Γκέρι Φρέντερικς – Μία Ανάλυση Περί Τον Αδόλφο Χίτλερ — Gerry Frederics – An Analysis About Adolf Hitler…! (Photo)



By Gerry Frederics

  • `Show me your friends and I show you who you are´.

  • `Show me your enemies and I show you who you are´.

  • `Show me your actual deeds and I show you who you are´.

NO legal successor to Hitler or to his government EVER signed a surrender agreement! Who surrendered was:

  • The Wehrmacht – Army – (out of manpower, ammunition, food and medical supplies and having exhausted all sources of manpower having fought against a monstrous numerical/material superiority for over 5 years.)

  • The Luftwaffe – Air Force – (for all intents and purposes non-existent in 1945 after a 5 year struggle against all odds.)

  • The Kriegsmarine – Navy – (w/out leadership, war ships, fuel and a terribly decimated submarine fleet, no longer a viable military force.)

  • NOT EVEN the military surrender was complete because the Waffen-SS did not sign either! Their leader Heinrich Himmler was murdered by British Intelligence Operatives during an `interrogation´ and no other SS-official, whether from the military branch (Waffen-SS) or from the civilian branches (SS-Ahnenerbe) signed anything; in short, according to ALL International laws, agreements and norms, Hitler-Germany as a whole DID NOT SURRENDER.

  • This realization is of profound importance since it deals with the International Law of Nations, a fact not even German-haters and the veritable army of distracters from the truth can argue with.

Hitler´s unequalled greatness in innumerable disciplines is attested to by the fact that his enemies have for over 80 years done everything in their power to destroy and to de-humanize him; had he been merely an `evil´ personality, he would have long been forgotten. His alleged `evil´ would not have to be repeated incessantly via every means at the disposal of the true enemies of mankind.

  • `No political leader in history had a keener interest in art or was a more enthusiastic booster of his nation´s musical and artistic heritage than Adolf Hitler. He was a man of real artistic talent and discernment. He drew his great inspiration and identified with the heroic figures of European legend who fought to liberate their peoples from tyranny.´ Source: Antony Charles. This is a nom de guerre of an American intellectual (doctorate in history) who has taught at various universities, written numerous historical treatises and currently lives in North Carolina, working for an American governmental agency.

The amount of malicious defamation which has been and is being relentlessly promoted about him would fill the National Library of a major nation and this is not the place to argue with the Satanic Powers which have attempted to destroy his reputation. To this day his name evokes awe and wonder in millions of every race, creed and religion, of every civilization extant; his book `Mein Kampf´ is the second most read book (after the New Testament) in the world and sells briskly to this day, mostly under the counter in every country on earth, especially Islamic ones!
It sells without the support of any organization, despite repression and prohibitions! The Bible on the other hand has to be constantly re-interpreted and promoted in every church and most hotel rooms (!) on earth. NO ONE has to promote `Mein Kampf´; the more difficult it is to obtain, the more people want to read it!

  • He was a certified war hero and was lauded by his superiors as well as his buddies as an uncommonly brave soldier, always ready to help, to sacrifice and risk his life for one of his comrades.

  • His integrity was unequalled, his honesty legendary; what he said he would do and indeed he did – without fail; he was demonstrably incorruptible.

He was morally and culturally vastly superior to any other head of any other government and a list of his admirers reads like a `Who is Who´ in the 1930´s. His aims coincided with those of the great Roman philosopher, essayist and writer Cicero who said that the ¨law´s primary duty¨ must be the well-being of the people and Hitler-inspired laws were invariably designed to benefit the German nation AND the animal world without infringing on the rights of others:

  • He was the ultimate positivist.

  • He was uncommonly decent and polite.

  • He was the quintessential animal lover.

  • He was a noble person, radically opposed to all vivisection, animal experimentation, the horror of kosher butchering and adamantly opposed to all forms of parasitism. One of his more memorable statements was: `ANY productive work, no matter how lowly is honorable; only living off the efforts of other people is dishonorable´.


