Οι Δίκες Της Νυρεμβέργης – Nürenberg Trials …! (Photo)


Nürenberg Trials


Did you know that one of the ‘jewels’ in Philadelphia was German town and that this area, after the Germans left has deteriorated into a cesspool?

Did you know that the same can be said of all areas worldwide from which the German settlers have either been removed by force of arms? The Balkans, the Volgas region, the Sudetenland, Pomerania, Silesia, West Prussia, East Prussia. First the Germans come and create and built like no one else, then they are mass-murdered and the rest is driven out and subsequently these regions degenerate to an unfathomable degree.

Would someone please explain this insanity to me?

The vilification, defamation and attempted destruction of Germans and all things related to Germany, including its territory is in historical terms a relatively new phenomenon. It is also the most virulent ever experienced by any group of peoples. That we Germans have contributed to this insanity is quite clear and in many instances utterly incomprehensible, as in the case of Marlene Dietrich, Thomas Mann, Pastor Niemoeller, Admital Canaris or General Halder for instance. One of the major causes however is an underlying inferiority complex by other nations, real or imagined something skilfully used by World Jewry, which has since the early 19th. Century done everything conceivable to destroy us and Western Civilization as we know it. Why? Because we Germans have in the past 200 or-so-years been the main-stay of Western Civilization. We inherited it and enriched it immensely in every area of human endeavour, far out of proportion to our numbers or geographic area. This in turn gave rise to a feeling of superiority in the German, which unfortunately caused an attitude which has been perceived as arrogant by others even if under examination we are no more arrogant, and a damn sight less so, than the French, the English, not to forget the most chauvinistic people on earth (and one might ask, on what basis?) the Poles.

The Jew is incapable of tolerating any other people and many prominent Jews have openly admitted this as their reason for constantly attempting to destroy civilizations. In order to subvert the Germans, their pride, self-confidence and their very soul have to be destroyed first. This has so far been accomplished by a combination of incessant international vilification, by the invariable de-humanization of the Germans in movies, books, „Eye-witness reports“ (strangely never backed up by any solid evidence, as well as getting more shrill, more insane and intense the further away from the actual events we move time-wise), by the utter destruction of all Germanic virtues and the corruption of their youth. Everything German is ‘hateful’ and pointing out the ugliness, the de-humanizing injustice that this represents is screechingly denounced as ‘hate-speech’. Hate, as defined by the Jewish masters of the world is anything German or anyone who defends Germany’s honour and record. This has been done to the degree that otherwise reasonable people go into a rage when confronted by someone who merely says: „Prove German perfidy. Prove German crimes. Prove the Holocaust. Prove the existence of gas chambers. Prove the photos and movies and stories are true.* Prove it with FORENSIC, DOCUMENTARY evidence, as required in any court of law!“ Normal, decent people go ballistic and mindlessly screech „Nazi!“

* At the Nurnberg trials numerous photos were introduced as ‘evidence’, photos which in reality showed murdered roasted alive German women and children at Dresden in February 1945. Movies were introduced, which had been professionally made using half-starved German prisoners Of War, who had been put into Concentration Camp inmate uniforms and had been placed behind barbed wire fences. The incredible dishonesty of the English-speaking world which engineered these things surely seeks its equal in the annals of recorded history.
These movies were made by amongst others Billy Wilder and Alfred  Hitchcock, who used German POW´s as props for his Concentration Camp movies. The Germans were starved for weeks and `stored´ in open cattle cars until they looked worse than imaginable. THEN they were put into barbed wire enclosures or made to stumble along a walk-way. The films thusly made were shown at Nürnberg were it was claimed they showed poor Jewish inmates. On the basis of such horrid stuff, many honourable men were executed.
One wonders how Wilder, Hitchcock and the others were able to sleep at night.


On the other hand prove of anything anti-German is not only superfluous, it’s regarded as wholly unnecessary. German guilt is a priori, it’s gospel, it’s a religion and the more absurd, the more people believe it, just like a religion. Indubitable proof-positive that the Jew lives by the lie however is ‘hate’ (The Jew is the Master of the Lie´- Arthur Schopenhauer.). Never mind that Voltaire, Tacitus, St.Thomas Aquinus, Martin Luther, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Bernard Shaw, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner and the list of true giants who said exactly that, is endless.

