Λούις Χολ: Η Φύση Της Συνομωσίας — Lewis Hall: The Nature Of The Conspiracy…! (Photo)




By Lewis Hall

General Secretary Harold Covington is absolutely correct when he says that the primary problem which Aryan man faces today is to reinvent and reinvigorate his own racial personality. However, Aryan man does indeed have some very dangerous enemies, and these enemies operate from a position of power without parallel in world history. The racially aware Whites I meet hold many differing viewpoints, depending on what they’ve read, what their positions on things like religion, economics, National Socialism, and the Constitution are, etc., but there seems to be little in the way of a clear picture of why things are the way they are in this country, who’s doing what, and the motivations of our enemy.

When someone enters the Movement, they are immediately confronted with a wide variety of conspiracy theories on the nature of the enemy. Just saying “it’s the damned Jews” won’t cut it. The problem is a lot more complex than that. The first thing we need to understand is that the most dangerous of our enemies are not Jews per se but a small group of people, mostly men but an increasing number of women as well, some of whom are Jewish and some of whom are not, but all of whom share certain common goals which are antithetical to the survival of our race as well as to basic human decency. These people between them control a collective worldwide reserve of wealth so vast that it is probably beyond measure and certainly beyond the power of the ordinary man to encompass in his mind.

What has happened to America is due to the activities of this kind of people and their predecessors, activities which date certainly from the nineteenth and possibly from as early as the eighteenth century, depending on whether or not you buy the Illuminati story. (I do not question the Illuminati influence on the French Revolution; I do question whether or not a provable link can be established between that period and the rise of finance capital as a political power in the United States and Europe beginning about 1850 or so.)

These activities, both economic and political, involve a wide range of factors. What are these factors and how have they interacted in order to create the atrocious mess we have in the world today?

Is it all a great, huge conspiracy on the part of the Jews or other sinister forces to destroy the White race of people? No. It’s a good deal more complicated than that. I have read pretty much all the available literature on the subject of The Great Conspiracy. Here’s my take on it.

First the $64,000 Question: is there a sinister group of conspirators who periodically meet in secret to plot the destruction of Aryan man? The answer has to be both yes, and no. Many people would say that the overlapping Bilderberg group, the Trilaterals, the CFR, the ultra-rich and powerful crowd that gathers at Bohemian Woods and so forth, would fill that bill. It is true that the formulation and the active implementation of violently racially destructive policies against the White peoples of the world are a large part of their agenda. But they are not ALL the agenda. What you have to realize is that to these incredibly rich and powerful people, the destruction of the White man is a means, not an end.

What groups like the Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, etc. are after is power. World power. These men and women literally want to rule the world, and they have come closer to it than any mere Genghis Khan ever came. They view the destruction of the Aryan race and all races as a vitally necessary part of their plan, just as they view the destruction of all existing religions as an equally vital part of their scenario. True, there is a good deal of specifically anti-Aryan hatred which has been injected into this witches’ brew of madness and arrogant, grasping ambition by the extensive Jewish element within these complex power structures, but this is secondary to the principal goal of amassing control of all wealth and all state power on this planet.

The destruction of race and religion is necessary to the implementation of this cruel and monstrous agenda because, as Winston Smith has said in the past, these plutocratic capitalists share a vital attribute with the Marxists: they view man as an economic animal, as livestock, an organic unit of production and consumption devoid of any separate personality, spiritual elements, or individual rights. (One of the things I like about Harold is that he seems to be one of the few people in the Movement who has any real understanding of just what we’re fighting against and who the enemy really is, both the enemy within and the enemy outside ourselves.)

Things like race and religion and nationality and ethnicity are wasteful and inefficient, from the viewpoint of the Anglo-Zionist plutocracy. They distract people from their true function in life, which is making mega-profits for huge multinational conglomerates through their labor and through buying products. Therefore, such annoying distractions as race and religion and ethnicity and national borders are to be abolished. It is a plan breathtaking in its simplicity and in its unspeakably arrogant disrespect for Nature, God, and the human spirit.

Our future has been mapped out for us. The world of the next century is to be transformed into one great, tacky global consumer plantation, ruled by a small financial and technological elite and populated with masses of raceless, cultureless, pliable brown wage slaves who are born and raised for the sole purpose of labor, and who are slopped like hogs with cheap consumer goods until they become too old to work and are then euthanized so the elite aren’t burdened with the expense of their upkeep in old age. (Did you catch Dr. Kevorkian’s latest press conference?)

How did such a monstrous conspiracy come about? What are its historical roots? For the sake of simplicity we will leave aside for the moment the century-long battle between the two great branches of Judaic materialism, capitalism and Marxism, and concentrate on how the Conspiracy developed here in this country. It goes without saying that the following summary is very much simplified, but briefly it went something like this:

Beginning in the era of Woodrow Wilson, American capitalism and what might be called Eastern Establishment liberalism recognized certain common interests and formed an alliance of convenience which, albeit fraught with friction and factional warfare, continues to this day. This was not a case of the two groups sitting down like Cosa Nostra crime families and dividing up the turf; it was a long process which took several decades. At first this tenuous alliance between Ivy League do-gooders and mega-rich robber barons was less the product of conscious policy than of mutual self-interest leading to certain behavior patterns developing.