Following is a short list of Hitler´s friends and unabashed admirers:

  • Knut Hamsun, Norwegian writer of renown and arguably one of the greatest in Western Civilization. Despite the most vicious attacks on him after 1945, including a death sentence by a Norwegian `court´, he never recanted, he never denounced his love of Hitler.

  • George Bernard Shaw, Irish play-write.

  • Alfred Cortot, Swiss-French, the hands-down greatest pianist of the past 110 year.

  • Dinu Lipatti, Rumanian, another giant of the keyboard. His life was cut short by cancer at the age of 34.

  • Leni Riefenstahl, German, the arguably greatest movie director of the 20th.Century, as a young child a dancing sensation and as a young women a beautiful actress.

  • Rosita Serrano, Chilean, a breathtaking beauty, actress and popular singer who never renounced even though she could have earned millions had she done so. As it was, she died alone, maligned, hated and desperately poor in her native Chile.

  • Hanna Reitsch, German, the first person to fly a helicopter, the first person to successfully fly a rocket fighter plane (after 6 male pilots had been killed trying – she volunteered!), she crossed the Alps in a glider and flew in and out of burning besieged Berlin using a street under artillery fire as a runway. She also could have made millions but showed an iron-clad integrity and never renounced.

  • Elly Beinhorn, German, beautiful world-record holding aviatrix; she crossed the Andes at their highest peak in the 1930´s , a feat then thought to have been impossible; wife of Formula One World Champion Bernd Rosemeyer; again, a women possessed of unshakable integrity.

  • Alexis Carrell, French, one of the greatest medical minds of the 20th.Century; he died in 1944, before the Communist French Lumpenproletariat could murder him, which is what had been officially planned.

  • David Lloyd George, English, WW-1 Prime Minister of Britain, a former Germanaphobe who turned into one of the staunchest admirers of Hitler.

  • Carl Jung, Swiss-German, world-famed psychoanalyst who said: `Hitler was a spiritual vessel – he was a demi-God, a divinity.

  • Max Schmeling, German, heavy weight boxer, world champion, pound-for-pound the best boxer who has ever lived. He lost the famous bout against the 10 year younger (!) Joe Louis because Joe Louis had inadvertently hit him below the belt-line, damaging Schmeling´s kidney. At any other time in history under any other circumstance, Schmeling would have been awarded the fight. He, a man with unshakable integrity, volunteered for the paratroopers and participated in the battle of Crete during which he was badly wounded. In the 1950´s he came to the aid of his former foe, Joe Louis and paid his taxes, monies which had been embezzled by his Jewish lawyer-manager. Thusly he saved `The Brown Bomber´ from going to prison for tax-evasion; Joe Louis did not even comprehend what he was accused of. THAT is how the Americans treated their hero after he had outlived his usefulness – and THAT is how the German Max Schmeling treated his former foe, turned friend. THAT is called integrity.

  • Ezra Pound, American, poet, essayist and political activist, close friend of Benito Mussolini, great admirer of Adolf Hitler and utterly convinced Fascist (rather than National Socialist – contrary to popular belief there IS a difference). It was Ezra Pound who re-discovered the works of a long-forgotten Italian composer whose name was Antonio Vivaldi! After WW-2 he was arrested, put on trial and convicted of treason in the USA; his sentence was 10 years in an insane asylum (shades of the Jewish-Bolshevik justice system). After his release, he returned to his first love – Italy. He never recanted his admiration for Hitler, National Socialism, Mussolini or Fascism, countering his critics with ice-cold disdain and in-depth intellectual argumentation they could not even begin to counter. It is said he was the greatest prose-writer of the English language in the 20th.Century.

  • Colin Jordan, English, politician, political activist, leader of the British National Socialists after WW-2. Despite persecution and non-stop harassment he never recanted or denounced his love of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler´s system racial theories* and social justice.