This subject has been treated at length by many people better qualified than I. I suggest you obtain and study the following books:

1) The International Jew, by Henry Ford, no ISBN #, available from CPA Book Publisher P.O.Box 596, Boring, Oregon, 97009, USA
2) The Protocols of Zion, unknown author(s?), same publisher
3) Falsehoods In Wartime, by Arthur Ponsonby,ISBN 0-939484-39-0
4) On the `Links´ page of this web site is a large list of publishing houses both in the English and German languages from whom one may receive any number of  INDUBITABLY historically factual books on this odious subject.

As Galileus Galileo said: `I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only help peol,e to discover for themselves.

The frantic attempts by World Jewry to discredit the `Protocols´ as ‘forgeries’ are exposed for the fraud they are by the very fact that everything predicted in them has so far come true and only a Jew or borderline insane fundamental Christian like Pat Robertson or his corrupt and thieving ilk would deny their veracity. You see folks, Christianity has brough us the likes of Pat Roberstson, Jerry Falwell, Gary Bauer or George Bush Jr. (who tells us, he receives his instructions from God personally!), borderline religiously insane people who claim the Jews to be God’s Chosen!, a claim from the bible (a book written by Jews), a claim no one in his right mind could possibly ever take seriously. But leave it up to the folks just mentioned, or the freak who is the present-day German President (Rau) or ANY fundamental Christian, including the Polak-Pope*, and you end up with a situation were evil, pure, unmitigated horror, rules.

*These lines were written many years ago. Today we have a German pedophile as the Pope and another vile bible-thumper as President of Germany; it is the same poison, only the bottles are a bit different.

It’s simple, if you are interested in „THE TRUTH“, you’ll search it out for yourself as I did. If you are not, you shouldn’t waste your time visiting a site like this one, but you should go back to your Jew-tube, drink Coca-Cola, eat McDonalds and get ever more fat, sloppy, undisciplined and stupid. As I told a fellow, if you are sincere and really get into this thing, it will boggle your mind.


„It was usual and plausible to paint the German as an unpractical, dreamy, sentimental being, looking out with mild blue eyes into a cloud of music and mataphysics and tobacco smoke.“
The English historian Frederic William Maitland, describing how Germans were looked upon in 19th. century England.

„The Germans are a nation of poets and thinkers, kindly, impractical, other-wordly dreamers without national prejudices and disinclined to war.’
Madam de Stael, prominent French writer during Napoleon’s times

„Whether seen in their newly united nation (1871) or in the United States, the Germans were generally regarded as methodical and energetic people, indeed as models of progress, while in their devotion to music, education, science and technology they aroused the admiration and emulation of the Americans.“
Henry Cord Meyer, American historian describing American attitudes of the latter half of the 19th. century.

Germany is the cradle of law, virtue and freedom and it is a distinction of the first rank that the English belong to the family of Germanic nations.

Thomas Arnold, 19th. century English historian.

„Germany, from a great confused mass of warriors and thinkers and workers, militant at cross-purposes, wearing themselves out in vain struggles and preyed upon by malevolent neighbors, has become a great power in arms, in art, in science, in literature; a fortress of high thought; a guardian of civilization; the natural ally of every nation which seeks the better development of humanity.
„Andrew Dickson White, American historian and educator, US Ambassador to Germany in 1905

If the German Emperor had not been born to monarchy, he would have been chosen monarch – or chief executive – by popular vote of any modern people among whom his lot might have been cast
„Nicholas Murray Butler in a New York Times editorial of June 8 1913!
„The German Emperor Wilhelm the 2nd, is the world’s greatest single force for peace at the time.
„William Howard Taft, American statesman, in the New York Times on June 8 1913!
ONE YEAR later, the same newspaper would call our Emperor „The Beast of Berlin“ and a campaign of hate and poison against Germany would engulf the minds of people all over the globe, a campaign engineered in and fuelled by London. This horror of dishonesty has born fruit to this very day and has completely corrupted all people, even those of education. This campaign of „Hate-Germany“ laid the foundation for WW2, its unparalleled horrors and its aftermath. It also represents the carpet on which the Jewish Holocaust-religion, movies, books etc. are resting. Without this British anti-German campaign, no one in his right mind would ever even begin to believe the Jew-concocted stories, stories which have been discredited to such a degree, that it is unfathomable.

