Μάνφρεντ Ρέντερ: Μία Εξομολόγηση – Manfred Roeder: A Confession…! (Photo)




                    February 6, 1929  —  July 30, 2014

National Socialist activist Manfred Roeder died July 30 in Neukirchen, Germany. He was 85. Born on February 6, 1929, he attended the elite National Political Education Institute (NAPOLA), and at age 16 he fought in the Wehrmacht in the Battle of Berlin. After the war, he entered law practice, and in 1971 he formed the right-wing Deutsche Bürgerinitiative (German Citizens’ Initiative), which still exists. In 1975 he was a delegate to the first conference of the World Union of National Socialists in Aarhus, Denmark, which was attended by WUNS Commander Matt Koehl. Roeder was classified as a “terrorist” and jailed repeatedly by German  authorities, who accused him of political offenses ranging from Holocaust® denial and terror against asylum seekers to “popular incitement” and “contempt of the State.” In 1995 Comrade Roeder caused a minor scandal when he was invited to address German military officers at a training Academy in Hamburg. The following is a letter he sent earlier to the Commander from the Federal Penal Institution in Stuttgart on April 30, 1983:



Dear Comrade Koehl,

ON THIS VERY MEANINGFUL DAY [Immolation] I feel urged to write to you and tell you how grateful I am for your clear and straight fight over the years. Our friend in Tennessee [the late Charlotte Dellmeier] just told me about your concept of a New Order, emphasizing the religious character of our conviction. You are absolutely right! This is the way!

As you have probably felt, there has always been a doubt in my mind about the way we were meant to go. My father was [an SA man] since 1931, and I was educated in one of the elite schools, and I was — and am — proud of it. But I was uncertain how to continue. I knew that it was impossible to repeat Hitler’s way, but I also knew that we could not ignore his experience and his greatness and try to walk without him. So, what were we meant to do? Trying to be National Socialist without the great Leader? Impossible! Trying to do something completely new? It would be megalomania or just folly.

FOR YEARS I FELT there would be only one straight and honest way: it was impossible to achieve what he failed to achieve, it would be ridiculous trying to copy him. There was only one thing left to do, something similar to what the disciples did after Jesus was crucified (it is of secondary importance whether the story is a fact or a myth). They just walked about and told everybody: He was the savior, and you killed him! Their confession was their only strength! Their courage to confess publicly became their only weapon. And soon, it became the most explosive faith, overwhelming empires! This is exactly our way!

We are meant to tell everybody: He had the answer! He offered the only alternative to global destruction! He could have saved us all from our big and small problems! He pointed out the laws of Nature and showed the way to sanity and happiness. By God, even our most determined enemies had to admit that the German nation under Hitler was happy! They admitted it grudgingly. And the ordinary men of most other nations would have gladly accepted his leadership, as he was determined to respect and save their ethnic character. Only some perverted intellectuals and big international money tycoons were his enemies.

THE LONGER I PONDER about this man, I marvel at his greatness. And somehow I feel relieved. All we have to do is confess to his greatness and laugh at our enemies. It may well be that the last battle was lost already and that we all will go down in the “holocaust” that he predicted if the international Jew would win. He foretold that in this case life on this planet would be totally wiped out. Well, wherever you look, it is happening before our very eyes! One species is killed, exterminated after the other, every day, day after day. Nothing will stop it. No political force can ever turn the tide. Only a religious faith as strong or stronger than the faith of the first Christians can work a miracle.

Look at the [Greens]. At first I thought there might be something new, something to stir the old establishment, to kick the parties in the [posterior] and do something effective about saving Nature. But the spectacle is absolutely depressing. More and more they show their real character, even more devilish than the old parties. They are not really interested in saving Nature at all. They are obsessed with fighting the past, demonstrating against National Socialist, or “Fascism,” as they call it. This to them is more important than any life-saving program.

HAVE YOU HEARD WHAT THEY DID after they discovered that their oldest member was a former SA trooper? Although he was elected to parliament and had been one of their most active beavers, they forced him to resign. Another member, an old lady of 75, was equally forced to resign from her office, because she had joined the Party in 1939! What a “crime”! Any former membership is now incompatible with being in office with the [Greens].

And not only that, today they demanded a special celebration on May 8, in parliament and in public, to rejoice about the defeat of “Fascism.” This, to my mind, is already a pathological case. This is absolute insanity. How can they ever save the world from destruction if they are fighting the shadows of the past, if they despise their own heritage, if they ignore history, if they treat greatness with contempt.

WELL, THIS HAS TO BE OUR CONFESSION:There is no salvation but by admitting the Führer’sgreatness and following in his footsteps. My attorney has warned me against writing anything like this, as the court will most probably use this against me in the future and refuse any early release. But to tell you the truth: I would be happy now to suffer for my conviction! I will laugh at them and tell them: you will all go to hell, because you have crucified HIM! It does not matter at all what you do to me! The whole world will be destroyed anyway! So, go to hell, but I will laugh about it! Those who will not listen will have to die!

I am glad that you have always stuck to your conviction and never wavered. Let us hoist the flag wherever we can and tell the rotten world: this is the rising Sun, but you rather prefer darkness at noon!

I would be glad if you would send a copy of this letter to Tennessee. Our dear friend would be very happy, indeed. I think the Klapprotts [former German-American Bund leaders—ed.] would appreciate one, too. They have suffered enough under democratic institutions and need some appreciation for their steadfastness.

All the very best to you and your work! I am so glad that you got the ashes of Savitri [Devi]. Her dedication and interprettion of the Cause was superb. She will be a torch for generations.

Always your friend and comrade,

/s/ Manfred


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