*In fact, Hitler´s racial theories were not his but rather were de rigueur amongst intellectuals world-wide since at least the times of Charles Darwin.

  • John F. Kennedy, American, soldier, writer, senator, politician, President of the USA 1960 to 1963. He was an openly ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler. It was Pres. Kennedy who invited Wernher von Braun and his 100 German rocket-scientists to the White House for a State Dinner; I think that it was during that dinner that President Kennedy solidified his plans that America would go to the moon for it was after this event that he made his decision known. Besides his admiration for Hitler/Germany and his honoring the German rocket scientists, he also made it known that he was going to `pull the plug´ on American involvement in Viet Nam; these twin decisions made him many implacable enemies who decided he had to go. Exactly who assassinated him we will never know, but it is a sure bet that world Jewry at least played a major role, for they are the ONLY group on earth who could have pulled it off; none of the other `accused´ ones had nearly the financial and/or political clout.

  • Jesse Owens, American, athlete who admired Hitler openly and praised him as a Great Man after the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This is another American hero who was repaid by his country by publically humiliating him via forcing him to earn his living as a `freak´; he had to appear at State Fairs ————running against horses.

  • Charles Lindbergh, American, heroic air-travel pioneer and soldier. He as early as 1934 recognized Hitler´s greatness and became a life-long admirer of his. One of his proudest moments came in 1941 in Des Moines when he gave a rousing anti-war speech to tens-of-thousands of American of like mind. He too never denounced, never turned on Hitler or on Germany. His integrity was iron-clad.

  • Houston Chamberlain, English, author, essayist and historian of great import who due to his utmost loyalty to Hitler has been `swept down the hole of history.´

  • His Royal Highness, King Edward the 8th.of England who maintained a personal correspondence with Hitler for many years. It was his love of Germany and personal friendship with Hitler which is the REAL reason he was deposed and replaced with his retarded brother.

  • Savitri Devi (Maximiani Portas), Greek/English chemist, writer, social critic, linguist (fluent in Greek, French, English, German and Sanskrit), philosopher and animal rights activist extraordinaire who called Hitler `The Avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu´. She was inordinately influential in INTER-national circles of the National Socialist movement after WW-2. She died in poverty in England.

  • Francoise Dior, French socialite, political activist, close friend of Savitri Devi, niece to the famed fashion icon Christian Dior and first wife of British National Socialist leader Colin Jordan. Her love of Hitler took on a semi-religious tone during her first wedding ceremony. Her husband-to-be and she used `Mein Kampf´ as their wedding bible; they cut each other´s middle finger and co-mingled their blood on the pages of Hitler´s  great book as a symbol of everlasting devotion to each other and to the Hitler principals. Their devotion to each other did not last a life-time, but their separate devotion to Hitler did. She was a life-long National Socialist Thorn-in-the-side of the establishment which succeeded in imprisoning her for two years in Britain ostensibly for her smearing a synagogue with Swastikas, which considering her high level of culture, sense of civilization and her intelligence  was highly unlikely. After her release from prison she returned to her native France, never renouncing her semi-religious devotion to Hitler and his ideas.

  • Co Co Chanel, French, the original fashion icon. A lady of impeccable taste and refinement National Socialist French-style and great admirer of Hitler´s and his movement. She became lovers with Oberst (Colonel) Schellenberg, the top SS intelligence operative in Paris. In 1945 the French communists (financed throughout the war by the English and directed by Moscow) arrested her. First it was suggested she be killed; then cooler heads prevailed and it was suggested she be imprisoned. After much soul-searching it was decided that, due to her international reputation it would be better just to expel her – to Switzerland, where she lived in great comfort for a number of years, before returning to Paris; she never recanted her convictions.