I could go on and on with quotes showing how Germany was admired and honoured in the English world, but what for? If the above quotes do not suffice, nothing will because not only were the comments about Germany glowing, there were none which were negative. Literally every man and woman of any importance in the English speaking world was pro-German.

Historical Time-line:

1933: World Jewry declares war on Germany
World Jewry dispatches a Herr Untermeyer to the United States who makes the insane claim that tens of thousands of Jews are being are being murdered in broad daylight in Germany. That he was called a liar of the worst stripe by every foreigner who visited Germany at the time predictably had no effect on his Jewish zeal for dishonesty, lies and subterfuge.

1933: World Jewry declares a world-wide boycott of German goods, a boycott which almost bankrupted my country at the time, but which failed due to Hitler’s tough stance and his policies which began to make Germany more and more independent of international machinations.

1933: Toward the very end of the year, Hitler gave a speech in which he publicly outlined his plans, his desire for peace, his admiration for the British Empire, his Hands-Off the British Empire policy and his desire to arrive at fair and equitable international agreements. He denounced the Versailles treaty and announced his intention of cancelling all that had to do with these infamous treaties. He also informed the League Of Nations that if they would continue their anti-German stance, he would quit this organization. No foreign politician (with the exception of Jew Rossevelt in the White House) thought any of his statements to be ‘extreme’, ‘threatening’ or unreasonable.

1934: Germany concludes a friendship pact with Marshal Pilsudski of Poland, much to the chagrin of England and the Jew-led US, who had hoped this pact would fail. (After Pilsudskis death in 1936, England and the US used every ruse imaginable to induce Poland to break the treaty. England and the US made every attempt at stirring up hate in Poland against Germany. As we know, unfortunately they succeeded in their diplomatic treachery and essentially maneuvered Germany into a war. After the defeat of Poland, Hitler ordered a 24-hour Honor-Guard at the tomb of Marshall Pilsudski. Had Pilsudski lived, I dare say, there wouldn’t have been a WW2. See the article „Poland and Germany“ on this web-site).

1934: The prominent (and incidentally excellent) Jewish writer Emil Ludwig (I think that was his pen name only) said: „Hitler will have his war, whether he wants one or not“. This at a time, when war was the furthest thing from Hitler’s mind. He had after all inherited a bankrupt, morally desperate country without any military to speak of, a country in need of everything. (Considering Ludwig was an insider and well connected with Jewish leaders throughout the world, it is a safe bet to say he knew something!)

1934: Hitler crushes by force a rebellion brewing within his own party. Many leaders all over the world praised Hitler’s decision to use force against his opponents because had he not, a revolution with possibly terrible consequences would have engulfed Germany.

1936: Jablonsky, the top Jew in the Slavic world stated in a speech: „Germany is a threat to world Jewry and therefore must be destroyed“. (This was after the Nurnberg Laws had been passed, laws which were less restrictive of Jews than present-day laws in Israel are restrictive of none-Jews!)

1936: Churchill stated in a conversation with former German Chancellor Brünning:  `Germany is getting too strong. We must smash her´.

1936: Hitler stated repeatedly (as he had during the previous years) his desire to see all of Europe disarm. At that time Germany was the least armed country in all of Europe. Czechoslovakia for example, had an army well equipped with the latest British military hardware. Germany was totally surrounded by nations, which were armed to the teeth. Hitler’s pleadings fell on deaf ears.

1936: Stalin’s Cheka, his Jewish created, organized and led secret police, invaded every German village in the Ukraine and murdered every man between the ages of 14 and 60. These ethnic Germans were pacifistic Mennonites and had lived there for centuries. Some of their mass graves were discovered in the 1990′s.

1936: Germany conducts the most successful Olympic Games in the history of mankind. No special security was necessary. No drug tests were necessary, no tests ‘proving’ an athlete was female (the absurdity of this modern ‘improvement’ is something not even Kafka could have dreamed up) and no one was discriminated against in any manner on or off the playing field. The German people hailed athletes for their prowess, regardless of what nation they were or what race they belonged to. Jesse Owens, the great black American runner waxed enthusiastically afterward as to how wonderful Germany had been. Leni Riefenstahl the great German movie director made a monumental movie of (not about!), the games which prove the unparalleled fairness of the German audience.

1937: The Hindenburg, the greatest airship the world had ever seen crashes in new Jersey under mysterious circumstances putting a halt to one of modern history’s greatest air-transport developments forever. To this day rumours persist that this magnificent air-ship was sabotaged. Whether American authorities did their best to discover what happened is unfortunately improbable.