For example, in the 1920s the capitalists were scared witless of Bolshevik revolution in this country and they found an alliance with Wilsonian liberals (and gangsters) to create docile, controllable, mildly socialist but basically harmless labor unions like the AFL and CIO to be the lesser of two evils, along with grudging increases in pay and betterment of working conditions in order to stave off serious trouble on the factory floor. True, there were glitches and occasional very violent and costly strikes and lockouts; the largely unspoken and unadmitted alliance was not perfect. It never has been. But no serious threat to the Fords and Carnegies and Rockefellers has ever developed in this country, and that was the objective.

Both elements of this monstrous dichotomy were of course heavily infiltrated with Jews, and in addition the liberal half was riddled with out-and-out Marxism implanted by the Comintern in Soviet Russia. (Yes, I know this seems contradictory. It was contradictory and that fact did not escape notice at the time; if the rattled Comintern hadn’t started preaching “Popular Front” type activity against the rising forces of National Socialism and Fascism, the whole thing might have fallen apart.)

The classic example of the way all the various elements overlapped in practice to form one single alloyed Establishment may be seen in the life and career of Soviet spy and convicted perjurer Alger Hiss. The whole unholy hybrid may be summed up in a single word: Rockefeller.

Both capitalism and liberalism made the decision to pursue their twin agendas in tandem: capitalism sought unlimited profit while liberalism sought to implement its social and racial agenda and transform the nature of mankind itself from human to insectoid. Liberalism was given the green light by capitalism to do this on the understanding that there would be no serious ssault on the multinationals or interference with profits. It needs to be understood that capitalism has always possessed the power to crush liberalism at any time, and that capitalism still to this day retains the power to crush liberalism at any time. (Of that fascinating possibility, more anon.)

Neither of the two ideological partners in crime were encumbered with a single scruple, neither of them had any loyalty to America as normal people understand the term, and neither gave a tinker’s damn who was hurt in the process. Since the White majority had the greatest stake in the old Republic, it was the White majority who suffered most when the Republic was corroded and destroyed.

In 1933 this combine, the original ZOG, managed to seize state power in a bloodless coup d’etat by electing Franklin D. Roosevelt as president. They have been in power ever since, maintaining control through the Roosevelt-established bureaucracy and the corrupt judicial and legislative branches of government even when “conservative” Republican presidents have been in office. In 1935 Roosevelt’s only possible presidential rival, the charismatic populist Senator “Kingfish” Huey Long from Louisiana, was assassinated by the Conspiracy and after that it was plain sailing. There would never be another serious electoral challenge to the Establishment until Pat Buchanan came along.

During Roosevelt’s four terms in office the Conspiracy managed to accomplish almost all of its objectives. They seized control of the national economy and split it in more or less equal shares between the state and the multinationals of the time. They instigated a war which destroyed the two main international stumbling blocks to their ambitions, National Socialist Germany and the Asian empire of Japan. The millions of human beings who died in this war have never troubled their sleep at all. They created the United Nations as the blueprint for the future world government which would take over once all national sovereignty was abolished. The Jews got their “cut” in the form of the land of Palestine, which they wanted to fulfill their messianic racial delusions. I suspect that was one deal the Conspiracy wishes it had never made; Israel has been nothing but trouble and a stumbling block to their consolidation of world power ever since.

There were two flies in the ointment, one of them widely recognized by historians and one almost unremembered. The first was when Uncle Joe Stalin refused to join the Conspiracy and brought the Iron Curtain crashing down. The Cold War caused a delay of almost fifty years in the creation of the New World Order which should have been imposed after 1945, according to the original timetable laid out in the 1930s by the first Roosevelt/Hiss generation of Conspirators.

The second check occurred earlier, in 1935, when Franklin Roosevelt’s attempt permanently to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with liberals by adding ten more justices to be appointed by him was defeated, the last real victory the United States Congress ever won for the American people before it became totally corrupt. If the Conspiracy had managed to pull this off then the Constitution would have been destroyed overnight and some form of overt “social democratic” régime would have been created. (Social Democracy is the European term for a formal political alliance between liberalism and capitalism.) As things were, the Conspirators were forced to slowly, almost imperceptibly chip away at the Constitutionuntil the 1950s when they finally got their liberal majority on the Court.

Down through the years the Conspiracy has gone through a number of metamorphoses. Ingredients like 1960s radicalism, environmentalism, feminism, organized sodomy, an obsessive Zionism in foreign policy which demands complete subservience to Israel, the civil rights industry and the culture of victimhood, all of these and a hundred other variations on the idiotic liberal theme have left their impression. Capitalism’s contributions to the ongoing Conspiracy have included several minor wars, unlimited Third World immigration, the “liberation” of millions of women into the workforce to increase the labor pool in order to keep wages down, and other bits and pieces related to the pursuit of unlimited profit.