  • Miguel Serrano, Chilean, diplomat, social critic, esoteric writer, thinker and close friend of Savitri Devi, Sven Hedin and Mahatma Gandhi. He, like his friends was an ardent Hitler-admirer until his death in the early part of the 21st.century; his convictions had cost him his political career yet he never wavered. He, a Chilean patriot of the first order and one of South America´s towering intellectuals died in virtual poverty. To add insult to injury, he an atheist, was given a Catholic funeral; this vile hypocrisy is typical of the Christian belief system generally.

  • Sven Hedin, Swedish, writer, explorer, thinker and linguist, member of the Nobel Prize Committee until he resigned in disgust at its servility toward World Jewry. It was Hedin who said: `With an intact Germany, Europe is safe whereas without it, Europe will disappear´ — and we see Europe disappearing right before our very eyes, being drowned in foreign, racial trash deliberately imported and protected via theinstitutionalized dishonesty of Holocaust-education, the blackmail of those who would reverse this disastrous trend and the installation* (oops, sorry `democratic elections´) of servile sycophantic servants of the New World Order as  `independent´ (pardon me while I puke) governments in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain and the USA.

*When the various populations stay away from the voting process for the most part (most people DO NOT vote) and only those who have been appointed by Jewish interests are allowed to run for office THAT is not democratic. Democracy as practiced today is no more than a `Smoke and Mirrors´ show, a scam, an incredible lie relentlessly promoted by the Hidden Hand.

And I quote Winston Churchill:`The best argument against democracy is a 5-minute conversation with the average voter.´

  • Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian, politician, soldier and statesman. He represented the interests of the British Government in the Soviet Union and was decorated with one of the highest orders of the British Empire, the CBE. Together with Herbert Hoover he organized the Ukrainian famine relief effort, thereby saving millions of lives.Graduated in first position from the Norwegian Military academy in 1911. His name has been vilified and his character so incessantly dehumanized and abused after WW-2 that to clear his name is quasi impossible. He was legally murdered after terrible tortures by Norwegian Bolsheviks in 1945. His last words were icy, disdainful and unrepentant; his integrity was, like that of practically all other Hitler admirers, inviolate.

  • Marshall Petain, French, savior of France in WW-1, president of Vichy France 1941 to 1944, abused and maligned by the Bolshevik part of the nation. He never recanted and verbally spit at his accusers. His faith, pride and belief in National Socialism French style, never wavered.

  • Tullio Mobiglia, Italian, jazz musician and violin teacher active in Berlin – and after 1945 at the Helsinki Conservatory in Finland. Mobiglia made the by far finest Italian jazz recordings in the `Rosita Bar´ Berlin in 1942! This very elegant bar was named after the `Chilean Nightingale´, Rosita Serrano.

  • Willie Stech, German, pianist extraordinaire and band leader of one of the finest Big Bands in the world until 1945. In 1943 he hired Lubo d´Oro, a Jewish tenor saxophonist to head the reed-section in his band. His orchestra was transferred to Prague in the fall of 1943 due to the air attacks on Berlin. His Big Band easily compared to Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller (ethnic German), Charlie Barnett or the Harry James bands – the best the USA had to offer; his entire band was either torture-murdered by Czech Bolsheviks in May 1945, or imprisoned in murderous Czech Concentration Camps, from which only very few emerged alive. Today his name is unknown and practically all recordings of his wild, swinging and yet elegant orchestra have been deliberately destroyed or (if the world is lucky) are kept under lock and key in some vault like so much of National Socialist creative art which has been made to disappear from official literature.

  • Alexander Solshenitsyn, Russian, writer of monumental historical works, some of which are so `controversial´ they have not been translated into the English language; he was one of the literary giants of the past century who documented Jewish mass-murder in the Bolshevik Gulag. His last book names the guilty (all Jews!) and draws conclusions without taking into account Jewish `feelings´; consequently his name is persona non grata today and efforts to erase his name from the official history of literature in the `democratic and free´ Western Countries have been largely successful.