1938: The Polish Ambassador to Germany writes a long letter to his home office describing the outstanding level of culture and civilization of Germany’s cities. He describes how depressing by comparison are the cities of Poland.

1938: The Polish Ambassador to the United States writes a letter to his home office, detailing how the entire information apparatus, newspapers, magazines, movies and the radio in the US are in Jewish hands and how the average American receives no news whatsoever regarding the way things really are.

1939: President Roosevelt sends his personal envoy to Poland to stir up anti-German feelings wherever he can. Mr. Bullock, a Jew obliges.

1939: President Roosevelt manoeuvres Japan into an untenable position, removes the majority of the modern Pacific fleet from Hawaii, leaving behind mostly ships which had been slated to be de-commissioned within a year. Almost all modern ships were sent on manoeuvres to Alaska. In order to make things look good, Roosevelt kept one or two modern navy ships at Hawaii. Roosevelt sacrificed the entire garrison on Hawaii in order to manoeuvres the US into the war, thereby making it a world war. (An interesting book, shock-full of information. Apologetic and badly written, but damning in its conclusions nonetheless. „The Day of Deceit“ ISBN 0-684-85339-6

Jump ahead:

1941: The first plan on how to totally murder an entire nation is published in the USA to great applause of the White House, Time Magazine and everyone else with influence. The plan has gone down in history as the Kaufman Plan and is entitled „Germany Must Perish“. It is such a hatefilled, insane proposition, that any psychiatrist worth his diploma would have the author committed to an institution for the criminally insane. Alas, because Theodore Kaufman was a top dog in the Jewish community, he was not only hailed, but made tons of money with his insanity, because every Jew and governmental official bought a copy. It pays to remember that this ‘plan’ was conceived and printed at a time when the USA was neutral and not officially involved in any war with Germany.

1941: Winston Churchill’s Eminence Gris, a certain Professor Lindemann, scientifically (!) worked out a plan to murder the German civilian population by air attack. This plan, which has gone down in history as the „Lindemann Plan“, resulted in the murder of about one million women and children, roasted to death (very literally roasted, even melted (!), the heat having been so intense that bodies ‘melted’ and formed a horrible morass in the basements of houses), the total destruction of the majority of German civilian population centres, the destruction of inestimable cultural monuments, buildings, museums and the like. This is truly the first and possibly only scientifically designed plan to murder an entire population and its horror cannot be overstated. This Professor Lindemann was educated at Darmstadt University and immigrated to England in the late 1920′s. He is listed today as a Lord Cherwell, a monster of indescribable proportions, a Jew of course. It must be remembered here that no plan of any kind for the destruction of world Jewry has ever been found, and frankly, even if there had been such a plan, in view of history it certainly would have been justified.

1943: Early in the year Roosevelt´s personal advisor and friend, the truly revolting looking Jew Henry Morgenthau Jr. wrote the Morgenthau Plan, the third plan for the annihilation of the German people. All three plans were written in the English-speaking world by English-speaking Jews! and there are still Germans who don’t believe the Jew and the Englishman is our deadly enemy?? What the hell does it take? The Morgenthau Plan quite seriously stated, that if implemented about 40 million Germans would die of starvation. This plan, a good part of which actually was implemented after the war, was hailed as a milestone. It is interesting to note here, that Morgenthau’s father planted falsified diplomatic dispatches from the Turkish embassy in 1915, dispatches which helped manoeuvre the US into the first war to destroy Germany (1914-1918).

1944: „I am not interested in any military targets. What I want to know is how we are going to burn alive 600.000 German refugees in Dresden“ – Winston Churchill

1945: After the possibly most heroic struggle for its existence in the history of the world,parts of the German Wehrmacht surrender. NEITHER the government, NOR the Waffen-SS ever surrendered!
The German government is humiliated unbelievably by the British. Men of distinction are screamed at, told to strip, forced to undergo body searches, Fieldmarshall Milch’s arm is broken during his arrest by a British (what else?) colonel, several German generals and lower ranked soldiers commit suicide after witnessing the horrible, de-humanizing treatment accorded their superiors.
THIS arrest violated every International Law of conduct and stands to this day as a unique crime against Germany.