The Conspiracy is still essentially an alliance between the liberal intelligentsia and the most ruthless elements of plutocracy, each with their respective Jewish cohorts, but it has grown and mutated into bizarre shapes which would probably have even Franklin Roosevelt turning in his grave, although no doubt his wife Eleanor would have approved. Indeed, Eleanor Roosevelt may be called the first “modern” liberal as we would recognize the term. Arguably the ugliest woman whose existence has been documented since the invention of photography, she was ugly in her soul as well. She is one of the few characters in American history who may honestly be said to have not one single redeeming feature.

She was one of the first of our nation’s ruling elite openly to flaunt her personal sexual perversion, including a lesbian lover installed for her in the White House. (Bootleg recordings from the 1940s of some of Eleanor Roosevelt’s lesbian trysts in bugged hotel rooms, originally picked up by J. Edgar Hoover’s men on wax cylinders and wire recorders, are hot items still played behind closed doors at Republican fund-raisers, to the general merriment.) She was the first openly to advocate the idea that blacks were allegedly “equal” to Whites, something which even the most rabid leftist in the Establishment had shied away from suggesting before then.

Before Eleanor Roosevelt the social and racial aspects of the Conspiracy were underground, largely unspoken, and not fully understood or accepted by the people involved. In a career spanning over forty decades of working through every Communist front group and liberal schmooze imaginable, Eleanor got it all organized, brought it out into the open, and in essence created what we know today as the religion of liberal secular humanism. Racial equality and integration, the U.N., the takeover of child-raising by the state, appeasement of every Communist régime and insurgency, the destruction of the traditional family—-the whole ball was set rolling by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Whittaker Chambers, the nemesis of Alger Hiss whose grave is still spat on by the Left at regular intervals, defined the struggle as one of God versus Man for supremacy of the world. National Socialists would say Nature versus the Unnatural, but we understand what Chambers meant. Eleanor Roosevelt in her long career was the High Priestess of the New World Order, long before that term was ever thought of. When Hillary Clinton was having her séances in the White House, it is indeed appropriate that it was the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt she was trying to summon.

The Conspiracy is not today and never has been one single, unified movement. It is a collection of special interests, belief systems, and trends which have flowed in the same direction like a river but which is comprised of water from a number of tributary streams.

In a way this is bad—-a single organized tyranny can always be overthrown, eventually. A whole social, historical movement is much harder to divert, halt, and reverse. But it can be done. Don’t ever think that it can’t be done! These people are not invincible and their victory is not inevitable.

First off, we need to realize that this Conspiracy, this unholy alliance between liberalism and capitalism, is an aberration. It is not natural. It is something that has sprung up as a matter of convenience over the past three generations but it could very easily be broken. The goals of capitalism and liberalism are in the long run mutually exclusive. The liberals are ideological, seeking the creation of a Utopia on earth, however twisted their vision may be to normal people, while the capitalists are pragmatic and interested only in economics. Eventually the contradictions between these two fundamentally different approaches to life will be impossible to paper over.

There are signs that capitalism is coming to realize that the 60-year alliance with liberalism has reached the point of diminishing returns. The idea of transforming the population of the world into a great coffee-colored mass of industrial serfs may have sounded good over cocktails in the boardrooms and the salons of private yachts, but there is mounting evidence that the plan simply isn’t working in practice, evidence where it counts—-the bottom line. Liberalism has committed a mighty sin, from the point of view of the magnates of finance: it is no longer profitable. The trouble and expense which the implementation of the great Agenda is causing has begun to outweigh the profits. The whole gargantuan, generation-spanning Grand Plan has stumbled over the one great fact of life in the human experience: the reality of race.

You see, the races of mankind are NOT equal. Blacks are NOT as intelligent or as industrious or as manageable as Whites. This is the reason why service labor in this country is now largely imported from the Third World; blacks simply won’t do the work any more. The welfare system has become a drain on the Establishment’s wealth which is no longer acceptable, hence the so-called “welfare reform” movement which, stripped of verbiage, is an effort to get blacks back onto the plantation and make them work and produce profits and taxes—an attempt which will fail.

The destruction of the family which has been created by forcing (mostly White) women into the workforce has started to produce unpleasant and unprofitable results in the form of expensive social chaos and a deterioration in the intelligence and competence of the workforce which is inconsistent with continuing profit. The petty wars of Reagan, Bush, and Clinton have kept the military-industrial complex going but we still have not been able to attain Vietnam-era prosperity; the financial drain caused by our racial and social problems is too great. The judicial and administrative machinery is breaking down.

It is very difficult to assess just how the Conspiracy works in practice, but we can be sure that somewhere, in some skyscraper conference room of some corporate giant, accountants with computer printouts are having worried conferences with the men who actually rule the world, charting the downward trend of the bottom line. I believe it is possible to detect in our masters’ demeanor a distinct awareness on their part that something must be done. What they intend to do about it all over the next few years will be fascinating to watch.

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