  • Dr. Stêfan Tiso, Slovakian, politician, diplomat, President of Slovakia 1940 until 1945. He was arrested by the Bolsheviks in 1945 and sentenced to life imprisonment for his National Socialist beliefs and his friendship with Hitler and Germany. He died under mysterious circumstances in 1955 in some dungeon.*Considering he was a healthy, strong man of only 58 years of age, it is more than likely that he `was died´ over a 10-year period of deprivations, torture and mistreatment. He could have saved his life had he turned on Hitler, but died a terrible death rather than to betray his principals. There is a strong movement under way today in the early 21st.Century to rehabilitate his memory in Slovakia.

*So well hidden are the secrets of the vile Zeitgeist whore/pimp/history gangsters, that some sources claim Dr. Tiso was executed (murdered would certainly be a better word) in 1946; we shall never know the truth.

  • Marshall Pilsudski, Polish, President of Poland until 1936. Initially he had been poisoned (as are all Poles) and was extremely anti-German. This turned into admiration and a quasi friendship with Hitler. It was Pilsudski who was ready to form a lasting friendship based on mutual respect with Germany. Alas he died (or `was he died´ by the British Secret service? – a real possibility) in 1936, and the open-door policy between Warsaw and Berlin was shut closed, anti-German propaganda, brutal and tortuous mass murders of the German minorities in Poland and chauvinistic Polish intransigence was given free reign with the result that war was a foregone conclusion. It was Poland which was (and is) being used as a pawn against Germany by the `democratic and free´ Anglo-American-French Jewish-led world starting wars and terror relentlessly in order to gain total control over the world´s Riches*; the destruction of Germany is necessary if such a goal be attained and it is the Roman Catholic Vatican which has aided and abetted the Dark Forces for over 1300 years in this murderous quest. Consider this: France, Belgium, Italy, Austria (a German province), Bavaria (a German province) the Rhineland (a German province) Poland and Russia are quasi 100% Catholic and are ALL countries which have relentlessly waged war against the Protestant part of Germany. Of course, it has been France and Poland which have been especially virulent and aggressive toward Protestant Germany, France alone having invaded plundered, raped and ravaged German territories over 30 times (!) since Louis the 14th; conversely there has not been onecase of Germany attacking France, all the lies notwithstanding. Studying history one cannot help but come to the conclusion, that Protestant Germany is a country whom its neighbors simply will not allow to live in peace.  

* Read `The International Jew´ by Henry Ford Sr. This dynamite book is available through CPA Publishers in Boring 97009 Oregon USA. This publishing house has no connection whatsoever with this web site and is being mentioned only as a public service for those who are interested.

  • Pope Pius the 12th. Strangely, he was a Germanophile and an admirer of Adolf Hitler. This is exceedingly strange, because as mentioned previously it had been the Catholic Church as such which had relentlessly promoted wars against Germany since the times of Martin Luther, since the Reformation.

And I quote Pope Pius the 12th: `The murderous ethnic cleansing by the Poles of the indigenous German population from their ancestral homelands in Germany´s Eastern Provinces after WW-2 is the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.´


 And I Quote: `He conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, natural and apparently sincere. He has supreme intellect. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He values family life highly, whereas communism is its worst enemy. No words can describe his politeness – he disarms men and women and can win both over at any time with his conciliatory pleasant smile. He is a man of rare culture. His knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound.´ Source = Viscount Lord Rothmere in his book `Warnings and Predictions`.

  • He had no training as an artist, as an architect, as an engineer, as a historian or as a historian of music, yet he excelled in knowledge and ability in all those fields. His knowledge of armaments exceeded that of most engineers active in that field (!), including air-craft design.

  • He was a brilliant military strategist and one of the most ardently admired and successful politicians of all times.

  • He conducted demonstrably free and un-coerced plebiscites (the ONLY truly democratic type of election) and was re-confirmed by over 98% of the ENTIRE population.