1945: Millions of German women and children are kidnapped and shipped to Siberia as slaves. Only a small part ever returns home, a home now belonging to none-German strangers who abuse, rape and murder them. An interesting book about this is: „The Whip, My Homecoming“, ISBN 0940715 01 8. This book is prohibited in Germany; if interested, e-mail me.

1945: The Americans and the French create the most inhuman prison system in world history, also called „Eisenhower’s Death Camps“ by the Canadian press of the time. About one million German soldiers are murdered there by disease, starvation, neglect, lack of shelter and hygenic conditions of the most horrendous nature. I suggest Canadian historian’s James Bacque’s book „Other Losses“, ISBN 0-7737-2269-6. I have heard that this book has in the meantime undergone several revisions, including one which minimizes the horrors, in order for it to be permitted to be published in the US. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this, but I do know, that the ISBN number I furnished herein is not „Cleaned Up“ in any manner, but is the original. Again, prohibited in Germany.

1946: The German government and some military leaders are humiliatingly put on trial at Nürnberg, a trial in which all legalities are suspended with, a trial in which defence is practically not allowed, in which hear-say evidence is accepted as ‘fact’, including hear-say evidence by people no one has ever been able to locate! Photographs of piles of burned bodies are shown and it is claimed these photos are of dead Jews, when in truth they were photos of dead German women and children, burned to a crisp during the genocidal, insane mass murder by British and Americans air forces at the city of Dresden, earlier in the year 1945. Germans are routinely tortured by Americans and British ‘soldiers’, mostly Jews and blacks.  Many were executed on falsified evidence, evidence which in any court in any land, at any time, wouldn’t even be permitted by the judge. It has been suggested that they were ritually (Kosher) murdered before being hung. This claim is based on the official American photographs taken of the bodies after their death. Whether this is so or not cannot be determined. What is however proven is that they were all strangled to death over a long period of time. The executions lasted several hours, almost an entire day during which the condemned men had to listen to the death-rattle of the man being slowly strangled to death before them. There were no autopsies. Autopsies would have shown the executions to have been inhuman murders. The bodies were burned and the ashes were allegedly dumped in the Isar River. The wives and children, the parents and siblings of the murdered Germans were not even given the courtesy of a notification. These horrors are today protected by law in Germany. It is illegal in Germany to question the Nürnberg trials. If any further proof of the present-day enslavement of the Germans is needed I don’t know what that could possibly be. The English chief prosecutor was a certain Sir Shawcross who engaged in a virulent 5 hour (!) diatribe, filled with inaccuracies, total lies and innuendos including smearing the great German poet and scientists, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Jump ahead:

In early July 2003 Sir Shawcross died peacefully at his home in England. He was 101 years of age at the time of his demise. He is proof that one does not pay for injustices committed during one’s lifetime, no matter how heinous. He lived in total peace off a tremendous government pension, honoured and respected by his peers, his country and the legal community in the English speaking world. In reality what we have here is a murderer, who was hiding in a judicial robe, a murderer far more evil and virulent than let’s say, a Charles Manson – type. He not only gave a speech, which as a man in the highest government circles he had to know, was full of the worst wartime propaganda and out-and-out lies, but he participated in the slaughter of men who had, for the most part done no more than their duties, something he was well aware of. He let himself become part of the most vile judicial proceedings known to man, a „Show Trial“, in which the outcome is pre-determined, in which all rules of law are dispensed with, in which known perjured testimony is presented as fact, in short he committed every crime against the law known to man, all hidden by ‘legalities’ which were no more legal, honest or forthright than the worst parts of the Salem witchcraft trials. The Salem trials at least were held in an atmosphere of abject ignorance and superstition and the judges deep down truly believed they were doing the correct thing. At Nürnberg however, the evil was so monstrous, that it is an impossibility that these men actually believed in their cause. They were, to a man no more than thugs in legal robes, bent on murdering and torturing innocent men.

This self-same monster, Lord Shawcross, had plenty of time to reflect upon his actions and his personal vileness, all in the comfort of butler-attended evenings in ‘The Club’, that venerable British institution were horrors in human form puke lies at each other, swilling French cognac and smoking Cuban cigars at the expense of the English tax payers who are forever kept on the level of brutal soccer hoodlums waving the Union Jack and mindlessly howling slogans when not beating someone to a bloody pulp in true British fashion. As time went on, Shawcross began to fear for his own existence, for his precious British club-life which he saw ominously threatened by Soviet communism. Here’s what happened;

In a speech on March 16 1984, 38 years after the mass murders on the German government had been committed under amongst others, his auspices at Nurmberg, he said:

Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal.
(This is exactly what Adolf Hitler had stated as early as 1923! It took this British son of a bitch until 1984 to realize the same thing! It required the total absolute destruction of the greatest nation in Europe, Germany and the mass murder , under the most unbelievably brutal conditions of practically 25% of the German population for this rotten bastard to realize this basic truism!)

