Turco-Muslim ethnic groups who do the Tsars bidding against their racial enemies just like they always have. Their fight is not for the “west” or “Jewry” as Eastern propagandists claim, but for their nation, for their race, and for Europe. [50] They don’t seek to imperialize Europe like Russia or the Atlantic money powers do, but to act as a vanguard of the awakening of European racial and ethnic nationalism. [51] They were never fighting for the Kiev junta, but for their nation – they had to deal with the Kiev junta to get money and arms. But that doesn’t mean that Azov and the nationalists are fighting for the Kiev junta’s agenda, anymore than ISIS is fighting for the American government just because they have been armed by them. Indeed, the Kiev junta has repeatedly betrayed the Ukrainian patriots [52] [53] – the Jewish regime occupying Ukraine fears that the militias they have funded to protect their interests will turn on them, and with good reason. [54]

Come home, White Man!


The only pro-white “faction” who have a consistent and practical programme, ready to put into action, and who put their lives on the line for their ideals[55][56], are the National Socialists.

As the conservatives sit around wringing their hands, lamenting how vulgar and plebian it would be to take any action in their own defense; As the traditionalist types spend their time competing to be the biggest hipster, with references to ever more obscure and irrelevant [57] figures who never-the-less make for some good social signalling; As Christians sit back waxing nostalgic about a new crusade, fantasizing about different ways to slaughter unbelieving whites while their church uses its infrastructure to convert Negros [58] and makes calls to solidarity with non-white people of faith[59][60]; the National Socialists put their money where their mouths are, spending their blood fighting the many-headed hydra that is Jewry.

And of course, they are condemned for it, by the aforementioned conservatives and traditionalists and Christians, who would rather side with the internationalist and even Communist forces arrayed against the National Socialists (sound familiar?). They are content to find any excuse to condemn the National Socialists, no matter how minor and petty, and will reach deeper and deeper into their sack of obfuscations to come up with a justification for anything said or done by the internationalist side – projecting their own preferences and goals onto the Russian state and then stretching whatever they can in order to validate it. In doing so they prove that their prosaic obsessions, whether with economic minutae, long-obsolete Medievalisms, or faith in a crucified Jew, are more important to them than the white race or European civilization.

Those who love the white race, and who desire to see a future in Europe for white women and white children, will support the National Socialists. Those who care more for historical internationalistic contingencies and romantic Zionist imperialistic flights of nostalgia will support the neo-Soviets, or stay quiet. Hopefully most of them at least choose the latter.

Russian military emblems and equipment among the Novorussian forces. Clearly not a grassroots movement.
The United Armed Forces of Novorossiya operate an International Battalion that has attracted socialist and communist volunteers of all races.
The liberal media, boxed in by their narrow overton window, refers to National Bolsheviks as a collection of “Nazis” and “Communists,” but as everyone knows, Communists would never align themselves with actual Nazis and actual Nationalists. They are not “Nazis,” but National Bolsheviks – key word being Bolshevik.
More on the blatantly internationalist and pro-Soviet iconography of the Eurasianist faction.
Novorussians destroying Ukrainian national and ethnic symbols, just like their communist forefathers did. Note this is far different from the destruction of Lenin statues by Ukrainians. The latter is not an attack on Russia, but only on the Judeo-Soviet regime and ideology. Russians who claim attacks on Lenin are an attack on their Nation only show that they are still wedded to the Communist Soviet Union, and thus are no friends of Nationalists anywhere.
Putin, Dugin, and the Novorussian communists do not want to bring down the global Jewish system; they just want to become yet another ‘pole’ who can influence and partake in the system.


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