  • He travelled far and wide without body guards, those being largely unnecessary since he was the hands-down most beloved leader and political personality in recorded history.

  • His landscapes were lovely as were his Still Life paintings.

  • His architectural drawings or paintings were extraordinary and he showed real, serious talent as a political cartoonist.

  • His animal portraits proved him to be uncommonly sensitive and his love for animals (a German characteristic) was well known.

  • Under his tutelage the inhumanity of kosher butchering was outlawed, as was the outright barbarity of vivisection. BOTH of these inhuman brutalities worthy of the Voodoo-netherworld are being practiced again today in Germany – proving once again how much `improved´ Germany is.

  • Under his tutelage German industry attained a world-leading position and German products were universally loved and admired; it is true – when a product was known to have been Made in Germany, it sold without any great efforts at advertising anywhere on the planet.

  • Under his urging, German law was re-written and was based strictly on Truth, Right or Wrong  — in short it was based on ancient Germanic Law before we were corrupted by Roman law with its tortuous Talmud designed loopholes, exceptions for the rich and powerful and institutionalized dishonesty and dehumanizing brutality. In Hitler-Germany truly NO ONE was above the law.

  • He promoted the welfare and well-being of the family.

  • Child protection laws were far reaching and rigidly enforced. Today we hear about the `poor persecuted´ homosexuals, a patent lie; those homosexuals who were put in prison were without exception pedophile child molesters and/or guilty of grave public indecency. Also, it is well-known that homosexuality almost invariably leads to child molestation; this despite the relentless portrayal of homosexuals as benign and cute. Furthermore, his laws against this perversion were in no manner more stringent than those in the USA or England. Sexual freedom in fact was by far more tolerant and prevalent in Hitler Germany than in ANY other country on earth at the same time; Germans never in their history have been known to be prudes, quite the contrary, healthy, YES – prudish, NO; THAT religious insanity originates in Roman Catholicism and the various British break-away cults of that insidious disease.

  • He together with Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering and SS-leader Heinrich Himmler wrote and made into law the most far reaching, in-depth animals rights and protection laws in human history.

And I quote Savitri Devi: `In 1943 a German butcher was sentenced to 3 years in a Concentration Camp for having butchered a pig in an inhumane manner; concurrently a Hindu leather-worker in New Deli was given a suspended 3-months jail term for —- having skinned a goat while the poor animal was alive.´  –. What a difference Civilization makes!

  • He financed out of his own pocket breast cancer research; in fact he ORIGINATED it!

  • He refused ANY salary and directed that ALL of his monies be used to support those Germans who were needy including unknown artists.

  • He had neither bank account, nor did he own any real estate or automobiles.

  • His official car for parades may have been a large Mercedes, but his favorite mode of transport was a VW convertible!

  • After WW-2 every conceivable effort was made to slander him with claims of corruption of every kind. It soon became evident that these lies would be counterproductive and all such claims have in the meantime been dismissed as falsehoods; Hitler was NON-corruptible as were incidentally Heinrich Himmler and Dr. Joseph Goebbels. Corruption was severely punished under National Socialist law and it is a safe bet, that were such laws applied today, the vast majority of all politicians, CEO´s, Bank Managers and others would end up in prison for a very long time; in fact, the shamelessly outrageous Bank Managers of Wall Street in particular would be put into those cute striped shirts and pants (that chic Concentration Camp look!) and made to clean public toilets – with their bare hands for many years.*

*And I quote Saint Thomas Aquinas: `The Jews should not be allowed to keep their monies obtained by usury.´ Hm – some things never change.

  • He vigorously promoted research and development in every area resulting in:

  • World leading motorcycle industries.

  • World leading movie, film and camera industries.

  • World leading medical and biological research.

  • World-leading technology generally.

  • The world´s first tape-recoding system.

  • The world´s most-advanced turn-table (the turn-table having been a German invention initially).

  • The world´s most advanced recording microphones, telescopes and optics in general.