At the Nurnberg trials, I, together with my Russian colleagues condemned Nazi agression and terror.
(This bastard talks about ‘Russian colleagues’ and about Nazi aggression and terror, knowing fully well that the Nazi’s ‘aggression’ was no more than normal and justified defence and that their ‘terror’ couldn’t hold a candle to the terror he and his goddamned nation had wrought.)
I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war.

( Why didn’t you bastard read the diplomatic dispatches Hitler kept on sending to your corrupt government? Why didn’t you pay attention to who said what to whom? And who actually did what he said and promised?
But we (England) declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt.

( It took you no good son of a bitch until 1984 to realize England declared war, despite Hitler’s quasi desperate pleadings for peace? You could have read that little tidbit of information in your own encyclopaedia, you stupid bastard! It took you until 1984 to realize Germany wanted peace, after dozens of diplomatic dispatches to every government in Europe throughout the 1930′s proclaimed exactly that?, after years and years of sincere efforts by the Hitler government? Where the hell were you, you Eton-faggott? were you asleep inside of a Jews colon like the rest of your degenerate nation? You were encouraged by „AMERICANS“ around Roosevelt? How about by Jews, you son of a bitch?, don’t you have the minimum amount of courage necessary at this late stage in your life to call Jews Jews?You British mass-murderer know damn well you are puking about JEWS!)
We ignored Hitler’s pleadings not to enter into war.

(See the below commentary)
Now we are forced to realize Hitler was right.
(and this stupid ass was the British top dog in the legal profession!)
He offered us the co-operation of Germany; instead since 1945 we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now, only under a different label.

(Well, well now. After a totally unjustified slaughter of my nation this pig in human form feels ‘ashamed and humiliated’, not because of the race-traitorous character of his country, but because the commies fooled him, or so he claims. No Shawcross, no one fooled you. You and your whiskey-soaked British faggotts at #10 Downing Street knew all along. You are degenerates, you are the filth of the western world, you are worse than the Jews and that is saying something! As Savitri Devi has stated, you and your filthy governments can’t hold a candle to Hitler, because you can’t even say a pitiful „I am sorry“ after you realize your degeneracy, your dishonesty, your moral bankruptcy. Shawcross, I for one hope you and your ‘colleagues’ burn and roast in a special corner of Dante’s Inferno)

1) It’s not that this bastard ever thought of the horrible immorality of what he had done.
2) Or that he ever considered making a clean sweep and saying something to the effect that he was truly sorry for his actions.
3) Or that he exonerated his innocent victims, restoring to them some semblance of honour; Heavens no, nothing like that.
4) Or that he exonerated the German nation (even though, in a way he did, but then again he didn’t really do it being typically laweresque and vague)
5) For that he lacked the courage, he lacked the backbone, the humanity he lacked the decency. After all, he was a British judge, ’nuff said.

You see, that is what infuriates me about all of these bastards who seemingly come clean, Finkelstein, Shahak, Sack, Chomsky or this British bastard Shawcross. When push comes to shove, all of them stop short of saying:
„We were wrong. The history books lie. The way the world has been indoctrinated is untruthful. The Holocaust is really the Holohoax and it’s high time we apologize for the massive injustice done to Germany.“

None of them admit it. What they all do say, is common knowledge to well-informed people who have been seeking the truth and it is only those people who read their stuff and comment on it, while at the same time the same old tired lies are amplified, are even more wildly exaggerated in the movies, educational text books, churches, synagogues and other indoctrination centres. You see, it doesn’t matter what these ‘scholars’ write. „Hate-Germany“, „Holocaust this, that or the other“, „Hitler-this, that or the other“, continue unabated and all those ‘honest’ Finkelsteins of the world grin disdainfully and collect their monstrous blood-money in undeserved Holohoax checks. What I said about Shawcross as it relates to Dante’s Inferno holds true for all these monstrously dishonest degenerates.


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