  • The world´s first operating television system including the fabulous `Löwe´ mobile TV studio of 1934, when the vast majority of the industrialized world´s population did not even have a radio and TV, if known at all was seen as a science fiction dream.

  • The world first video-phone in 1934 (!), today dishonestly claimed to have been invented by the USA in the 1990´s.

  • An unequalled amount of International Motor Sports successes.

  • An unequalled amount of athletic successes on every level in every discipline.

  • A world leading chemical industry well on its way to make Germany quasi independent of food imports.

  • A healthy population in which obesity was unknown.

  • He promoted a concerted propaganda effort against the drinking of liquor and smoking, but in favor of a meat-poor vegetable/grains/dairy-centric diet, German Rye-bread being exceedingly rich in Vitamin B-12. England´s David Lloyd George amongst many other notable personalities remarked on the health, the positive attitude and the general happiness of the population at large, particularly the youth.

  • The development of synthetic materials such as dralon, nylon, synthetic leathers, fertilizers, butter, gasoline, artificial rubber, medicines – the list of `Firsts´ is absolutely astounding and it can be said without fear of educated contradiction, unequalled in the history of mankind – due to Hitler´s policies, his encouragement and support alone.

  • Hitler promoted relentlessly German Symphony orchestras on every level, from Youth Orchestras upward with the result that Germany had the unquestioned superior orchestras in the world. EVERY city/town had its own orchestra* and were one to list them all and point out the excellence and superior quality of the musicians one would need a VERY large book; he also promoted Opera with the result that Germany had as many Opera Houses with outstanding singers, actors and orchestras than even Italy and was far ahead of the `democracies´, forever culturally `bringing up the rear.´

*Even a small university town such as Giessen – population: 30.000 – had its own Opera House and Opera Company!

  • He encouraged a German Art Movement (Blut und Boden or Blood and Soil) which resulted in a massive explosion of creativity, art works of every kind, sculptures comparable to the best of the Italian Renaissance, huge amounts of incomparable Fine China, figurines, and folk art the world had heretofore never seen. Average people, country folk, workers, mailmen and bakers flocked to Art Museums in unparalleled numbers to receive intellectual and cultural nourishment; NO ONE had to coerce them to come; they came to see beauty which was the very essence of German Art.*

These things were almost totally destroyed in a barbaric blood-               orgy heretofore unheard of in its insane hatred and jealousy in 1945. Many monumental, artistically quasi unequalled sculptures were used by American troops for target practice and/or were run over by American tanks. Art of inestimable value was stolen and is being traded on the International Art markets these days, including `reputable´ auction houses such as Christie´s or Sotheby´s not shying away from selling stolen German art.  NONE of these great artists, none of whom any other nation can lay claim to are even accorded a foot-note in today´s official art literature.
*Only beauty can save the world: Fyodor Dostojewski

  • The development of an economic system which was vastly superior to anything heretofore seen and which made German exporters welcome all over the world, because it not only was good for Germany, it was good for EVERYONE (with the exception of course of the International Bankers in New York and London).

And I quote Winston Churchill in a newspaper interview in 1946: `Hitler unforgivable mistake had been to have created a superior economic system with deprived the International bankers of their profits.´

And I quote British military historian and Major General J. V. C. Fuller: `The war was created by Winston Churchill because of economic reasons. Its basis was greed and Un-bridled jealousy;

And I quote Traudl Jung (one of his secretaries) in her book `To the last Day´: `He was unfailingly polite and soft spoken asking the lowliest secretary or simple soldier about the well-being of their families, even when his own death was imminent.´

And I quote Knut Hamsun: `He was the Greatest Reformer, brought down by the lowest most criminal instincts of man.´

`I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only help people to discover for themselves.´ Galileo Galilei.

`Exactly the opposite of what people are told is the truth. ´ Jean de la Bruyère, 17th.Century French thinker and essayist.

HITLER Truly Was The Avatar!


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